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BENHAM'S Cottage Organ   no further information
CHICAGO COTTAGE ORGAN CO.   started in the fall of 1879 as the Wolfinger Organ Co. by F.R. Wolfinger, president, John A. Comstock, secretary, and Herman D. Cable, treasurer. Originally located in a twostory building at Randolph and Ann Streets, Chicago. About 1885 Comstock sold his interest to E.E. Wise and George W. Tewksbury, both formerly connected with the Western Cottage Organ Co., and the name changed to Chicago Cottage Organ Co. W.N. Van Matre (qv) also came in as Sales Manager and a stockholder in 1885, remaining until 1895. A few years later Wolfinger sold his interest to G.K. Barnes. A large building was acquired for the factory at 22nd and Paulina Streets. E.E. Wise sold his interest to Cable and Tewksbury, Cable becoming president. Barnes sold his interest in 1889, and Fayette S. and H.M. Cable came into the business, which after H.D. Cable's death in 1899 became The Cable Co. with F.S. Cable as president. A second factory was built in St. Charles, Ill. in 1899, and an office building at 215221 Wabash Ave., bringing the capacity to 16,000 pianos and 18,000 organs per year. Chicago Cottage made stencil organs for many music dealers, such as Capital City Organ Co., Lansing, MI; Bell, Saginaw, MI; Grinnel Brothers, Detroit, MI and Temple Organ, St. Louis, MO.. F.S. Cable left the company about 1904 and bought the Lakeside Organ Co., changing its name to the Fayette S. Cable Piano Co., which later became the CableNelson Co. Hobart M. Cable left The Cable Co. and bought the Burdett Organ Co., changing its name to The Hobart M. Cable Co. Serial numbers: 1892 - 43315, 1894 - 118189, 1907 - 250783, 1910 - 260834.
COTTAGE GEM   organ in the Conklin Museum collection, serial number 33391. Made by Estey.
COTTAGE QUEEN organ   see Wm. Stires & Son.
EASTERN COTTAGE ORGAN   instrument seem in an antique store.
MENDOTA COTTAGE ORGAN & PIANO CO.   see Western Cottage Organ Co.
WESTERN COTTAGE ORGAN CO.   Mendota, IL; organised 1875 as successor to Carpenter, Scott and Wise; in 1887 also incorporated as Mendota Cottage Organ and Piano Co. and as the Mendota Organ and Piano Co.; relocated to Ottawa, IL in 1887; also listed as Western Cottage Piano & Organ Co. Officers in 1897: L.B. Merrifield, president; O.C. Merrifield, treasurer; A.H. Merrifield, secretary; L.W. Merrifield, superintendent. Officers in 1910: L.W. Merrifield, president; George R. Woods, vicepresident and treasurer. The factory burned in 1918 and the company apparently went out of business. Serial numbers:

1880 - 14185 1890 - 39158
1882 - 16784 1890 - 41447
1883 - 23297 1891 - 41950
1885 - 27786 1891 - 42319
1886 - 28140 1894 - 50851

This information has been taken from the Reed Organ Atlas, written by R.F. Gellerman.
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