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AAGESEN, N.O.   Trondheim, Norway. Harmonium maker. ..Kolnes
ABBEY FRERES (FRÈRES), E. & J.   79 boulevard du Montparnasse, Paris; factory at 12 rue de la Chancellerie, Versailles, France, 1896, 1903. Established 1828. Joseph and Eugène Abbey, proprietors. In 1909 shown as J. Abbey. ..deWit 1903, OH, Fluke
ABBOT & SMITH   no other information available. ..Pierce
ABEILLE, LEON (LÉON)   (Meritan & Cie.), 125 rue Thomas, Marseille, France in 1903. Established 1888. ..deWit 1903, OH
ABEL & SHERMAN   Milwaukee, WI. Established 1865. Melodeon maker. ..Michel, Pierce
ABLER   see Odenbrett, Abler & Co. ..
ACADIA ORGAN CO.   Bridgetown, Nova Scotia, 18811886. John Bath Reed, a furniture manufacturer, built a frame building and started an organ factory in 1881. By the next year it was run by J.P. Rice and Arthur E. Sulis, then by Sulis alone. Later occupied the old St. James Church building, which was eventually demolished in 1973. ..Kallman, OH, Dun, Coward, Monitor
ACHARI, NALLATHANU, SONS   Panagudi 627109, Tirunelveli District, India. Currently manufacturing Indian table harmoniums. ..Fluke
ACME organ   see Alleger & Sons. ..
ADAMS, ADAM   Oude Pekela, Netherlands. Adam Adams (1867-1938), teacher in Groningen, in 1915 inventor of the Voorzanger, later called Melonoom. This was a easy device for not musical teachers for use in a school. Octrooi No. 3784. ..deFrel
ADAMS, WILLIAM BENJAMIN THOMAS   4 Hockley Hill, Birmingham, England, 18781893. Organ and harmonium maker. ..Fluke
ADAMSON, A.   showed a harmonium teaching device at the Musical and Ecclesiastical Exhibition in London, 1892. ..OH
ADAMSON, G.F.   Steam works at 1 Nisbet Place, High Street, Homerton, London. Established 1880, extant 1900. Harmonium and organ key maker. ..Fluke
ADLER   Harmonium (pressure) known, possible made in France. ..deFrel
ADLER ORGAN CO.   Chestnut & NW Corner 29th St., Louisville, KY. Established in 1903 by Cyrus.L. Adler, also shown as the Adler Manufacturing Co., Adler Music Co., and the Beckwith Organ Co. Adler later acquired the Geo. P. Bent Co., Inc., makers of the Crown organ. Adler was apparently controlled by Sears, Roebuck & Co., (qv). Adler made the Adler, Loreto, Beckwith, Crown and probably some of the Netzow Milwaukee organs. The Loreto organs were sold by John M Smyth, (qv). Serial numbers: 1910 - 104666, 1911 - 121292, 1914 - 144773 ..Caron, Friberg, White, Michel, Conklin, Fox, Hopwood, Linnstaedt, Cat.
AEOLIAN (ÆOLIAN) CO.   Meriden, CT., 18 W. 23rd St., New York, NY. Established 1891, later Æolian Organ and Music Co. See Mechanical Orguinette Co. Serial number 1893 - 2381. ..Tyler
AEOLICON   melodeon with strings invented by Rufus Nutting and made by Hovey & Bachelder. ..
AEOLUS orgel harmonium   see DeutschAmerikanische Orgel Harmonium Fabrik R. Metzner. ..
AGGIO, FRATELLI   Via Saccarelli, Turin, Italy, 1909. Harmonium makers. Probably the same as Luigi & Cesare Aggio listed in Rivoli, Italy in 1930. ..OH
AHLBORN & STEINBACH   Einsteinstr. 2, Heimerdingen b. Stuttgart, Germany. Active in the 1950s. ..Ahrens
AHLGREN, EVERT   Kåge, Skellefteå, Sweden. Made several hundred organs including many portables. ..Edqvist, Mackie
AHON, JUSSI, JA KUSTAA NIEMEN HARMOONITEHDAS   Lapua, Finland. Founded in 1879 by Jussi Aho and Kustaa Niemi. ..Piuhola
AJELLO, GIULIANO, & SONS LTD.   in 1878 at 11 Park St., Camden Town, London NW; in 1885 at 104 Park St., Camden Town and 28 Bishop's Road, Bayswater, London. By 1906 there is no mention of the Bishop's Road address. Discontinued organ production before 1921. ..Fluke
AKERLUND (ÂKERLUND), H.   Sweden. Reed organ patent 1890. ..Klaverens
AKERMANS (ÅKERMANS) & LUNDS ORGELFABRIK AKTIEBOLAGET   Sibyllegatan 10, Stockholm, Sweden, 1860, shown at Sundbyberg, Sweden in 1901. Harmonium maker. ..OH, cat., Edqvist, Klaverens
ALBAPHON   see A.J. Spencer. ..
ALBERDI   Paseo de Gracia 126, Barcelona, Spain. Active 1890-1950. Antonio Alberdi Aguirresabal, proprietor. Made numerous models from a four-octave folding organ to a five-octave instrument with 42 sets of reeds and 15 stops, all with transposing keyboards. (Lope Alberdi Recalde (1869-1948), Spanish pipe organ builder, see New Groves.)., Pierce
ALBERTSEN   see Hinners & Albertsen. ..
ALBOUY   Vienna, Austria. Organized the Schiedmayer workshops in Stuttgart, Germany ca. 1853. Showed a harmonium at the Vienna Exhibition in 1873. ..Fluke
ALBRECHT   see Harmoniumbau Albrecht. ..
ALDEN, A.O.   Springfield, MA in 1889. Built four enharmonic instruments for J.P. White in the early 1880s. Later built reed organs under his own name. ..DMT 1889, Fluke
ALEXANDER ORGAN CO.   Chicago, IL; W.W. Kimball was sole agent for Alexander in 1862. See Waterloo Organ Co. (Is this Reed & Son?) ..Bradley
ALEXANDRE ET FILS   later Alexandre Père et Fils. Offices and sales rooms at 10 Boulevard de BonneNouvelle, Paris 18291851; 39 rue Meslay, 106 rue Richelieu in 1883, rue Victor Hugo and 81 rue Lafayette, Paris 1903. Factory at rue Victor Hugo in IvrysurSeine, France in 1860. The firm was still operated by its successors, G. Fortin, as late as 1939 at the 81 rue Lafayette address. Founder: Jacob Alexandre (18041876), son Édouard died 1888. Listed as a Société in 1864. Introduced the Orgue-Mélodium in 1844, a copy of Debain's Harmonium made under license, and received a bronze medal at the Paris Exposition. Made a wide variety of reed organ types including portable, one two and threemanual organs with and without pedal bass, a combination reed organ and piano, a combination reed and pipe organ, and the Orgue Américain with a suction bellows. Alexandre bought the rights to the Percussion Action invented by Martin de Provins. The factory had 300 employees in 1860, 400 in 1872. Factory capacity 1000 organs per month in 1878. By 1901 Alexander had produced 131,123 instruments. The Alexandre name continued in use after 1907 by Fortin. Many of the other builders started with Alexandre such as Trayser, Christophe & Etienne. Serial numbers:

1848 - 969
1861 - 26630 1867 - 55488
1851 - 855 1862 - 28295 1875 - 77913
1857 - 11887 1863 - 30019 1899 - 124229
1857 - 15213 1866 - 50256 1901 - 131123
1859 - 19391 1867 - 50812

ALIBONSSY, P.   Verdun, France. Made harmoniums with transposers. ..Fluke
ALLEGER, H.W., & CO.   Washington, NJ. Hiram W. Alleger made reed organs under his own name 18701875 and also in partnership with Charles P. Bowlby and Ed Plotts under the names Alleger, Bowlby & Plotts, (Gold Medal Organ), and as Alleger, Bowlby & Co. 18761880; again as Alleger & Sons, (Acme Organ), beginning in 1880. H.W. Alleger also owned the Star Organ Co. Listed as H.W. Alleger & Co. 1885 and 1899, with a factory capacity of 2000 organs per year, of which 60% were exported. Also shown in Portland, PA. See Warren Organ Co. Serial numbers: 1879 - 2650, 1881 - 4100, 1883 - 5900, 1884 - 7640, 1885 - 7000. ..DMT 1885, 1889; Michel, Redell, Helffrich, eBay
ALLEN & JEWETT   see Jewett & Co. ..
ALLEN, THOMAS R.   180 E. Washington St., Syracuse, NY in 1861. Melodeon manufacturer. ..Hutchinson
ALLEN, WM. J.   piano and harmonium manufacturer and dealer. In 1891 located at 8 Bread St., Wokingham, Berkshire, England; in 1895 at 6 Rose St., Wokingham. ..Fluke
ALLETTI, CARLO   Monza, Italy. Organ and harmonium maker, 1883. ..deWit 1883
ALLEY, JOSEPH   (1804-1880), Newburyport, MA. Built at least one reed organ in addition to the "euharmonic" organ built for H.W. Poole (qv). Alley and Poole were awarded U.S. Patent No. 6565 on July 3, 1849. ..Hutchinson, Owen, Fox
ALLIN, OTTO B.   65 Kobmagerg, Copenhagen, Denmark. Harmonium maker. ..OH
ALLISON, ARTHUR, & CO.   108110 Wardour St., London in 1873, also at Apollo Works, Leighton Road, Kentish Town. By 1878 located at 40 Great Marlborough St. The Apollo Works was then used exclusively as a piano factory, reed organs being built at the steam works at 10 Charlton Road, Kings Road, London. Established 1838. Piano, harmonium and American organ manufacturer. Discontinued organ production before 1921. ..deWit 1883, Fluke, Audnrich
ALLMENDINGER PIANO & ORGAN CO.   Ann Arbor, MI. David Frederick Allmendinger (1851-1916) learned cabinet making starting in 1866 at Thomas Rauschenberger's shop, then began working for G.F. Gaerttner & Co. in 1868 where he learned pipe and reed organ building. He married Marie, daughter of G.F. Gaerttner, in 1871 and bought the Gaerttner business that same year. Incorporated in 1888 as Ann Arbor Organ Co. (qv). Manufactured reed organs, pianos and a few pipe organs. Serial numbers:

1874 - 1000 1888 - 2450 1901 - 3230
1877 - 1200 1890 - 2600 1904 - 3310
1880 - 1400 1894 - 2670 1907 - 3420
1884 - 2100 1897 - 2840 1913 - 3650
1886 - 2300 1900 - 3100

ALM, ELIS   (1878-1957), Bastutjärn, Norsjö, Sweden. Made church organs and harmoniums. ..Edqvist, Mackie
ALM, FRANS LAMBERT   (1891-1928), from Norsjö, Sweden, moved to Sörböle, Skellefteå, Sweden. According to one source he made 40 to 50 harmoniums. ..Edqvist, Mackie
ALM, NILS OSKAR   (1850-1923), born in Bastutjärn, Norsjö, Sweden. Moved to Boden, Norsjö where he established an organ factory. His son Emil also worked in the factory. ..deWit 1903, OH, Edqvist, Mackie
ALM, OLOV RIKARD   (1850-1898), Stensliden, Norsjö, Sweden. Made both pipe organs and harmoniums. ..Edqvist, Mackie
ALMQUIST   see Östlind & Almquist. ..
ALVAH   Instrument seen at auction, probably of U.S. origin. ..Besteman
AMELOTTI, CARLO   Alessandria, Italy in 1883. ..deWit 1883
AMERICAN ACCORD   A little accord harmonium. ..deFrel
AMERICAN AUTOMATIC ORGAN CO., THE   100 Milk St. 1883, 1884; office and warerooms at 164 High St., Fort Hill Square, Boston MA. G.W. Turner, Gen. Mgr.; Henry Sawyer, President; John V. Spalding, Sec.Treas.; O.H. Arno, Supt. Later became Automatic Organ Co. Organette maker, see Massachusetts Organ Co. ..Ad, deWit 1883, Bowers, OH
AMERICAN ORGAN & PIANO CO.   41-43 Maiden Lane, New York, NY, 1886. Sold direct. ..Youth
AMERICAN ORGAN CO.   Gabry-en-Zonen, Westhavn 45, Gouda, Netherlands. Made suction organs, copies of American made organs. Owned by J.J. van der Tak of Rotterdam, (qv). The organs were made in van der Tak's factory in Rotterdam. Serial number 1912 - 17973. ..Fluke, Huivenaar, Tyler
AMERICAN ORGAN CO.   Guelph, Ontario, Canada. ..Law
AMERICAN ORGAN CY.   See Van der Tak, Rotterdam, Netherlands. Made suction organs, copies of American made organs. Owned by Jillis van der Tak (b. 1830, d. 1913) of Rotterdam. The organs were made in Van der Tak's factory in Rotterdam. Serial numbers: see Van der Tak. ..deFrel
AMERICAN REEDS   See S.G. Reijns ..deFrel
AMES, GEORGE A.   Norway, ME; manufacturer of piano and melodeon keys, 1861. ..Hutchinson
ANDERS BROS.   London. ..
ANDERSEN, VELJEKSET   (Andersen Brothers), also Broder Anderssens Orgelfabrik, Pännäinen, Finland. ..OMT, Tampere
ANDERSON, GÖRAN   Ovansjö, Sweden, ca 1863. ..Klaverens
ANDERSSON, JOSEF   Mullsjö and Ingared, Sweden, 186501866. ..Klaverens
ANDERSSON, P.   Stockholm, fl. 1855-1866. ..Klaverens
ANDERSSONS MUSIKVERKSTAD, G.I.   Övermora, Kvarnsveden, Borlänge, Sweden, 1960. ..Klaverens
ANDERSSONS, E.A., ORGELFABRIK   born 1891 near Herrljunga, Sweden. Ernst Adrian Andersson worked previously for the Herrljunga Orgelfabrik, then established his own factory along with Henrik Karlsson in 1921. Maximum production 50 to 60 organs in the best years. Closed in 1935. ..Edqvist, Jansson
ANDERSSONS, K.A., ORGELFABRIK   Kammakaregatan 27, Stockholm, Sweden 1903; Holländaregatan 11, Stockholm in 1911. Established in Linköping in 1875, moved to Stockholm in 1885. Still operating in 1930. ..deWit 1903, Friberg, Klaverens
ANDREASSEN, KARL   Torsken, Norway, (18711950). Made a total of twelve harmoniums ca 19001950. ..Kolnes
ANDREASSON, ALBERT   see Orgelfabriken Musikaliska Verkstaden. ..
ANDRESEN, JOHANNES P., & CO.   Ringkøbing, Denmark established 1891, in business at least until 1924. Joh. P. Andresen, C. Gravesen & L.C. Tang, proprietors in 1903. ..Friberg, Cappelens
ANDRESEN, P., & CO.   Langesgade 10, Aalborg, Denmark 1913, 1914. ..Friberg
ANDREWS, A.H., & CO.   Offices at 111 State St., factory at 82 W. Washington, Chicago, IL. School, office and church furniture manufacturer, active 1870. Organs with this name may have been made by others with the A.H. Andrews stencil. ..Duga, Chi. Dir. 1870
ANDREWS, ALVINZA   Waterville, NY 1834, Utica, NY 1854. Made reed and pipe organs in partnership with John Gale Marklove. ..Fox
ANDREWS, C.W. & F.M.   Picton, Ontario, 1857. Melodeon makers. ..Kallmann, Duga
ANDREWS, W.F.   Biddeford, ME. ..Sarsony
ANDRUS BROTHERS   135 Dundas St., manufactory in King St., London, Ontario, 18591874, also in Bloomington, IL in 1871. Founded by E.B. Andrus, it was sold in 1874 to Copwell and Bradford, who retained the Andrus name. It continued in operation until at least 1881. ..ROSB 5/83, Kallmann, Fluke, Angus, Conklin
ANGELUS   Germany. Suction reed organs, made by E.F. Köhler, Germany (qv). Serial number: 19xx – 4814. ..deFrel
ANGELUS ORGAN, THE   See Bruton & Co. ..DeFrel
ANGELUS ORGEL   Reed organs, made in the factory of Johannes de Heer, Rotterdam, Netherlands until about 1925. After about 1925 Angelus Orgel reed organs were manufactured by Liebig and sold by Johannes de Heer. ..deFrel
ANGELUS player   see Wilcox & White. ..
ANGSTER, JOSEF, & SOHN   Mariengasse 35, Pecs, Hungary in 1903; established 1867. ..deWit 1903
ANN ARBOR ORGAN CO.   Ann Arbor, MI; incorporated 1888, Frederick Schmidt, president; M. Seaboldt, vicepresident, D.F. Allmendinger, superintendent. Also shown as Ann Arbor Organ Works. Successor to Allmendinger Piano & Organ Co. About 1902 purchased the trade mark, business and patents of The Story & Clark Organ Co. In receivership 1910, reorganized as the Ann Arbor Piano Co. in 1913 but finally went out of business in 1916. Discontinued reed organ production about 1913. See Allmendinger for serial numbers. ..POPG, Conklin, Schmitt
ANNAPOLIS ORGAN CO.   Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, 1880, 1882. ..Kallmann, Dun
ANNEESSENS & FILS, CHARLES   rue du Nord, Halluin, Belgium; Menin, Belgium in 1903; pipe organ and harmonium maker. Established in 1865 by Charles Anneessens (18351903) and his sons Paul, Oscar and Jules in a large steam factory in Grammont, Belgium. In 1893 they moved the factory with its 100 workers to Halluin and Menin on the border of France. Oscar Anneesens married Mathilde Veranneman in 1899 and used the firm name of AnneessensVeranneman. Mathilde died in 1910 and in 1912 Oscar married Laurentia Marinis, changing the firm name to AnneessensMarinis, located at 10 Boulevard Philipped'Alsace, Courtrai, Belgium. In 1883 P.H. Anneessens is listed as an organ builder in Ninove, Belgium. ..deWit 1883, 1903; OH; Fluke
ANNEESSENS, OSCAR   29 rue Conscience, Courtrai, Belgium 1837. Harmonium maker. Father of Charles Anneesens. ..OH
ANSINGH & CO., D.   Zwolle, Netherlands. Reed organ dealer. ..deFrel
ANSTRAND (ÅNSTRAND), GOTTFRID   19 Bafvernsgrand, Uppsala, Sweden, 1897-1925. ..OH, Klaverens, Edqvist
ANTISELL ORGAN CO.   San Francisco, CA. Music dealer, instruments made by Kimball. ..Tyler
APOLLO   an electrically blown harmonium, probably made in Italy. ..Maves
APOLLO CO., LTD.   67 Berners St., London. Still working in 1906. Discontinued organ production before 1921. ..Fluke
APOLLO organ   an instrument of recent make by Rushworth & Dreaper, (qv). The Apollo is a two manual and pedal practice organ built to RCO specifications and made to look like a pipe organ console. It usually has four sets of reeds on each manual and one or two sets on the pedals. Serial number 1928 - 1253. ..ROS #0222, Fluke, Huivenaar
ARBON   Instrumentos Arbon Ltda., Rua Gal. Osorio 807, Novo Hamburgo, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Founded by Arno Bohn, son of J. Edmundo Bohn, (qv). Manufactured harmoniums sold by J. Edmundo Bohn. Manager in 2000: Ing Fabio Bohn, son of Arno. ..Beccaria, Bohn
ARBOR CITY   Ann Arbor, MI. ..Grazier
AREF Harmonium   See A. Radice & Filgli ..deFrel
AREF HARMONIUM     See A. Radice & Figli. ..deFrel
ARION   Cortland, NY. ..Smith
ARISTON organette   see Paul Ehrlich. ..
ARLINGTON   stencil reed organ, maker unknown. ..MC V18#1p8
ARMBRUSTER, R.H.   Springfield, IL. Folding organ, 1904. Probably made by others with the Armbruster stencil. ..NYCL, Dahlinger
ARMSTRONG, ELMON   see Collins & Armstrong. ..
ARNO & HODGEKINS   no other information.. ..ROSQ Winter 99
ARTCRAFT ORGAN CO.   Santa Monica, CA., 1915-1928. Incorporated 1922. Reed and pipe organ makers. ..Fox
ARVIKA ORGEL- & PIANOFABRIK   Arvika, Sweden, fl. 1911-1912. ..Klaverens
ASTORIA ORGAN CO.   Astoria, Long Island, New York. Organized in June 1878 by William Steinway, C.F. Tretbar (Treasurer), and Mr. Stetson. Factory located in the Sargent barn. The factory burned to the ground on Dec. 29, 1878 and apparently was abandoned. ..Diary of Wm. Steinway
ASTRON   see Eesti Klavierivabrik A/S 'Astron.' ..
ATHENS organ   see Southern Organ Co. ..
ATLAS PIANO   Louisville, KY. Piano and reed organ maker. ..Pierce
ATLAS PIANO   see Brother Musical Instrument Co. Ltd. ..
AUGUST & CO.   Ritterstr. 76 SW, Berlin in 1903. J.S. August, proprietor; maker of the Kosmos harmonium. ..deWit 1903
AUSTIN, CHARLES   Concord, NH, 18441847, melodeon maker. David M. Dearborn became a partner in 1848, the firm was called Austin & Dearborn. In 1848 Austin & Dearborn was supplying reeds for Coleman's Patent Aeolian Attachment for pianos made by T. Gilbert. Dearborn left in 1852 and the firm was named C. Austin & Co., operating under that name until 1875, part of the time in partnership with Charles E. Austin, son of Charles. From 1876 until 1915 the firm operated under the name Charles E. Austin. See Abed Coleman, T. Gilbert. ..Hutchinson, Turcott
AUTOMATIC ORGAN CO.   see American Automatic Organ Co. ..
AUTOORGAN CO.   39 Blenheim Road, Upper Holloway, London. Player harmonium. ..
AUTOPHONE CO., THE   Ithaca, NY, 1879 until at least 1928. Organized by F.M. Finch, H.F. Hibbard & H.B. Horton; Horton sold out in 1883 and H.A. St. John came into company. Production in 1882 was 18,000 organettes. Made the Gem, Chautauqua, Concert & Grand Roller Organs. ..Bowers, Fox
AUTOPHONE organ   name used initially by Prof. Merritt Gally (qv) for a player organ of his invention in 1879. He later used the name Orchestrone, probably to avoid conflict with the products of The Autophone Co. ..SA, Bowers
AVENIA, LUIGI D’   Via Tribunali 3, Naples, Italy, 1903. ..deFrel
AVILL & SMART   Apollo Works, Tabernacle St., Finsbury, London, EC. Piano, American organ and harmonium manufacturer. Proprietors: W. & F. Grover from 1878 to 1886. W. Luck took over in 1886 and reed organ production ceased. ..Fluke
BABCOCK   see Chase & Babcock. ..
BACCLIERI, G.   rue Vivienne 2, Paris. Portable organ. ..Fluke
BACH   Doubs, France. Maker of pianos and harmoniums. Maître de chapelle at Ornans, wrote a book on harmonium repair ca 1930. ..Fluke
BACHELDER   see Hovey & Bachelder. ..
BACHER, EUGEN   Schulstrasse 15, Schorndorf, Würtemberg, Germany. Harmonium maker ca. 1940. ..OH
BACHWELT   Germany. Reed organ known, made by E.F. Köhler, Germany (qv). ..deFrel
BACON, CHARLES E.   Buffalo, NY. A member of the firm of George A. Prince & Co. and a partner in its successor, Prince & Bacon, (qv). In 1874 he was operating under his own name as a manufacturer of organ stop knobs. ..letter
BACON, JAMES   London. ..
BAGNALL, JOHN, & CO.   Victoria, British Columbia, 186385. Some Bagnall instruments were made by Chicago Cottage. ..Kallmann, Tyler
BAIKA GAKKUEN   Osaka, Japan. Makers of the Princess children's organ. ..eBay
BAILEY, CLAUDIUS R.   13 Chalfont Road, Holloway, N. London, 18841888. Piano and harmonium maker. Made Sunday School Union organs, apparently using Americanmade actions with bellows and case made in England. ..Fluke
BAILLIEHAMILTON, JAMES   British inventor of the Vocalion, U.S. patent 1884, first manufactured 1886 by HamiltonVocalion Organ Mfg. Co., Worcester, MA. He was briefly connected with S.R.Warren. BaillieHamilton soon left the company and production was taken over by The New York Church Organ Manufacturing Co.; acquired in 1890 by Mason and Risch and in 1903 acquired by Aeolian. Vocalions were built at least until 1910, and are now highly prized by collectors for their solid construction and fine tone, attributed to the qualifying chambers. Serial number: 1906 - 4801. ..Fluke, OH, Richards
BAKER & RANDALL   Providence, RI; 18571875. Made folding melodeons. ..Michel, ROSB 11/87
BAKER ORGAN   1709 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, PA. ..Ad
BAKER, G.F., & CO., LTD.   Leeke Street Corner, King's Cross Road, London. Made components for reed organs, ca. 19141931. ..OH, Fluke
BAKER, GEO., & CO.   Geneva, Switzerland, later BakerTroll; made music boxes with reeds. ..
BAKER, HENRY, & SON   70 Weybosset, Providence, RI 1852 until at least 1883. ..deWit 1883
BALBIANI, NATALE   Milan, Italy, (1836-1912). Harmonium and pipe organ builder. Still in business as a pipe organ maker under the name Balbiani-Vegezzi-Bossi. See Vegezzi-Bossi. ..deWit 1883, Grove
BALCH, H.M.   843 Mission St., San Francisco, CA. Piano and reed organ maker, 1883. ..deWit 1883
BALDWIN   see Whitaker & Frisbie. ..
BALDWIN, DWIGHT HAMILTON   158 West Fourth St. in 1862; later 142144 West Fourth St., Cincinnati, OH. Established in 1862 as a music dealer, eventually operating a chain of music stores. Reorganized as D.H. Baldwin & Co. in 1873, in 1889 acquired the Hamilton Organ Co. Incorporated 1892 with Lucien Wulsin, president; D.H. Baldwin, vicepresident; G.W. Armstrong, secretary. Later also made the Monarch organs, Baldwin, Valley Gem and Ellington pianos. Bought out Minshall-Estey and produced that organ for a time. See Hamilton Organ Co. ..POPG, deYoung, Hopwood
BALDWIN, W.T.   131 Stapleton Rd., Bristol, England 1903. Listed in 1883 and 1903. ..deWit 1883, 1903
BALL BEAVON & CO.   London. Makers of the Chippendale organ. ..eBay
BALL, JACOBUS   Grosvenor Square, London. Melodeon maker. ..Henry Ford Museum
BALLARD, GEO.   69 Tobago St., Glasgow, Scotland. Harmonium maker 18791883. ..Fluke
BALLOU & CURTIS   Pleasant St., Concord, NH, 18701880; Oliver Ballou and George H. Curtis. Ballou first worked with Austin, then in 1870 joined up with Curtis and from 1881 to 1883 he worked at Prescott Organ Co. See George H. Curtis. ..Michel, Fluke, Turcotte
BALMORAL   instrument possibly of English origin.
BALTHASARFLORENCE   rue de Fer in 1869, rue de Collège in 1883; 12, 2123 rue Dewez in 1903 and 1922, Namur, Belgium. Piano and harmonium maker, established 1869. Henri Balthasar (18441915) married Clemence Florence, a piano maker's daughter, and took his firm name from the two surnames. Gold medal at Anvers Exhibition, 1894; Grand Prix at Liege in 1904 for a three manual and pedal harmonium; Grand Prix in 1910 for harmoniums d'Art including Celesta. His son FranzJoseph took over the business in 1910, and about 1920 Henri's daughter MariaAmelie took over, but the business closed in 1925. ..Friberg; deWit 1883, 1903; Fluke
BALTZER, ADOLPH   Zollverein, Nr. 82, Frankfurt on Oder, Germany. Exhibited the Aeolodion in 1851, a sixoctave reed instrument in which the reeds can be tuned several notes higher or lower by turning a key fixed to a micrometer screw. Also a clockmaker. ..Fluke, Ahrens
BANCROFT, MARSHALL S.   Toronto, Ontario, Canada 1872. In 1873 he went with Canada Organ Co. ..Angus
BANNICKE, MAX   Zeitzer Strasse 24a, Sidonienstr. 48 in 1935, Adolf-Hitler Str. 24 in 1940, Leipzig, Germany. Musical instrument dealer. Harmoniums with this name made by Conrad, Martin & Törste, by Max Leonhardt & Co. and by Karl Stock. ..Ahrens
BARANOFF, J.S.   Dorf Alexandrowskoje, SchlusselburgProspect 1, St. Petersburg, Russia. Harmonium maker ca. 1906. ..OH
BARBATO, C.   Messina, Italy, 1883. ..deWit 1883
BARBIERI, ANGELO   26 rue S. Vincenzo, Milan, Italy. Made suction reed organs and a combined piano and reed organ. ..Fluke
BARBU, J.P.   Paris. Established 1840. Received an Honorable Mention at the London Exhibition of 1862 for good work on reeds. ..Fluke
BARCKHOFF, CARL   (1849-1919); Pittsburg, PA 1865, Salem, OH 1882, Mendelssohn, PA 1895, Latrobe, PA 1897, Pomeroy, OH 1900, Basic, VA 1913. Pipe organ and melodeon maker. Son H.C. Barckhoff was a member of the firm and a partner in Shipman Organ Co., (qv). ..OH, Fox, Grove
BARDELL organ   possibly a stencil instrument. ..Ashby
BARIOD, CAMBEFORT & CIE.   Hacqueville, Normandy, France. Manufacturer of harmoniums designed by Abbé Cordier.
BARMIG (BÄRMIG, BAERMIG), JOHANN GOTTHILF   (1815-1899). Werdau, Germany. Apprenticed to and later employee of the pipe organ maker Urban Kreutsbach in Borna. Went to Salzburg to learn building of the physharmonica and established his own factory in Werdau in 1846. In 1854 he won a prize at the Leipzig Exhibition for a Melodion. In 1859 he showed a Melodion at the Werdau Exhibition and played AGod Save the King@ on the instrument. Made pipe organs and melodions. Succeeded in 1887 by Emil Müller (qv). ..Weischet, Averesch
BARNES, W.H.   59 Walworth Road, SE London and 20 New Kent Road, London. Piano and harmonium maker, tuner and repairer 18911906. Discontinued organ production before 1921. ..Fluke
BARNETT, SAMUEL & SONS   32 Worship St., Finsbury Sq., London, 1883. In 1879 Nelson Samuel became a partner and the firm name was changed to Barnett, Samuel & Sons. (In 1889) "Messrs Barnett, Samuel & Sons have entirely recovered from the late fire on their premises in Worship Street and the rebuilding is proceeding, so that the firm may return to them before the Winter Season. The salvage having been taken by the Insurance Co. all their present stock is entirely new." In 1900 located at 3238 Worship Street, Finsbury. Reed organ and piano maker established in 1832. Awarded a Second Prize at Sydney, Australia in 1878. Later became the Decca Record Co., and in 1921 advertised the Deccalian, a portable gramophone (phonograph). ..deWit 1883, Fluke
BARNING   Oude Singel, Leiden, Netherlands. Reed organ dealer. ..deFrel
BARNOVA   see Tijsseling. ..
BARON   Belgium. Exhibited the Theorgue, a type of harmonium, in 1846. ..
BARROUIN, F.   91 rue de Sèvres, Paris. Harmonium and piano maker. Won several medals and diplomas of honor at exhibitions. ..
BART, JUNIUS   New Orleans, LA. Probably a stencil organ. ..Eyman
BARTLETT, DANIEL B.   180 Main St., Concord, NH 1847; Bartlett bought out David M. Dearborn's share of Dearborn & Bartlett in 1847. Serial Numbers: 1844 - 117, 1846 - 573, June 1846 - 605, July 1847 - 904, Nov. 1847 - 973. ..Fisher, Frey, RFG, eBay
BARTLETT, JOSIAH   Concord, NH 1836. ..Michel
BARTON, FR.   Hotzendorf, AustriaHungary, 1903. ..deWit 1903
BARTUNEK, ADOLF   Tylgasse 496, Kutna Hora (Kuttenberg), Czechoslovakia 1930; established 1890. ..deWit 1930
BARTZ, R.   Bismarckstrasse 36, Kircheim, Teck, Germany. Founded 1938, closed 1969. Harmonium maker. Also Otto Barz, same address. ..OH, Ahrens
BARZ, R.   Bismarckstrasse 36, Kircheim, Teck, Germany. Founded 1938, closed 1969. Harmonium maker. Also Otto Barz, same address ..deFrel
BATAILLE, ALEXANDRE, & CIE.   rue Meslay 25, and 37 Boulevard St. Martin, Paris. Piano and harmonium manufacturer. ..Label
BATES   see Ludden & Bates. ..
BATES ORGAN MANUFACTURING CO.   G.H.W. Bates, Boston, MA ca 1895; organettes. ..Bowers, Fox
BATES, THEODORE CHARLES   Ludgate Hill, London, ca. 1845. Pipe organ maker; also made seraphines. ..Fluke, Grove
BATT, THOMAS S., & CO.   103 Cromer Street, London WC. Bellows maker 1880. In 1887 at 103 Cromer Road and 20 Hornsey Road, Holloway Station. In 18961900 only at Hornsey road and then called W.J. Batt. Established 1854. ..Trade Dir 1896, Fluke
BAUDET, FLORENTIN   11 rue Neuve Popincourt, 1860; 22 rue de Lancry, 1883; Paris. Established 1853. Manufacturer of harmoniums for church and salon, won medals at the Exhibition in Besançon in 1860. ..deWit 1883, Fluke
BAUER, GILBERT L., & CO.   21 Kings Road, St. Pancras, London in 1883; 49 Tottenham St., Tottenham Court Rd.; 34 King's Rd. in 1897 and 1903, London; estab. 1865; made a variety of models, both pressure and suction, including a large three manual and pedal model with forty stops and 1,365 reeds. Awarded a medalion at the Philadelphia Exposition of 1876. ..MTD 1897; deWit 1883, 1903
BAUER, JULIUS, & CO.   156-158 Wabash Avenue, Chicago, IL. Established in 1849 as a music dealer in New York and soon after began manufacturing pianos. Moved to Chicago in 1857 where he established a music store on the northeast corner of Clark and Washington Streets. In 1864 the business moved into the Crosby Opera House, and was burned out in the Chicago fire of 1871. He began again in the fall of 1872, locating in the Palmer House, then moved to 182-184 Wabash Ave. In 1883 he moved to 156-158 Wabash Ave. In addition to the retail store, Bauer manufactured the Bauer pianos and organs, although few if any of the organs have survived. Julius Bauer died in 1884. His son, William Max Bauer, born in 1870, was trained in the factory and in 1900 was elected vice-president and general manager. ..Dolge, De Young ROSB Winter 95/95
BAUER, MATTHÄUS   Kaiserstr. 50 in 1883, Vienna, Austria 1930. ..deWit 1883, 1930; Fluke
BAUGHM   see Clark & Baughm. ..
BAUM   see Dickel & Baum. ..
BAUMGARDT, J.O.   Linköping, Sweden, fl. 1881-83. ..Klaverens
BAY STATE ORGAN CO.   101 Bristol St, Boston, MA 1885; see C.B. Hunt. ..DMT 1885
BAYER, GILBERT   ..[ROSQ Winter 99
BAYNTON, J., & CO.   23 Bayford St., Mare St., Hackney, E. London in 1883, manufactured American organs, Jordan's transposing harmonium and portable harmonium; made cases and soundboards 18781896. ..Trade Dir 1896, deWit 1883, Fluke
BAZIN, JAMES AMIRAUX   Canton, MA; made sliding brass reed pitch pipes 1821, mouth organ 1828, lap organ with reed pipes 1833, accordion 1835, reed lap organ 1836; later he was city clerk of Canton, MA. Bazin was given credit by many of the early leaders in the reed organ industry for being the source of the earliest instruments in the United States. ..Courier
BEALE & CO. LTD.   factory and head offices, 41-47 Trafalgar St., Annandale, New South Wales, Australia, showrooms at 340 George St., Sydney. Piano manufacturer, established 1895, closed in 1970. Beale sold the Haydn organ, possibly made by Peloubet for Beale. A Haydn organ in the possession of George Nichols shows New York on the stop board and is marked "P & Co." on the keyboard. ..Ad, Nichols, Pierce
BEARE & SONS   harmonium maker, location unknown. ..eBay
BEASANT, THOMAS   17 Portugal St., Lincoln's Inn, London about 1865; 11 Kirby St., Hatton Gardens in 1867; 32 Manchester St., King's Cross 18791882, 35 Orchard St., Ball's Pond in 1900. Harmonium maker. ..Fluke
BEATHOVEN organ   see Beatty Organ Co. ..
BEATTY & PLOTTS   Washington, NJ. Daniel F. Beatty and Ed Plotts, proprietors. Predecessor of Beatty Organ Co. ..Ad
BEATTY ORGAN CO.   office Broad St. & Washington Ave., factory Railroad Ave. & Beatty St., Washington, NJ, later D.F. Beatty, established about 1879 by Daniel Fisher Beatty; bankrupt 1884; started again as D.F. Beatty Piano & Organ Co., 188486; began manufacturing in 1880, previously bought organs from Bridgeport Organ Co. and from Alleger & Bowlby. Sold direct to consumers by mail order. Convicted of using the mails to defraud. Later sold a few organs made for him by Lawrence Organ Co., Easton, PA. Serial number: 1881 - 85756. ..Courier, Ad, cat., Redell, Boadway
BEAUCOURT, H.C.   Monplaisir près Lyon, 4 place de la Reconnaissance, Lyon, France, 1903. Factory at Halluin (Nord). Extant 1862. Won a medal from the Academy at Lejous for improvements to his harmoniums. ..deWit 1903, Fluke, OH
BECKMANN, HEINRICH   Döhren, Germany. Established 1890, operated at least through 1930. ..deWit 1912, 1930, Ahrens
BECKWITH ORGAN CO.   Chestnut & NW Corner 29th St., Louisville, KY 1903 until at least 1922; also had a factory in St. Paul, MN; see Sears Roebuck & Co., Adler Organ Co., R.S. Hill & Co. The Louisville factory building is no longer in existence. Serial Numbers: 1910 - F25561, 1910 - 104666, 1911 - 111597, 1911 - 121292, 1913 - 136889, 1914 - 144773. ..Caron, Sears 1907, ROS #0196, Fox, Wendell, Talcott
BEDFORD, DAN.   326 Goswell Road, London. Harmonium maker 18781887. ..deWit 1883, Fluke
BEDFORD, F.   7 Jeffreys Place, Camden Town Street, London. Advertised in 1900 as a reed organ maker. ..Fluke
BEDFORD, JOSEPH   66 Weedington St., Kentish Town, London NW. Harmonium maker 18781892. ..deWit 1883, Fluke
BEDWELL & SON   Cecilia House, Cambridge, England, later G.C. Bedwell Ltd. Pipe organ and harmonium maker. ..OH
BEER, JOH. GEORG   Erling bei Andechs, Germany. Listed as a harmonium maker in 1903, 1913, 1930. ..deWit 1903, Hartmann, Ahrens
BEER, W.   Soetendaalscheweg 57a, and Nieuwe Crooswijkscheweg 42c (in 1928), Rotterdam, Netherlands. Manufacturer of Celesti Organ, at least 7 different models. The same reed organ actions as J. van der Tak. ..deFrel
BEESTON ORGAN WORKS   141 Town St., Leeds, England; see J.W. Sawyer. ..
BEETHOVEN ORGAN CO.   Washington, NJ; successor to Beatty Organ Co., incorporated 1885; later Beethoven Piano Organ Co., owned by Needham Organ Co., New York. Officers in 1897: John J. McDavitt, president; Charles M. Tuttle, sec.treas.. Purchased by John H. Seed about 1900. Sold direct to consumers. Closed about 1903., Fox
BEHLEN, STINSON R.   (1917-2004) 1010 S. 14th Street, Slaton, TX 79364. Maker of dulcimers, mandolins and fiddles and supplies handcrafted reeds, bellows and parts for accordions, reed organs and similar instruments. ..ROSB 5/88 p28
BEHRINGER ORGELBAU, HERMANN   Friedberg in Hesse, Germany. Possible a dealer. ..deFrel
BELDING, AMOS D.   Worcester, Otsego Co., NY, probably the partner of Amos L. Swan in Swan & Belding, (qv). ..
BELL   Saginaw, MI, see Chicago Cottage Organ Co. ..Heiss
BELL & CO.   Neumeyer Hall, Hart St., Bloomsbury, London. Manufacturer of American organs, 1883. ..deWit 1883
BELL ORGAN & PIANO CO., LTD.   see William Bell & Co. ..
BELL, DANIEL, ORGAN CO.   Toronto, Ontario. Daniel Bell became manager of the Canada Organ Co. in 1875, and in 1877 was associated with the Excelsior Organ Co. He established the Daniel Bell Organ Co. in 1881 and operated it until 1886. ..Michel, Kallmann
BELL, JOSEPH   established 1847 in Petergate, York, England; in 1849 in 57 Gillygate, 24 Gillygate in 1861, 22 Feasegate in 1863, later at 28 Swinegate, then 14 Stonegate, all in York. An inventor and experimenter, he made harmoniums with reeds of wood, ivory and german silver. Succeeded by Samuel Bell then by Sarah Bell at 14 Stonegate, York in 1894, still working in 1906. ..Fluke, OH, Kershaw
BELL, W., & CO.   Guelph, Ontario; started in 1864 as Bell Bros. by William and Robert Bell, in the upper story of a building on Upper Wyndham St., producing one "Diploma" melodeon per week. Later they moved to Carden St. In 1867 produced 80 instruments per year. William assumed management in 1865; merged with McLeod, Wood & Co. in 1867 under the name of Bell, Wood & Co. The name W. Bell & Co. was used at least as early as 1871 when a new three story factory was opened on Market Square. In 1881 with 200 employees the capacity was 1200, and in 1906 was 6000 organs per year. An English syndicate bought the company in 1888 and changed the name to Bell Organ & Piano Co., and in 1907 changed it again to Bell Piano & Organ Co. Made a variety of models including the "Bellolian", a player reed organ, and held the patent on the "Serophone", a device which gave the reeds a wood-pipe character. Organ production was discontinued in 1928 and the plant was sold to John S. Dowling of Brantford and resold in 1934 to the Lesage Piano Co.

