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HINNERS & ALBERTSEN   341 Court St., 2nd floor, in 1879; Court & 5th Streets, 2nd floor, in 1883; 129-131 Court Street in 1885; all in Pekin, IL. Only the 341 Court Street building is still in existence. John L Hinners, who had previously worked for Mason & Hamlin, started in 1879 making reed organs for Fred Schaefer, a music dealer. Schaefer retired in 1881, his business, presumably the music dealership portion only, continued as Koch Brothers. In the same year Hinners went into business for himself as Hinners Reed Organ Co. J.J. Fink became a partner later in 1881 and the company was then known as Hinners, Fink & Co. Ubbo J. Albertsen joined in 1885, buying the interest of J.J. Finke and other partners. The company then became Hinners & Albertsen. Sales were oriented toward the GermanAmerican community. Hinners acquired the capability to make its own reeds by buying out A.H. Hammond & Co. Albertsen retired in 1902 and the business was then incorporated as Hinners Organ Co. John L. Hinners died in 1906 and was succeeded by his son Arthur W. Hinners. Over 3,000 pipe organs, mostly trackers, were produced between 1890 and 1936. The reed organ business was continued under the name Hinners Reed Organ Co. by Louis C. Moschel until his death in 1940. The company was formally dissolved in 1942. A total of about 20,000 reed organs had been built. Serial number: 1892 - 2295, 1904 - 5312.

This information has been taken from the Reed Organ Atlas, written by R.F. Gellerman.
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