2017 Reed Organ Society Gathering....York, PA

Our 2017 Reed Organ Society Gathering was a success!

 Most of the events took place in the city of York on Friday and Saturday. This year’s gathering, as noted in Quarterly issues, The Free Reed, and on the website will be centered primarily on the work of the Weaver Organ and Piano Company, and the Everhart Organ Company (a much smaller operation, which never manufactured organs, but actively sold Chicago Cottage organs with their stencil applied), both of York, PA.. The dates of the event will be October 19 (evening registration), 20, 21 and 22.

What follows is a schedule of events and their locations throughout the weekend. The reason for giving you the schedule is so that you see that there will be much for us to do together as ROS registrants. The challenge will be for you to find time to visit the museums, which incidentally are giving us the use of the facilities gratis as this is being advertised as an educational outreach to the community. The museum is hopeful that local residents will come, and as part of their ticket to the museum, will have access to our morning presentations, ability to check out our Media and Market areas and attend our concert on Saturday at the Historical Society Museum.

Friday morning, October 20, 2017

9 a. m. Registration at the Museum of Agriculture and Industry (217 W. Princess Street, York);
10 a.m. Session 1: Welcome, History of the Weaver Organ and Piano Company ;
11 a.m. Session 2: The restoration of two Weaver Organs;
12 p.m. Lunch together at the Friday location, perusal of Media and Mart areas;
1 p.m. Session 3: The French Harmonium Hunt;
2-4 p.m. Free time to explore, purchase, socialize;
5:30- arrive at First Moravian Church (39 N. Duke Street);
6 p.m. Dinner with entertainment by Cody McSherry, a young prize winning “free-reed” performer who plays keyboard accordion, button-box accordion, organ, piano, harp and studies voice.
Cody is a 13-year old from Conestoga, Pennsylvania. He began his musical studies at the age of 4 with piano and soon began adding other instruments to his studies. Cody currently performs in the Lancaster area on piano, piano accordion, diatonic button accordion, organ, harp, and voice. He has won numerous awards as an accordionist and won the first ever Lancaster’s Got Talent competition in August, 2016. He currently studies piano accordion with Mary Tokarski. Cody has played the role of Gavroche in Les Miserables and Flick in A Christmas Story the Musical at Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre. He also performed in Servant Stage’s Old Time Gospel Radio Hour.
7:30 p.m. Following the dinner and mini concert by Cody on Friday evening, we will be moving upstairs where we will have a program focused on the music of Francis Florentine Hagen, a Moravian minister, missionary, composer and organist who created a periodical of reed organ music. Hymn arrangements of his will be played on a Mason & Hamlin Cabinet Organ. This small instrument with (8/4/Sub Bass/Octave coupler which splits up and down on the keyboard/ Vox Humana) is a c scale instrument and an unusual break at C4. A major reason for choosing this instrument is that only a cabinet organ will fit into the church elevator! It is small, but “mighty”. Players for this concert Friday evening, include Michael Hendron, Mark Herr, Terry Jankowski, Rodney Jantzi, and Pam Robison.

Saturday, October 21, 2017
9 a.m. Registration, coffee, perusal of the Media tables and Mart;
10 a.m. Session 4: Variations, Variety and Variants of reed organ playing;
11 a.m. Session 5: ....TBD....Come to be surprised!
12 noon travel to the Historical Society 250 East Market Street);
12:30 p.m. Concert on the 1804 Tannenberg tracker pipe organ, Weaver and Everhart organs, with performers being Dr. Rob Horton and Michael Hendron;
1:30-4 Lunch on your own, moving of items out of the Agricultural and Industrial museum as the museums are closed on Sundays. During this time, also, plan on proceeding to the Appell Center for the Performing Arts (Strand-Capitol);
4 p.m. Theatre organ Concert and the Silent Movie “The Great Train Robbery” by Don Kinnier, a nationally known performer of Theatre Organ Music (connections for us is that Reed Organs were used to accompany silent movies in some places....and....the “Great” model train show of York is taking place just a few blocks from our center of operations;
5:30 Dinner off the menu and our General ROS meeting.

Sunday, October 22, 2017
9 a.m to 12 noon. We travel over into Lancaster County where you will have the opportunity to Brunch, Antique shopping in Columbia, checking out the National Watch and Clock Museum in Columbia, and more (list to be distributed at the registration area);
12 noon to 3 p.m. Visits to the home of ROS member Doug and Barb Eyman (with his collection of roller organs, the large Burdette that is the cover of Fritz Gellerman’s second edition of his organ book) and the R. J. Brunner & Associates organ shop in Silver Spring, where ROS member Hans Herr will have a display of reed organs set up along with several historic organs...some playing and some for “show”. One interesting organ is the small one manual and pedal operated Roosevelt pipe organ. If one didn’t know it is a pipe organ, you would think it was a reed organ. After our visits to these two places, we will need to move to be in place for our final event;
3 p.m. Concert by Pam Robison and Michael Hendron on Miller (8/4), Mason & Hamlin (16/8/8/4 with sub bass), and Weaver (8/4/Sub Bass) instruments.

We bid each other “Fare Well and Good Health” until our next Gathering