Serial numbers:

1883 - 22539 1893 - 61997 1899 - 83690
1884 - 26000 1894 - 64200 1900 - 89615 (Jan.)
1889 - 47982 1895 - 75440 1900 - 90602 (Mar.)
1890 - 52239 1896 - 77107 1902 - 96766
1892 - 60810 (Jan.) 1898 - 79932 (May) 1904 - 109092
1892 - 63416 (May) 1898 - 80717 (July) 1907 - 122817
1892 - 65557 (Nov.) 1898 - 82384 (Oct) 1919 - 124490

Belloian serial number 11 made on April 28, 1903.

BELL, WOOD & CO.   Guelph, Ontario. Melodeon maker. ..Heiss, Craig
BELLACK, JAS., & SONS   1129 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, PA, 1860. Piano maker and dealer. Organs dated 1867 with this name have been seen. ..Pierce
BELMONT   Philadelphia, PA. Instrument seen in Cape May, NJ. ..Harper, eBay
BENDER, C.C.     established 1850 by Christian Carel Bender Sr. (1825-1878). He had four sons, one of whom emigrated to Buffalo, NY and is said to have established an organ factory. The other three continued the business located at Hoogewoerd 90, factory at Rijnstraat 4, Leiden, Netherlands. In 1894 a branch office was located at Damrak 74/76, Amsterdam. Also departments in Rotterdam, Breda and Arnhem, Netherlands and Berlin, Germany. Proprietors in 1903: J.J. and J.C. Bender. Dealer of American (suction) organs.The firm is still in existence. ..deFrel, Ad., deWit 1903, Strengers
BENDON, GEO.   St. Croix, Switzerland; music box with reeds. ..
BENDZKO, FRITZ   (also Bentzko). Hinter Rossgarten 14, Königsberg, Prussia, Germany. Harmonium maker, founded about 1923, operated at least through 1940. ..OH, Ahrens
BENGTSSON   see Benson, August. ..
BENGZON   see Berggren & Bengzon. ..
BENHAM'S Cottage Organ   no further information ..RFG
BENNETTS & BENNETTS   62 Norfolk Terrace, Westbourne Grove, W. London 18801883. Piano and harmonium maker. ..Fluke
BENSON, AUGUST   Hässleholm, Sweden. Also shown as Bengtsson. Harmonium maker 18881930. Trained at an organ factory in Worcester, MA from 1883 to 1888. ..deWit 1903, cat., OH, Edqvist
BENT, GEO. P.   8183 Jackson in 1883; Washington Blvd. & Sangamon St., 281289 Wabash Ave., 323333 South Canal St., Chicago, IL; Crown organs; George Payne Bent started in 1870 as a sewing machine retailer, added organs and in 1880 began manufacturing organs and later pianos. Early instruments are marked Geo. R. Bent. In 1902 the factory had a capacity of 12,000 organs per year. He was active in trade associations and after retirement was author and editor of "Four Score and More" a book which he published containing reminiscences of oldtimers in the music business. Fond of puns on his name, he gave out his personalized cigars saying, "Have a Bent cigar." Renamed Geo. P. Bent Co. in 1908; probably discontinued organ production in 1915. Later acquired by the Adler Mfg. Co. Serial numbers: 1888 - 18253, 1901 - 8514, 1906 - 89519. ..Ad., Courier, Bent, cat., POPG, deWit 1883, Don Martin
BENTLEY, H.D.   Office and salesrooms at 1400 Old Colony Building, Chicago, IL, factory at Freeport, IL. Offices at 195 Wabash Ave. in 1901. Parlor organ maker. O.D. Weaver, Jr., manager in 1894. Also listed as H.D. Bentley Piano & Organ Stool Factory. At least some Bentley organs were made by W.W. Kimball. Active at least from 1888 through 1901. See O.D. Weaver. ..Freeport, Michel, Duga, ROS #0698, cat., Chi. Dir. 1901
BENTLEY, J.   Small Heath, England. ..ROSB #0287, Heiss
BENTON, SAMUEL   Stanhope Square, Sheepscot, Leeds, England. Harmonium maker 18801892. ..Fluke
BENTZKO   see Bendzko. ..
BENVENUTI, CARLO   San Giovanni in Croce, Italy, 1903. ..deWit 1903
BERGGREN & BENGZON   Seffle, Sweden ca. 1909-1937. Olof Berggren and Arvid Samuel Bengzon. ..OH, Klaverens
BERGGREN, O.   see Berggren & Bengzon and Nya Orgelfabriken. ..
BERGMANN JUN., ANTON   Zakupy, (Reichstadt), Czechoslovakia, 1930; established 1850. Another Bergmann made Physharmonikas ca 1830, location unknown. ..deWit 1930, GHS
BERLIN PIANO & ORGAN CO.   Berlin, (later Kitchener), Ontario. Organized about 1890 by J.M. Staebler and F.G. Gardiner. The company erected a three story white brick factory building at 246 King St. West in 1891. In the early 1900s it was renamed William Snyder & Co., and in 1906 it was sold to the FosterArmstrong Co. By 1906 fifty factory workers were employed, producing 25 instruments per week. The factory building was torn down in 1955. The city of Berlin, Ont. was renamed Kitchener in 1916. Serial numbers: 1891 - 592, 1898 - 802. ..Schmidt, Kallmann, Cole
BERLINER HARMONIUMFABRIK GMBH   Alexandrinenstr. 22, Berlin; Eduard Scheidel, director; made the Skala harmonium; established in 1902. Succeeded in 1903 by Skala Harmonium Gesellschaft, Hamburg, Germany. ..deWit 1903, GHS, Ahrens
BERNARD   Rouen, France. Harmonium maker, 1896. ..Fluke
BERNARD & ZN, Fa.   Middelharnis, Netherlands. Reed organ and piano dealer. ..deFrel
BERNARD, CH.   Liege, Belgium. Harmonium maker. ..eBay
BERNTSEN, ANTON   Ørstedsgade 19, Vejle, Denmark; estab. 1901; in 1909 listed at 19 Jorstedsgatan, Vejle. ..Friberg, Cappelens, deWit 1903, OH
BERRUTI, LUIGO   180 bis, Strada Casale, Turin, Italy, 1930. ..OH
BERRY & THOMPSON   593 Broadway, New York. Made the Choral Organ. ..Miles, Tyler
BERRY BROTHERS   no further information ..ROSQ Winter 99
BERTEK, JOHANN   Gemer Sajavsky, Czechosovakia; established 1903. ..deWit 1903
BERTHEAUX FRERES (FRÈRES)   Belleville, Paris. ..Fluke
BERTHION-HÉDOU   France. Reed maker, absorbed by Estève. ..
BERTRAN (BERTRÁN), MIGUEL   70 calle de Torrijos, GraciaBarcelona, Spain, ca. 1930. ..OH
BERTSCHINGER & CO., A.   Zürich, Switserland. Possible a dealer. ..deFrel
BETHLEHEM ORGAN CO.   Westminster, NJ. ..Duga, ROSB 2/91 p7
BETTEX, FRIEDRICH   Steinsfurt, Kr. Heidelberg, Germany; established 1913, still extant 1930. ..deWit 1930, OH, Ahrens
BEVERLY   organ made in 1905. No other information available. ..Rodenburg
BEVERSLUIS, P.     Dordrecht, Netherlands 1862; Tiel and Nijmegen, Netherlands 1863. Pieter Beversluis (1817-1892). Showed “Semi-Melodeons” at the London Exhibition of 1862. ..deFrel, Strengers, Fluke
BEYER, LOUIS MORITZ   Wiehe, Thuringen, Germany in 1920, Bielefelder Str 46, Brackwede, Germany in 1940, the firm is still in operation at Artur Ladebeck Str. 185. Established in 1920. Also Otto & Moritz Beyer shown at the same address. Made both pressure and suction instruments. Production ended in 1968. ..deFrel, OH, Grossbach, cat., Riesche
BEYER, PAUL   see Vitus Gévaert. ..
BIK, H.J.   Leiden, Netherlands. Reed organ dealer. ..deFrel
BILDE (BILDÉ), CH.   3 Ave. de Chambéry, Annecy, France in 1900; 129-bis rue de la Pompe, Paris; factory in OrlySeine in 1903; 17 rue de Lancry, Paris in 1920. Established 1892. Gabriel Clément, proprietor. ..deWit 1903, OH
BILHORN BROTHERS ORGAN CO.   founded 1885; 565th Ave.; 51820 Fifth Ave.; 207 N. Wells St.; 1414 McLean Ave., 77 W. Lake St. in 1932, Chicago, IL; music publishers and makers of folding organs; also Bilhorn Organ Co.; Peter Philip Bilhorn, proprietor and George E. Bilhorn. Made organs for Sears, Roebuck in 1902. Bought reeds and reed boards from Hinners Organ Co. Active at least through 1941. Serial number: 1900 - 1094, 1900 - 1107, 1903 - 2389, 1903 - 2858, 1910 - 194916, 1928 - 282046, 1929 - 292129, 1933 - 322175, 1936 - 352294. ..Cat., Sears 1902, Fluke, Friberg, Fox, Katz, Linnstaedt, Bratton, Wolff, Gregory, Tyler
BINA MUSICAL STORES   Nai Sarak, Delhi, India. Currently making table harmoniums. ..Fluke
BINCKES, LITCHFIELD   Old Kent Road, London. Harmonium maker. ..Styles
BIRCH, R., & SON (ORGANS) LTD.   1224 Yardley Wood Road, Warstock, Birmingham 14, ca 1954. ..Rob Allan
BIRMINGHAM ORGAN CO.   Derby, CT, see Sterling Organ Co. ..
BISHOP & HEALEY   Goshen, NY, 1880. ..Marchi & Corkedale
BISHOP, CHILD & CO.   Cleveland, OH 1853, also Bishop & Co., Bishop & Child, Child & Co., Clark & Bishop. Serial number: 1857 - 200. See E.M. Bishop. ..Michel, Robinson
BISHOP, E.M.   Painesville, OH. Formerly Bishop, Child & Co., Cleveland, OH. Edwin Milton Bishop came to Painesville in 1859 to establish a factory for making melodeons. His prior experience was as a foreman at Prince & Co. in Buffalo, NY. The factory was located in the Wilder & Holcomb block. ..Conklin, Morley
BISWAS & SONS   5 Lower Chitpore Road, Calcutta, India in 1930. ..OH
BJUHR, PEHR   Finnäs, Norsjö, Sweden. ..Edqvist, Mackie
BLACK, A.D.   Chelsea, MA; organettes, 1883. ..
BLACKMAN & CO.   Blackfiars Road, London, UK. Reed organ known. ..deFrel
BLAKE   47 University Place, New York. ..eBay
BLAKE, JOHN P., & CO.   No further information ..ROSQ Winter 99
BLAKE, R.W.   see Loring & Blake, Sterling Organ Co. ..
BLAKEMAN & GIBBS   corner of Rose and Main Streets, Kalamazoo, MI, 1860. William P. Blakeman and Isaac Gibbs, proprietors. "An extensive Factory for the manufacture of Melodeons..." Awarded a first prize for instruments at the Michigan State Fair. See Wm. P. Blakeman. ..Kzoo Dir 1860, Heiss
BLAKEMAN & PHILLIPS   18 N. Rose, Kalamazoo, MI, 1869; Detroit, MI. William P. Blakeman and Delos Phillips, proprietors. See Delos Phillips, Wm P. Blakeman. ..Duga, MI Dir, Kzoo Dir, Heiss
BLAKEMAN, WM. P., & CO.   Detroit, MI 185054, later Blakeman & Gibbs, Blakeman & Phillips, Simmons & Blakeman, A.A. Simmons & Co., probably the same as Detroit Melodeon Co. (qv). ..RFG, Heiss
BLAKER, A.   9 Whitfield Street, Tottenham Court Road, London, 1900; 20 Whitfield St. in 1914; 39 Store St., Tottenham Court Road in 1921. Made portable harmoniums. ..OH, Fluke
BLANGENOIS   rue FrereOrban 35, Brussels, Belgium. Piano and harmonium maker, 1914. ..Fluke
BLATCHFORD, G., ORGAN CO.   Galt, Ontario 1895, Elora, Ontario 1896. George Blatchford, proprietor. Made pianocased organs. Awarded reed organ patents 1875, 1878. ..Schmidt, Kallmann, Fox
BLESSING   reed organ made in China. ..Beveridge
BLISS AMERICAN ORGAN CO.   263 Oxford St., W. London in 1887; 151 Oxford St., London in 1889. Not working in 1891.(OH shows Bridgeport, CT) ..OH, Fluke
BLODGET & HORTON   Akron, OH, patented a reed organ in 1848 and 1849; see Henry B. Horton. ..
BLOE, C.   11 Charles St., London in 1879, (this is the same address as Charles Kelly & Co.). In 1880 he was located at 16 Mortimer St., London. Not working in 1886. ..Fluke
BLONDEL, ALPHONSE   France. Maker of pianos and the PianoOrgue, a piano plus a large harmonium. ..Fluke
BLOOMFIELD ORGAN CO.   4513 Bloomfield Ave., Bloomfield, NJ. ..Bloomfield, cat.
BLOUNT, H.A.   King St., Derby, England. ..
BOCA, G.   Via S. Chiara 43, Turin, Italy. Listed in 1903 and 1909. ..deWit 1903, OH
BOCCESE   see Schone & Bocchese. ..
BOCCHI, IGINO   Parma, Italy. ..Malagoli
BOCK, A.   41a Southampton Road, Gospel Oak, London, 1905. ..OH
BOCKMANN   see Beckmann. ..
BODAU   225 Chaussée d'Ixelles, Brussels, Belgium. Piano and harmonium manufacturer, 1914. ..Fluke
BODGE, HENRY   97 E. 23rd St., New York, NY 1861. Melodeon maker. ..Hutchinson
BOECKX, THEOPHILE   Ruisbroek near Hal, Belgium; 427 chaussée de Wavre a Etterbeck, Belgium; 37 rue Witteberg a SaintGilles, Brussels, Belgium. Organ and harmonium maker. Worked with Cloetens in Brussels. In 1929 his son Jan was working with him. ..Fluke
BOGG, WM., & SONS   3133 John Dalton St., also 23 and 25 Corporation St., Manchester, England 18781896. Makers of Regent organ. ..Fluke
BOHLITS (BOELITS, BÖHLITZ)EHRENBERG   see Leipziger Pianofortefabriken BöhlitzEhrenberg. ..
BOHM, FRANZ   Fabrikstr. 35, Volary (Wallern), Czechoslovakia, 1930; founded 1924. ..deWit 1930
BOHN, J. EDMUNDO   Rua Marques de Souza, Novo Hamburgo, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Founded by J. Edmundo Bohn. The harmoniums were manufactured by Instrumentos Arbon Ltda., (qv). Considered to be the best of the Brazilian harmonium makers. Made pipe organs and harmoniums from at least 1920 until 1984. Continues as an accordion and harmonica maker. ..ROSB 5/85, RFG, Linnstaedt, Beccaria, Bohn
BOKUMS, BRÄLI   24 Jürmalas iel?, Liepaja, Latvia. Made harmoniums ca. 1930. ..OH
BOLENDER   see Heede & Bolender. ..
BOLLERMANN, DOMINIC LEOPOLD   Badergasse 454, Schlossgasse 4 in 1847, Dresden, Germany. Pianoforte, harmonium, physharmonica and aeolodicon maker ca 183844. Said to have gone to America about 1848, although he continued to be listed in directories through 1852. ..GHS, Fluke, Ahrens
BOLLINGER, R.C.   Fort Smith, AR. Parlor organ maker. ..Branning
BOMAN   see Lawson & Bowman, Howland & Boman. ..
BONATO, ANTONIO   Vicenza, Italy. Awarded a Bronze medal at Arezzo, Italy in 1882. ..deWit 1883
BOND   see Nilsson Bond, Anders. ..
BONGARDT & BRÜNING   Barmen, Germany. Use own stencil on reed organs of Emil Müller and other manufacturers. Possible connections with Friedrich Bongardt and Karl Bongardt. ..deFrel
BONGARDT & HERFURTH HARMONIUMFABRIK   Rossleben 84, Wiehe, Germany. Established 1885, Max Herfurth, proprietor in 1930. Made a total of 7,500 harmoniums. Still in operation in 1998 as a piano string maker under the name Bongardt Nachfolger Kremer, Bernhard Kremer proprietor. Also Barmen, Germany. ..deFrel, deWit 1930, cat., Riesche, Kremer
BONGARDT, FRIEDRICH   Barmen, Germany. Reed organ manufacturer about 1924. ..deFrel
BONGARDT, KARL   Wuppertal-Barmen, Germany. ..deFrel
BONNEL, G.   9 rue SaintAmbroise, Paris. Made suction harmoniums 1919. ..Le Menestrel, OH
BONS, EGIDE   rue Goffart 52 a Ixelles, Brussels, Belgium. Harmonium maker 1899. ..Fluke
BONTEMPI   Electric harmoniums ..deFrel
BOONE & FILS, A.   Rue Magelein 19, Gand, France. Pianos, Harmonicordes, Orgues-Harmoniums. ..deFrel
BOOSEY & CHING   24 & 28 Holles St., Tottenham Ct. Rd., London; 1859, 1866, 1890. founded in January of 1859. By October of that year the factory was moved to Wells Street; the showrooms and offices remaining in Holles St. Makers of Evan's English Harmoniums. See Wardle Eastland Evans. Awarded a medal at the London Exhibition of 1862 for "excellence of harmoniums on the Evans principle." A separate business, Boosey & Sons, was founded at the same address in 1859 to produce military band instruments. John Boosey published "The Musical World" from the same address. ..Fluke, OH
BOOT, D.   Kerkstraat 2-28, Bodegraven, Netherlands. Reed organ and piano dealer. Still active until about 2006. Imported also reed organ actions of E.F. Köhler, Harmoniumfabrik, Pretzsch, Germany. ..deFrel
BORGER, HERMAN     in business as Frieborgh Harmonium- en Orgelbouw, Sportlaan 9, Vriezenveen, Netherlands, ca 1945 to1958. Made one manual reed organs for school and home use and a portable organ, the Frieborgh Kofferorgel. This organ was also sold by Vreeken’s Piano- en Orgelhandel, Bodegraven, Netherlands under the name Eminent. It was also sold by Christoph & Co., Utrecht under the name Westminster. Dr. Albert Schweizer used a Westminster organ in Africa. Also made small barrel organs with reeds ca 1955. After the dead of Herman Borger, manager B.H. Nijboer restarts the company on address Eikstraat 30, Hengelo, Netherlands, used the name Orgelbouw Frieborgh. Nijboer manufactured Organola I (table reed organ) and Organola II (folding reed organ). See Frieborgh. ..deFrel, Olthof
BORGMAN, CHARLES H.   see Ling & Borgman. ..
BORK, H.   56a Crogsland Road, Chalk Farm Station, London. Made portable harmoniums in 1900, American Organs in 1902. ..Mus. Opinion 12/1902, OH, MTD 1897, Fluke
BORZETTA & CO., A.   Reed organ known. ..deFrel
BOSANQUET, R.H.M.   invented an enharmonic harmonium with 53 equal intervals in 18723 which had 84 keys arranged as seven tiers of levers. Each tier communicates through a row of squares with a row of horizontal stickers. The organ, built by T.A. Jennings of London, is in the Science Museum, South Kensington, London. ..Fluke
BOSSI, VICENZO   Via S. Lazzaro, Triest, AustriaHungary. Piano and harmonium maker, 1883. ..deWit 1883
BOSTON ORGAN CO.   6 Avery St. Boston, MA in 1866, later New England Organ Co. ..Michel
BOSTON PIANO & ORGAN CO.   Coshocton, OH. J.A. Compton, Pres.; H.J. Barron, V.P.; A.E. Jones, Secretary; F.R. Martin, Treasurer, 1903. ..deWit 1903, POPG
BOTTCHER (BÖTTCHER, BOETTCHER)   Stettin, Germany. Piano maker, made combination piano-harmoniums in 1864. ..Ahrens
BOUCHIER   France; reed maker. ..
BOURGUIGNONBOONANTS ET FILS   59 rue du Moulin, Grammont, Belgium, 1930. ..OH
BOURLET   106 rue d'Enfer, Paris. Successor to Martin de Provins. Exhibited in Paris in 1867, showing a harmonium with vertical action and a large case with a pipe top. Won a bronze medal at the Paris Exposition in 1878 for a transposing harmonium. ..deWit 1883, Fluke
BOUS, JULES   rue Goffart a Ixelles, Brussels, Belgium, 18731880. Showed three harmoniums at the Brussels Exhibition of 1880. His brother E. Bous worked with him. ..Fluke
BOUTEVILIN, L., & CO.   119 rue de Montreuil and 99 rue de Charonne, Paris 1863 until at least 1889, succeeded by Cottino & Tailleur. Won a bronze medal at the Paris Exposition in 1878 for a twomanual harmonium. ..Pierre, deWit 1883, Fluke
BOUTIN, LOUIS   Paris. Established 1863. ..Fluke
BOWITZ, C.A.   Breslau, Germany, 1825. ..Ahrens
BOWLBY'S SONS PIANO & ORGAN CO.   Easton, PA 1906; established about 1905 as successor to Lawrence Organ Mfg. Co. and C.P. Bowlby Co. ..POPG
BOWLBY, CHARLES P.   Washington, N.J.; made organs under his own name at least from 18821889; see Alleger, Bowlby & Co., Lawrence Organ Co., Bowlby's Sons Piano & Organ Co. ..DMT 1885, 1889; Warshaw
BOWMAN   see Larson & Bowman, Howland & Boman.. ..
BOWMANVILLE ORGANS   Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada. Active in 1875. ..Draper
BOYD LTD.   also Boyd Organ Co., 407 Harrow Rd., London; 11 Powis St., Woolwich, London; 19 Holborn Bars, London; factory at Warwick Gardens, Harringay, North London. Made an exact replica of the Mason & Hamlin "Baby" organ, also player pianos. Established in 1903, discontinued organ production before 1921. ..Fluke, OH, McIntyre, Peterson
BOYER & MARTY   France. Won a bronze medal at the Paris Exposition of 1878 for a twomanual harmonium with one manual enharmonic. ..Fluke,
BOYNTON   see C.W. Eaton & Boynton. ..
BOZZETTA, ANGELO   Trento, Italy. ..Malagoli
BRACHOT, JOSEPH   Namur, Belgium, 18851910. Harmonium maker, also worked at the BalthasarFlorence factory. Awarded a Bronze medal at Anvers in 1885, a Bronze medal at Liege in 1905 and a Silver medal at Brussels in 1910. ..Fluke
BRADLEY, ISAAC   Haverhill, MA 1845; 41 Pleasant St, Newburyport, MA 1851-55; seraphine maker. ..Bent, Sellers, Newburyport Dir. 1851-55
BRAENDLE, FRIEDRICH   25 Poststrasse, StuttgartUntertürkheim, Germany. Established before 1914. Operating at least through 1930. ..OH, Ahrens
BRAINARD'S SONS CO., S.   20 E. 17th St., New York and 298300 Wabash Ave, Chicago. Music publisher. An organ with the Brainard name has been reported, probably made by others with the Brainard stencil. ..Bettinger
BRANDRUP, CLAUS S.   Brooklyn, NY. Church and parlor organ maker 1899-1907. ..Fox
BRANDSMA, E.   Hilversum, Netherlands. In 1901 Brandsma buy a self devised special Kotykiewicz reed organ with two manuals and makes a system for natural tuning, equivalent tuning and Pythagorian tuning. ..deFrel
BRANTZEG, PAUL CHRISTIAN   Christiania (now Oslo), Norway. Established 1850. Pipe organ, harmonium and piano builder until about 1900. Produced a total of 400 harmoniums. ..Kolnes, Kjeldsberg
BRANZ E CIA.   21 via S. Martino, Trento, Italy in 1930. Also shown as Giovanni Branz. ..Carlini
BRASTEAD, H. & R.   London, also Brasted. A piano maker, also made the Cecilian organ, (qv). ..Lalor, Pierce
BRATTLEBORO MELODEON CO.   Brattleboro, VT; organized 1867 with Silas M. Waite, President; J.J. Estey, Treasurer; and A.A. Cheney on the executive committee. J.J. Estey, son of Jacob Estey, had also been appointed treasurer of J. Estey & Co. in 1866, and Waite had been a partner in that company up to that year. Waite, President of the First National Bank of Brattleboro, was also a partner with Riley Burdett in R. Burdett & Co., established in Chicago in 1866 as a result of the reorganization of J. Estey & Co., and was later involved in a lengthy and bitter lawsuit against Estey. Waite's bank failed in 1880 and he hurriedly left town. The name later changed to Brattleboro Organ Co. and Brattleboro Organ & Piano Co, and was in business at least until 1901. Barry, Courier 1880, Cabot, OH, Reformer] ..
BRAUN, JACOB   Forststr. 53, Stuttgart, Germany; reed maker, 1883. ..deWit 1883
BRAUNER, W.E.   Bahnstr. 11, MährischNeustadt, AustriaHungary; Wilh. Brauner, proprietor in 1903; estab. 1881. In 1930 shown as Wilhelm Brauner & Cie. See Swoboda & Brauner, Fr. Ketzer. ..deWit 1903, OH
BREDSHALL ORGAN CO.   Chicago, IL, 1885, see Hillstrom. ..DMT 1885
BREEBAART, Fa.   Amsterdam, Netherlands. Reed organ dealer. ..deFrel
BREEKOW, C.   Stargard, Germany. Physharmonium maker, 1840-45. ..Ahrens
BREINBAUER, LEOPOLD   see Willhelm Zika. ..
BREMER ORGELBAUANSTALT GEHLHAR & CO.   Bremen, Germany; H.M. Hauschild. (NOTE: recheck source, Ahrens says doubtful). ..Friberg
BREMOND (BRÉMOND), B.J.   Geneva, Switzerland; music box with reeds. ..deWit 1883
BRESSANI, GIOVANNI   Bolzaneto, Italy, 1909. ..OH
BRIDGEPORT ORGAN CO.   Howard Ave. & Spruce St., Bridgeport, CT, established 1877, (1880 POPG). J.T. Patterson, proprietor in 1899; factory capacity then 2400 organs per year. Also sold organs as James T. Patterson, (qv). Had London showrooms at 18 Finsbury Pavement in 1921. Awarded a Third Prize at Sydney, Australia in 1878. ..POPG, Warshaw, deWit 1883, Fluke
BRIDGEPORT ORGAN ENGINE CO.   corner Beaver and Middle Streets, Bridgeport, CT. Manufacturer of the Forrester hydraulic organ blowing engine, patented 1869. ..Ad.
BRIDGES, JOHN   55 Collier St., King's Cross, London 1878, 1883; in 1884 at 249 Pentonville Road, London; at 240 Pentonville Road 18851900. Harmonium and American organ manufacturer. ..deWit 1883, Trade Dir 1896, Fluke
BRIFFETT, GEORGE BENJAMIN   Brook Road, Ashley Road, Bristol, England. Organ and harmonium builder. Born Feb. 19, 1857, died Nov. 21, 1925. Made only a few instruments, including a portable and a larger American organ. ..Fluke
BRIJNEN, L.H.   Haarlemmerstraat 57, Leiden, Netherlands. Established in 1894. Manufacturer of harmoniums (about 1894) and also reed organ dealer. ..deFrel
BRISTOL ORGAN CO.   see J.W. Punter. ..
BRITISH AEOLUS   a twomanual and pedal organ made in 1886. ..Gardyan
BRITISH REEDS LTD.   Perren Street, London. Reed maker, listed in 1947, 1950. G.H. Best, Managing Director, H.R. Dawson, Director. ..Olthof
BRITTING BROS.   Canal St., Cincinnati, OH, George & Julius Britting, 1862-1898. Also shown as John N. Britting, piano maker in 1834, and as Britting & Bros. Six octave lyre-legged melodeon, probably made by Treat & Linsley. ..Mark Kennedy,, Pierce
BROBERG & CO.   Åmål, Sweden. Organ and harmonium maker, 1909. ..OH, Edqvist
BROOKLYN ORGAN CO.   1883, see Green & Savage. ..
BROOKS   see Herrburger Brooks. ..
BROOKS & CO.   31 Lyme St., Camden Town, London, 1910. Established 1810. Maker of piano actions, keys, stools, canterburies, reed organ cases and all music furniture. ..Fluke
BROOKS, C.   Albany, NY; seraphines & melodeons. ..Michel
BROOKS, F., & CO.   194 Mare St., Hackney, London 18841886. Piano and harmonium manufacturer and dealer. ..Fluke
BROOKS, F., & CO.   corner of McNab and Merrick Streets, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Manufacturer of seraphines, musical tables and melodeons, 1848. ..Hamilton Spectator, Denton
BROOKS, THOMAS   made an ornately carved instrument containing an actionade by Shoninger. ..Southampton Antiques
BROTHER MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS CO. LTD.   9-35 Hotta-dori, Mizuho-ku, Nagoya, 467 Japan. Brother was established in 1908 as a sewing machine manufacturer, and is now one of the largest in Japan. It began manufacturing the Brother reed organ in 1969 through its subsidiary Atlas Piano. The Brother organ was designed for use in schools and by children. It had 2 ranks of reeds, 61 keys, C scale, with an electric blower. A total of 530,000 instruments were sold from 1969 through the end of production in 1980. ..Akai
BROWN & SIMPSON   Worcester, MA. See Worcester Organ Co. (II). ..Duga
BROWN & SONS   England. Honorable mention at the Paris Exhibition in 1878 for good value and sweetsounding harmoniums. ..Fluke, deWit 1883
BROWN BROS.   Union, ME. ..Tyler
BROWN, A.   20 rue des Fossés du Temple, Paris. Harmonium maker, made Mélophone in 1850. ..GHS, Fluke
BROWN, ABNER   31 Notre Dame St., Montreal, Quebec 184874; melodeons. ..Montreal Dir. 1851
BROWN, COLIN   Glasgow, Scotland; made an enharmonic reed organ called the Voice Harmonium based on Henry Poole's design. Examples are located in the Science Museum, South Kensington, London, and in the Reed Organ Museum at Saltaire Village, Shipley, West Yorkshire, England. Another instrument is in a museum in Tacoma, WA. ..Owen, Fluke
BROZ, JOSEF   29 Spalena ul, Prague, Czechoslovakia, 1930. ..OH
BRUCE, J.M., & G. CHARD   515 Washington St., Boston, MA in 1869; Mozart Organs; closed 1878. See Granville Chard. ..Michel
BRUCE-HASELTON   West Townsend, MA, melodeon maker ca. 1845. Also Bruce & Haselton. See D.H. Haselton & Co. ..Boadway
BRUCKMANN, H.   Stuttgart, Germany; reed maker, 1883. ..deWit 1883
BRUIJN, G.W.J. DE   Gildstr. 91 A bis, Minrebr.str. 2 bis, Utrecht, Netherlands. Reed organ and piano dealer and repair. ..deFrel
BRUNER, FIDELIS   Warsaw, Poland. Made the Aeolmelodikon in 1818 for Prof. Hoffman. ..OH, Olthof
BRUNI, FRANCESCO   15 rue des Tournelles, Paris; orgue-expressif 1847; harmoniums, transposing keyboards. Succeeded by J. Maugé, (qv). ..Mustel, Fluke
BRUNING (BRÜNING, BRUENING) & BONGARDT   29 Gemarker Ufer, Barmen, Germany, 1920. Harmonium wholesaler and distributor. Reed organs, presumably made by Hermann Hildebrandt (qv), for resale with this stencil. ..OH, Ahrens
BRUNT, W., & SONS   9 St. Augustine's Parade, Bristol, England, 1921. Sold organs made by SmithAmerican with the Brunt stencil. ..Bettinger, Fluke
BRUSH, ALEXANDER M.   Clayton, NY. Made melodeons about 18501871. His son Fred later joined the firm which was then called A.M. Brush & Son. ..Robinson, Roggman
BRUTON & CO. LTD   38 Strokes Groft and 18 Bedminster Parade, Bristol, UK. Possible a reed organ dealer. “The Angelus Organ” reed organ known. ..deFrel
BUCCOLINI, STEFANO   Rome, Italy. ..Malagoli
BUCH   Paris, France. Harmonium known. ..deFrel
BUCHNER, O.   Bergen, Norway 190716, Oslo, Norway 191726. Mainly a piano maker, but also made harmoniums. ..Kolnes, Kjeldsberg
BUCK, HEINRICH   Bayreuth, Germany. Organ and harmonium maker, 1882. ..Zeitschrift, Ahrens-doubtful
BUFFHEDINGER, ADOLPH   see Neue Leipziger Musikwerke. ..
BULL, HARRY M.   Main St., Preston, CT. Maker of parlor and vestry organs. Active 1877. ..Sellers, Stedman
BUNGERT FILS, J.P.   Arlon, Belgium. See E. Bungert. Harmonium known. ..deFrel
BUNGERT, E.   3 rue de la Poste, Arlon, Belgium, 18691902. Succeeded by JP Bungert from 1902 to 1921, located at 28 rue du Palais de Justice, Arlon until 1914, then 3 rue de la Poste and 28 rue du Gouvernement, Arlon. Maker and retailer of pianos and harmoniums. Succeeded by BungertCharlier from 1921 to 1953, a retailer only. ..Fluke
BUNNELL   Lewistown, PA. No other information available. ..Walters
BURDETT ORGAN CO. LTD.   77-83 Sedgwick Street, Chicago, IL; Riley Burdett, formerly Burditt, had been the head of J. Estey & Co.'s Chicago branch, Estey & Burdett. In the 1866 reorganization of the Estey company, Burdett and Silas M. Waite left and formed the Burdett Organ Co. Ltd., the first of the Chicago reed organ builders. building organs for Lyon & Healy, and in 1867 formed the Brattleboro Melodeon Co., (qv). The Chicago factory burned in the Chicago fire of 1871, started again at 12th and Walnut Streets in Erie, PA in partnership with C.C. Converse 18721888; then moved to Freeport, IL in 1894. Built a threestory building on Manufacturers' Island which was occupied until 1898 when the factory was moved to the Johnson Wheel Co. building in the Northwest part of Freeport, where it had a capacity of 400 organs per month. In 1901 the property and name were acquired by the Hobart M. Cable Co., and the piano scales were acquired by the Edna Organ Co. In 1907 Cable sold the Burdett Organ Co. to S.N. Swan & Sons, (qv). Serial number: 1871 - 17331, 1877 - 32267, 1898 - 58021, 1903 - 74297, 84806 - 1904. ..Stephenson, cat., Michel, Courier 1880, POPG, OH, Bradley, Steinmayer, Linnstaedt, Chi. Dir. 1870, Maxim, eBay
BURDITT & CARPENTER   Brattleboro, VT 1850 - - 852, successors to Jones & Burditt; Riley Burditt and Edwin B. Carpenter, partners; succeeded by I. Hines & Co. ..
BURDON & SONS, JOHN   Mechanical operated reed organ known. ..deFrel
BURG, R. van den   see van den Burg. Also reed organ and piano dealer. ..deFrel
BURGER, HERMANN   Wilhelmstr. 781-783 in 1886, Wilhelmstr. 45 1890-1908, Bayreuth, Germany. Located at Kirchstr. 6 in Leipzig-Leutzsch in 1909-1912, Kurze Str. 6 in 1910, Kurze Str. 4 in 1912. Established in 1873. Awarded a Gold medal for harmoniums at the 1895 Exhibition in Posen, Germany. Acquired by M. Hörügel & Co. and moved to Tanzplan 4, Leipzig by 1909, with Wilhelm O. Jurgens shown as proprietor. Still extant in 1930. See Hörügel. ..deWit 1883, 1903; OH, Fluke, Ahrens
BURLINGTON   Burlington, Iowa. ..Yeager, eBay
BUSCHMANN, GUSTAV ADOLPH   Barmbeck, Hamburgerstr. 173, Hamburg, Germany; Lindenstr. 20b, Hamburg. Also listed as Buschmann's Instrumentenbau. Piano, physharmonica and harmonium maker. Established in 1805 by J.D. Buschmann in Friedrichroda. Inventor of the Terpodion. Advertised a suction-operated physharmonica with expression. Invented a percussion action for suction reed organs in 1909. Displayed a harmonium at the Hamburg Exhibition in 1869, still extant in 1918. ..ROPSA 2/85, Poynter, deWit 1883, OH, Hartmann, Ahrens
BUSHNELL, O.P.   Worcester, MA. ..Duga
BUSSELL, H.   11 Westmoreland Street, Dublin, Ireland, 1865. ..OH
BUSSON, CONSTAND   166 Boulevard du PrinceEugène, cidevant 17 rue des Francs-Bourgeois (Marais), Paris in 1867; 166 Boulevard Voltaire in 1883, 1892. Established 1835; made harmoniums, harmoniflûtes and finger barrel organs. Had 63 workers in 1863. Sales rooms at 24 passage Jouffroy, Paris. Awarded a Bronze medal at the Paris Exposition of 1878. Showed harmoniums and harmoniflûtes at the Paris Exposition of 1889. Extant until at least 1907. ..deWit 1883, Fluke
BUTCHER, J.W.   23 Ludgate Circus Buildings, London EC4. Twomanual reed organ. ..Fluke
BUTLER MUSIC CO.   Lafontaine, IN. See Chute & Butler. ..
BUTSCHER, AUGUST   Moltkestr. in Rudolstadt, Germany. Harmonium maker, 1913; founded in 1910. ..deWit 1913, Hartmann, Ahrens
CABINET ORGAN CO.   see Xavier Spang. ..
CABINET PIPE ORGAN CO., THE   Onondaga and Gifford Streets, 74-80 East Water St., Syracuse, NY. 1872, 1874. Founded by H.N. Goodman (qv), who later sold out to James C. Mix and James Terwilliger in 1872. Made combination reed and pipe organs as well as conventional reed organs. Xavier Spang, (qv) was apparently also connected with this firm. ..Michel, Ad., cat.
CABINETTO   a paper-roll operated street reed organ, made in England. ..
CABLE CO., THE   Chicago, IL; Fayette S. Cable, president in 1903, successor to Chicago Cottage Organ Co., (qv); capacity 18,000 organs per year in 1903, 24,000 in 1906. Made the "Chicago Cottage" organ. Discontinued organ production about 1918. ..
CABLE PIANO CO.   see Collins & Armstrong. ..
CABLE, FAYETTE S.   see The Cable Co., Chicago Cottage Organ Co., Lakeside Organ Co. ..
CABLE, HOBART M., CO.   Chicago. H.M. Cable, president; successor to Burdett Organ Co. The organ factory, managed by S.N. Swan, was located in Freeport, IL, and had an annual capacity of 6,000 organs in 1903. The factory was sold to S.N. Swan & Sons in 1907., POPG
CADBY, CHARLES   21 Alfred Street, Bedford Street, London in 1839; 332 Liquorpond Street in 1848; Little Tothill Street, Little Gray's Inn Lane in 1867; Hammersmith Road in 1879. Piano and harmonium maker. ..OH
CADY & PHILLIPS   corner of Rose and Water Streets, Kalamazoo, MI,, 1867. See Delos Phillips, Star Organ Manufactory. ..MI Dir, Kzoo Dir
CAECILIA   Brand name of suction reed organs made by Emil Müller. 19xx – 06557, 1915-17 – 39330,1925(May) – 49884, 1925(April) - 50321 ..deFrel
CALAME, ROBERT V.   Salto Oriental, Uruguay, 1909. Piano and harmonium maker. ..OH
CAMILLE ET DUPLAND   2 pl. du Palais Royal, Paris. ..eBay
CAMP & CO.   Chicago, IL. Isaac Camp, music dealer. Organs with this name probably made by others with the Camp stencil. Some Camp & Co. organs were made by Columbian Organ Co., (qv) See Story & Camp, PhilpotCamp. ..Heiss, Gausman
CAMP, GEO.   106 Euston Road, London in 1865; 59 Gloucester Road, Regents Park, London NW. Harmonium manufacturer, 18651887. ..Fluke, OH
CAMPANIA PIANO & ORGAN CO.   Kampen, Netherlands, reed organ and piano factory from 1909 until about 1922. Jan Proper (b.1853, d.1922) and Albert van der Wal (b. 1881), Proper & Van der Wal. Pipe organ factory from 1886 until 1930. Serial numbers: 19xx – 478/M671, 1919 – 632/ER850, 1925 – 1348/MS2840, 19xx – 4621(?)/E236 ..deFrel, Sanderman, Pierce
CANADA ORGAN CO.   London, Ontario 1865. Reorganized as Canada Organ and Piano Co. Ltd. and moved to Toronto, Ontario in 1873 with R.S. Williams as president; directors: Daniel Bell of Excelsior Organ, Marshall Bancroft, William H. Williams, John Miller of Miller and Karn. ..Michel, Kallmann, Angus
CAPEK (?ÁPEK), FRIEDRICH   Obere Vorstadt 165 in 1903, Untere Vorstadt 47 in 1930, Policka, Czechoslovakia. Formerly B.F. ?ápek, established 1874. Succeeded by Karl ?ápek, located at 47 Dolni Pr?dm?sti, Policka about 1930. ..deWit 1903, 1930; OH
CAPITAL CITY ORGAN CO.   Opera House Block, Lansing, Michigan, 1885. W.S. Holmes, proprietor. Retail and wholesale dealer. Organs with this name were probably made by others with the Capital City stencil. See Chicago Cottage Organ Co. ..Conklin, Boadway, Lansing Dir., Heiss
CAPPELEN, JERGEN WRIGHT   (180578). Started in 1829 as a book dealer located at Kirkeg. 15, Christiania (now Oslo), Norway. The business is still operating at that address as a book publisher and rare book dealer. Later started selling pianos and by 1840 opened a separate piano department. Also sold the Chicago Cottage, Mason & Hamlin, Carpenter, Gregorian, Putnam, Mannborg and other organs. Cappelens manufactured about 500 small upright pianos in the period 195359, and also made harmoniums. ..Cappelens, Lee, Ringve, Kjeldsberg, Södal
CAPURON   see Gentis & Capuron. ..
CARHART & NEEDHAM   172 Fulton St., 7579 E. 13th St., New York, NY 18501855; Carhart, Needham & Co., 97101 E. 23rd St. 1861, 1865. See Needham Piano & Organ Co. Founded 1846 in Worcester, MA by Elias Parkman Needham and Jeremiah Carhart, moved to Stanton St., New York in 1848 and in 1850 moved to 13th St. between Third and Fourth Avenues, New York, occupying a part of John B. Dunham's piano factory. In 1855 Samuel C. Swartz was admitted as a partner and the company became Carhart, Needham & Co. In the same year the factory was moved to 143147 E. 23rd St. Swartz died in 1865 and the name reverted to Carhart & Needham until 1868 when Carhart died. The company was then renamed E.P. Needham & Son. In 1880 Needham sold his patents and "practically" retired. Serial numbers:

1846 - 642 1853 - 2090 1860 - 4386
1847 - 820 1854 - 2520 1862 - 4970
1848 - 940 1856 - 3000 1863 - 5200
1850 - 1400 1858 - 3300

CARHART, JEREMIAH   made his first accordion in 1836 and lap organ in 1839; granted patent No. 12,837 on the suction bellows on Dec. 28, 1846 while working for Prince & Co., but it was later declared null and void. Cofounder with Elias P. Needham of Carhart & Needham. ..
CARLIN   made the Child Organ.
CARLOSS, H., & CO.   in 1886 at 133 Dartmouth Park Hill, Highgate, London; in 1896 at 45 Holloway Rd. N, London. Harmonium and American organ manufacturer, still working in 1903. ..Trade Dir. 1896, deWit 1903, Fluke
CARLSSON, OLOF & OLOFSSON   Lycksele, Sweden. ..Klaverens
CARPENTER & COLEMAN   Syracuse, NY. Melodeon maker, possibly the same as U.S. Carpenter. ..Colvin
CARPENTER CO., THE   Brattleboro, VT.; see E.P. Carpenter & Co. ..
CARPENTER ORGAN CO.   Mendota, IL, see E.B. Carpenter. ..
CARPENTER, E.P., & CO.   Worcester, MA 185066; founded by Edwin P. Carpenter, son of E.B. Carpenter. Bankrupt in 1866, indicted for concealment of assets in bankruptcy; doing business as E.P. Carpenter in Worcester in 1881, started again in Brattleboro, VT 1884, occupying the former Brattleboro Melodeon Co. factory on Flat St.. Operated at least through 1917. W.E. Carpenter became general manager in 1894. Officers in 1899: George E. Crowell, president; C.H. Davenport, treasurer; Martin Austin Jr., secretary and general manager. Later became The Carpenter Co. George E. Crowell, president in 1911. E.P. Carpenter served as a judge of the musical exhibits at the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1895. Serial numbers: 1884 - 37478, 1900 - 98644, 1901 - 100715. Cumulative production figures:

1894 - 91883 1903 - 105000 1911 - 117000
1895 - 95000 1906 - 110000 1912 - 119000
1897 - 95810 1907 - 112851 1913 - 122000
1898 - 98000 1908 - 115000 1914 - 124000
1899 - 100000 1909 - 116000 1915 - 125000
1902 - 103000 1910 - 117000 1917 - 126000

CARPENTER, EDWIN B.   came to Brattleboro from Guilford, VT, in 1850 and bought J.L. Jones' interest in Jones & Burditt; the firm name became Burditt & Carpenter. In 1852 Jacob Estey bought out Riley Burditt and the name changed to E.B. Carpenter & Co., then Carpenter sold his interest to Isaac Hines. Later Carpenter associated with George Woods and Samuel Jones as Carpenter, Jones & Woods, still later sold out to Estey again and moved to Mendota, IL, where he went into partnership with G.W. Tewksbury in 1865 as Tewksbury & Carpenter, located at Washington and Main Streets. In 1866 they were located in the Dawson Building. In 1868 Eaken Smith and Abel Hoffman joined the company and it was renamed Tewksbury, Carpenter & Co., now located at Sixth St. and Eleventh Ave. Tewksbury left in 1873 and the name changed to Carpenter, Scott & Wise, and in 1875 to Western Cottage Organ Co., (qv). Carpenter sold out his interest and started manufacturing organs on his own as E.B. Carpenter from 1876 to 1882, when he renamed his company the Carpenter Organ Co. It was renamed Mendota Northwestern Cottage Organ and Piano Co. in 1887, closed out in 1889 and he returned to Vermont, where he died in 1891. ..DMT 1885, Cabot, cat.
CARPENTER, SCOTT & WISE   Mendota, IL 18731875, see E.B. Carpenter. ..
CARPENTER, U.S.   Syracuse, NY. ..DMT 1885
CARR, THOMAS   Colchester, England. ..eBay
CARROLL, JAMES JOS.   92 Bartholomew Rd., Kentish Town, and 91 Islip St., NW, London. American organ maker 188084. ..deWit 1883, Fluke
CARTER   see Van Dorn & Carter. ..
CARTER, F.C.   Handel House, Fiskerton St., Salisbury, England. Made the Clarabella organ. ..Rob Allan
CARTER, SCOTT & PIERY   Mendota, IL. ..Piers
CARTHUSIAN ORGAN   instrument seen at an antique shop in Atlanta, thought to be made in England. ..Eyman
CARY, ALPHONSE   Park St., Newbury, Berkshire, England, also in Kentish Town, London; 1890. ..Keen, Rob Allan
CASA, ASET   4 Mayor, Madrid, Spain, 1930. ..OH
CASE, WILLIAM, & CO.   made melodeons and flat top organs ca 1878, probably in the U.S. ..Eberhard, Barrett
CASILLAS, JOSE   Villanueva y Geltrú, Spain. ..deWit 1903
CASSINI, H.T.   319 Goswell Road, London E and 1 Finsbury Road, Wood Green, N London. Piano and harmonium manufacturer 186484. ..deWit 1883, Fluke
CATELLANI, EMILIO   via S. Filippo no. 21, Reggio Emilia, Italy. Pipe organ and harmonium makers. ..Malagoli
CAUDERES (CAUDERÈS), JEANJULES   Bordeaux, France. Awarded a Bronze medal for a harmonium exhibited at the Bordeaux Exposition of 1882. ..deWit 1883
CAVAILLE (CAVAILLÉ)COLL, ARISTIDE O.   131521 avenue du Maine, Paris, Established 1830; later Charles Mutin. Perhaps best known as a great pipe organ builder, but also highly regarded as a maker of orgues-expressifs. Made the Poïkilorgue, an orgue-expressif, in 1834. LefébureWély gave recitals on this organ. See Cloetens. ..deWit 1883, 1903; Fluke, Dieterlen
CECELIAN organ   made by H. & R. Brastead (or Brasted) of London, a piano maker. The Cecelian organ used steel reeds. The name was later taken over by Pigott's of Dublin, Ireland, who used it on reconditioned pianos and organs. ..
CECILIAN PLAYER   see Farrand Organ Co. ..
CEDERGREN, PETTER ALFRED   Bjerges, Gotland, and Visby, Sweden. Suction reed organ maker, established 1869, fl. After 1897.. ..deWit 1903, Musikmuseet
CELESTI ORGAN   See W. Beer ..deFrel
CELESTINA   a 20 note floor standing organette, roll operated. ..Filardo
CENTURY MANUFACTURING CO.   Fourth and Broadway, East St. Louis, IL, Solomon Schulein, president. Made Century pianos, organs and sewing machines, ca 1905. ..Robison
CESARINI ET CIE.   rue de Richelieu, Paris. Harmonium maker, extant 1860 to at least 1884. The only genuine Cesarini instruments had "H.C.& E." around the margin of the nameplate. ..Owen, Fluke
CHABIN, M.   successor to Couty & Liné, Paris. Later shown as H. Chabin Sr., Boulevard Raspail 230, Paris. ..Pierre, Fluke
CHADWICK & PERCIVAL   Auburn, NY. Made a reed organ with five tuned strings inside the case. See J. Percival. ..JJohnson
CHALLENGER, G., & CO.   57 Long Millgate, Manchester, England, and 136-138 Hampstead Rd., London, 1892 until at least 1900. Piano, harmonium and organ maker. ..
CHALLIOT, CHARLES   Paris. Reed maker, 1867. ..Fluke
CHAMEROY, EDMÉAUGUSTIN   France. Began manufacture of the orgue expressif in 1829; in 1834 offered 3 to 6 octave models voiced as bassoon, oboe and flute; see Fourneaux. ..Pierre, Olthof
CHAMPION PIANO & ORGAN CO.   Cincinnati, OH. Organized in 1878 with a capital of $12,000. ..Fluke
CHANCEL REED ORGAN AND PIPE ORGAN WORKS   Measham, Leicester, England. ..
CHANDLER, G.S., & CO   over 7 Opera House Block, Detroit, MI in 1871; 5 Opera House Block in 1872. George S. and Edward S. Chandler, organ and melodeon manufacturers. George S. was shown as a melodeon tuner in 1862. Shown as G.S. & E.S. Chandler, musical merchandise at 45 Michigan Ave. in 1877. See Ling & Chandler. ..MI Dir, Detroit Dir., Heiss
CHANGUION, ALPHONSE   Paris 1846, originally from Lyon. Patented an orgue-expressif in 1846. Made a highly decorated model called "le Changuion" with carved figures, heads and inlays of brass, pewter and mother-of-pearl for Louis Philippe Albert d'Orléans, Comte de Paris, grandson of Louis Philippe I. This instrument was restored by Alexandre is now in the Musée de la Musique à Paris. ..Mustel, Fluke, Dieterlen
CHAPELAIN   Harmonium (pressure) known. ..deFrel
CHAPERON, A.   97 rue de Charonne, Paris, 1912, 1924; 31 bis, rue VictorMasse, 1930. Successor to H. Christophe & Etienne, Rodolphe Fils, & Debain and Cottino, (qv). ..Fluke
CHAPERON, NOËL   Paris. Maker of orgues-expressifs 1840-50. ..Fluke
CHAPPELL & CO.   50 New Bond Street, London; 1415 Poultry, London in 1883. Piano and harmonium maker, exhibited a harmonium in 1862. Established in 1812. ..deWit 1883, OH, London 1862
CHARD, DAVID   101 Border St., Boston, MA. Made the Mozart Cabinet organ. ..Michel
CHARD, GRANVILLE   Boston, MA ca 187475. See Bruce & Chard. ..Owen, Michel, Duga
CHARLICK, R.   4 Scholefield Bldgs., Scholefield Rd., Upper Holloway, London, 1897; 76 Duncombe Rd., Upper Holloway, London. Advertised as a reed organ maker in 1900, established 1892. ..Fluke
CHARTIER, C.   12 Market Place, Oxford Market, London. Harmonium maker 187884. ..Fluke
CHASE   see Kohler & Chase. ..
CHASE & BABCOCK   Syracuse, NY. Melodeon maker. ..Green
CHASE, A.B.   4246 Newton St., Norwalk, OH; office and sales room at 16 West Main St. Founded by Capt. Alvin B. Chase and incorporated on Sept. 1, 1875; Chase died in 1876 and was succeeded by Calvin Whitney, a lumberman and an original stockholder, who was associated with the company until 1909. The original factory was located in the old Norwalk Barrel Co. buildings on Newton St. This building burned in 1880 and a new building was built on Newton St., which was later occupied by the Norwalk Furniture Co. Factory capacity in 1897: 3,000 organs per year. Chase made organs until about 1900, and continued making pianos. In 1922 it became a part of United Piano Co., which became part of Aeolian in 1928. "Like a smile on the face is the charm of the Chase." Serial numbers: 1877 - 415, 1888 - 11325, 1895 - 32605. ..Ad., cat., MTD 1897, POPG, Warshaw, Jewett, Wilson, Pierce, Rodenburg
CHASE, AUSTIN C.   62 South Salina Street, Syracuse, NY. Began making melodeons under his own name after his partnership with Henry R. Phelps broke up in 1864. See Phelps & Chase. ..Sanders
CHAUFFER   Paris. Harmonium maker, including a small five octave instrument without stops called the "Chaufferette." ..Fluke
CHAZELLE, P.   Avallon (Yonne), France. Harmonium maker ca. 1896. ..Fluke
CHEIN & CO.   Burlington, NJ. Organette maker. ..Bowers
CHENEY, J.D.   1352 Middle St., Portland, ME in 1861; Stevens Plains, ME in 1877. Made portable melodeons and cabinet organs. The reed organ business separated as Small & Knight before 1866 and J.D. Cheney continued on his own, later as a music dealer at least through 1883. ..Hutchinson, deWit 1883, Jewell
CHESTERTON   instrument in the Iron County Museum, Iron River, MI. ..Heiss
CHIAPPA & FERSANI   6 Little Bath St., Eyrestreet Hill, Clerkenwell, London. The partnership was dissolved in 1880, succeeded by Giuseppe Chiappa & Son. ..Courier 1880, deWit 1883
CHICAGO CABINET ORGAN CO.   Chicago IL. (No other information available.) ..Kirschner
CHICAGO COTTAGE ORGAN CO.   started in the fall of 1879 as the Wolfinger Organ Co. by F.R. Wolfinger, president, John A. Comstock, secretary, and Herman D. Cable, treasurer. Originally located in a twostory building at Randolph and Ann Streets, Chicago. About 1885 Comstock sold his interest to E.E. Wise and George W. Tewksbury, both formerly connected with the Western Cottage Organ Co., and the name changed to Chicago Cottage Organ Co. W.N. Van Matre (qv) also came in as Sales Manager and a stockholder in 1885, remaining until 1895. A few years later Wolfinger sold his interest to G.K. Barnes. A large building was acquired for the factory at 22nd and Paulina Streets. E.E. Wise sold his interest to Cable and Tewksbury, Cable becoming president. Barnes sold his interest in 1889, and Fayette S. and H.M. Cable came into the business, which after H.D. Cable's death in 1899 became The Cable Co. with F.S. Cable as president. A second factory was built in St. Charles, Ill. in 1899, and an office building at 215221 Wabash Ave., bringing the capacity to 16,000 pianos and 18,000 organs per year. Chicago Cottage made stencil organs for many music dealers, such as Capital City Organ Co., Lansing, MI; Bell, Saginaw, MI; Grinnel Brothers, Detroit, MI and Temple Organ, St. Louis, MO.. F.S. Cable left the company about 1904 and bought the Lakeside Organ Co., changing its name to the Fayette S. Cable Piano Co., which later became the CableNelson Co. Hobart M. Cable left The Cable Co. and bought the Burdett Organ Co., changing its name to The Hobart M. Cable Co. Serial numbers: 1892 - 43315, 1894 - 118189, 1907 - 250783, 1910 - 260834. ..Cat., DMT 1885, Columbian 1895, POPG, Fox, Bent, Dolge, Heiss, Cowing, Tyler
CHICAGO MUSIC CO.   150 Wabash Ave. in 1886; 1957 Wabash Ave., Chicago, IL; maker of the Leslie Organ. ..Michel, Chi. Dir. 1886
CHICAGO REED ORGAN   No further information. ..deFrel
CHIDLEY, ROCK   135 High Holborn, London. Musical instrument manufacturer. ..eBay
CHILD & CO.   Cleveland, OH 18591861. Also Child Bros., Dayton, OH. See Bishop & Co., Bishop & Child. ..Michel
CHILVERS, W. & J.   Bedford Street, Norwich, Norfolk, England. Organ and harmonium maker 187882. ..Fluke
CHIMOTE, MANSHAR   Thane District, India. Made the Samvadini, an Indian harmonium with strings which sound sympathetically with the organ. Active in 2003. ..Abels
CHING   see Boosey & Ching. ..
CHISE, GIUSEPPE, E FIGLIO   Pratovecchio, Arezzo, Italy. Harmonium makers from 1837 until at least 1909. Also shown as Chisci. ..OH, deWit
CHORETTA   Germany. Portable "suitcase" organ with steel reeds, 1959. 1959 – 012066-52/130 ..deFrel, Olthof
CHRISTENSEN, N.C.   Thisted, Denmark, 1909. Organ and harmonium maker. ..OH
CHRISTOPH & CO   Oude Gracht 58-60, Utrecht, Netherlands. Sold Frieborgh reed organs with the name Westminster. See Borger, Herman. ..deFrel
CHRISTOPHE, H., & ETIENNE (ÉTIENNE)   11 rue de Charonne, 97 rue de Charonne in 1883, 1903 and 1912, Paris. Organ and harmonium makers, established in 1861, had 51 workers in 1872. Both principals had previously been foremen at Alexandre's. Succeeded by A. Chaperon. Awarded a Gold medal at the Paris Exhibition of 1889. ..Friberg; deWit 1883, 1903; Fluke
CHURCH, JOHN   66 West Fourth St. from 1859 to 1885, then 72-74 West Fourth St., Cincinnati, OH. Piano manufacturer, music dealer and publisher, also sold the John Church organ, presumably made by others with the Church stencil. ..deYoung, Dir 1896
CHUTE & BUTLER   established in 1901 at La Fontaine, IN, removed to Peru IN in 1906; also located in Marion, IN at one time. Principals: Hiram E. Chute, secretary, treasurer and general manager and Thad Butler, manager of Butler Cycle Co., corner 5th & Washington, Marion, IN. The Peru piano factory was located on E. Madison Ave., Oakdale, with offices and sales rooms at 19 W. Main St. Made the Piolian Organ. Also listed as the Chute & Butler Piano Co. See Chute, Hall & Co. Serial numbers:

1900 - 1860 1905 - 1881 1910 - 1908
1903 - 1872 1909 - 1885

CHUTE, HALL & CO.   97 to 107 Water Street, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia 188394. Founded May 1, 1883 by Hiram E. Chute and Thomas Hall. W.F. Shaw was also active in the company. Manufacturers of reed organs, organ actions and piano stools, also dealers in pianos and music books. After a disastrous fire in 1892 in which the factory was destroyed, Hall and Shaw withdrew from the company, which continued under the name of H.E. Chute & Co., with offices and showrooms in the Oddfellow's Building on the corner of John and Second Street. The business probably closed in 1894 since the Yarmouth Directory of 1895 shows no listing for H.E. Chute & Co., and H.E. Chute is shown as an agent. In 1901 Chute appears as a principal in Chute & Butler, (qv). ..Kallmann, Ruff
CIOFFI, VINCENZO   Via S. Sebastiano 18, Naples, Italy, 1903. ..deWit 1903
CIRESA, ENRICO & C.   Tesero, Trento, Italy.. Enrico Ciresa (1921-1991) ..Malagoli, deFrel
CITY HARMONIUM WORKS   Nr. Jaganmoham Palace, Mysore, India. C.S.N. Swamy & Son, proprietors, 1930. ..OH
CITY TRADING CO.   Saghir Chowk, Noshera Rd., Gujranwala, Pakistan. Currently manufacturing Indian table harmoniums. ..Fluke
CLARABELLA organ   see C.E. Hale. ..
CLARABELLA ORGAN CO.   Toronto, Ontario. Serial Number: 1898 - 9356, 1900 - 5188. ..Fluke
CLARABELLA ORGAN MANUFACTORY   Worcester, MA. Active at least from 1885 to 1900. In 1885 advertised four new models in the Trades Review (UK): Gothic, Aesthetis, New Empress and Grand Orchestral. ..ROSB 2/83, Friberg, OH, Fluke
CLARK   see Nunn & Clark. ..
CLARK & BAUGHM   Quincy, IL. Active about 1877-1880. Succeeded by Clark & Rich. ..Probably Melville Clark [QHW
CLARK & BISHOP   Cleveland, OH, 1869. Melodeon maker. See E.M. Bishop. ..Hopwood
CLARK & RICH   42 S. Canal and 22 S. Jefferson (1881), 687-695 S. Canal, corner of 16th St. (1882), Chicago, IL. Melville Clark and George W. Rich, partners. Founded in 1880. The Clark & Rich factory was acquired by Story & Camp (qv) in 1882. Also see Story & Clark. ..Knowles
CLARK, HUGH ARCHIBALD   Philadelphia, PA. Granted US Patent 105780 on a melodeon in 1870. ..Fox
CLARK, LEWIS C., & CO.   Worcester, MA. ..Duga
CLARK, MELVILLE   started an organ factory under the name of Clark & Co., located at 10th and Franklin, Oakland, California in 1875, sold out in 1877 and went to Quincy, IL (see Clark & Baughm) and then to Chicago, where he formed another organ factory under the name of Clark & Rich in 1880. He was apparently associated in some way with Story & Camp, since his patented tilt-top case design is featured in their 1882 catalog. Clark & Rich was succeeded by Story & Camp in 1882. He then joined with Hampton L. Story to form Story & Clark (qv) in 1884. The Story & Clark catalog for 1885 credits Clark with building the first organ factory in Chicago. He left Story & Clark in 1900 to devote himself to the player piano business under the name of the Melville Clark Co., located in De Kalb, IL, which sold the Apollo pushup player in 1901. ..Michel, Bent, Groves, OTD, Knowles
CLARK, R.W.   86A Leighton Rd., Kentish Town, London. Organ and piano key maker. Formerly Sebright & Clark. ..Fluke
CLARK, T.C., & CO.   49 Causeway, Boston, MA, Melodeon maker, 1853. ..Boadway
CLARK, WILLIAM   Little Dockray, Penrith, Cumberland, England 187887. Harmonium maker. ..deWit 1883, Fluke
CLARKE & SONS   Kirton Lindsay, Lincolnshire, England. Organ and harmonium builders, 188287. ..Fluke
CLARRY, W.W.   23 Hertford Drive, Liscard, Cheshire, England. Pipe and reed organ maker, established 1875. ..OH
CLAUDE, CH., & SONS   154 Ossulston St., Euston Rd., London; factory at 11 Parkers Place, Middlesex Street, Somers Town, London. Harmonium manufacturer 18531881. ..Fluke
CLAUS, F., FILS   96 rue AngeBlaize, Rennes, France, 1930. ..OH
CLAVION ORGAN WORKS   See Van den Burg ..deFrel
CLAY CITY ORGAN CO.   Uxbridge, Ontario; located in Zanesville, OH in 1903, 1907. ..POPG, Fox
CLERGEAU, ABBE (ABBÉ)   Paris. Designed harmoniums built for him by; Fourneaux and possibly others. ..Dieterlen, McPherson, van der Grijn
CLEVE   Germany ..deFrel
CLEVELAND ORGAN CO.   Cleveland, OH. ..Heiss
CLINTON ORGAN CO.   see Oakes Organ Co. ..
CLOETENS, GEORGES   (18701949); 37 rue de Lausanne, SaintGilleslezBruxelles, Belgium in 1901; 14 rue Belvedere, Brussels, 1903. Pipe organ builder, also made combination instruments such as l'Orpheal in 1925, a piano, organ and harmonium. In association with CavailléColl produced instruments labelled "Orpheal CavailléColl Paris". Cloetens filed for a patent on a harmonium with glass beating reeds. ..deWit 1903, Fluke
CLOUGH & WARREN CO.   Detroit, MI 18501899; Adrian, MI 18991923. Started as Wm. P. Blakeman in 1850; then Simmons & Blakeman; became A.A. Simmons & Co. in 1854; then Simmons & Whitney in 1859; located at 168 Woodward Ave. in 1863; opened sales office at 104 Jefferson Ave. in 1865; Whitney & Co. in 1860 and 1866; then Simmons, Clough & Co. with James E. Clough in 1868, located at 1519 Miami Ave.; Simmons & Clough Organ Co. at 6th & Congress Streets in 1873; Clough & Warren Organ Co. in 1874; and Clough & Warren Co. 18921923. George P. Warren became a partner in 1874, retired 1899, then his brother Joseph A. Warren became sole owner. The company went bankrupt in 1911, reorganized in 1913, discontinued organ production in 1916. The Warrens had previously worked for Estey. In 1879 Queen Victoria bought a Clough & Warren organ for the people of the Pitcairn Islands. The inscription said, "A present from the Queen to her loyal and loving Pitcairn Island subjects, in appreciation of their domestic virtues." It was sent on H.B.M.'s frigate Opal. In 1889 Clough & Warren received an order from Melbourne, Australia for eleven cartloads of their organs. See Granville Wood, also Detroit Melodeon Co. Estimated total production:

18501865 100 organs per year 1500
1866-1872 200 organs per year 1400
18731883 5000 organs per year 50000
18841898 7000 organs per year 98000
1899 600
19001916 5000 organs per year 80000
19171923 700
TOTAL 232200

Serial numbers:
1876 - 25698 1889 - 79342 1892 - 95989 1907 - 114120
1879 - 28340 1890 - 90300 1898 - 105146 1912 - 123613
1881 - 38027 1891 - 93045 1905 - 119083

CLYDE ORGAN CO.   1604 Amanda St., Clyde, OH, 1885. Also Clyde Manufacturing Co. Succeeded in 1893 by Staderman & Fox, a piano maker. Seba Wickwire (1824-1927), President. ..DMT 1885, Conklin, Clyde Enterprise
CNOBLOCHBAR, G..   4 rue de l'Empereur, Brussels, Belgium. Maker and repairer of pianos and harmoniums, late 1900s. ..Fluke
COBDEN PIANOFORTE CO.   18 Eversholt St., Camden Town, London. Piano and harmonium maker, 1883. ..deWit 1883
COCKS, ROBERT, & CO.   6 New Burlington St., London; 19 Park St., Camden Town, London. American organ manufacturer 1878 and 1879, after that a dealer. 1865 – 183 ..Fluke, deFrel
COD'HANT   Awarded a Bronze Medal for an orgue-expressif at the Paris Exhibition of 1847. ..Fluke
COHNEN   8 quai de la Batte, Liege, Belgium, 18751876. Maker or retailer of harmoniums and accordeons. ..Fluke
COLBURN   see Sommers & Colburn. ..
COLCLOUGH & SCOTT   138 Hampstead Road, NW London. American organ manufacturer 18871889. ..Fluke
COLEMAN, ABED   patented a combination piano and organ which was produced by T. Gilbert (qv). The Coleman reed attachment was also used on some pianos made by R. Nunns & Clark. ..Michel, Hopwood
COLEMAN, CHARLES ALFRED   25 New Road, Rothenhite, London. Piano and harmonium maker, 1883. ..deWit 1883
COLEMAN, J., & SONS   Toronto, Ontario, 18671890. Reed and pipe organ makers. ..Duga, Angus, Fox
COLES   see Prosper & Coles. ..
COLLA, ERNESTO   Vicomoscano, Cremona, Italy. Harmonium and barrel organ maker. Exhibited at Arezzo, Italy in 1882. ..deWit 1883
COLLARD & MOUTRIE   90 Southampton Rd., London, 1883; 50-52 Southampton St., London. See Moutrie. ..
COLLET, A.   14 rue JulesDalou, Malakoff, France, 1930. ..OH
COLLINO, VITTORIA, E CIA.   11 via S. Francis de Paolo, Turin, Italy, 1930. ..OH
COLLINS   Omaha, NE. ..Duga
COLLINS & ARMSTRONG   302304 Houston St., Ft. Worth, TX. Incorporated Dec. 1, 1890 with H.D. Cable, Chicago as Vicepresident. Sold organs made by Chicago Cottage Organ Co. with the Collins & Armstrong stencil 189092. After that sold Chicago Cottage Organs. In 1899 became Cable Piano Co. with Elmon Armstrong, manager. ..Bettinger
COLLINS ORGAN & PIANO CO.   Ellingfort Rd., Mare St., Hackney, London; later at 30 Goldsmith's Row in 1890. Established 1882 by Charles Henry Collins; advertised in 1900 as a piano and American organ maker. See Imperial Organ & Piano Co. ..MTD 1897, deWit 1903, OH, Fluke, Rob Allan
COLLINSON, WILLIAM   1 Herbert Road, Chooter's Hill, Woolwich, London. Piano and harmonium maker, 1883. ..deWit 1883, Beveridge
COLSETH, PETER, & CO.   (also Kolseth), Moline, IL 18771881; see Moline Cabinet Organ Co. ..
COLUMBIA ORGAN CO.   New York. Serial No.: 1903 - 21891. ..Lalor, Besteman
COLUMBIAN ORGAN CO.   Grand Crossing, IL; also Columbian Organ & Piano Co., Wabash Avenue, Chicago, IL. Serial number: 1893 - 1479. ..Michel, Duga, OH, Gausman, Bratton
COMMAILLE, AUGUSTE   Bordeaux (Gironde), France. Harmonium maker ca. 1896. ..Fluke
COMPENSATING PIPE ORGAN CO.   Battle Creek, MI, Toronto, Ontario 19001910. Made a combination pipe and reed organ. Acquired by Lyon & Healy. ..Davis, Freund, Kallmann, Fox
COMUS S.p.A.   Viale Don Bosco 35, 62018 Potenza Picena (MC), Italy. Made the Bontempi organ, an electrically-blown reed organ, 1985, and the Farfisa organs. ..Cat.
CONCORDIA   St. Louis, MO. Instrument in the possession of Don Dinnella, ten stops, serial number 126567. Possibly made by others with the Concordia stencil. ..Dinnella
CONFERBRE   Paris. Harmonium reed maker. ..Beveridge
CONLEY CHURCH ORGAN CO.   Madoc, Ont. 1890. Sold organs made by Berlin Organ Co. with the Conley stencil. See Cowley. ..Kallmann, Angus
CONN, C.G.   Elkhart, IN. Charles Gerard Conn, (1844-1931), musical instrument manufacturer. Made the Wonder portable organ, U.S. patent number 667,065, issued in 1901. This instrument had a unique folding design, and was produced from 1900 to 1910. The organ was invented by William V. Pezzoni, a violin maker working for Conn. ..Cooper, Fox, Banks
CONRAD, MARTIN & TÖRSTE   Aurelienstr. 56, Leipzig-Lindenau, Germany; also shown at Lützner Str. 33, Leipzig. Established in 1925. Richard Conrad, W. Martin and A. Törste, proprietors in 1930. Also made stencilled instruments for harmonium dealer Max Bannicke. Conrad had previously worked for Popper & Co. ..deWit 1930, cat.
CONSTRUCTION D'AUTOMATES ET D'INSTRUMENTS DE MUSIQUE MECANIQUES   rue des Danvions, 70000 Vesoul, France. J.F. Saire, owner. Maker of paper-roll operated organettes, 1988. ..Vestal
CONTI, ENRICO   Florence, Italy. Piano and harmonium maker, 1883. ..deWit 1883
CONTI, GIO., & FIGLIO   Milan, Italy, 1883. Harmonium and piano maker. ..deWit 1883, Grove
CONTINIELLO, VICENZO & FIGLI   Monteverde, Avelino, Italy. ..Malagoli
COOK & MARTIN   Rochester, NY. Organ made for them by Taylor & Farley. ..Michel
COOK, DAVID C.   David C. Cook Publishing Co., 36 Washington St., Chicago, IL, 1900. Organs with this name were made by others with the Cook stencil, at least some by the Chicago Cottage Organ Co. ..POPG, Heiss
COOK, GEO., & CO.   New Haven, CT. Lyre-legged melodeon, about 1855; also a flat-topped organ ca 1870. ..Fluke, Eyman
COOK, RICHARD, & CO.   133 Fenchurch St., London. Piano and harmonium maker, 1883. ..deWit 1883
COOL, ISAAC, & SONS   in 1882 at 4647 Clarence Place, Newtown, Bristol, England. Organ and harmonium maker. Closed 1888. ..deWit 1883, Fluke
COOLEY-GOULD   Port Huron, MI. ..Melissa Crichton,
COOPER, JAMES, & CO.   in 1879 at Greenman St., Essex Road, Islington, London; in 1883 at Peabody Yard, Essex Road, Islington; in 1886 at 70 Shepperton Road, Islington. Still working in 1906. Made the Chorister reed organ. ..deWit 1883, 1903; Fluke
COOPERATIVE ORGAN CO.   Mendota, IL, 1889. ..DMT 1889
COPE, M.L.   Souderton, PA. Made the Excelsior parlor organ, 1910. ..Hager
CORBEEL   France. Harmonium keyboard maker. Awarded a silver medal in 1878 at the Paris Exposition. ..Fluke
CORDLEY, J.   South Main St., Adrian, MI, 1870. Organ and melodeon manufacturer. See Pruden & Corley. ..MI Dir
CORNEGLIO, G.   Caselle Torinese, Italy, 1909. ..OH
CORNISH & CO.   factory on Hornbaker St., corner of Washington Ave., Washington, NJ 1879 to about 1921. Founded by Joseph B. Cornish, who sold organs in the 1870s. In 1879 he bought out Dawes & Wyckoff. He was later joined by his son Johnston Cornish, sold direct to customers, said to be the only one of the Washington, NJ organ builders who made money. Factory capacity in 1900: 8,000 organs per year. Organ actions, keys, etc. were bought from others. Alvin F. Florey, General Manager. Discontinued organ production about 1917. Serial numbers: 1897 - 86492, 1897 - 96175, 1897 - 97852, 1899 - 104374, 1900 - 108241, 1906 - 139279, 1906 - 146035, 1907 - 150718, 1913 - 176886, 1914 - 177891. ..Cat.; POPG; DMT 1885, 1889; Sloan; ROS #1468, Bratton, Boadway, Linnstaedt, Cowing, Parks
CORNISH, WINTER & CO.   Washington, NJ; predecessor of Cornish & Co. ..Warshaw
CORNWALL, G.W., & CO.   Huntingdon, Quebec; established before 1889. Acquired by the Pratte Piano Co. in 1895. Built reed organs at least through 1912. ..Kallmann
CORWALL & PATTERSON ORGAN CO.   see Patterson. ..
COTRINA   Vitoria, Spain. Harmonium with transposing keyboard, located in the Iglesia de Santiago, Calle Granada, Málaga, Spain. ..Lalor, Orrego
COTSWOLD organette   made by Peter K. Watts, 14 Rock Hill, Chipping Norton, Oxon. OX7 5BA, England. ..ROSB 2/91 p7
COTTAGE GEM   organ in the Conklin Museum collection, serial number 33391. Made by Estey. ..Conklin
COTTAGE QUEEN organ   see Wm. Stires & Son. ..
COTTIAU, P.F.J.   Paris. Reed maker, 1862. Honorable mention at the London Exhibition of 1862 for good work on harmonium tongues. ..OH, Fluke
COTTINO & TAILLEUR   119 rue de Montreuil, Paris; successors to Boutevilin. Also shown as Cottino. In 1921 advertised an instrument called "l'America, the perfect French system. Tone: soft and round and harmonious," with a transposing keyboard and 22 rows of reeds. Awarded medals at the Paris Exposition, 1878, 1889. Established 1863, in business at least until 1922. See Chaperon. ..Pierre, Friberg, deWit 1903, Fluke, le Menestrel, OH, Olthof
COTTINO, JOSEPH   47 Basset St., Kentish Town, London, 1883. ..deWit 1883
COURSER   see Morrison & Courser. ..
COURTIER   Paris. Made the Eoli-Courtier, a two-manual free reed organ in 1844. ..Mustel
COUSE, A.   Detroit, MI; melodeons, ca 1845. ..
COUTY & LINE (LINÉ)   58 rue Bonaparte, Paris 1883. Established 1858, succeeded by M. Chabin. Awarded a silver medal at the Paris Exposition, 1878. ..deWit 1883, Pierre, Fluke
COUTY & RICHARD   89 rue Nve. des Petits-Champs, Paris. René Couty and Jules Richard. Awarded Medal of Honor at Paris Exposition, 1867. René Couty first worked with Alexandre. Listed as a piano and harmonium manufacturer in 1868 at 82 Boulevard Sébastopol, Paris. Split up by 1878. See Couty & Liné, J. Richard & Cie. ..Pierre, Adams, Fluke, OH
COUTY, MAISON   see Gentis & Capuron. ..
COWLEY CHURCH ORGAN CO.   Madoc, Ont. 1890. Spelling uncertain, possibly Conley, (qv). ..Kallmann
COX & PIERCE   Pittsfield, MA. Melodeon makers. See Wm. Pierce. ..Sellers
COX, ALFRED J., & SON   17 Fortnam Rd., Upper Holloway, London. Builder, tuner, voicer and repairman 18811914. Continued working as repairman until 1941 when he retired at age 82. ..Trade Dir. 1896, Fluke
CRABB, WM. R.   147 Upper Kennington Lane, London. Harmonium maker 18781886. ..deWit 1883, Fluke
CRAEMER, RUDOLF   Berliner Str. 61, Halver, Germany; maker of springs and metal components for harmoniums. Established 1855, still working in 1930. ..deWit 1930
CRAMER, J.B., & CO. LTD.   201207209 Regent Street, London W and 64 West Street, Brighton, England; factory in Lyme Street, Camden Town, London in 1871; in 1921 located at 139 New Bond St. Manufacturer and dealer in pianos, organs, harmoniums and American organs. Made harmoniums from one stop four octave to 24 stop 2mp models. Listed in directories 1868 through 1921. In 1889 the following notice was published: "Messrs Wood & Peach, trading as J B Cramer & Co. of Regent Street & Notting Hill, dealers in musical instrs, dissolved partnership Jan 1st 1889. The debts will be collected and paid by Mr George Wood, who continues the business." ..Cat., OH, Fluke
CRANE & SONS   Wexham, England, also shown in Scotland Road, Liverpool. Discontinued organ production before 1921 when they were listed as dealers at 149 Oxford St., London. ..ROSB 8/85, Miles, Fluke
CRAVEN & CO.   London. Harmonium manufacturer. ..Fluke
CRAWFORD, F.   Broadway, Eltham Park, London, 19001914; then at 14 Heavitree Road, Plumstead, London. In 1921 located at 37 Shooters Hill Gardens, Eltham Park, London. Was previously an employee of J.W. Sawyer. ..Fluke, OH
CREMONA   No further information ..deFrel
CRESCENDO HARMONIUM   see Osc. Ericson, Kbh. ..
CRESCENT   Evansville, IN. Serial number 1898 - 155433. Also shown as Louisville, KY. ..Dennison,
CRESWELL & BALL   No further information ..
CRISTINI, GIUSEPPE   Acciano, Aquila, Italy. ..deWit 1883
CRODA ORGAN KABUSHIKI GAISHA   Okusawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo. Established in 1959 as T?y? Densi Gakki Kenkyujo by Ichiro Kuroda. Made the Crodatone reed organs until 1965. These organs used small reeds similar to those in the harmonica, enclosed in dust-proof containers and electronically amplified in a manner similar to the Everett Orgatron. The current models of the Crodatone are fully electronic. Also presently building pipe organs. Croda produced the following quantities of reed organs: 1959 - 2, 1960 - 1, 1961 - 7, 1962 - 3, 1963 - 2, 1964 - 10, 1965 - 7. ..Akai
CROGER, RICHARD   184 White Chapel Road, London. Established about 1836. Still in business in 1909 as a music dealer, operated by Croger's son. ..Fluke, OH
CROGER, THOMAS   17 Devonshire St., London 1859; died in 1863 and his widow Emma took over. Manufactured instruments and sold parts. ..
CROKAERT, SEBASTIEN   155 West St., Sheffield, England, also York. Made a combination piano and harmonium. Extant 18801896. ..deWit 1903, Fluke
CROSBY MANUFACTURING CO.   Cambridgeport, MA; stop knobs. Active 1883. ..deWit 1883
CROWN ORGAN   see Geo. P. Bent; name also later used by Sears, Roebuck. ..
CUIJPERS, J.F.   Den Haag, Netherlands. Reed organ dealer. ..deFrel
CULLUM, CHARLES FREDERICK, & CO.   in 1878 at 76 Euston Rd., NW London. In 1882 the extension of the Midland Railway required him to relocate to 98 Euston Road - called the Midland Showrooms. In 1886 at 108 Euston Road. Harmonium maker 18591896. ..deWit 1883, Fluke
CUONZO, VINCENZO   Bitonto, Italy, 1930. ..OH
CURRIER   see Whitney & Currier. ..
CURTIS, CHARLES   28 & 29 Baker St., London. Piano and harmonium manufacturer 18801896. ..Trade Dir. 1896, Fluke
CURTIS, GEORGE H.   Concord, NH 1856; later Ballou & Curtis. In 1864 he was employed by Dearborn, Severance & Co., and in 1867 by Parker & Secomb. ..
CUTLER & CO.   George St., Wellington, New Zealand. Established in 1876, piano and harmonium maker. ..Rosalie Wainright
CUTTING   see Pierre & Cutting. ..
CZERNY   see Hoffman & Czerny. ..
D'ALMAINE & POTTER   England. No further information available. ..Ebie
D'ALMAINE, T., & CO.   a piano maker established in 1785; in 1853 located at 20 Soho Square, London, selling Alexandre harmoniums. In 1880 advertised as a piano manufacturer at 5 Finsbury Pavement, London. In 1889 advertised as a piano and American organ maker at 91 Finsbury Pavement. In 1913 moved to 244 Tottenham Court Road, and in 1921 shown at 135 Finsbury Pavement, London. T. d'Almaine died in 1877 and the business was continued by R.F. Robertson. Still in business as a reed organ maker in 1931. ..Fluke, OH
D'AVENIA, LUIGI   Via Tribunali 3, Naples, Italy, 1903. ..deWit 1903
DALE, DANIEL   143 Albany Road, London in 1850; 3 Albany Road in 1855; 368 Albany Road in in 1863; became D. Dale & Son in 1871. Harmonium maker, succeeded by Samuel Dale in 1872. ..OH
DALES & DALTON   Newmarket, Ontario 1870; melodeons. See R.H. Dalton. ..Kallmann
DALTON, R.H.   Toronto, Ontario, from 1867 until 1890. Partner in Dales & Dalton. ..Kallmann, Angus, Michel
DAM, NICOLAAS ALBERTUS VAN   Predikheerenkerkhof 21, Utrecht, Netherlands; Pipe organ and reed organ manufacturer (1907- circa 1955). Albertus (Klaas) van Dam (1873 – 1967) manager. In collaboration with J.M.W. Stoker, Choorstraat 9, Utrecht, a dealer. ..deFrel
DANIELL, WILLIAM   melodeons, 1865. ..Michel
DANIELS, EDWARD   65 Gooch Street, Birmingham, England. Harmonium maker 18791882. ..Fluke
DARDJANIN   3 rue de la République, St. Etienne, France. Piano and harmonium maker and dealer, 1883. ..deWit 1883
DARLEY & ROBINSON, DARLEY & HOSKIN   see Dominion Organ. ..
DARLING, JOSEPH L.   331 Broadway, St. Louis, MO 1861. Melodeon manufacturer. ..Hutchinson
DAS & CO.   Delhi, India. ..Munaf
DATYNER & SZPECHT   Warsaw. Exhibited harmoniums at the Paris Exhibition of 1889. ..Fluke
DAVIE, JACKSON & CO.   Chicago, IL. Charles H. Davie and William Jackson patented and built a combination reed and pipe organ in 1870. ..Friesen
DAVIES, WM. H.   55 Great Newton Street, Pembroke Place, Liverpool, England. Piano and harmonium maker 18781882. ..Fluke
DAVIS, A., & CO.   Worcester, MA. Reed maker, successor to E. Harrington. ..Washburn
DAVIS, FRANK M.   New York; probably a music dealer. A Eureka clock organ with that name was made by Shoninger for Davis. ..Robison
DAVIS, J.D., & CO.   Chicago, IL; see Treat & Linsley. ..
DAWES & WYCKOFF   Belvidere Ave., Washington, NJ. Succeeded by Cornish in 1879. John M. Wyckoff then became factory superintendent for Daniel Beatty. Factory located in the Van Doren warehouse along the canal on Belvidere Avenue. ..
DAWES, WILLIAM   2 Kingston Grove, Leeds, England; also at 2 Ridge Terrace; factory located at Bagby Mills, Leeds. Maker of Melody attachment, first patented 1864, and used at least on the following harmoniums: Alexandre, Archibald Ramsden, Schiedmayer and Mustel. Patented a pedal bass attachment in 1868. ..Fluke, OH
DAWKINS & CO.   205207 City Road, London EC, 17 Charterhouse St., Holborn Circus, London in 1900. Reed organ maker and importer, established 1780. ..Fluke
DAY & MYERS   37 Poultry, London; manufacturers of Aeolophon and Seraphine. Extant 1836. Also shown as Francis Day & Co. ..Fluke, eBay
DAYTON, ARVID   Wolcotville, CT. Born 1814, son of Jonah Dayton (qv), made both pipe and reed organs. Exhibited at the Wolcotville Fair in 1866. He was a key witness in the Burdett vs Estey case, 1883. His brother Justus and son William H. worked for him. ..Owen, Supreme Court
DAYTON, JONAH   Wolcotville, CT. Made pipe and reed organs in the early 1840s, then reed organs with his son Arvid after 1846. ..Ochse, Owen
DE GROMARD, ARTHUR QUENTIN   France. Made the "Cecilium" in 1867, a free reed instrument resembling the Mélophone de Pellerin. Awarded a bronze medal at the Paris Exposition of 1878. ..Fluke Dieterlen
DE HEER, JOHANNES     Oostzeedijk 324/32, Rotterdam, Netherlands, branches in the Hague, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Arnhem and Leeuwarden. Piano and organ dealer from 1898 until at least 1980. At this moment musical instruments dealership in Sliedrecht, Netherlands. Manufactured the Angelus Harp-organ in 1913 and a portable organ about 1938. See Angelus Orgel. De Heer was noted for his appeals to Christian values in his advertising. Website: ..deFrel, Olthof, Strengers, Fluke
DE JONG, D., & ZN   Zwolle, Netherlands. Harmonium maker, active 1952. ..Olthof
DE LIL, ALBERT   (b. 1896), 101 rue TheodoreVerhaegen, Brussels, Belgium. Organ and harmonium maker, established 1923. Succeeded by his son Paul (b. 1931). Their last harmonium was sold in 1968 to a mission in Burundi. The business is being continued as a retail store under Paul's son Jean (b. 1959). ..OH, Fluke
DE VILLEROI, M.   showed the "Harmonine," a three-octave instrument at the London Exhibition of 1851. ..Fluke
DE VOLDER FRERES, CHARLES ET LEON   Terarckenstraat 9, Brussels, Belgium in 1883; 23 avenue de Watermael, Boitsfort, Belgium 1903. The family firm was established in 1790, and the brothers Charles and Leon began making harmoniums in the latter half of the 19th century. ..deWit 1903, Fluke
DE VOS, JOSEPH   14 rue Haberman, Brussels, Belgium in 1868, 9 Place Robyt in 1873, 9 Place du Concordat in 1880, rue d'Odon 6 in 1895, steam factory at Boulevard de l'Abbatoir 30, Brussels. ..Fluke
DE WIT   see Wit, de. ..
DEARBORN & BARTLETT   180 Main St., Concord, NH, 184447; David M. Dearborn and D.B. Bartlett. ..
DEARBORN, ANDREW P.   Fayette St. in 1844, 45 Pleasant St. in 1850, Concord, NH. ..
DEARBORN, DAVID M.   Concord, NH 18471853; see Austin & Dearborn, Liscom Dearborn & Co., Dearborn & Bartlett, Dearborn & Severance. ..
DEARBORN, SEVERANCE & CO.   Concord, NH, 186064; David M. Dearborn & A.F. Severance. ..
DEBAIN, ALEXANDREFRANCOIS (FRANÇOIS)   (18091877); in 1839 at Boulv. St. Denis, Paris; in 1843 at 7678 rue de Bondy, Paris; in 1845 at 53 & 15 rue Vivienne, Paris; in 1856 at 24-28 Place de La Fayette; in 1865 and 1883 at 116118 Place de La Fayette; in 1888 as Rodolphe Fils et Debain at 15 rue Chaligny, Paris; factory at St. Ouen, France. Established 1834; had 105 workers in 1872, absorbed by Rodolphe Fils in 1896. Debain became superintendent of the Johann Pape piano factory in Paris in 1832 at age 22, and made many contributions to piano and reed organ design. He coined the name "Harmonium" for his reed organ patented in 1842. Debain's Harmonium differed from its predecessor the orgue-expressif in the arrangement of the casework, hinging of the various subassemblies, the resonating chambers, the stop arrangement, the designation of the stops by number, name and range on the stop face, and the division of the reeds into bass and treble parts. Other makers were quick to copy the instrument as well as to appropriate the name "harmonium" as a generic name. He also made a wide variety of reed organs, mainly pressureoperated, but including the "Organophone," a suction instrument, and the "Harmonicorde," a combination piano and organ. Serial numbers:
1866 - 12188/21709, 1867 - 17372, 1873 - 19213/26207.

other info, thanks to Bastien Miaanese:
Left Right Date (in bold when it is sure)
515 1844
607 1844
916 1845
1117 1846
... 1220 1846
1343 1847
1520 1848
2270 1849
3041 1850
3135 1850
3887 1851
4013 1851
4355 1852
4892 1853
5355 1855
5704 1856
7848 1857
3651 9381 1857
3850 9650 1857
4088 ??? 1857
4481 10294 1857
4437 10701 1858
6424 12555 1859
7961 13160 1860
8009 13839 1864
9541 15639 1864
10012 15731 1864
10333 15937 1864
??? 16297 1864
10944 16944 1865
??? 18864 1865
??? 19213 1865
11363 17189 1866
13341 19131 1867
13964 19772 1867
13990 19938 1867
14954 21059 1869
14997 20884 1870
15515 ??? 1870
16793 22101 1870
16513 22423 1871
17857 23972 1871
18050 24118 1871
18638 24647 1872
18981 25190 1872
19525 25415 1872
19213 26207 1873
18960 27964 1873
19982 26662 1873
21579 27534 1874
21779 28365 1875
22315 28811 1875
??? 29??? 1875
23209 29432 1876
24072 33609 1877
25653 33886 1878
25825 34126 1878
25835 34186 1878
26545 34934 1879
26866 35163 1879
27119 36244 1880
27811 36160 1880
28015 37542 1880
28541 37511 1880
28592 X 1880
29695 38337 1881
..[Pierre, ROSB 8/85, deWit 1883, Fluke, Bratton, Dieterlen, de Viet, Huivenaar, Milanese
DECKER JR., CHRISTIAN   316 Sycamore, Evansville, IN. Piano maker, tuner and repairman at least as early as 1858. He began making melodeons about 1868, and is listed as a piano and organ maker through 1892. ..Michel, Evansville Dir.
DEKKER, ANTON SAMUEL JACOBUS    Turfkade 26 (later: Ossenhoofdstraat) Goes, Netherlands. Anton Samuel Jacobus Dekker (1869 – 1918) manager. Esthablised in 1892. Made the two manual and pedal Sonora organ. Also pipe organ factory. ..deFrel
DELHAUTEUR, JOSEPH   3 chemin de la Sarte, Huy, Belgium, 35 GrandPlace, Huy from 1910 to 1921. Established 1874. Maker and retailer of pianos and harmoniums. ..Fluke
DELHI   No further information. ..deFrel
DELMARCO, IGINIO, & CO.   Via Suffragio 9 in 1935, Via Roma 15, Trento, Italy. Made 18 different models of suction style reed organs. You can still buy reed organs now (2011)! Established 1935. website: ..Cat., Fluke
DELMOTTE, THEOPHILE, & FILS   26 chaussee de Lille, Tournai, Belgium. Harmonium maker, established in 1840. C. Delmotte is shown as an organ builder in SaintLeger, Belgium in 1883. ..deWit 1883, OH, Fluke
DEMENY   instrument located in Bugyi, Hungary; origin unknown. ..Rodenberg
DENISON BROTHERS   Deep River, CT. Stop knob maker. ..Bill
DÉOM   Brussel ..deFrel
DERBAYNE & CO.   41 Rathbone Pl., London. Piano and harmonium manufacturer, 1883. ..deWit 1883
DEREUSME, V.   Liege, Belgium. Harmonium known. ..deFrel
DETHLOFF   Basel, Switzerland, 1883. ..deWit 1883
DETMER, HENRY   Chicago, USA ..deFrel
DETROIT MELODEON CO.   Monroe Ave., Campus Martius, Detroit, MI 1861. Manufacturers of melodeons with Carhart's patent. See Blakeman & Co. ..ROSB 5/85, photo
DETROIT ORGAN CO.   see Farrand & Votey. ..
DEUTSCHAMERIKANISCHE ORGELHARMONIUMFABRIK R. METZNER   Mühlenstrasse 4042, LeipzigPlagwitz, Germany 1903; Lauchstädter Strasse 3842 in 1911; established in 1902, made the Aeolus harmonium, a suctionoperated instrument. See R. Metzner, Marie Dietz. ..deWit 1903
DEUTSCHE HARMONIUMZUNGENFABRIK   Pegau, Germany; established in 1911 by Theodor Mannborg, made "Jubilate" reeds, reed pans, mutes, couplers and other components for the reed organ trade. Reeds for German suction organs were mostly imported from the United States until Mannborg sent his son Karl to the US to learn reed making. He purchased used reed-making machinery in Chicago in 1910, probably from Story & Clark. The Pegau factory became the main source of American-style reeds for the German organ industry. Some of the reed-making machinery was sold to Gebruder Dix, an accordion reed maker. This factory eventually was taken over by the German Democratic Republic and combined with the other reed makers into Deutsches Tonzungenwerk, (qv). The reed-making machinery was acquired by Lindholm in 1961 and later broken up for scrap when Lindholm itself was taken over by the state. ..deWit 1930, Weischet
DEUTSCHE PIANOUNION BOHLITZ (BÖHLITZ, BOEHLITS)EHRENBERG, VEB   see Leipziger Pianofortefabriken BöhlitzEhrenberg. ..
DEUTSCHES TONZUNGENWERK   Gera, Germany; reed maker, 1961. Made the "Jubilate" and "Harmola" reeds. See Deutsche Harmonium-Zungen-Fabrik, Gebruder Dix, Klingenthaler Harmonika Werke. ..Aleman
DEUTSCHMANN, JAKOB   Laimgrube 32 in 1825, Lumpertgasse 821 in 1840, Wienstr. 39 in 1883, all in Vienna, Austria. Maker of seraphines and harmoniums. See Peter Titz. ..deWit 1883, GHS
DEWINGLE   70 rue Amelot, Paris. Piano and harmonium maker, 1883. ..deWit 1883
DEXTER, FREEMAN DIRK   West Winfield, NY. Began repairing reed organs and other musical instruments in 1869. Still in business in 1905. Instruments with this name were possibly made by others with the Dexter stencil, and he also made a few instruments. Freeman D. Dexter was granted US Patent No. 588713 on An improvement to the tone of a two-manual reed organ in 1897. According to the Dexter genealogy he had tuned nearly 17,000 instruments by 1905. See New American Organ. ..Shannon, Dexter genealogy
DIAPASON HARMONIUM   London. See Phillip J. Trayser. ..
DIBBLE, GEORGE H.   Granby, CT 1861. Melodeon manufacturer. ..Hutchinson
DICKENSONGOULD ORGAN CO.   Lexington, MI. Operated in the period 18821886 by Joseph H. Dickenson and his father-in-law Hezekiah Gould. A large DickensonGould chapel organ was displayed at the Cotton Centennial in New Orleans in 1884 as an example of the progress of blacks in manufacturing. Dickenson had previously worked for Clough & Warren and returned to that company in 1886. He later went to Aeolian in Garwood, NJ. See Gould & Sons. ..ROSB 8/87, Heiss, MI Dir 1883
DICKS & CO.   70 Mortimer St., Cavendish Sq., London. Piano and harmonium manufacturer 18781880. ..Fluke
DIETZ, CHRISTIAN   made an improved version of Haeckl's Physharmonica in 1828. ..Mustel
DIETZ, MARIE   Wolffstrasse 27, Leipzig, Germany. Made the "Aeolus" harmonium. See Deutsch-Amerikanische Orgel-Harmonium-Fabrik R. Metzner. ..Reische
DIJK, VAN   Alblasserdam, Netherlands. ..deFrel
DINGER, GUSTAVE, & SOHNE (SÖHNE, SOEHNE)   Zeitz, Germany; keyboard maker, 1930. ..deWit 1930
DINTER, P.A. VAN   Maaseijck, Belgium. “Fabriek en Magazijn van Kerk-Orgels, Harmoniums en Melodiums”. Established in 1857 ..deFrel
DIPLOMA organ   see W. Bell & Co. ..
DITSON, OLIVER, & CO.   277 Washington St., Boston, MA, music publisher and investor in Mason & Hamlin, Lyon & Healy and probably in the Mechanical Orguinette Co., later The Aeolian Co. The Oliver Ditson Co. folding organs were undoubtedly made by others with the Ditson stencil. ..RFG, Hutchinson
DIX, GEBRUDER (GEBRÜDER)   Gera, Germany. Maker of Harmola brand reeds and components for harmoniums, 1930. Established 1866, still operating in 1947. See Deutsches Tonzungenwerke and Klingenthaler Harmonikawerke. ..deWit 1930, Olthof
DOBUNKAN   Kanda, Tokyo. A bookseller and publisher; Kikuro Shirai was an adviser in this enterprise. Started selling Ikeuchi school organs under the Dobunkan name in 1896, although probably had their own factory in Tokyo at one time. Stopped selling organs after the 1923 earthquake. ..Akai
DODGE & LORD   Attica, NY. Melodeon makers. ..Small
DODSON, WM.   85 Liverpool Road, Islington, London. Piano and harmonium manufacturer 18781880. Works located at 22 Bryan Street, Caledonian Road, London. ..Fluke
DOERR, ALFONS   Karlstr. 7, Salgau, Germany in 1930. Formerly Carl Doerr, established 1876. Maker of harmonium cases. ..deWit 1930
DOHERTY, W., & CO.   Clinton, Ontario. Started as Doherty & Menzies in 1868, a furniture and music retailer. Made a few organs in 1875 and the next year built a small shop employing eight men. In 1879 a second building was constructed alongside the other and production reached 100 organs per month. This original factory complex was located in the block bounded by Princess, Raglan and Rattenbury Streets. In 1898 the entire plant burned, but within three months a new factory consisting of two buildings at the corner of East and Irwin Streets was built with a capacity of four hundred organs per month. The buildings are still in existence. Piano production began about 1905 and the firm was renamed Doherty Piano & Organ Co. in 1908, Doherty Piano Co. in 1913 and Doherty Pianos Ltd. in 1917. Fires in 1901 and 1905 also caused serious setbacks. Acquired by SherlockManning Organ Co. (qv) in 1920 when William Doherty retired, but continued to operate under the Doherty name. Made folding organs used by missionaries and also by the military in World War II and the Korean War. Capacity in 1906: 6,000 organs per year. Organ production declined after about 1910 and came to an end during World War II. Serial numbers: 1887 - 5678, 1889 - 11429, 1901 - 36239, 1902 - 39023, 1904 - 46279, 1904 - 46667. ..POPG, Kallmann, Fluke, angus, Draper, de Viet, Tyler
DOLGE, ALFRED   Dolgeville, NY, also Dolge & Son in 1895; felts and organ materials 1880; author of "Pianos and Their Makers" in 1911 and 1913, (two volumes). ..Dolge, Columbian, Courier 1880
DOMINGOLLE   awarded a Bronze Medal for an orgue-expressif at the Paris Exposition of 1847. ..Fluke
DOMINION ORGAN CO.   Established in 1870 by A.M. Darley and Wm. Robinson in Oshawa, Ontario as Darley & Robinson, later Darley & Hoskin, then Oshawa Organ & Melodeon Mfg. Co. Jesse H. Farwell of Detroit is shown as President and principal owner in 1872; he was also a partner in Simmons & Clough. The factory moved to Bowmanville, Ontario in 1873 under the management of Darley and O'Hara. Renamed the Dominion Organ Co. in 1875 with Messrs. Piggot, Russell and Wesley as management. Awarded a Bronze medal in Paris in 1878. Capacity in 1880: 100 to 125 organs per month. In 1879 the town council of Bowmanville granted the company a bonus of $5,000 to erect a piano factory, and in 1880 the name was changed to Dominion Organ & Piano Co., then Dominion Organ & Piano Co. Ltd. in 1886. On the death of Mr. Piggott in 1890, Mr. Farwell again resumed control until 1895 when the company was purchased by Messrs. Alexander, Kydd and McConnel. Alexander became sole proprietor in 1901. Officers in 1906: J.W. Alexander, president and general manager; C.J. Rowe, secretarytreasurer; J.B. Mitchell, vicepresident and superintendent. Dominion manufactured organs with the Scribner Patent Qualifying Tubes under an agreement, presumably due to Jesse Farwell, with Clough & Warren, owners of the patent. Production ceased about 1930, the firm was declared bankrupt in 1936 and closed in 1937. Serial numbers: 1889 - 11664, 1908 - 48441. ..Courier 1880, POPG, Kallmann, Angus, Rodenburg, Huivenaar, 1904 catalog, Beyer
DONZELLI, RAFFAELE   Campli, Italy, 1903. ..deWit 1903
DORF, OLE   426 Second Ave., New York, NY 1861. Melodeon maker. ..Hutchinson
DORNHEIM, F.W., & SOHN   Eichfeld b. Rudolstadt; Schwarzbergerstr. 14, Rudolstadt, Germany. Organ, harmonium and keyboard maker. Established 1842. ..deWit 1930, Ahrens
DOUGHTON & SAYRE   Camden NJ, 1880. Doughton was a lumber merchant and the proprietor of a blind and sash factory, which was turned into an organ factory capable of producing 300 organs per week. ..Courier 1880
DOUILLET, A.   59 rue de l'Ourcq, Paris in 1921. Manufacturer of actions and keys for pianos and harmoniums. ..Fluke
DOURTE, JUAN   BilbaoBegona, Spain, 1930. ..OH
DOWNS, A.R., & CO.   East Dereham, Norfolk, England. By 1906 called Euterpe Works, located at High Street, East Dereham. American organ manufacturer 18891906. ..Fluke
DRAPER, JOSEPH MARK   in 1906 at Higher Audley Street, Blackburn, Lancs., England. Organette maker, established 1878. ..Fluke
DREAPER   see Rushworth & Dreaper. ..
DREHER, A.   Cleveland, OH. Granted US Patent 137350 for a reed organ in 1873. ..Fox
DREHER, B.   25 Prospect, Cleveland, OH 18701872; see Kinnard, Dreher & Co. ..J.J. Clark, Michel
DREXLER, C.   reed organ with serial number 13083. (No further info). ..Murphree
DU COMMUNGIROD, F.W.   15 quai des Etuves, Geneva, Switzerland. Frederick William Du Commun married Jeanne-Catherine Girod and used both names for his music box firm, which made some music boxes with reeds. Established 1828, dissolved 1868. ..Music Box V7 p59
DUBUS, FR.   France. Made an orgue expressif in 1841, exhibited at the Paris Expositions of 1844, 1847, 1849 and 1855. He was awarded a Bronze Medal in 1847. ..Pierre, Fluke
DUCK, SON & PINKER LTD.   12 Northgate St., Bath, England. Music dealer. Still in business (2006), see ..eBay
DUCKER, M.   618 Broadway, New York NY, 1861. Manufacturer of Melodeon Triolodeons. These organs used steel reeds and had a triple touch arrangement in which the volume of sound could be controlled in three distinct gradations by means of increased or decreased pressure on each key. Thus a melody might be accompanied by a chord and the melody made to be heard more distinctly by using increased pressure on the melody keys and less on the chord. Shown at the Great Exhibition of 1862 in London. ..Hutchinson, Fluke
DUCROQUET, PIERRE ALEX.   France, pipe organ builder, successor to Girard et Cie., in turn succeeded by Jos. Merklin & Schutze, a pipe organ and harmonium maker in 1855. ..Pierre, Fluke
DUET BROS.   St. Paul, MN. Probably a retail music dealer. No other information available.
DUFF & TATE   2620 Shields Ave., Chicago, IL 1899, 1901. ..POPG
DUFFETT   see Reynolds & Duffett. ..
DUFFIELD, WM. H.   Gloucester House, 108 Leighton Rd., N.W., London in 1897 and 1903. Established 1881, still working in 1909. Maker of harmoniums and American reed organs and a supplier of leather, felt, reeds and fittings. ..Trade Dir. 1896, MTD 1897, Fluke
DUFFILL, CHARLES   York, England. Harmonium maker, active in the 1880s. ..Kershaw
DUMONT & LELIEVRE (LELIÈVRE)   Les Andelys, France. Manufactured the Orgue Médiophone, which had large qualifying tubes. Some had a transposing keyboard. Also made harmoniums and other instruments. Awarded a Gold medal at the Paris Exposition in 1878 for the Orgue Médiophone. Established 1857, still working in 1913 as Dumont & Cie. ..
DUMONT, L., ET FILS   France. Established 1857. Possibly a precursor to Dumont & Leliévre. ..
DUNN & NICHOLLS   482 Hackney Road, E. London. Piano and harmonium maker, 1878. By 1879 the firm was taken over by Edward Nicholls and moved to 118 Mile End Road, E. London. See Nicholls. ..Pierre, deWit 1903, Mustel, Fluke, Styles
DUPUY   23 rue Levert, Belleville, France. Made the Organiphone, a small table harmonium. ..Fluke
DUQUESNE ORGAN   see Henricks Piano Co. ..
DURAND   see Durrand. ..
DURAND & CIE.   177 route d'Espagne, Bordeaux, France, 1909. ..OH
DURAY, H.   70 rue de Stassart, 18 rue de la Paix, Brussels, Belgium 18781880. Maker and retailer of pianos and harmoniums. ..Fluke
DURNER, CHARLES   Quakertown, PA; pipe organ builder, also built a few reed organs. Founded by Charles Frederick Durner (1838-1914) and continued by his son Charles E. (1863-1932). ..Fox
DURRAND   Portland, OR. ..Gault,
DUTTON & PLUMB   West Halifax, VT. Seraphine and melodeon makers in 1849. ..Boadway
DWARKIN & SON (P) LTD.   8/2 Esplanade East, Calcutta 700 069, India. Founded in 1875 by Dwarkanath Ghose, who claimed to be the inventor of the Indian harmonium, which was specifically designed to be played while sitting on the floor. Currently (2004) manufacturing several models of Indian harmoniums. ..Dwarkin, Huivenaar
DYER & HUGHES   Mechanic St., Foxcroft, ME; Boston, MA; 18661894; Thomas Franklin Dyer and his nephew John F. Hughes operated a grocery and hardware business. Dyer had an interest in music and was the founder and leader of Dyer's Band. He began building and selling reed organs and later pianos with such success that in 1885 they dropped the original business to concentrate on reed organs and pianos. The original factory was built on Mechanic St. in 1869. Dyer retired in 1894, Hughes bought him out and the firm name became Hughes & Son. Serial number: 1888 - 34855. ..Boadway
DYER BROTHERS   St. Paul, MN. A music dealer who sold organs made by others with the Dyer stencil. ..Bushmaker, Kline
EARHUFF, JOHN G.   (1844-1924), factory at 197199 Wells St. in 1883, 5155 Pearson St. in 1886, office and warerooms at 161 Superior St. in 1883, Chicago, IL. Established in Chicago in 1876. In 1886 J.S. Foley came into the company and the name changed to J.G. Earhuff & Co. In 1888 the factory was moved to North St. Paul, MN, taking over the plant of the Beach Wagon Co. At this time the company was renamed J.G. Earhuff Organ & Piano Co., with J.G. Earhuff as president and F.H. Engstrous, secretary. Officers in 1897: John G. Earhuff, president; G.A. Earhuff, secretary. Factory capacity in 1897: 3600 organs per year; made organs for Kimball 187680; made the Peerless Organ. Last listed in 1906. Serial Numbers: 1898 - 32852, 1902 - 9748. ..Ramsey, Kline, Sentinel, POPG, DMT 1889, deWit 1883, Fox, Pillager, Boadway, De Young ROSB Winter 94/95
EARLY MUSIC SHOP   38 Manningham Lane, Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. Selling a four octave folding organ (2006). ..
EASON, ALEXANDER   217219 Kentish Town Road, London. Harmonium maker, 1871. ..OH
EASTERN COTTAGE ORGAN   instrument seem in an antique store.
EASTERN HARMONIUM FACTORY   11 Colootola Street, Calcutta, India. Harmonium maker, 1930. ..OH
EATON, C.W., & BOYNTON   Bristol, NH. Seraphine and melodeon makers. ..ROSB 2/91 p7
EATON, T., & CO. LTD.   Toronto, Ontario. Reed organs and pianos, ca 1920. ..Boadway
EBBLEWHITE, JOHN HENRY   45 Ald Gate, High St., London. Piano and harmonium manufacturer, 1883. ..deWit 1883
EBENEZER ORGAN CO.   Clifford, Ontario 1935. ..Kallmann
ECKERT, CHARLES, & CO.   between Beecker & Amity Streets, New York, NY, 1861. Manufacturer of keys for piano, organ and melodeon. ..Hutchinson
EDER, ANTON JULIUS   Franzlskanerplatz 4, Budapest, AustriaHungary. Piano and harmonium maker, 1883. ..deWit 1883
EDGAR   England. Edgar Home organ. ..Don Swett
EDNA ORGAN CO.   established 1886 in Massillon, OH, incorporated there 1889, in 1890 moved to Monroeville, OH. Changed name to Edna Piano & Organ Co. Officers in 1897: John A. Baldwin, president; John Hosford, vicepresident; H.E. Koontz, secretary; M.C. Price, general manager. Factory capacity in 1900: 1200 organs per year. Purchased the Burdett Piano Co. in 1897. Renamed Burdett Piano Co. in 1906. ..POPG
EESTI KLAVEIRIVABRIK A/S 'ASTRON'   16 Kalda t., Tartu, Estonia 1930. ..OH
EFL ORGELFABRIK   location unknown, possibly Sweden. Suction reed organ maker. ..Musikmuseet
EHRHARDT, C., & CO.   38 & 39 Brooke St., Holborn, London; American organ actions, keys, sounding boards, 1896. ..Trade Dir. 1896
EHRLER, ALFRED   Steinpleis, Germany, 1930; established 1923. ..deWit 1930
EHRLICH, PAUL   Mockernsche Str. 30B30D, Leipzig, Germany. Later known as Leipziger Musikwerke, then Neue LeipzigerMusikwerke A. BuffHedinger in 1904. Made the Ariston organette with reeds starting in 1876. Founded by Frederich Ernst Paul Ehrlich. ..deWit 1903, Bowers, OH
EICHLER, MAX   Löbauerstr. 36, Görlitz, Germany; established in 1861, still in business in 1912. ..deWit 1913, OH, Hartmann, Ahrens
EIDE, HENRIK   Bergen, Norway. ..Andersson, Södal
EISENWERKE L. MEYER JUN. & CO.   Harzgerode, Germany; B. Rosenthal and F. Huth, proprietors, established 1871; harmonium components, 1930. ..deWit 1930
EKMAN, GOTTFRID   Tranås, Sweden. ..Klaverens
EKSTROM (EKSTRÖM), O.B.   Malmö, Sweden. Piano maker, built ca. 1850 an enharmonic harmonium for Peter Samuel Munck af Rosenschöld, a professor of physics at the University of Lund, Sweden. ..Musikmeet
ELBERTSE, JOHANNES JOSEPHUS   Soest, Netherlands. Jan Elbertse (b. 5 feb. 1883). One reed organ known. ..deFrel
ELCKE (ELCKÉ), F., & CIE.   47 rue de Babylone, Paris 1889; established 1846 by Frederick Elcké, later made harmoniums. ..deWit 1883
ELDER, WILLIAM   97 E. 23rd St., New York, NY. Melodeon action maker, 1861. ..Hutchinson
ELDREDGE, O.H., & CO.   Cherry Valley, NY; established about 1851, later sold to Alex Fea & Sons, who operated it until 1874. ..Sawyer
ELFSTROM (ELFSTRÖM), CARL   (1830-1917), Ljungby, Sweden, 1909, also shown in Byslätt at Munksjö, Jönköping. Made both pipe organs and harmoniums. ..OH, Edqvist, Ruuth
ELIASSON, BENJAMIN   Sundshult, Sandhult parish, (now Västra Götaland), Sweden, fl. 1889. ..Klaverens
ELLIS, A.   invented the Harmonical, an enharmonic organ built by Moore & Moore. See Enharmonic organ. ..
ELLIS, HERBERT   Chester. (Location unknown, probably US).
ELM, PAUL   Werdauer Str. 17, GeraZwotzen, Germany; harmonium cases. ..
ELSHOVE, G.   Den Haag, Netherlands. Reed organ dealer. ..deFrel
EMENEE INDUSTRIES, INC.   New York. ..ROSB 2/92 p7
EMINENT   Reed organs made by Vreeken, Bodegraven, Netherlands. ..deFrel
EMMER, WILHELM   23-25 Berliner Str., Madgeburg, Germany in 1886; 19 Seydelstr. 20, Berlin, Germany 1886-1926. Established in 1870 as a reed organ maker, still in business as a retailer in 1930. ..OH, Ahrens
EMPIRE ORGAN CO.   87 Main St., Kalamazoo, MI 1867-70; 65 Monroe St., Grand Rapids, MI 1870-1878. George Piggott and Asa Filer Burch, owners. Used the Scribner qualifying tubes. ..Michel, Duga, deYoung, Heiss, Boadway, MI Dir
EMPIRE ORGAN CO.   Brattleboro, VT; Canton, OH. This is probably a separate company from the following listing. ..Heiss
ENDERBY, EDW.   11 Church St., Boston, England. Established in 1867; by 1909 appears as Enderby & Son. ..deWit 1903, OH
ENDSLEIGH ORGANS   see J. Humphreys & Sons. ..
ENGLAND ORGAN & PIANO CO.   Houston, TX. James R. England, proprietor. Active 1907. ..Duga, Fox
ENGLE, LEONHARDT   Bahnhofstr. 125, Oettingen, Germany, 1903. Reed maker, established 1877. ..deWit 1903
ENGLISH SERAPHONE CO.   made a rollplaying organette. ..Fluke
ENHARMONIC organ   see Joseph Alley, R.H.M. Bosanquet, Boyer & Marty, Colin Brown, A. Ellis, T.A. Jennings, Johannes Kewitsch, Moore & Moore, Arthur von Oettingen, Henry Ward Poole, J. & P. Schiedmayer, Robert Snell, Franz Steirer, J. Straube, Dr. Shohei Tanaka, James Paul White. ..
EPWORTH ORGAN   see Williams Organ Co. ..
ERBE, JACOB WILHELM   Altstadtstr. 9, Alexanderstr. 50, in 1903, Georg-Euckenstr. 28, Eisenach, Germany. Piano maker, established 1881. Made and patented a combination piano-harmonium, 1888. ..deWit 1903, Ahrens
ERHART   instrument owned by Donald M Sharp, 15 Loop Drive, Wickford, RI 02852. ..
ERICHSEN, P.   Ringebu, Norway. Harmonium maker from the 1860s to 1876. Produced 61 instruments. ..Kolnes
ERICSON, FRANS OSCAR   Copenhagen, Denmark; working 1939-43. ..
ERICSON, OSC., KBH.   Crescendo harmonium, Denmark. ..
ERICSON, OSCAR   Hult, Norra Haghult, Markaryd, Sweden. Flourishing 1950-60. See Orgelfabriken Pneumon. ..Edqvist, Klaverens
ERIKSEN, AMUND   Norway. Pipe organ builder, also made a few harmoniums. ..Kolnes
ERIKSEN, L.   2 Bragernaes Torv., Drammen, Norway. Established in Drammen in 1913. The firm is said to have been founded previously in Sweden by A.N. Östlind and his brotherinlaw, Mr. Nelson, who had previously had a leading position in the Packard Organ Co. of Fort Wayne, IN. Eriksen bought the factory and moved it with machines and employees to Drammen, where Nelson became the factory superintendent. By 1914 they were producing 300 instruments per year, and by 1925 had produced a total of 1500 harmoniums. At that time the factory was enlarged and new machinery installed. Still in business in 1930. ..Kolnes, OH
ERIKSSON & GRONLUND (GRÖNLUND)   see Albin Eriksson. ..
ERIKSSON, ALBIN   (1876-1943), Kåge, Skellefteå, Sweden. At the age of 18 he studied organ building in Stockholm to three months, then started his own organ production in Kåge about 1900. Later joined with Johan William Grönlund to form Eriksson & Grönlund., also in Kåge. See Grönlunds Orgelbyggeri. ..OH, Edqvist
ERIKSSON, E.   Gefle, Sweden, 1909. ..OH, Edqvist
ERIKSSON, ERIK   Järvsö, Sweden, fl. 1890. ..Klaverens
ERIKSSON, I.   Östersund, Sweden, ca 1900. Made suction reed organs. ..Musikmuseet
ERIKSSONS, JÖNS.   Kyrkogatan 7, Östersund, Sweden, 1890, 1930. ..deWit 1903, Klaverens
ERSTE PRODUKTIVGENOSSENSCHAFT DER HARMONIUMMACHER WIENS   Hartmanngasse 10, Vienna, Austria; established in 1884 by Josef Strizik (qv) at Hartmanngasse 15; J. Witeck, director in 1903. ..Friberg, deWit 1903, OH
ERSTE WURTTEMBERGISCHE REPARATURANSTALT, HARMONIUM & PIANOFABRIK J.G. GSCHWIND   Gutenbergstr. 95, Stuttgart, Germany; Lucie Gschwind, prop. in 1903. Still active in 1913. Established in 1858 as Pross, Gschwind & Co. See Gschwind. ..deWit 1903, cat., Hartmann, Ahrens
ESCHENBACH, BERNARD   Königshofen, Germany. Made the Organovioline in 1814, one of the first free reed instruments. ..OH, Olthof
ESSIG, RUDOLF, & CO.   Stuttgart, Germany. LeipzigGohlis, Mittlere Georgstr. 4, Leipzig, Germany; Rudolf Essig & Richard Müller, proprietors, 1902. Made both pressure and suction instruments. Patent for harmonium, 1890. ..deWit 1903, cat., Ahrens
ESTADELLA, CAYETANO   58 calle de Martinez de la Rose, Barcelona, Spain, 1930. ..OH
ESTEE   a name reported by J. Estey & Co. in its 1880 catalog as having been used by "an irresponsible party in the West... on a lot of cheap instruments with the intent of deluding buyers into the belief that they are genuine Estey Organs." ..
ESTEVE (ESTÈVE)   Paris; reed maker, established 1840. Amalgamated with Berthion-Hédou, later succeeded by Léon Pinet, (qv). Introduced a new alloy for reedmaking in 1852. Had 44 workers in 1872. Awarded a Bronze medal at the 1878 Paris Exposition for excellent precision work. Awarded a First Prize at Sydney, Australia in 1880. ..deWit 1883, Nugues, Fluke
ESTEY & GREEN   Brattleboro, VT 1855  1863; successor to I. Hines & Co., Jacob Estey and Hatsell P. Green, partners; the Main St. factory burned in 1857, a new factory was built 1858 on the site later occupied by the Brattleboro House; succeeded by J. Estey & Co. ..USPat. 16,786
ESTEY, J., & CO.   Brattleboro, VT 1863  1872; successors to Estey & Green, the original partners were Jacob Estey, Riley Burditt, Silas Waite and Joel Bullard; a new factory was built in 1866 on Flat St. and the business reorganized with Jacob Estey, his son Julius J. and soninlaw Levi Fuller as partners; as part of the reorganization Riley Burditt and Silas Waite organized the Burdett Organ Co. Ltd. in Chicago. A new factory was started in 1869 on Birge Street at the Dickenson Farm, later called Esteyville; reorganized as Estey Organ Co. in 1872 and as the Estey Corporation in the early 1930s, (after 1933), closed in 1959. Estey made a folding suitcase-type organ for Lyon & Healy, (qv). Estey made most of the chaplain's organs used during World War II as well as the model M-1945 introduced at the end of the war or shortly thereafter. The Estey name was later aquired by Miner Industries of New Kensington, PA, who made an electrically blown chord organ. The name then became property of Fletcher Music Centers, Clearwater, FL, who sold electronic organs with that brand name. Serial numbers:

1850 - 400 1879 - 90180 1893 - 257335 1910 - 377101 1959 - 515664
1855 - 2400 1880 - 100000 1894 - 270908 1911 - 377721
1860 - 5600 1881 - 106640 1895 - 280144 1911 - 383448
1865 - 9500 1881 - 114498 1897 - 291978 1912 - 385000
1867 - 12545 1882 - 120768 1898 - 296115 1915 - 400000
1867 - 14000 1882 - 127000 1898 - 301018 1916 - 401174
1869 - 17025 1883 - 132000 1899 - 305297 1918 - 408000
1869 - 23006 1883 - 135997 1899 - 305297 1920 - 418847
1871 - 23368 1884 - 146000 1900 - 311195 1923 - 437391*
1871 - 26941 1885 - 157498 1900 - 322000 1925 - 430201
1872 - 35000 1885 - 164196 1901 - 326050 1926 - 433000
1872 - 36200 1886 - 170695 1902 - 334000 1929 - 439640
1873 - 36955 1887 - 170987 1903 - 340000 1934 - 443820
1873 - 38222 1887 - 181672 1904 - 344793 1935 - 427303*
1874 - 46538 1888 - 196879 1904 - 348763 1935 - 444603
1874 - 51486 1889 - 208998 1905 - 350789 1936 - 446349
1875 - 52199 1889 - 215352 1906 - 355000 1937 - 449217
1875 - 60365 1890 - 221000 1907 - 360190 1941 - 457999
1876 - 62000 1891 - 231771 1908 - 366247 1950 - 493343
1877 - 71498 1891 - 236699 1908 - 368584 1952 - 513225*
1878 - 79000 1892 - 243981 1909 - 369835 1953 - 501290
1879 - 90180 1892 - 250000 1909 - 374352 1955 - 506000

*Out of sequence, may be in error.

ETERNA   instrument serial number 144096; no other information available.
ETIENNE   see Christophe & Etienne. ..
EUPHONIKA MUSIKWERKE   Leipzig, Germany. ..
EUTERPE WORKS   see A.R. Downs & Co. ..
EVANS, WARDLE EASTLAND   Cheltenham, England in 1839, relocated to 28 Market Place, Great Portland St., London by 1865; built a reed organ with steel reeds called the OrganoHarmonica in 1839, (some sources say 1844), but was unable to manufacture it. It was later made and sold by Boosey & Sons as Evan's English Harmonium. He held many patents including the "Genouilliere", a kneelever to control a pedal bass (held jointly with R. Smythe), and an 1881 patent on an expression stop for suction instruments. ..Evans, Fluke
EVANS, WM., & CO.   Lockport, IL. Made melodeons and pipe organs 18551860. Patent dated June 9, 1857. ..Michel, Fox
EVERETT PIANO CO.   South Haven, MI; established 1934, manufactured and sold the Orgatron (qv), a hybrid reed and electronic organ. It was surpassed by the popular Hammond organ, and Everett sold the rights to Wurlitzer in 1945. ..Peterson, Fox
EVERHART ORGAN & PIANO CO.   York, PA. Active 1909. ..Eyman, Pierce
EXCELSIOR organ   see F.S. Fieman; E.C. Leidy; M.L. Cope; Jefts, Greble & Co.. The Organ Co. of Canada. ..
EXCELSIOR ORGAN CO.   Washington, NJ. Made the Gem organ for Sears, Roebuck & Co. See Daniel Bell Organ Co. ..Yeager, Michel
EXCELSIOR-ORGAN   Made in the factory of Joh. De Heer, Rotterdam, Netherlands (?). ..deFrel
FABBRICA ITALIANA PIANOFORTI   55 via Moretta, Turin, Italy, 1930. Piano and harmonium maker. ..OH
FABER, HOMO   factory 325 So. Robey St., office 2066 Flourney St., Chicago, IL; folding and portable organs. Established about 1905, operated until at least 1930. Associated with Marshall Brothers. ..POPG, OH
FABIANEK, FRANZ   Rájec (Raitz), Czechoslovakia, 1930. Also shown as František Fabránek. ..deWit 1930, OH
FABREGA (FÁBREGA), ALFREDO   Albox, Almería, Spain, 1903. ..deWit 1903
FABRIK LEIPZIGER MUSIKWERKE   Möckernsche Str. 30bd in 1900-03, Möckernsche Str. 29-33 in 1904, Leipzig-Gohlis, Germany. Formerly Paul Ehrlich & Co.; Paul Ehrlich, proprietor. Established 1877. Made the "Daimonion", a combination piano-harmonium, in 1894. Made an automatic harmonium, with organ action by Mannborg, in 1910. ..deWit 1903, Ahrens
FARFISA   Castelfidardo, Ancona, Italy. Two accordion makers, Soprani and Scandalli, combined to form Farfisa, primarily an accordion manufacturer but also a maker of small harmoniums. Made the HarmoTransposer, an electricallyblown portable harmonium with a four octave transposing keyboard and a single set of reeds; the Pianorgan with a three octave keyboard and bass chord buttons; and the "Golden Voice Regale" as recently as 1965. ..ROSB 5/85, Olthof
FARLEY & HOLMES   ..[ROSB 2/91 p7
FARLEY, PEARSON & CO.   Old Burnside Bldg., Main St., Worcester, MA 18471852. John A. Farley, John G. Pearson and Milton M. Morse were partners; Morse had previously worked for Prescott and Farley came from Concord, NH. See Pearson & Loring, also Taylor & Farley. ..Washburn
FARRAND & VOTEY   12th St. & Grand Trunk Railway, Detroit, MI; started as the Detroit Organ Co. in 1881, a workerowned enterprise which proved unsuccessful and was bought out by Detroit music dealer C.J. Whitney and organ builder Edwin S. Votey, a former Estey employee, in 1883 and incorporated as the Whitney Organ Co. W.R. Farrand joined the same year as financial manager. Whitney retired in 1887 and the name changed to Farrand & Votey. Started building pipe organs in 1888 and in 1889 acquired the patents of Frank Roosevelt, successor to Hilborne Roosevelt. Acquired the Granville Wood Pipe Organ Co. in 1890. Votey did pioneering work on piano players, developing the famous Pianola. In 1897 the company split up, Farrand remaining with the reed organs as the Farrand Organ Co., and Votey taking the pipe organ and player piano business into the Aeolian Company where he became a Vicepresident. The Farrand Organ Co. later brought out its own piano player, the Cecilian, and went bankrupt in 1915. Serial numbers:

1887 - 16992 1892 - 29300 1898 - 50384
1888 - 15471* 1893 - 33000 1900 - 62081
1888 - 20000 1894 - 35200 1902 - 79646
1889 - 21000 1895 - 38000 1906 - 106001
1890 - 23000 1896 - 41000 1908 - 122812

1891 - 26000 1897 - 44951

*Out of sequence

FARRAND ORGAN CO.   Detroit, MI; 1897 until at least 1908; see Farrand & Votey. ..Cat., Friberg
FARRANT, HENRY   22 Gardner Street, Brighton, England; also 195 Western Road, Brighton, Sussex. Pipe organ and piano builder 18781896, also made harmoniums. ..Fluke
FARRIS, JOHN   Hartford, CT. Active about 1880. ..Boadway
FAVIER   Passage du Pont-Neuf No. 19, Passage des Panoramas No 23, Paris, 1830. ..Dieterlen
FAVRE, J.   Lyon, France. Showed "Harmonichords" at the London Exhibition of 1862. ..Fluke
FAZER   No further information. ..deFrel
FAZERIN   see Musikki Fazerin Pianotehdas. ..
FEA, ALEX, & SONS   Cherry Valley, NY; successor to O.H. Eldredge; business closed in 1874. ..Sawyer
FELDNER, C., & CO.   Gutwoehne bei Oels, Germany, 1885. ..Ahrens
FELT, CHARLES F.   see Joseph Foster ..
FENTON, CHAS. E.   20 Culmore Road, Asylum road, Peckham, SE London. Piano and harmonium manufacturer 18781883. ..Fluke
FERAT ET GAME   France, 1875. Won a Bronze medal at the Paris Exposition of 1878 for a two manual eleven stop harmonium in a 13th century style case intended for a church in La Palisse. ..Fluke
FERNANDEZ, P.J.   Kalbadevird, Bombay, India. Harmonium maker. ..Fluke
FERRIS & RAND ORGAN CO.   Geneva, Ohio. A reed organ using the "Clarabella" reed was invented by Charles Newell Rand. George Washington Gale Ferris, a cousin of Rand's and inventer of the Ferris wheel, provided the financial backing. The Ferris & Rand Organ Co. was established in Galesburg, IL but was persuaded to move to Geneva, Ohio in 1889 where they purchased the former Lock Co. building. Apparently production was never begun and the building remained vacant. ..Horne, Boyle, Geneva Times
FERSANI   see Chiappa & Fersani. ..
FEUCHT   see Trefz & Feucht ..
FEUERBACH   No futher information. ..deFrel
FEUGA, BERTRAND   rue des Balances No. 43, Toulouse, France. Exhibited in Toulouse Belle Arts in 1856. Working at least through 1861. ..Fluke
FIDLER, J.   56 Burton Street, London. Harmonium maker 1864. ..OH
FIEDLER (without Gustav)   Reed organs made by E.F. Köhler. ..deFrel
FIEDLER, CARL E.   also HarmonyphonMusikwerke, Graslitzerstr. 21B, Klingenthal, Germany, 1903. Carl Emil Fiedler, Proprietor. Established 1901; made music box actions with reeds. ..deWit 1903, ROPSA
FIEDLER, GUSTAV   Poniatowskystr. 4 in 1900, Sedanstr. 17 and Fregestr. 5-7 in 1906, Leipzig, Germany; Karl-Heine-Str. 82, Leipzig-Lindenau in 1905. Paul Kretzschmer, proprietor in 1905. Eugen Zimmermann and Theodor Ansinn, proprietors in 1930, established 1871 as a piano maker. Harmonium maker beginning in 1903. Closed in 1935. ..deWit 1930, cat., Ahrens
FIEMAN, F.S.   Mount Etna, PA in 1903; (also shown as Mr. Aetna) in 1913 located in Myerstown, PA; established in 1876. Probably closed in 1914. Maker of the handmade "Excelsior" organ. See M.L. Cope, E.C. Leidy. ..POPG, PBG 1913
FIESTA   Japan. Instrument belonging to Bill Warner dates probably dates from the 1960s to >70s. ..Warner, eBay, Akai
FINDLAY, ALEXANDER   110 West Nile Street, Glasgow, Scotland. Harmonium maker, established 1878, still working in 1906. Made the "Seraphium." After Alexander's death manufacturing was discontinued, but his sons Alex and Robert carried on with sales of pianos and reed organs. ..Fluke
FINK, J.J.   see Hinners & Albertsen. ..
FINNBERG, PER-OLOF   (1853-1930). Norsjö, Sweden. Made cottage organs. ..Edqvist, Mackie
FISCHER, KARL J.   Werderstr. 15 in 1937, Palmstr. 21, Schorndorf, Germany, 1940. Established about 1914. Made suction harmoniums. ..OH
FISHER, A.   260 Goswell Road, London. Harmonium fittings dealer, 1900. ..Fluke
FISHER, H.M.   Reading, PA 1899, Allentown, PA through 1908. Made both reed and pipe organs. ..POPG
FISK & RANDALL   Woodbridge, CT. ..
FISK, C.W., & CO.   Ansonia, CT, melodeon, 18501868. ..Michel, Duga, ROSB 2/86
FITTLER, SANDOR   20 Hatar ut., BudapestPesterzsebet, Hungary, 1930. ..OH
FITZ   harmoniums. no other information available. ..
FLAMAND & FILS   Versailles, France. Piano and harmonium maker, 1883. ..deWit 1883
FLEISCHER & KINDERMANN   No further information. ..deFrel
FLETCHER & CO.   177 and 161 City Road, London EC in 1900; advertised as H.J. Fletcher & Co. Ltd. at the Bridge Works, New North Road, London NI in 1931. Supplier of reed organ parts, established 1879. ..Fluke
FLOREY BROS.   Washington, NJ. Made small grand pianos for Cornish and others as well as a few reed organs. Alvin F. Florey was also General Manager of Cornish. ..Sloan, Shannon
FOERSTER, CARL   1801 Lloyd St., Milwaukee, WI; made reed and pipe roller organs, 1889-1910. ..POPG, Fox
FOISY, THOS. F.G.   Montreal, Canada. Piano and organ manufacturer, established in 1874. ..Ad
FOLEY & WILLIAMS ORGAN CO.   121123 W. 5th St., Cincinnati, OH; made the Peerless organ. Also controlled the Moore Organ Co. The factory was moved to Kankakee, IL in 1902. In business at least through 1919. Also shown at 46-50 E. Jackson Blvd, Chicago. ..Warshaw, POPG, PBG 1913, Friberg
FOLSOM, SIMEON   Limerick, ME; seraphine ca 1850. ..
FONROBERT, GEBRUDER   Potsdamer Str. 26, Berlin, Germany; Gillaume Fonrobert, proprietor, maker of rubberized cloth for harmoniums, 1930. Established 1885. ..deWit 1930
FONTIN FRERES   Paris, France. ..deFrel
FORBES, E.E.   A music dealer who sold organs made by others, possibly Netzow, with the Forbes stencil. Bought out the Jesse French music stores. Serial number: 1904 - 67468, 1904 - 68219. ..Kimbrell
FORENADE (FÖRENADE) PIANO- & ORGELFABRIKER   Herrljunga and Arvika, Sweden. Established in 1917 with the merger of C.B. Petterssons Orgel & Pianofabrik (qv) with other large companies. Remained in business until 1962. ..Edqvist, Jansson, Klaverens
FOREST GATE ORGAN WORKS   see Robert Slater & Son. ..
FORSEN (FORSÉN), OSKAR   (1880-1965), Vännäs, Sweden. ..-Edqvist, Mackie
FORSTER (FÖRSTER) & NICOLAUS   Butzbacher Str. 5 (now Kolnhäuser Str.), Lich, Germany. Founded 1842 by J. G. Förster. Made both pressure and suction harmoniums. Merged with Nikolaus & Pappe in 1927. Also see Straube & Co. ..Ahrens
FORSTER (FÖRSTER), AUGUST   Georgswalde, Czechoslovakia 1903, 1937; proprietors: Frau Margarete Förster, Gerhard & Manfred Förster; also at Albertstr. 14, Lobau, Germany 1903, Casar Förster, prop. in 1903; established 1859. Piano and harmonium maker, both suction and pressure instruments. Made the "Viertelton," an enharmonic harmonium. ..deWit 1903, 1930; Friberg, Rieche, catalog
FORSTER (FÖRSTER), HEINRICH EMIL   Rittergasse 43, Jüdengasse 150 in 1831, Neumarkt in 1832, Zeitz, Germany. Jüdengasse in Zeitz-Wasservorstadt, 1837. Piano maker, also made physharmonicas. ..Ahrens
FORT WAYNE ORGAN CO.   Fairfield Ave. & Organ Ave., Fort Wayne, IN 18711899. The first organ was produced on 25 April, 1872. Made the Packard organ; changed the company name to Packard Organ Co. in 1899 and later to the Packard Piano Co. Went out of business in 1930. The former factory site is now Packard Park. Isaac T. Packard, founder, S.B. Bond, a banker, president, and his son Albert S. Bond, General Manager from 1886. Factory capacity 5,000 organs per year in 1897. See Packard Bros.

Action serial numbers: (* case number or out of sequence, ? may be 1906)

1876 - 12000 1890 - 28000 1900 - 48649 1907 - 69169
1878 - 14600 1890 - 21047* 1902 - 57639 1910 - 73187
1882 - 16400 1891 - 45057* 1903 - 83251*
1884 - 17900 1892 - 31392 1904 - 62398
1886 - 20001 1893 - 32953 1905 - 63753
1888 - 24100 1893 - 52611* 1905 - 64902 ?
1889 - 18836* 1893 - 35200 1905 - 93051*?

FORWARD   no other information available. ..ROSB 2/91 p7
FOSS, CALVIN   see Packard Bros. ..
FOSTER & THAYER   see Joseph Foster, Samuel H. Jones. ..
FOSTER, JOSEPH   a pipe organ maker in Winchester, NH, he built his first reed organ in 1831. In 1842 he took Albert Thayer into partnership and the firm name became Foster & Thayer; making lap organs. The firm was dissolved in 1845, and Foster moved to Keene, NH where he continued to build reed organs in partnership with Charles F. Felt under the name Foster & Felt until Felt's death in 1857. In 1866 Joseph Foster's brother Ephraim joined the firm which then became J. & E. Foster until Joseph's death in 1875. Ephraim continued in business until he died in 1889. ..Cabot, Owen
FOUCHER, G.   29 Picadilly, London, 1881. Made mechanical harmoniums and organettes. ..
FOURNEAUX, J.B. NAPOLEON (NAPOLÉON)   Paris. Maker of free-reed instruments, established 1835. Had a patent for a twomanual orgue-expressif with reeds in a vertical position in 1840, made the "Orchestrion" in 1844 - an orgue- expressif with a cylinder and keyboard. Successor to Chameroy, 1838; succeeded by his son J.L. Napoléon Fourneaux in 1846, author of "Petit Traité de l'Orgue-Expressif," a book on the orgue-expressif and on tuning. Had 46 workers in 1860. Listed as Jean-Nestor Fourneaux in 1866. Located at 64 & 70 Galerie Vivienne, Paris in 1844; at 33 Avenue de Saint-Cloud, Paris in 1851 and at 89 boulev. St.-Michel in 1883. ..Mustel, deWit 1883, Pierre, Fluke
FOWLER   Chicago, IL. ..ROS #1549
FRANK & FITE   no other information available. ..ROSQ Winter 99
FRANKEL & CO.   see Fridolf Piano- och Orgelfabrik. ..
FRANKLIN   see James & Franklin. ..
FRANSSEN, GEBR.     Schoenmakerstraat 614 and Christoffelstr. 10, Roermond, Netherlands; Anton Franssen, proprietor, 1903. Maker of church organs and American (suction) organs. ..deFrel, deWit 1903
FRATTI & CO.   Buchholzerstr. 1, Berlin. Band organ, street piano and harmonium manufacturer, 1883. ..deWit 1883
FRENCH   see Wagoner & French. ..
FRENCH, JESSE, PIANO & ORGAN CO.   240242 North Summer St., Nashville, TN; started 1872 as a piano and organ retailer, later manufactured organs. At least some of the Jesse French organs were made by the Chicago Cottage Organ Co. with the French stencil, others were probably made by Kimball. Incorporated 1887, Jesse French, president; John Lumsden, St. Louis, MO, vicepresident; O.A. Field, St. Louis, MO, secretarytreasurer. ..Bent, Senior, Kimbrell
FRENZEL, FRITZ   Südstrasse 61, Leipzig, Germany in 1921. Also shown at Scharnhorststr. 59 in 1925. ..Musique Addresses Universelles, Ahrens
FRIDOLF PIANO- OCH ORGELFABRIK   Stockholm. Established 1892, fl. after 1914. ..Klaverens
FRIEBORGH HARMONIUM- EN ORGELBOUW   Sportlaan 9, Vriezenveen, Netherlands, ca 1945-58. See Hermann Borger. ..Olthof
FRIEDRICH & SCHULZE, HARMONIUMFABRIK   Lützener Str. 8 in 1906, Lützener Str. 24 in 1907, LeipzigLindenau, Germany. Factory located in Leipzig-Lindenau at Siemeringstrasse 30 from 1912 to 1926, Aurelienstr. 4 in 1926. Established in 1902. ..Friberg, OH, Ahrens
FRIEDRICH, CARL RICHARD   Arnhem, Netherlands. Has a patent (28 May 1914): “Inrichting ter verkrijging van druk- of zuigwind voor harmonium of orgel” (Bellows movement by a key-operated disk). ..deFrel
FRIEMEL, JOH.   Vienna, Austria, barrel-operated melodeons. ..Winter
FRISBIE & TREAT   see Whitaker & Frisbie. ..
FRISBIE & WHITAKER   New Haven, CT 1847, see Whitaker & Frisbie. ..
FRISIA   Brand name of reed organs made by Emil Müller, Werdau, Germany. This organs have “invisible” built in “Transponier-Harmonista” devices with 40 accords. Forty of the sixty-one usefully keys are used for the accords if the keyboard was slide a little into the reed organ. If the keyboard was slide return, the keyboard is ready for normal use. Serial number: 1929 (Sep) – 23466. ..deFrel
FROHLICH (FRÖHLICH, FROEHLICH), ERNST   DragsdorfZeitz, Germany. Harmonium manufacturer, founded 1923. Working at least through 1940. ..Fluke, OH, Ahrens
FROMENTIN   Paris. Reed maker, 1867. ..Fluke
FRONTALINI E FIGLI   Numana, Italy. Accordian-Harmonium. ..Claremont
FUCHS, JOSEPH CARL   Vienna, Austria. Joseph Carl Fuchs (1789-1832), made a Physharmonica in 1828. ..deFrel
FUEHR & STEMMER   Two manual and pedal reed organ, probably made in the U.S. No other information available. ..Barone
FULDAER ORGEL, HARMONIUM, UND PIANOFORTEFABRIK MAIER & CO.   Friedrichstr. 16, Fulda, Germany; Ernst & Rich. Maier, directors, 1930. ..deWit 1930
FULLER, LEVI KNIGHT   started a sewing machine factory in Brattleboro in 1863, but the shop burned at the time of the Estey fire in 1864. He started again but sold it when he entered the Estey firm. Eventually became vicepresident and partner in J. Estey & Co. and soninlaw of Jacob Estey. Still later became a state senator, Lt. Governor and Governor of Vermont and was instrumental in establishing the standard musical pitch of A=435 Hz. in the United States. ..Columbian, Cabot, Michel
FUMMO, A.   Naples, Italy, 1862. Pianomelodium and vertical melodium. ..OH
GABORIAUD   see Richard et Cie. ..
GAERTTNER, G.F., & CO.   Ann Arbor, MI. (Also Gartner, Garttner.) Gottlieb Friedrich Gaerttner (1822-1878) learned pipe organ and harmonium building at E.F. Walcker & Co. in Ludwigsburg, Germany; emigrated to Ann Arbor in 1867 and began making reed organs at his home on West Seventh Street. In 1869 he moved his shop to Liberty Street between Main and Ashley Streets and began making pipe organs in addition to reed organs. In 1871 he sold out to his son-in-law, David Allmendinger, (qv), worked for Albert Charles Gemunder in Columbus, OH, as an organ builder and about 1872 joined the Derrick & Felgemaker Co., organ builders, in Erie, PA as superintendent and head tuner. ..
GALANTE VASSEUR & CIE.   40 rue de Paradis Poissonnière, Paris. Harmonium manufacturer, advertised from 18781883. ..Fluke
GALLMANN, G.   Sechaus 1, Holligen siehe Bern, Switzerland, 1903. Established 1866. ..deWit 1903
GALLY, MERRITT   9 Spruce St. in 1879; 25 E. 14th St. in 1883, 95 Nassau St., all in New York. Inventor of the Universal printing press and also of the Orchestrone, a roll-playing organ or organette. Both types had pneumatic valves which operated the pallet valves, permitting the use of very compact rolls in contrast to most other organettes which used the paper-as-a-valve system, requiring rather large rolls. Gally himself manufactured some organs and organettes and others were licensed to the Munroe Organ Reed Co. ..deWit 1883, Scientific American, Ad.
GALVAN, EGIDIO   100C Vittorio Emanuaele III, Borgo Valsugana, Italy. Listed in directories for 1903, 1930. Adress now: Corso Ausugum 112, Borgo Valsugana, Italy. Establised in 1901. Still active, see Produce at least one model reed organ (model Bach) now! ..deWit 1903, Fluke, deFrel
GAME (GAMÉ)   see Ferat et Gamé. ..
GANTENBEIN, U.   Zürich, Switzerland. Reed organ known. ..deFrel
GANZEVOORT, W.B.     Diezerstraat 116, Zwolle, Netherlands, delivery of reed organs (1923-1966). ..deFrel
GARDNER, C.A.   Grand Rapids, MI. ..Banning
GARDNER, WILLIAM P.   Peckhammer Building, George St., New Haven, CT in 1840, later moved to Bridgeport, CT for one year then returned to 216 Wooster St., New Haven. Located at 29 Cherry St., New Haven in 1861. Melodeon and pipe organ maker. ..Hutchinson, Michel, Fox
GARNIER, MARCEL   16 rue ErnestCresson, Paris, 1930. ..OH
GARVIE & WOOD   12 Union Square, New York, NY; sold the musical sewing machine cover or Dulciphone, a small rollplaying organette which was attached to a sewing machine cover and operated by the treadle. The Dulciphone was made by the Munroe Organ Reed Co. about 1885. ..Bowers, Sanders, Warshaw
GASPARINI, ALEXANDRE   1719 rue de la Véga, Paris. Harmonium maker, 1903. ..deWit 1903
GATELY MANUFACTURING CO.   72 Pearl St., Boston, MA. M.R. Gately, proprietor. Organette maker in the 1890s. ..Owen, Leverett
GATES ORGAN & PIANO CO.   also Gates Brothers. Three brothers, Winslow J., Austin L. and Charles E. Gates, began building pianos and organs in Melvern Square, Annapolis County, Nova Scotia about 1872. In 1882 they moved to Truro, NS to what is now the Moffatt Bros. Ltd. building on Court Street, and continued at that location until at least 1897. ..Kallmann, vanderLeest
GATEWOOD ORGAN CO.   High Point, NC. A name used by Shipman Organ Co. ..Cat., Leverett
GAVEAU   France. Portable organ. ..eBay
GAVIOLI & CIE.   2 avenue Taillebourg, place du Trône, Paris, 1883; 175 bis rue de Bercy and 11 quai de la Râpée in 1903; founded by Ludovic Gavioli. A. Gavioli and P. Yver, proprietors in 1903. Known mainly for its fairground organs, Gavioli also made harmoniums and street organs with free reeds. Awarded a bronze medal at the Paris Exposition of 1878. ..Pierre, deWit 1903, Bowers, OH
GAVIOLI, C., FILS   15 rue des Charbonniers, St.-Antoine, Paris, also shown as Claude Gavioli & Söhne. Harmonium and harmoniflûte manufacturer, 1883. One example of a Gavioli harmonium is in the Mechanical Musical Instrument Museum, Bruchsal, Germany. ..deWit 1883, RFG
GEAKE, HENRY & RICHARD   St. Thomas, Launceston, Cornwall, England. Also shown at Westgate St. in 1883. Organ and harmonium makers, 18781885. ..deWit 1883, Fluke
GEBHARDT, J.   1 rue Madame, Paris in 1920, later at 239 rue de Paris, Clamart, France. Aeoliphone portable harmoniums. ..OH
GEFLE ORGEL & PIANO FABRIK, A.B.   N. Kungsgatan 25, Gefle, Sweden; L.E. Barlein and P. Östlund, proprietors, 1903. ..deWit 1903, Edqvist, deFrel
GEHLHAR & CO.   see Bremer Orgelbauanstalt Gehlhar & Co. ..
GEISSLER, BRUNO   Elisenstrasse 42, Leipzig, Germany. Organettes. ..Bowers
GEM ORGAN CO.   also Gem Piano and Organ Co. in 1886, Washington, NJ; established 1859. Edward Plotts was involved in this company beginning in the 1880s. ..Friberg, Spencer
GEM ROLLER ORGAN CO.   organettes, Ithaca, NY; see Autophone. ..
GENTIS & CAPURON   (Maison Couty), Quai la Rouselle, Saintes, France, 1903. Later listed as Maison Couty, Liné & Klein, H. Chabin Sr., Boulevard Raspail 230, Paris. ..deWit 1903, Fluke
GENUNG, SETH J.   Waterloo, NY 1857; melodeons, see Stilwell & Genung. ..Michel
GERAER KLAVIATUREN, VEB   Gera, Germany. Manufacturer of keyboards and components for harmoniums, 1961.
GERBNER & PAUL: Port Carbon, PA.(name & location in question).
..Ken Reed
GERCKEN   Berlin, Germany ..deFrel
GERL, DR. F.M.   Hindelang, Germany; maker of Dr. Gerl's HandHarmonium, 1903, 1913; established 1892. ..deWit 1930, Weischet
GERMANIA-INDUSTRIE GmbH   Berlin, 1921. ..Ahrens
GEROME, L.   105 rue Feronstree, Liege, Belgium in 1910; in 1925 located at 18 rue de la Province, Liege. Retailer and maker of pianos and harmoniums. In 1880 Gerome was manager of the BalthasarFlorence establishment at 97 rue Feronstree. ..Fluke
GERRISH, WM. H.   1790 Washington St., Boston, MA in 1870; at 2130 Washington St., 2nd Floor, in 1880; 147 Tremont in 1883; established in 1868, in business at least until 1888. ..Cat., deWit 1883
GEVAERT (GÉVAERT), VITUS   36 rue Digue de Brabant, Ghent, Belgium. Inventor of the Harmonista (patented 1872), established 1846, in business at least through 1890. His brother Charles Louis Gévaert also manufactured pianos and harmoniums. Charles and his sons Paul and FernandJoseph opened showrooms at rue St. Paul 17 in Liege in 1870, and in 1879 opened another showroom at 20 rue des Dominicains in Liege. Showed a Harmonista at the Brussels Exhibition in 1880. Awarded a Diplome d'Honneur at the Anvers Exhibition of 1885 for a twomanual harmonium with Harmonista. Later operated by Paul Beyer at 63 Schoonzichtstrasse, Ghent, Belgium. ..Fluke
GEYZEN, ACHILLE   rue Dewez, Namur, Belgium. Successor to BalthasarFlorence as a manufacturer of pianos and harmoniums in 1920; closed in 1926. ..Fluke
GHIDONI, FORTUNATO   Camposanto, Modena, Italy. Pipe organ and harmonium maker. ..Malagoli
GHISCI, GIUSEPPE   Bratovecchio, Arezzo, Italy. Awarded a Bronze medal for harmoniums at Arezzo, 1882. ..deWit 1883
GIBBS, B.A.   41A Southampton Rd., Malden Rd., London NW. Piano, organ and harmonium keymaker, 1921. ..Fluke
GIBSON I.H   Townsend Centre, MA, melodeon maker. Also shown at Groton Junction, MA., ..Carnahan,
GILBERT   115113 rue de Vaugirard, Paris; established 1840; "Melodian" organs. At least some of the Gilbert organs were made by Hörügel. Succesor to Alexandre Rousseau, (qv). ..Friberg, Le Menestrel, Fluke
GILBERT, TIMOTHY, & CO.   406 Washington St., Boston, MA 1847; made pianos with reed organ attachment patented by Abed Coleman. Serial number: 1851 - 4712 ..
GILDERSLEEVE, J., & CO.   26 Angel Hill, Bury Saint Edmunds, Suffolk, England, 1892 & 1909, 20 Torbay St., Kentish Town, London 1891 & 1896; reed and pipe organ builder. ..Trade Dir. 1896, OH
GILDERSLEEVE, R. S.   St. John's St., Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England. Robert Stanton Gildersleeve, pipe organ builder who made some reed organs. Advertised from 1890 to 1906. ..Rob Allan
GILLBLADS ORGELFABRIK   Karlstad, Sweden, ca 1880. ..Klaverens
GILLES BAUER   harmonium maker, no other information available. ..
GILMOUR, JAMES   Glasgow, Scotland. Granted patent for harmonium improvements, 1864. James Gilmour & Son showed two harmoniums at the Paris Exhibition of 1867. ..Fluke, OH
GINOCCHIO, A., & BRO.   41 Hester St., New York, NY, 1861. Manufacturer of cylinder organs and melodeons. ..Hutchinson
GIRARD & CIE.   France, see Ducroquet. ..
GIRIBALDI, BENIAMINO   Montegrazie, Imperia, Italy. ..Malagoli
GIULIANO, VITTORIO   Monteoliveto 61, Naples, Italy, 1883. Harmonium and organette maker. Awarded a First Order of Merit at Melbourne, Australia in 1880 for a harmonium. ..deWit 1883
GJELLESVIK   see Kaland. ..
GJERMSTAD   Ytterøya, Norway. Founded 1877 by Anton Gjermstad, who built pressuretype instruments until his death in 1892. His brother Sefanias then moved to Trondheim and opened an instrument repair shop. ..Lee, Ringve, Kjeldsberg
GLASER, S.   Andreasgasse 9, Vienna, Austria, 1883. ..deWit 1883
GLASSL, EGYD   13 Weingasse, Komotau, Czechoslovakia, 1930. ..OH
GLAVATCH, V.J.   St. Petersburg, Russia. Exhibited pianos and harmoniums at the Paris Exhibition of 1889. ..
GLOBE ORGAN CO.   New Bedford, MA. Incorporated 1884, with S.T. Viall as president. ..Boadway
GLORIA   a small harmonium with a two-octave keyboard and 14 bass chord buttons, made by Wilhelm Spaethe, (qv). ..Steeves, Weischet
GLOTTON, G.   see LouisFrançois Debierre. ..
GODAULT   awarded a bronze medal for good workmanship on an orgue-expressif shown at the Paris Exposition of 1847. ..Fluke
GODBY, WILLIAMS   227 Haydens Rd., South Wimbleton, London, 1897; 19 Wynell Road, Forest Hill, S London, 1909. ..OH, MTD
GODEFROIDVOSSAERT, B.   23 rue d'Eyne, Audenarde, Belgium, 1930. ..OH
GODERICH ORGAN CO.   Goderich, Ontario 1890 through at least 1924. Serial numbers: 1906 - 8673, 1924 - 15911. ..Kallmann, Fluke,
GOGGAN, THOMAS, BROTHERS   East Market and 22nd St., Galveston, TX. Music dealer, established 1866, operated at least through 1914. Organs made by Kimball and possibly others with the Goggan stencil. ..Bettinger, Pierce. Roell
GOLD MEDAL ORGAN   see Alleger, Bowlby & Plotts. ..
GOLDSCHMEDING, GERHARDUS ALEXANDER   Warmoesstraat 141, Keizersgracht 299 to 305, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Other departments in the Netherlands: Goes, Haarlem, Hilversum, Kampen and Rotterdam. Owned by Gerhardus Alexander Goldschmeding (1826-1899). In business from 1872 through 1986. Retailer of reed organs from all over the world, some with the Goldschmeding stencil. Also dealer of Music books for reed organs. ..deFrel
GOLL, HERMANN   see Süddeutsche Harmoniumfabrik Voigt & Goll. ..
GOODMAN & BALDWIN   Rear No. 53 Chapel St., New Haven, CT, 1856. Melodeon maker. See Whitaker and Frisbie. ..Peckham, Leverett
GOODMAN & FRISBIE   see Whitaker and Frisbie. ..
GOODMAN, HORATIO N.   New Haven, CT 1853, Syracuse, NY 1870; made the Pan Harmonicon, a combination pipe & reed organ. Patented a two-manual melodeon in 1853. See Cabinet Pipe Organ Co., Phelps & Goodman. ..ARO
GOODRICH, EBENEZER   (1782-1841). Cambridge St., Boston, MA; pipe organ and piano maker; brother of William Goodrich who was also an organ builder. Ebenezer built a few reed organs, including one said to have been made in 1809 for the painter Gilbert Stuart, as well as pipe organs with freereed ranks, one of which, made in 1829, is still extant. He is also credited with inventing a type of reed used in reed organs. ..Owen, Courier, Wirling, Goodrich, Ochse
GOODWIN, T.   see Manchester Piano & Organ Works. ..
GOTEBORGS (GÖTEBORGS) ORGELFABRIK   Göteborg, Sweden, ca 1940. ..Klaverens, Edqvist
GOUDGE   see Jarret. ..
GOULD & SONS ORGAN FACTORY   Lexington, MI. Founded by Hezekiah Gould about 1860. Hezekiah Gould also had a foundry and made stationary engines and farming utensils. In 1882 he took his son-in-law into partnership, renaming the firm Dickenson-Gould Organ Co. Dickenson, who had previously worked for Clough & Warren, returned to that company in 1886. Gould & Son continued in business with Hezekiah and his son John L. Gould until the factory was destroyed by fire in 1894. A firm named Cooley & Gould (qv) is listed in Port Huron, MI in 1893, but it is unclear whether this is the same Gould. See Dickenson-Gould. ..Heiss, MI Dir
GOULDEN, H.J.   39 & 40 High Street, Canterbury, Kent, England. Piano and harmonium maker 18841888. In 1889 the firm became Goulden and Wind, which apparently only continued for one year. ..deFrel, Fluke
GOUVERNEUR   Paris. Reed maker, 1867. ..Fluke
GRAAF W. VAN DER   Koperwiek 91, Capelle aan den Ijssel, Netherlands. Reed organ dealer. Around 2011 still dealer of (electronic) music instruments. ..deFrel
GRABNER (GRÄBNER, GRAEBNER), W.   Breite Str. 7, Dresden, Germany. Music dealership founded in 1823. Harmonium maker 1913-19. Proprietor in 1930: F. Gräbner. ..Ahrens
GRAF, HERMANN   Reichenhainer Str. 11, Chemnitz, Germany in 1912; Nordstr. 2, Augustusburg, Germany 1925-35; established 1908. Piano and harmonium maker. ..deWit 1930, Hartmann, cat., Ahrens
GRAHAM ORGAN CO.   Glasgow, Scotland. ..ROSB 2/91 p7
GRAHAM, WALTER   24A Risinghill Street, Pentonville, London until 1896, then at Moon St. off Theberton Street, Islington, London at least through 1906. Harmonium and American organ maker. Established in 1882, listed in 1900 as "late Graham Brothers." Also shown as Walter Graham & Sons. ..MTD 1897, deWit 1903, Fluke, OH
GRAHAM, WM.   4 Malboro' Works, Malboro' Rd., Upper Holloway, London. Reed organ maker, 1900. ..Fluke
GRAMMET, JEAN   St. Andre-Lez-Lille, France. Facteur d'Orgues. ..eBay
GRAN, OLLE   Holmnäs, Umeå, Sweden. Built custom-made harmoniums. ..Edqvist, Mackie
GRANDJON, J.   105 boulev. de Sébastopol and 74 rue Réaumur, Paris, 1883. Made pipe organs, harmoniums and barrel organs. ..deWit 1883
GRANITE STATE MANUFACTORY   Fisherville, NH, (now Penacook). Jacob B. Rand, principal, ca. 1860. ..Boadway
GRATIAN, H.   1 Ferndale Rd., Upton Park, London E. Established 1870, advertised as a reed organ maker and piano dealer in 1900. ..Fluke
GRAVES, HENRY   79 Harford St., Mile End Road, London. Piano and harmonium manufacturer, 1883. ..deWit 1883
GREAT WESTERN ORGAN CO.   organs made by W.W. Kimball Co., Chicago, 1912. ..Cat.
GREEN   see Smith & Green. ..
GREEN & MARSH   Bath (Maine?). ..eBay
GREEN & SAVAGE   Camden Rd., London. In 1878 moved factory to North West Gate, Metropolitan Cattle Market; shown there in 1879, 1883, 1897, 1906. Manufactured the Brooklyn organ and a combination piano and organ. In 1921 shown as Brooklyn Piano Co. ..deWit 1883, 1903; MTD 1897; Fluke
GREEN, D.C.   81 Haggerston Rd., London 1900, 1903. Portable harmonium maker. ..deWit 1903, Fluke
GREEN, GEORGE F.   Phenix Block, Ravenna, OH. Made melodeons and parlor organs from about 1853 until at least 1880, died 1886. ..Ebie, Portage
GREEN, H.P.   see Estey & Green. ..
GREEN, JOHN   28 Norfolk Street, Strand, London; Soho Square, London in 1833; established 1830. Seraphine maker. ..Green, OH
GREEN, OLIVER M.   Townsend, MA. Seraphine maker 1860. See Smith & Green. ..Census 1860, Cowing
GREEN, RUFUS H.   Poultney, VT; established 1835. Received US Patent No. 7113 on 19 Feb. 1850 for a Seraphine. ..ARO
GREENWOOD   Warrington, England. Maker of the Windsor organ. ..Fluke
GREGORIAN organ   see The Orchestrelle Co. ..
GREGORY, JOHN   27 Lister Gate, Nottingham, England. Harmonium and accordion maker 18781889. ..Fluke
GRENIE (GRENIÉ), GABRIELJOSEPH   France. Demonstrated an orgue-expressif with free reeds in 1810. ..Pierre
GREULING, GEBR., & HINKEL   Stuttgart-Hedelfingen, Germany, 1925. ..Ahrens
GRIFFIN, E.C.   171 Great College Street, London NW. Harmonium maker 18851892. Awarded a prize medal in the International Inventions Exhibition of 1885. ..Fluke
GRIGO, ROBERT   Heerenveen-Schans, Netherlands (in 1920), moved in 1921 to Boveneinde, Drachten, Netherlands. Reed organ manufacturer (?), left in 1924. ..deFrel
GRIMES, ARTHUR   17 London Street, Derby, England. Piano and AngloAmerican organ builder 18781880. ..Fluke
GRIMES, T., & CO.   Cheap Street, Sherborne, Dorset, England. Piano and harmonium maker 18781883. Succeeded by Mrs. Grimes, who operated the business until 1885. ..Fluke
GRINNELL BROTHERS   1515 Woodward Ave., Detroit, MI. Piano maker. In 1913 Ira L. Grinnell was President, Clayton A. Grinnell, Vice-Pres., Albert A. Grinnell, Vice-Pres., Clinton I. Nye, Treas., Seward E. Clark, Sec. Organs with this name were made by the Chicago Cottage Organ Co. with the Grinnel stencil. Pierce=s Piano Atlas, 10th edition, says Grinnel Bros. was established as an organ manufacturer in 1882, and also made the Uxbridge organ. See Uxbridge Cabinet Organ Co. ..Duga, RFG, Pierce, Heiss, Detroit Dir. 1913
GRINSTEAD, W.F.   Kilkenny, Ireland. Pipe organ maker, also made folding reed organs. ..Lalor
GROENEVELD’S ORGELHANDEL   Sneek, Netherlands. Reed organ dealer. ..deFrel
GRONLUND (GRÖNLUND), JOHAN VILLIAM   (1879-1963), Kåge, Skellefteå, Sweden. Began harmonium production in the early 1900s. His sons Bertil, Olof and Erik worked in the factory. Olof and Erik moved the factory to Gammelstad, Luleå near the end of the 1940s, while Johan Villiam and Bertil continued production in Kåge until the late 1950s. ..Edqvist
GROSSMAN   Kiev, Russia. Organ and harmonium maker, 1883. ..deWit 1883
GROSSMANN & LEIDECK   Hallesche Strasse 118 in 1902, Sophienstrasse 22 in 1903, Leipzig-Gohlis, Germany. Listed as Heinrich Grossmann Harmiumfabrik 1903-05. ..Ahrens
GROSSMANN, F.   Hamburg, Germany. Made a combination piano-harmonium in 1886. ..Ahrens
GROTEAU   New York. ..Pierce
GROVER & GROVER   157159 Kingsland Road, London. Piano and harmonium makers from 1878 to 1880, when Avill and Smart took over and apparently only produced pianos. In 1887 W. & F. Grover advertised as piano and harmonium makers at 150 The Grove, Stratford, E. London. ..Fluke
GROVER & WOOD   62 Glengall Rd., London, 18871895. ..Fluke
GROVESTEEN & TRUSLOW   New York, NY. Piano maker, 1856; also probably made melodeons. ..Pierce, Boadway
GRUCKER & SCHOTT   Strasbourg, France. Physharmonica makers, 1830. ..Olthof
GRUNOW, AD.   Frankfurter Str. 52 in 1890, Frankfurter Allee 150 in 1912, Berlin. Harmonium maker, established 1879. Margarethe Grunow, director in 1912. Made a miniature harmonium and an accord-harmonium. ..Hartmann, deWit 1912, Ahrens
GRUNZWEIG & SCHLESINGER   Cöpenicker Str. 8082, Berlin, Germany; Georg Wolff and H. Levi, proprietors; makers of rubberized cloth for harmoniums. ..deWit 1930
GRUS, ALPHONSE   see Vygen Jeune. ..
GSCHWIND, J.G., HARMONIUM & PIANOFORTEFABRIK   Lindenspürstrasse 45, Stuttgart, Germany; successor to Pross, Gschwind & Co. before 1883. Johann Georg Gschwind, proprietor. Established in 1851; Lucie Gschwind, Director in 1912; Adolph Gschwind Erben, Director in 1926; closed in 1928. See Erste Wurtt. Reparaturanstalt, Harmonium & PianoFabrik J.G. Gschwind. ..deWit 1883, 1903, 1912; OH, Hartmann, Riesche
GUELPH MELODEON AND ORGAN CO.   Guelph, Ontario, ca. 1872. Associated with Bell Organ Co. ..Angus
GUEROULT (GUÉROULT)   France. Awarded bronze medal at the Paris Exposition of 1878. ..Pierre, deWit 1883
GUESNE (GUESNÉ), J.   40 Faubourg du Temple, Paris. Made the PianoEuphonium, a combined piano and harmonium, patented in 1867. ..Fluke
GUICHENE (GUICHENÉ), L'ABBÉ FRANÇOIS   St.-Médard Les Landes, France. Invented a mechanism for playing full chords on the harmonium as accompaniment for melody, patented 1856. Used on the Alexandre harmoniums. ..Fluke
GULBRANSEN CO.   3232 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago, IL; established 1906; officers: A.G. Gulbransen, president; C. Gulbransen, vice-president; Edward B. Healy, secretary; melodeons ca 1930. About 1940 made the Magnatone, originally a suction instrument, later changed to pressure for quicker response. Used Estey reeds with electric valve action developed by S.K. Ketterman (qv), then chief engineer and assistant to the president. ..Cat., Ketterman
GUNA, JULIUS   Veterna ulice 16, Prešov, Czechoslovakia. ..deWit 1930
GUNN, JAMES A.   Kelseyville, CA. Born in London, 1841, came to Lake County, California in 1880. He established a planing mill and later the first organ and furniture factory in Lake Co. ..Gault
GUNTHER & HORWOOD   Camden Town, London ca 1825. Seraphine maker. ..OH
GURBRANSINGH, CHAITSING, & BROS.   Sander Faith Rd., Bombay, India. Sanderflute musical instruments. ..eBay
GUSTAFSSON, OTTO   see Orgelfabriken Musikaliska Verkstaden. ..
GYS, PIERRE   MolenbeckSaintJean, Belgium. Showed a harmonium at the Brussels Exhibition of 1847. ..Fluke
HAASE, RUDOLF   Lyczakowerstr. 48, Lemberg, AustriaHungary, 1903. Established 1894. ..deWit 1903
HACK KLEINHARMONIUM   Göttingen, Germany, 1949. Dealer, sold instruments with this stencil made by others. ..Cat., Rieche
HAECKEL, ANTON (also Hackel)   Ungargasse 330, Vienna, Austria; piano maker. In 1818 made the four octave Physharmonika, one of the earliest reed organs. This instrument was intended to be placed beneath the right side of a piano keyboard and played with the right hand while the left hand played accompaniment on the piano. ..GHS, Olthof
HAGAR   see White & Hagar. ..
HAGG (HÄGG), L.J.   Dalarna and Hedemora, Sweden. Flourishing in 1871. ..Edqvist, Mackie, Klaverens
HAGGMARK, ANDERS   Sweden. ..Edqvist
HAGSTROM (HAGSTRÖM) AB, ALBIN   Dalarna, Sweden, also listed in Älvdalen. Guitar and accordion maker, also produced harmoniums in the early 1960s with electric blowers, mostly for export to the United States. ..Edqvist, Mackie, Musikmuseet
HAIG, WILLIAM   13 Sixth Ave. in 1827, 48 Hammond St. in 1832, New York, NY; reed maker. ..Michel
HAKKERT, JACQ. W.   Diergaardelaan 28, Rotterdam, Netherlands. Dealer of Le guide chant Kasriel. ..deFrel
HALE   see Hughes & Hale. ..
HALE, C.E.   West Didsbury, Manchester, England, 1903. ..deWit 1903
HALIFAX PIANO & ORGAN CO.   Halifax, N.S., Canada. At least parts of these organs were made by W. Doherty & Co. ..Robson
HALL   see Chute, Hall & Co. ..
HALLMAN, JACOB C.   80 Alpine, Kitchener, Ontario. Made electronic reed organs 195069. Previously located at Waterloo, Ontario. ..
HALONEN JA KUMPP   Jyväskylässaa, Finland. ..Schmidt, Taylor, Fox
HALS, BREMER OLSEN   Norway. Built a "melodika" in 1819, thought to be an early reed organ. ..Kolnes
HALS, BRODRENE (BRØDRENE)   showrooms at Storthingsgaden 2426, factory at Klingenborggd. 1b og 3, Christiania (now Oslo), Norway. Karl Hals trained in piano manufacture in Copenhagen, Hamburg and Paris 184246 and returned to Norway to work in J.W. Cappelen's piano store as a tuner and repairman. He established Norway's first and largest piano factory in 1847 and the next year his brother Petter joined the business which was then named Brødrene Hals (Hals Brothers). Petter died in 1871 after which Karl continued the business with the help of his sons Olav and Thor. In 1880 the firm opened a concert hall and concert bureau, expanding into the music publishing business in 1885. A third son, Sigurd, joined the firm in 1883 upon the untimely death of Olav. Thor and Sigurd became partners in 1888; Karl died ten years later. The firm was incorporated in 1900. In 1908 the publishing department expanded further, acquiring the name Norsk Musikforlag in 1909. The concert hall closed in 1919. By the time piano production was discontinued in 1925 Brødrene Hals had produced about 27,000 pianos. A total of 1337 harmoniums were made over the period 18861918. In 1930 the Hals family sold its remaining interests in Norsk Musikforlag, which is today Norway's foremost music publisher and dealer in printed music. ..Cappelens, Ringve, Lee, Kjeldsberg
HAMAMATSU MUSICAL INSTRUMENT MFG. CO. LTD.   Hamamatsu, Japan. Made the Westminster organ. ..Giacofei
HAMBLETON, C.G.   1 Westwood Terrace, Leek, Staffs. American organ maker. ..Rob Allan
HAMILTON ORGAN & MELODEON FACTORY   Bay St. near King, Hamilton, Ontario. Founded 1867. ..Denton
HAMILTON ORGAN CO.   8589 West 14th Place, Chicago, IL in 1899; sold in 1889 to D.H. Baldwin & Co. Made the "Monarch" organ. Discontinued organ production probably in 1913. Serial numbers:

1889 - 1000 1907 - 57149 1908 - 62748
1890 - 2090 1899 - 26000 1909 - 65574
1891 - 4010 1900 - 31000 1910 - 67181
1892 - 6300 1901 - 34000 1911 - 68773
1893 - 8000 1902 - 37000 1912 - 70388
1894 - 11000 1903 - 40000 1913 - 71722
1895 - 14000 1904 - 40001
1896 - 17000 1905 - 45931
1897 - 20000 1906 - 50382
1898 - 23000

HAMILTON VOCALION ORGAN CO.   Worcester, MA 18861889; see James BaillieHamilton and Vocalion. ..
HAMLIN   see Smith & Hamlin. ..
HAMLIN, EMMONS   foreman at Prince's, cofounder of Mason & Hamlin. Said to be the originator of reed voicing, but did not patent it. ..
HAMMOND ORGAN   parlor organ offered for sale on eBay. ..
HAMMOND REED ORGAN   L.H. Brijnen, Leiden, Netherlands, dealer. Possible assembled in the Netherlands, action parts made by A.H. Hammond & Co., Worcester, MA. ..deFrel
HAMMOND, A.H., & CO.   May St., Worcester, MA. Andrew H. Hammond, successor to Redding & Harrington; reed maker 1885, 1889. Also made the "Louis" fan tremolo, patented 1856, 1862, 1867, 1868, 1870 and 1871. Made reeds and parts for Sears, Roebuck & Co. as well as complete organs. Shown as Hammond Reed Co. in 1909. Hammond sold out to Hinners Organ Co. ..ROSB 11/85, Washburn, Fluke, Fox, Boadway, Hendron
HANCOCK, WM., & SONS   Wiveliscombe, England. Organ serial number 98733 in the Heiss collection. ..Heiss
HANDMANN, G.E., NACHF. HUGO HOPP   Munzstr. 2, Berlin, Germany; harmonium components, 1930; established 1837. ..deWit 1930
HANDS, C.W., & CO.   Harpur St., Bedford, England; also Midland Road, Bedford, 1903. Established 1866. Manufactured both suction and pressureoperated instruments. ..deWit 1903, Fluke
HANDWERCK, ADOLF   Mittlegasse 13, Vienna, Austria 1919 until at least 1930. ..deWit 1930
HANEL   Zwickau, Germany. ..
HANSEN, F., & SON   Raadhusstraeds 8, Nykøbing, Denmark, 1909. ..OH
HANSSON, ANDERS, ORGELFABRIK   Herrljunga, Sweden. Worked for C.B. Pettersson (qv) and then for Otto Johansson (qv) before beginning his own organ production. Closed in 1931. ..Edqvist
HANTZSCH, GEORG   Schlolfegergasse 33, Nurnberg, Germany; reed maker, 1883. ..deWit 1883
HARBACK ORGANINA CO.   809 Filbert St., Philadelphia, PA. Made the Harmonette, a hand-cranked organette. ..Heiss
HARDER, A.   Oudegracht 86, Utrecht, Netherlands. Dealer of Choretta harmonium. ..deFrel
HARDIN ORGANS & MELODEONS   (spelling uncertain, possibly Harder). ..Michel
HARDTE, WALTHER FERDINAND   Thomasiusstr. 17, Leipzig, Germany. Established 1891. Harmonium maker, listed in 1913 as a pianoforte maker. ..OH, Hartmann, deWit 1912, Ahrens
HARDY, A.S., & CO.   Guelph, Ontario, 1874. ..Kallmann
HARDY, CHAS.   Lancashire Hill, Stockport, Cheshire, England. Organ builder and harmonium maker 18791896. Had works in Penny Lane, Stockport. ..Fluke
HARGRAVE, J.W.   20 Hornsey St., Holloway Rd., London N. American organ and harmonium maker, 1921. ..Fluke
HARGREAVES, WM.   in 1879 at 61 Dale Street, Manchester, England also 11 Booth Street, Picadilly, Manchester in 1897; in 1887 Hargreaves & Co. at 19 Vernon Street, Broughton, Manchester. Working until 1893. ..Fluke, MTD
HARLAND, ALFRED JOSEPH   76 East Road, City Road, London; in 1921 shown at 106 Wenlock Street, New North Road, Hoxton, London. Established 1879, piano and portable harmonium maker. ..OH, Fluke
HARMONINA   Patented in 1862 by Debain, see Debain. ..deFrel
HARMONISTA   see Gevaert, Vitus. or Müller, Emil. ..
HARMONIUMBAU ALBRECHT, GmbH   Heutingsheim, Germany. Established in 1919. Office at Blumenstr. 22, Ludwigsburg from 1925. Moved the factory to Mathildenstr. 21, Ludwigsbrg in 1928. Doing business as Harmoniumbau GmbH, (qv). ..Harm. Freunde, Ahrens
HARMONIUMBAU GmbH   Mathildenstr. 21, Ludwigsburg i. Würrtbg., Germany; E.H. Wever, manager. Established 1919, still in business in 1930. See Walcker-Mayer. ..deWit 1930
HARMONIUMBAU LUDWIGSBURG   see Walcker-Mayer, Werner. ..
HARMONIUMBAU PETER   Metzgerstr. 3, Reutlinger, Germany. Pipe organ, piano and harmonium maker, tuner and repairman, established 1877, Xaver Peter proprietor. Located in Eger/Böhmen in 1945. Production discontinued in 1965, closed 1975. ..Weischet, Ahrens
HARMONIUMFABRIK GmbH   see Teck-Harmoniumfabrik. ..
HARMONIUMFABRIK ZU NEISSE   Neisse, Germany; 90 Viehweg 90, Mühle, Germany in 1886. Made the Caecilian harmoniums. ..OH, Ahrens
HARRINGTON   see Redding & Harrington. ..
HARRINGTON, E., & CO.   Worcester, MA, 1858; later A. Davis & Co., reed maker. ..Washburn
HARRIS, JOHN   Hartford, CT; "Parlor Grand", ca 1865. ..
HARRISON, THOMAS, & SON   168 Drummond St., London, 1890, 1900; 1718 Little Edward St., Albany St., London NW, 1921, 1931. Manufacturer of turnery and metal fittings for pipe organs and harmoniums; established 1830. ..Fluke
HARTHOORN HARMONIUMBOUW, J.   ‘s-Heerenhoek, Netherlands. German reed organs, provided with a metal company label “Harmoniumbouw J. Harthoorn, ‘s-Heerenhoek bij Goes”. ..deFrel
HARTMAN, BENJAMIN   (1857-1938), Schafferstown, PA. Organ case builder. ..Rhoads
HARTMANN, OTTO   Werdau, Germany. Porcelain stop face maker, extant 1916-1929. ..
HARTUNG, ROBERT   Ludolf-Colditz Str. 10, Stötteritz, Germany in 1920; Hallische Strasse 155, Leipzig-Gohlis, Germany, 1929. Established 1905, closed 1928. ..MU, Weischet, Ahrens
HARWOOD   Kansas City, MO. Harwood organs were made for J.W. Jenkins Sons Music Co., (qv). ..ROSB 8/89, ROS #1385, Robison
HASELTON, D.H., & CO.   West Townsend, MA. Lyre-legged melodeon ca 1860. Also shown as Bruce-Haselton. ..R. Bates, Boadway
HASLEVS HARMONIUMFABRIK   Jernbanegade 24, Haslev, Denmark; also MølgaardJensen. ..Cappelens, Friberg
HASSEL, K.   Salchendorf, Germany. Possibly a dealer, reed organ known, built by Emil Müller. ..deFrel
HASTINGS, WILLIAM P.   1442 Exchange St., Portland, ME; established 1850 as Hastings & Philbrook. Located at 89 Federal St., in 1861. Made melodeons, seraphines, cabinet organs, chamber organs. Shown as a music dealer in 1883. ..deWit 1883; Portland; Hutchinson; ROSB 2/84, 5/84, 11/90
HATTERSLEY BROS.   Trenton, NJ, 1883. ..deWit 1883
HATTERSLEY, WM., & CO.   Regent Street, Westminster, London, established 1845. Shown at 22 Great Street as Wm. Hattersley & Son in 1850; at 5 New Bridge Street, Vauxhall as Wm. Hattersley & Co. in 1853; in 1854 at 3 Darlington Place; and in 1856 at Wilton Place, Pimlico. Piano and seraphine maker. His son, William P., was in business as W. Hattersley & Co. at 101214 Bow St., Sheffield, England from 1868 until at least 1883, as a piano dealer and harmonium maker. ..deWit 1883, OH
HAUGEN, BERNT M.   Volda, Norway. Harmonium maker, previously in partnership with Lars E. Ulvestad. See Ulvestad & Haugen. ..Kolnes
HAUSCHILD, H.M.   see Bremer Orgelbauanstalt Gehlhar & Co. ..
HAY, SAM.   21 Bridge Street, Glasgow, Scotland. Piano, harmonium and organ manufacturer 18781884. After that moved to 91 Renfield Street and apparently discontinued making reed organs. ..Fluke
HAYASHI, SAIHEI   Nihonbashi, Tokyo. Reed maker. ..Akai
HAYDN organ   see Beale & Co. ..
HAYNES ORGAN   probably made in the U.S.; no other information available. ..Akers
HAZELTON   see J. Reyner. ..
HEALY, PATRICK J.   see Lyon & Healy. ..
HEARD & SONS   Truro, England; parlor organ maker. ..
HEATH, R. & E.   14 Crockherbtown, Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales. Piano, organ and harmonium makers 18801889. After that moved to 51 Queen Street and apparently stopped making harmoniums. ..Fluke
HECHINGER   Munich, Germany, 1835. Harmonium maker. ..Cat.
HEDBERGS, HUGO, ORGELFABRIK   Stockholm, Sweden. Flourishing 1960. ..Edqvist, Klaverens
HEDEN (HEDÉN), A.A.   Tampere, Finland. Learned organ making in Germany. Began making harmoniums in the 1860s, later joined by his brother J.E. Hedén. In 1928 the firm moved to Vihdin-Nummela and became Hedén ja Kumpp and later Nummelan Harmoonitehdas, finally going out of business in 1969. ..OMT, Mauranen
HEEDE, CARL VOM, & BOLENDER   Priorei, Germany; metal components for harmoniums, 1930. ..deWit 1930
HEER, DE   see DeHeer. ..
HEES & CO. PIANO-EN HARMONIUMFABRIEK NV     Peperstraat 8-10 and Choorstraat 1-3 Delft, Netherlands. Established in 1896. Also branches in Den Haag, Haarlem, Gouda, Rotterdam, Maassluis and IJmuiden, all in the Netherlands. Made (qv) the Jubal organ. See Jubal Organ. Reed organ dealer. ..Strengers, Olthof, deFrel
HEFERER, M.   Ka?i?eva 5, Zagreb, Croatia. Pipe organ and harmonium maker, established 1849. ..Malagoli
HEINL, ANDR.   Klingenthaler Str. 738, Kraslice, (Graslitz), Austria; maker of "Accordionette" miniature harmoniums, 1930. ..deWit 1930
HEINRICHSDORFF, OTTO   Poggenpfuhl 76 in 1912, Neuer Weg 8 in 1925, Danzig, Germany. Piano and harmonium maker from 1832 until at least 1913. ..OH, Hartmann, Ahrens
HEISE, AUGUST   Berlin-Rixdorf, Germany. Possible a dealer. ..deFrel
HEITZMANN, OTTO   Linz and Vienna, Austria. ..eBay, Grossbach
HELBIG, JOHANN JACOB   Römhild, Germany, 1829. Äolodicon maker. ..Ahrens
HELFERT, ANTON   Rahmgraben 139, Tachov, (Tachau), Czechoslovakia, 1930; established 1864. ..deWit 1930
HELGESSON, TORSTEN   Floda, Sweden. Purchased the Herrljunga Orgelfabrik (qv) after the death of L.F. Larsson in 1957 and moved it to Floda. Dissolved in 1972. ..Edqvist, Jansson
HELLER, J.H.   Berne, Switzerland; music box with reeds. ..
HELLMAN, S.J.   Baltak, Helliden, Sweden. ..Klaverens
HELMKAMP, ANTHONY G.   Chicago, IL. Piano and reed organ maker. Established 1847. ..Fox
HEMLOCK, F.M.   Cincinatti, OH, 1875. ..Heiss
HEMPERLY, GALEN, REED ORGANS   316 N. Railroad St., Palmyra, PA. Factory built 1877, burned down around 1900. Cabinets made by Hermperly with actions made by Wilcox & White. ..Eyman, Rhoads
HEMSTEAD, H.N.   melodeons and harmoniums, 18651866. ..Michel
HENDERSON ORGANS   connected with Ann Arbor Organ Co. ..Michel
HENKEL, FR.   Paris, France and Hamburg, Germany. Possible a dealer, pressure harmonium known. ..deFrel
HENRICKS PIANO CO., LTD.   Pittsburg, PA. Sold the Duquesne organ. ..
HENRIKSSON, E.G.   Åtorp, Sweden. Instrument in Musikmuseet, Stockholm. ..
HENRY & CIE.   Paris. Harmonium maker, 1895. ..
HENRY, JUSTIN   Kirchstr. 43, Urbeis (Orbev), Alsace, Germany and France, 1912, 1930. Cabinet maker and harmonium maker. ..deWit 1912, OH, Ahrens
HEPBURN, JAMES   Pictou, N.S., Canada, 1854-60. Exhibited in the Nova Scotia Industrial Exhibition, Halifax, 1854. ..Robson
HEPPERLE & RIETHEIMER   see TeckHarmoniumfabrik. ..
HEPWORTH ORGAN CO.   45 Hampstead Rd., London 1897; see Jenkinson & Co. ..MTD 1897
HERFURTH   see Bongardt & Herfurth. ..
HERMANN   London. Harmonium makers, 1876. ..Fluke
HERMANN, ALBIN   Mittelstr. 6, Werdau (Chemnitz), Germany. Established 1906, closed 1914. Made the Mozart harmonium, "Amerikanisches System." ..Riesche
HERMANN, HEINRICH   Bernau bei Berlin, Germany; miniature harmoniums, organettes, 1903. ..deWit 1903, GHS, Ahrens
HERNGREN, C.A.   Lindköping, Sweden, 1909. ..OH
HERRBURGER BROOKS   Meadow Land, Longeaton, Nottingham, England, 1896. Manufacturer of organ keys, still extant. ..Trade Dit. 1896, Fluke
HERRLJUNGA ORGELFABRIK   Herrljunga, Sweden. Founded by Lars Fredrik Larsson in 1910. Larsson worked previously for C.B. Pettersson (qv) 1900-1910. Made reed and pipe organs for home, school and churches. Introduced the Record-organ and the Salongsorgel I Pianostil, an upright piano-cased organ for the home. After Larsson=s death the company was purchased by Torsten Helgesson and moved to the nearby town of Floda. It was finally dissolved in 1972. ..Edqvist, Jansson
HERRLJUNGA SNICKERIFABRIK   piano and reed organ case maker. ..Klaverens
HESLER, VON   Germany. ..deFrel
HESSE JR, CARL, & CO.   Raab, AustriaHungary. Organ and harmonium maker, 1883. ..deWit 1883
HEUBESCH, WENZEL   Poricerstr., Prague, Czechoslovakia; mechanical musical instruments and harmoniums, 1883. ..deWit 1883
HEURE   France; reed maker. ..
HEYERICK, JOS.   16 quai Porte aux Vaches, Ghent, Belgium; estab. 1885. ..deWit 1903
HEYL, G.   Brühl-Kirchgasse 156-58 in 1886, Brühl 27 and Kirchstr. 27 in 1912, Brühl 27 in 1925, BornaLeipzig, Germany. Established in 1828, operated until at least 1930. Walther and Friedrich Heyl, proprietors in 1912. Made combination piano-harmoniums with organ actions by Mannborg and Lindholm. ..deWit 1912, 1930; OH, Ahrens
HICKS, H.   Launceston, Cornwall, England. Reed organ maker 1912, 1913. ..
HIGEL, OTTO, CO. LTD.   corner of King & Bathurst Streets, Toronto. Made practically all keys, reeds and reedboards used by Canadian manufacturers. Officers in 1906: Otto Higel, president; Charles E. ClinkenBroomer, vicepresident; Robert H. Easson, secretary. ..POPG
HIGH POINT ORGAN CO.   High Point, NC. Predecessor of Shipman Organ Co., (qv). ..ROSB 2/91 p7, Parks
HIGHAM & CURRAN   241 Great Ancoats St., Manchester, England ca 1895. ..Rob Allan
HIGHAM, THOMAS   76 Bridge Street, Deansgate, also shown at 129 Great Ancoats St., Manchester, England. Harmonium maker 18781883. ..deWit 1883, Fluke, Rob Allan
HILDEBRANDT, HERMANN   82 Halle, Rossleben 15, and 206a Rosslebener Str., Wiehe, Germany. Established 1881 as a pipe organ builder, made harmoniums from 1899. Brüning & Bongart (qv) had a financial interest in 1925. Harmonium production was discontinued about 1949. ..deWit 1930, OH, cat., Ahrens
HILDRED BROS.   Boston, MA; makers or importers of harmoniums. ..
HILL & NEFF ORGAN CO.   Mulberry and Center Alleys, Sunbury, PA, before 1885.
HILL, R.S., CO.   4600 Louisville Ave., Highland Park Station, Louisville, KY; Richard Stott Hill, president, E.T. Schmitt, vicepresident, Geo. W. Grant, Sec'y in 1914; factory at Mohawk St. and L&N Railroad. Hill was born in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England in 1870, and as a child travelled on the concert circuit in the eastern United States as "Richard Hill, Boy Organist." He graduated from Purdue University with a degree in music and mathematics. In 1894 he was in Fort Wayne, IN, possibly with the Fort Wayne Organ Co. and later designed organs for Beckwith in Louisville, KY before establishing R.S. Hill & Co. Some organs are said to have been produced with the name Beckwith & Hill. ..letterhead, Caron, Friberg, Gary
HILL, WILLIAM, & SON   London, made Vocalion organs under the BaillieHamilton patents. ..ROPSA 2/85 p2
HILLIARDS   London. Built some reed organs with pipes. ..Rob Allan
HILLIER, JAMES & CO.   1215 Kings Rd, Camdentown, London in 1883 and 1889, 228 York Rd, N. London in 1897 & 1906; Hillier Piano & Organ Co. in 1903; established 1855, still extant 1909. E.S. Hillier, proprietor in 1903. Awarded a gold medal at the Antwerp Exhibition of 1894. At the Paris Exhibition of 1878 they showed the "Orchestrophone," a twomanual 25 stop instrument with one manual on pressure and one on suction, for which they were awarded an honorable mention. Hilliers were agents for Hammond reeds in 1888. Serial number: 1888 - 18609 ..MTD 1897; Fluke; deWit 1883, 1903, Rob Allan
HILLSTROM & BREDSHALL   329 W. Ohio in 1880; 64 North Carpenter St., Chicago, IL. Established in 1872 by Charles Oscar Hillstrom and his brother John August Hillstrom with a Mr. Bredshall. C.O. Hillstrom had learned organ building in his native Sweden. In 1880 moved to Chesterton, Indiana. ..Peterson, Fox, Chi. Dir. 1880
HILLSTROM, C.O., & CO.   2-28 Main St. (now Broadway), Chesterton, IN. Established in 1880 as the successor to Hillstrom & Bredshall. Founded by Charles Oscar Hillstrom and John A. Hillstrom, natives of Sweden, and H.H. Winger. The estimated total production was over 40,000 organs, and at its peak the company employed 125 people. Hillstrom also manufactured organ stools for sale with its own organs as well as for sale by H.D. Bentley of Freeport, Illinois, who contracted for 4,000 stools per month. Hillstrom presented an organ to King Oscar II of Sweden and it is said that King Edward VII of England owned a Hillstrom organ. After C.O. Hillstrom's death in 1896 the company declined and in 1898 the company came under the control of Leeds & Harper and later Mr. A.L. Harper. Part of the factory building was used by the Russell Lane Piano Co. of Chicago, and pianos were also built under the Hillstrom name. Organ production was greatly reduced by 1908 and probably discontinued in 1913. The factory building was destroyed by fire in 1923. ..DMT 1885, 1889; POPG; Fox; Peterson
HINES, ISAAC, & CO.   Brattleboro, VT 18531855; successor to E.B. Carpenter & Co. Partners: Jacob Estey, Isaac Hines, H.P. Green; succeeded by Estey & Green (qv). ..
HINKEL, ERNST   office at Promenade 30, Ulm an der Donau, Germany; factory at Hämpffergasse 35; Dipl. Ing. Karl Rossler, manager in 1930. Established in 1880 by Ernst Peter Hinkel (1850-1924). In 1883 listed as Hinkel & Silberhorn. Production of suction reed organs begain in 1886, the same year that Peter's son Heinrich was admitted to the firm. Heinrich Hinkel took over management of the firm in 1922. Heinrich's son Heinz Hinkel entered the firm in 1930 after four years of training at Steinmeyer & Co. Hinkel produced 5000 organs by 1892, 60,000 by 1924. In business at least as late as 1951. Serial numbers: 1908 - 35451, 1921 - 51648, 1922 - 53388. ..deWit 1883, 1930; cat.; GHS; Fluke, Ahrens, Huivenaar, deFrel
HINNERS & ALBERTSEN   341 Court St., 2nd floor, in 1879; Court & 5th Streets, 2nd floor, in 1883; 129-131 Court Street in 1885; all in Pekin, IL. Only the 341 Court Street building is still in existence. John L Hinners, who had previously worked for Mason & Hamlin, started in 1879 making reed organs for Fred Schaefer, a music dealer. Schaefer retired in 1881, his business, presumably the music dealership portion only, continued as Koch Brothers. In the same year Hinners went into business for himself as Hinners Reed Organ Co. J.J. Fink became a partner later in 1881 and the company was then known as Hinners, Fink & Co. Ubbo J. Albertsen joined in 1885, buying the interest of J.J. Finke and other partners. The company then became Hinners & Albertsen. Sales were oriented toward the GermanAmerican community. Hinners acquired the capability to make its own reeds by buying out A.H. Hammond & Co. Albertsen retired in 1902 and the business was then incorporated as Hinners Organ Co. John L. Hinners died in 1906 and was succeeded by his son Arthur W. Hinners. Over 3,000 pipe organs, mostly trackers, were produced between 1890 and 1936. The reed organ business was continued under the name Hinners Reed Organ Co. by Louis C. Moschel until his death in 1940. The company was formally dissolved in 1942. A total of about 20,000 reed organs had been built. Serial number: 1892 - 2295, 1904 - 5312., DMT 1885, Michel, Fluke, Fox, Hinners, Colebird, Pekin Dir., Robison
HINTERMEISTER UNITED ORGAN CO.   198200 Terrace, Buffalo, NY 1887; Oil City, PA 1899. Established in 1884, succeeded by Pittsburg Organ & Piano Co. in 1901. M.J.H. Hintermeister, a native of Zurich, Switzerland, chairman; his son, F.A. Hintermeister was manager. Also shown as Hintermister. Last listed in 1901. See Ithaca Organ Co. ..POPG, Buffalo, Michel, Fox, stock cert.
HIRAMATSU GAKKI   shop at 5-3 Iidamachi, factory at 198 Sendagi, Hongo, both in Tokyo. Established 1898, operating at least through 1908. ..Ad, Akai
HISSA, JAAKKO   Isokyla, Lapua, Finland. Established 1890, in business at least through 1903. ..deWit 1903, Kansanmusiiki, OH
HOBART   Chicago, IL, 1902. A stencil organ, possibly made by Netzow. ..Kimbrell
HOCKING, CHARLES F.   Devonport, England, made the Marlborough organ ..eBay
HOECK, C.   Örebro, Sweden, ca 1866. ..Klaverens
HOFBAUER, CARL HEINZ   (Orgelbaumeister Hofbauer), Rosdorfer Weg 14, D3400 Gottingen, Germany. Established 1923, currently making handcranked street organs operating from paper rolls, mostly with pipes but some reed instruments. ..RFG
HOFBERG, MAGNUS   Turnerstrasse 49 in 1893, Lütznerstr. 2426 in 1901, Lützenerstr. 22 1903-7, Leipzig-Lindenau, Germany. Then located at 2022 Klingenstrasse in LeipzigPlagwitz, Germany 1902-10. Established 1891. Maker of harmoniums and "Choral" organettes; Lars Magnus Hofberg, proprietor. Made both pressure and suction instruments. Lars Magnus Hofberg was born in Sweden in 1862 and came to Germany with Theodor Mannborg and Olof Lindholm. Hofberg worked for Mannborg until establishing his own factory in 1891. Hofberg died in 1919 and the business continued to be operated by his heirs until 1930 when it was sold to Lindholm. Serial numbers:
1895 - 3100 1930 - 28500
1910 - 14300 1950 - 29600
1920 - 22200 1955 - 30000

HOFFMAN, CARL   born 1847 in Darmstadt, Hesse, Germany, emigrated to American in 1868. President of the Kansas Organ Co., Leavenworth, KS (qv), and publisher of Hoffman's School For The Parlor Organ, a reed organ method book. ..Robison
HOFFMANN, BENEDICT   Coselstr. 102, Oberglogau, Germany 1903; established 1843. In operation at least through 1909. ..deWit 1903, OH, Ahrens
HOFFMANN, GEORG.   Schönhauser Allee 178, Oranienburger Str. 83 in 1890, also Leipziger Str 57, Berlin. ..OH, Ahrens
HOFMANN & CZERNY   Linzer Str. 174180 in 1930, Vienna, Austria; piano and harmonium manufacturers, founded 1903. Still in existence

1924 - 19000 1940 - 37500 1958 - 44000
1925 - 21000 1950 - 38200 1960 - 46000
1930 - 31600 1955 - 41200
1935 - 35900 1956 - 42000

HOFFMANN & KUEHNE, Dresden. Piano maker, also made a piano-cased harmonium.
HOFSLATTS (HOFSLÄTTS) ORGELFABRIK   Hovslätt, Sweden. ..Klaverens
HOGGSON & PETTIS MANUFACTURING CO.   6466 Court St., New Haven, CT; stop knobs. ..
HOGNER (HÖGNER), FREYER & BEER   Taubenpreskeln b. Gera, Germany, 1924-1931. ..Ahrens
HOHNE   see Willi Pucklitzsch. ..
HOHNER, MATTH.   Andreas-Koch-Strasse 9, D-78647 Trossingen, Germany. Established in 1857 by Matthias Hohner (1833-1902) as a harmonica manufacturer. Still in business (2004). Accordion production began in 1903. Made several models of reed organs including: the Hohner-Organa, a four octave electrically blown portable organ; the Organetta, a 2a octave table top organ, also electrically blown; and the Multimonica II, a combination reed and electronic organ in which the lower manual had three rows of reeds, electrically blown, and the upper manual played electronic tones. Website: ..Olthof, cat., Ahrens, Beccia, website
HOLDER BROS.   Hull, England. No other information available. ..Tyler
HOLDER, M.   Fommern, Würrtemberg, Germany. Reed organ known. ..deFrel
HOLDERNESS & HOLDERNESS   105 New Oxford Street, London. Piano and harmonium manufacturer, 1883. deWit 1883] ..
HOLLANDER (HOLLÄNDER), GEORG   Feuchtwangen, Germany, 1903, 1930. Established 1885. ..deWit 1903, 1930, Ahrens
HOLLANDIA ORGEL   Possible made by Joh. De Heer, Rotterdam, Netherlands. ..deFrel
HOLLERAN   see Roth, Holleran & Miles. ..
HOLLING (HÖLLING) & SPANGENBERG   Am Rossmarkt, Zeitz, Germany, 1878. Established 1841. D.H. Friedrich Hölling and Friedrich Franz Spangenberg, proprietors. Patented a small portable reed organ. Made a combination piano-harmonium. ..Ahrens
HOLMES   see Whitney & Holmes, Farley & Holmes. ..
HOLMES, W.S.   see Capital City Organ Co. ..
HOLT, JOHN   62 Upper Gough St. in 1882; 81 Latimer St. in 1890; 176 Station St. in 1901; 12 Station St. 19071946, all in Birmingham, England; also at Clarence Road, Birmingham. Established in 1875 by John Holt, who died in 1932; he was succeeded by his son John Wm. Holt, who died in 1946. John's daughter Doris M. Holt was also active in the firm. Built a variety of instruments from one to three manuals, and a four manual instrument made only 32" deep to get through the doorway in the Islington Exhibition Hall in 1896. The factory was called the Pioneer Organ Works, and some of the organs were called "Pioneer". Built organs until at least 1938. Serial numbers:

1904 - 1287 1925 - 1477 1933 - 1534
1917 - 1416 1926 - 1479 1934 - 1540
1919 - 1430 1928 - 1504 1936 - 1548
1922 - 1454 1929 - 1509 1937 - 1552

HOMBERG, JULIUS   Zeitz, Germany; maker of organ benches 1872 until at least 1930. Established 1863. ..deWit 1930
HOME-ORGAN   Made by Richard Metzner, see Deutsch-Amerikanische-Harmonium-Fabrik R. Metzner. ..deFrel
HOPLEY, WM.   5860 Brunswick Road, Liverpool, England. Piano and harmonium manufacturer 1879, still in business in 1896 although apparently had already discontinued making reed organs. ..Fluke
HOPP, HUGO   see G.E. Handmann. ..
HORBIGER, ALOYSIUS   Atzgersdorf, Vienna, Austria, 1862. ..OH
HORN, MAX   Speigelstr. 23, Zwickau, Germany in 1925; Turnhallenstr. 1, Werdau 1927-29; Mühlenstr. 2 in Eisenberg, 1929-39; Berliner Str. 81a, Leipzig in 1941. Established 1909. Also listed as Werdauer Harmoniumfabrik Max Horn. ..deWit 1930, cat., Ahrens
HORNBAKER, ROBERT   Hornbaker St., (now South Lincoln Ave.), Washington, NJ 1852. ..Michel, Redell
HORTON & ROSE   Akron, OH; Henry B. Horton and Ira Rose. ..
HORTON, HENRY B.   Akron, OH 185255; built the Melopean, sold out and moved to Ithaca, NY where he became one of the founders of Autophone; see Horton & Rose, Blodget & Horton, John M. Scott. ..
HORUGEL (HÖRÜGEL), M.   Am Tansplan 4 in 1893, Charlottestrasse 88 in 1901, Kirchstrasse 6 in 1903, Kurze Str. 4 in 1925, Leipzig-Leutsch, Germany; factory located in Ruckmarsdorf. Paul Hörügel, proprietor in 1895, joined by Wilhelm Oscar Jürgens in 1903. Jürgens was the remaining proprietor in 1930; founded 1872 or 1893 (sources vary). Acquired Hermann Burger in 1908. "Largest harmonium factory on the European continent" (1903). Annual production 2,000 instruments in 1904. Specialized in suction instruments, also made a three manual and pedal harmonium. Made instruments for Gilbert (Paris), (qv). Went out of business in 1952. Made also reed organs with the stencil “Ora” and “Oranetto”.
Serial numbers:

1905 - 8634 1920 - 31948 1950 - 44680
1910 - 18486 1925 - 36792 1951 - 44900
1913 - 23342 1928 - 40871 1952 - 45100
1914 - 24738 1931 - 42830
1915 - 28951 1935 - 43380
1918 - 30201 1940 - 44000

HORWOOD   see Gunther & Horwood. ..
HOSKIN   see Dominion Organ Co. ..
HOTTA-YOUKOU & CO.   5-46 Shin-Sakaemachi, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Japan in 1955. Held Japanese patent no. 413403 on a grand piano-type reed organ. Hotta organs were sold by Otsuka Piano Shokai, 4-164 Motomachi, Naka-ku, Yokohama 231, Japan. ..Akai, Sato, Adv
HOUCK   Nashville, TN. Stencil organ, possibly made by Cable. ..Kimbrell
HOUPAN   see Tonzaa et Houpin. ..
HOURK, O.K.   Memphis, TN, Little Rock, AR, 1907. See Sterchi Bros. ..Kurz
HOUTMAN, DANIËL   Singel 114-116, Schiedam (in 1941), Overschiese Dorpsstraat 37, Rotterdam – Overschie (in 1964), Zeemanstraat 19, Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel (in 1976), Netherlands. Reed organ & piano dealer and renovator, use old reed organ actions to put together a 14 ranks 2mp reed organ using a Rinkowski 6 1/5 ranks action in a new case. At least active until 1978. ..deFrel
HOVEY & BACHELDER   Augusta, ME; maker of Nutting's Patent Aeolicon. ..
HOWARD, SAMUEL, & CO.   577579 Rochdale Road, also 1 New Cross, also 273 Broad Street, Pendleton, Manchester, England 18441899. Made the Melody Organ which had a mechanical device for highlighting the melody over chords. ..deWit 1883, Fluke
HOWE   instrument in the possession of Robert Kovach. No other information available. ..
HOWE, HERMANN, & CO.   Gr. Frankfurter St. 39 in 1903, Grosse Frankfurter Str. 44, Grosse Frankfurter Str. 50-51 in 1929, Berlin, Germany. Hermann Howe, proprietor 1903, 1909; established 1874. Church organ, street organ and harmonium maker. ..deWit 1903, Fluke, Ahrens
HOWE, M.H.   Kleeburger Str. 16 in 1925, Kirchhofstr. 4 in 1929, Allenstein, East Prussia, Germany. Harmonium and street organ maker and dealer. ..deWit 1930, Weischet, Ahrens
HOWE, MAX   Blumenstr. 31, Berlin, 1912. Established 1870. Maker of church organs, street organs and harmoniums. Proprietor in 1912: Margarete Ascher. ..deWit 1912, Ahrens
HOWECK   Odessa, Russia. Church organ and harmonium maker, 1883. ..deWit 1883
HOWLAND & BOMAN   320 Clinton St., Chicago, IL. Established in 1875 as Lawson & Bowman (qv). Made the Garden City organ. In 1883 the business occupied a 30 by 100 foot three story building and employed forty workers. ..De Young ROSB Winter 94/95
HOWLETT & SON   10 Frith St., Soho, London. Established 1804, makers of name plates for harmoniums. ..Musical Opinion 1878
HOYLAND, JOHN   2325 Bow St., Sheffield, England. Harmonium manufacturer and piano dealer, 18791890. In 1889 began making concertinas. Also had premises at West Bank Lane, Sheffield and 21 Exchange Street, Sheffield. ..deWit 1883, Fluke
HSINGHAI PIANO CO.   also Xinghai, Beijing, China. Established 1949, made the Hsinghai organ until 1984. Currently producing pianos and other musical instruments. Affiliated with Kawai, Japan. ..Rowell, Xinghai
HUAYUN   Add No. 1, No. 18, Cangku Road, Hedong District, Tianjin, China, see Tianjin Huayun Musical Instrument (Group) Co., Ltd. ..
HUG, GEBRÜDER   Switzerland, branches at Bruderstrasse in 1855, Königstrasse 16 in 1888, both in Leipzig, Germany. Became Gebrüder Hug & Co. in 1893, then Hug & Co. in 1917, located at Markgrafenstr. 10 and Schulstrasse 3, Leipzig. A retail dealer: organs with this name were made by others., GHS, Weischet, Rieche
HUGHES   see Vogel & Hughes, Dyer & Hughes. ..
HUGHES & HALE   Philadelphia, PA. Melodeon maker. (Same as A.P. Hughes?) ..Leverett
HUGHES & SON   Foxcroft, ME, established 1894; successor to Dyer & Hughes. Also shown as Hughes & Son Piano Mfg. Co. ..Hopwood
HUGHES, A.P.   Philadelphia, PA 1856. Flat top organ. ..Duga, Hager
HULLER (HÜLLER) & CO.   Nürnberger Strasse 59, Leipzig, Germany; also listed as Hüller & Stiegler, Delitzscherstrasse 144, Leipzig, 1909. Made four-octave miniature harmoniums. ..Friberg, OH, Ahrens
HULSHIZER   see Shimer & Hulshizer. ..
HUMMEL, FRANZ   Wenzelplatz, Prague, Czechoslovakia, 1883. Organ and harmonium maker, 1883. ..deWit 1883
HUMMER, H.A., & CO.   Frenchtown, NJ. ..Trade card
HUMPHREYS, A. & E.   Little Camden St., King St., Camden Town, London 1883 until at least 1931. Established 1883. ..MTD 1897; deWit 1883, 1903; Fluke
HUMPHREYS, C.   15 Crawley Mews, Seymour St., London NW. Reed and pipe organ bellows maker in 1900, established 1866. ..Fluke
HUMPHREYS, JAMES   198 Seymour St., Oakley Sq., London in 1883; shown as J. Humphreys & Sons at 35 Drummond St., Euston Sq. from 1896 until at least 1921. Located at 459463 Caledonian Rd., London 19311935; made Endsleigh organs; established 1867. Built both suction and pressure instruments from portables to three manual & pedal; also built a combination piano and organ with 58 stops and more than 1000 reeds, with registers from 1 ft. to 32 ft. ..MTD 1897; deWit 1883, 1903; Fluke
HUNT, C.B., & CO.   101 Bristol Street, Boston, MA 18701890; Bay State organs; started as C.B. Hunt & P. Krause in 1875 until some time before 1880; 39000 organs sold by 1886. Serial number: 1888 - 39308. ..deWit 1883, Gould
HUNTING, W.S.   Boston, MA. Seraphine, 1840. ..Bates
HUNTINGTON, W.D.   no other information available. ..
HUPFELD, LUDWIG, A.G.   Hupfeldstr. in 1912, Böhlitz-Ehrenberg, Germany. Established 1882. Manufacturer of roll-operated pianos. Also made the "Clavimonium", a combination piano-harmonium in 1910 as well as player reed organs. The name was later changed to VEB Deutsch Piano-Union, Leipzig, Germany. ..Herzog, Ahrens, Bowers
HUSSONBUTHOD & THIBOUVILLE   6870 rue Réaumur, rue Saint Martin 254, Paris. Manufacturer of organs, harmoniums and harmoniflûtes, 1883. ..deWit 1883
HUTTNER (HÜTTNER), EDUARD   Stallbaumstr. 5 in 1902-05, Schachstr. 9 in 1906-08, Cöthener Str. 13 in 1912, Leipzig-Gohlis, Germany. Josephstr. 31, LeipzigLindenauer, Germany, 1909-11. Pipe organ maker from 1902, began making harmoniums in 1908. Karl Stock became the proprietor in 1911. See Karl Stock. ..OH, deWit 1930, Riesche
HUTZEL, E.   Echterdingen, Germany. Possible a reed organ dealer. ..deFrel
HYUNDAE MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS CO.   85313, Anyangdong, Anyang City, Kyunggido, Korea in 1985. ..KTB 10/85, Gardyan
IDEAL   Germany, made by Liebig. See Liebig. ..deFrel
IDEAL organ   see J.W. Sawyer, W.W. Putnam. ..
IDLE, CHARLES   157 Walworth Road, South East London, UK. Pianoforte warehouse. Harmonium known. ..deFrel
IKEUCHI FUKIN   Osaka, Japan. Established about 1888 by Jinzaburo Ikeuchi. See T?Y? Gakki Seizo Co. Ltd. ..Akai
ILJIN, N.J.   Jew Smoljenskoje, Schlusselburgsky 65, St. Petersburg, Russia, 1909. ..OH
IMPERIAL ORGAN & PIANO   4547 Ellingford Rd, Mare St., London 19031921; Established in 1902 as successor to Collins Organ & Piano Co.; still in operation in 1965. Made one and two manual and two manual and pedal reed organs and the Pianorgan ? a combined piano and reed organ produced about 1930. ..deWit 1903, OH, Fluke
IMPERIAL ORGAN CO. OF CANADA   no other information available. ..
IMPERIALE   portable organ with an art-deco style case; maker unknown. Serial number 1930 - 514815. ..Eyman, Bratton
INDIAN ORGAN   See Liebig. Nickname in the WW1. Folding reed organs in metal case. ..deFrel
INGALLS & CROCKET   174 Main St., Concord, NH; Gustavus W. Ingalls and John K. Crockett. ..
INGALLS & EATON   Bristol, NH; established 1842 by G.W. Ingalls and Cyrus W. Eaton; made seraphines. ..
INGALLS, G.W., & CO.   25 Hermon St., Worcester, MA 18661896, reed & component; G.W. Ingalls worked for Prescott, later for Charles Austin, then associated with D.M. Dearborn as Ingalls & Dearborn; served in the Civil War 1861-65; bankrupt 1896. His first name is shown originally as Gustavus and later as George. See also Ingalls & Crocket, Ingalls & Eaton. ..
INGLETON & CO.   see Wholesale Pianoforte & Organ Mfg. Co. ..Washburn, Bill
IPPIG, A.   Theaterstr. 16 in 1903, Gartenstr. 29 in 1912, Insterburg, Germany. ..deWit 1903, Ahrens
ISAAC, F.W.   No. 17 Charlotte Street, Rathbone Place, London. Seraphine and organ maker, ca. 1845. ..Fluke
ISACHSEN & RENBJOR (RENBJØR) HARMONIUMFABRIKK   Levanger, Norway. Founded by Johann Cornelius Isachsen in 1852. The first organ was built in Isachsen's house in Eidesora, Skogn, Norway, and the firm later moved to Levanger about 1860. Petter K. Renbjør joined the firm about 1880 and later married one of Isachsen's daughters. After Petter died about 1935 his son Reidar took over. Reidar's son Leif succeeded him and shortly afterward in 1978 production ceased due to the unavailability of reeds. A total of about 5000 harmoniums had been produced. Reidar died in 1981, and Leif Renbjør is still in business servicing pianos and harmoniums. The firm won a trophy cup in Levanger in 1866 and a gold medal there in 1936; it received the highest distinction at the Oslo exhibition of 1914, a gold medal at the Trondelag exhibition in 1930, a silver medal in Stockholm in 1897 and a bronze medal in Paris in 1900. Current address: Halsanv. 2A, 7600 Levanger, Norway. Serial numbers:

1867 - 50 1872 - 90 1877 - 126
1868 - 57 1873 - 95 1878 - 134
1869 - 75 1874 - 100 1879 - 142
1870 - 80 1875 - 112 1914 - 2470
1871 - 85 1876 - 119

ISHIHARA   Shinsaibashi, Osaka, Japan. Established about 1887 by Hisanosuke Ishihara as a wrist watch shop. He began making reed organs about 1900. ..ROCJ, Akai
ISHII, HARUTARO   Awaza, Nishiku, Osaka. Exhibited at the 3rd Domestic Industrial Exhibition, Tokyo, 1890. ..Akai
ISOARD   Paris. Free reed instrument maker, established 1830. ..Fluke
ITHACA ORGAN CO.   Ithaca, NY, founded in 1877 by William L. Bostwick, President; H. Wegman, Supt.; P. Frank Sisson, Sec.Treas.; J.H. Hintermeister, Gen'l Agent, with the financing of Alonzo Cornell, son of Ezra Cornell, founder of Cornell University. Successor to the Swiss Organ Co. The company made conventional reed organs as well as the "Pipetta", a combination pipe and reed organette using the paper roll as the valve. Shown as Ithaca Piano & Organ Co. in 1881. The Ithaca Organ Co. went bankrupt in 1885, "wrecked by improvident liberality in selling its products without adequate security for payment." Also see Hintermeister. Serial numbers: 1878 - 574, 1879 - 1599, 1880 - 3387. ..Rust, Friberg, Warshaw, Sisler, Boadway
IVORY, HENRY A., & CO.   23 Holborn Viaduct, London; steam factory at Wood Green, London. Made Robinson's patent harmonium attachment for pianos, for which they received a First Award in the Sydney (Australia) Exhibition of 1879. ..Fluke
JACKSON   see Davie, Jackson & Co. ..
JACKSON, JOHN   Guelph, Ontario 18723, 1880. ..Kallmann
JACOB, L.   Stuttgart, Germany. Possible a dealer. ..deFrel
JACOBS, J.A.   15 Seymour St., Euston Square, London; reeds and fittings, 18961900. Established 1873. ..Trade Dir. 1896, Fluke
JACOBSEN, J.   Hadersleben, Denmark. Showed the "Organ Aeolodican" at the London Exhibition of 1862. ..Ringve, Fluke
JACOBSSON, PER   Arksjön, Dorotea, Västerbotten, Sweden. ..Edqvist, Mackie
JACOT, MICHEL   2 Wood Lane, Birmingham, England, later 3 Cocks Lane, Offenham, Worcs. and also at Bidford-on-Avon. Harmonium maker, 1970-78. ..Fluke, Thompson, Jacot, Allan
JACQUES, R.   rue AugBlanqui, ChoisyleRoi, France, 1930. ..OH
JAGLIOLI, MARCO   Corso 4, Ancarano, Italy, 1903; established 1875. ..deWit 1903
JAHN & SOHN   Josephinenstr. 4 in 1871, Josephinenstr. 9 in 1880-90, Josephinenstr. 18 in 1895-1912, Dresden, Germany. Established as an organ builder in 1818. F. Jahn, proprietor in 1851, Julius Ferdinand Jahn in 1871, Johannes Jahn from 1912. Listed as organ and harmonium maker 1912-25, organ builder in 1930. ..Ahrens
JAHNERT (JÄHNERT, JAEHNERT), JULIUS   Holzhofgasse 4 in 1850, Katherinenstrasse 2, Dresden, Germany. Established 1845. About 1865 became Julius Jähnert & Sohn, succeeded by E. Kannegiesser in 1876. ..Friberg, GHS, Ahrens
JAKOBSEN, J. TH.   Lofoten, Norway. Harmonium maker, 1870s through the 1890s. ..Kolnes
JAKOBSEN, REIDAR   Fredrikstad, Norway. Pipe organ and harmonium builder. Trained at Olsen & Jorgensen, a leading pipe organ maker in Christiania (now Oslo). ..Kolnes
JAMARD   rue Quainaux 6, Brussels, Belgium. Maker and retailer of pianos and orgues expressifs, 1914. ..Fluke
JAMES & FRANKLIN   Boston, MA. Made at least one miniature reed organ, ca. 1890. ..Boadway
JAMES, HENRY, & SON   in 1889 at 43 Balls Pond Road, Islington, London; 1890 at 150 Green Lanes, Stoke Newington, London, with factory at Kingsland Green, London. By 1896 located at 15 Warwick Court, High Holborn, London, with the factory at Wood Green, N London, but believed producing only pianos. Established 1878; in business at least through 1909. ..deWit 1903, OH
JAMES, T., & CO.   Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Made the Royal organ. Extant 1886. ..Heiss
JAMES, WILLIAM   England. Made small "School Model" harmoniums. ..Rob Allan
JANKO (JANKÓ), PAUL VON   a Hungarian by birth, he studied mathematics and music in Vienna, continuing under Prof. Helmholz at Berlin University. In 1882 he invented and patented a novel compact keyboard for a conventional single manual organ or piano, consisting of six rows of rather short keys. The linkage was so arranged that the hand could easily span two octaves. Jankó experimented with this keyboard on a standard parlor organ from 1882 to 1884 and in 1885 fitted it to a grand piano. Because of its compactness, a variation of the Jankó keyboard was used on some enharmonic organs, which require a large number of keys for each octave. See Franz Steirer. ..Dolge
JANSEN, TH. J.   Kerkstraat A. 118, 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands. Maker of decorative façades for harmoniums. Active 1878. ..Ad.
JANSSON, A.   10 St. Nygt, Uddevalla, Sweden. Operating in 1930. ..OH
JARRETT, RICHARD WILLIAM   1 Eleanor Rd., London Fields, Hackney, London in 1883. Harmonium maker, previously worked with Boosey, later became Jarrett & Goudge. ..deWit 1883, Fluke, OH, Jarrett
JAULIN, JULIEN   11 rue d'Albouy, Faubourg St.-Martin, Paris in 1851; 59 rue du Fbg. St.-Martin, 27 rue du Château d'Eau in 1889. Portable harmonium and Panorgue Piano, a very small harmonium intended to be placed under the keyboard of a piano thus making a combined piano and harmonium. At the Paris Exhibition of 1851 he was awarded a medal for the Panorgue and for improvements in free reeds. During the period 18441853 Victor Mustel worked with Jaulin, learning the manufacture of reeds. At the Paris Exhibition of 1889 he showed a "Harmoni-cor," adapted to the piano. ..Mustel, Fluke, Dieterlen
JAVELIER, LOUIS ANTOINE EUGENE   rue du Drapeau, Dijon, France, 1911. Piano and harmonium maker. Made pressure instruments including 2mp models. ..Fluke
JEFFREYS, GEORGE WILLIAMS   also Jeffreys & Co.; in 1878 at 38 Rosoman Street, N London; in 1883 at 32 Penton St., Pentonville, London until 1890. ..deWit 1883, Fluke
JEFTS, GREBLE & CO.   Main St., Battle Creek, MI, 1870. Made the Excelsior organ. Instrument located at the Kimball House Museum, Battle Creek, MI. ..Heiss, MI Dir
JENKINS, J.W., & SONS   Kansas City, MO. Music dealer, established 1878. Sold the Harwood organ, (qv). ..Pierce
JENKINSON & CO.   45 Hampstead Rd., London in 1889 and 1896; Castle Rd., Kentish Town, London, 1903; see Hepworth Organ Co. In 1897 making the Hepworth Organ, and in 1898 the Super Octave Coupler. Not mentioned in 1906. ..Trade Dir. 1896, deWit 1903, Fluke
JENKINSON & JENKINSON   5 Orchard Buildings, Haggenston Station, London, 1883. ..deWit 1883
JENKS, NELSON W.   one block east of Main St. on the railroad, Ovid, MI, 1885-7. Contractor, builder and organ manufacturer. ..MI Dir
JENNINGS, T.A.   127 Pentonville Rd., London; builder of enharmonic harmoniums, "harmoniums with one reed to each key, compass 42 octaves," 24 to 84 keys per octave, 1876. See R.H.M. Bosanquet. ..ROSB 8/87
JENSEN   see Haslev Orgelfabr. ..
JENSEN, CLAUS   Norway. Pipe organ builder, also made a few harmoniums. ..Kolnes
JEWETT & CO.   Leominster, MA; established in 1860 by Wade H. Jewett and George H. Allen as Allen & Jewett; Jewett & Carpenter in 1861. Later became Jewett & Co., Jewett Piano Co. Officers in 1897: W.P. Jewett, president; F.J. Woodbury, secretarytreasurer; W.G. Jewett, superintendent. ..POPG, Hutchinson
JEWETT & GOODMAN ORGAN CO.   listed as Jewett, Goodman & Co. at 195 Ontario St. in 1872, and as Jewett & Goodman Organ Co. at 66 Hayward in 1883, Cleveland, OH; in business at least through 1889; see Peter Jewett. Serial number 1871 - 3749. ..
JEWETT, N.B., & CO.   Worcester, MA; established 1847 by Nathan B. Jewett. ..Washburn
JEWETT, PETER   Granby, CT 1830s1847, also Jewett & Hillyer. Peter Jenner Jewett retired in 1847 and his two sons Stanley A. and Frederic Jewett and soninlaw Czar D. Goodman continued the business as Jewett & Goodman (qv), moving to Cleveland in 1866. ..Owen, OH, Fox
JEWETT, S.A.   granted U.S. patent No. 18399 for a melodeon in 1857. ..
JOHANSSON, A.P. ORGELFABRIK   Skövde, Sweden. ..Klaverens
JOHANSSON, K.E.   see Stern & Co. ..
JOHANSSON, P.A., & SON   Sköfde, Sweden, 1909. Per Alfred Johanson. ..OH, Klaverens
JOHANSSON, P.J., ORGELFABRIK   Ore, Dalarna, Sweden. ..Edqvist
JOHANSSONS, GUNNAR, ORGELVERKSTAD   Herrljunga, Sweden. Gunnar Johansson worked for C.B. Pettersson in Herrljunga and for Rålins in Åmål before starting his own factory, which operated for two or three years. ..Edqvist, Jansson
JOHANSSONS, OTTO, ORGELFABRIK   Herrljunga, Sweden. Worked for C.B. Petterson from 1915 to 1923, when he established his own factory together with Anders Hansson. The factory building burned in 1928 and was rebuilt using lumber from the C.B. Pettersson building which had been razed. Produced fewer models than his competitors. In 1947 the name was changed to Otto Johanssons Orgel- och Piano Fabrik. Production of reed organs was discontinued soon after and the name changed to Otto Johansson & Son Pianofabrik. Otto died in 1955 and his son, Jari Ottosson dissolved the company in 1957. ..Edqvist, Jansson
JOHNSON, WILLIAM ALLEN   Westield, MA. Established 1844, became Johnson & Son in 1875 with William H. Johnson. Patented a combination reed and pipe organ in 1877. ..Fox
JOHNSTON, D.S., & CO.   56 West Fourth St., Cincinnati, OH. Music dealer, organs with this name were made by Kimball with the Johnston stencil. ..Michel, Duga, deYoung
JONES & BURDITT   see Samuel H. Jones, Riley Burdett (Burditt). ..
JONES, CARPENTER & WOODS   see Samuel H. Jones, E.B. Carpenter, George C. Woods. ..
JONES, F.   145 York Road, Battersea, England. Advertised as a harmonium maker and instrument dealer in 1900. Established 1881. ..Fluke
JONES, GEORGE   350 Commercial Rd., London; established 1850. Manufacturer of portable reed organs and concertinas. George Jones retired in 1899, and his sons Arthur George and Harry Sidney continued to operate the business as George Jones & Sons. The company failed in 1909. ..Fluke, OH
JONES, JOHN, & CO.   2122 Bridge St., Bristol, England 1890, established 1864. Maker of the Choralion organ, available with one or two manuals or as a two manual and pedal suction type American organ. In 1884 Jones patented a combined pressure and suction instrument, much like a large American organ in appearance. It had suction bellows at the top of the decorated case, and pressure bellows in the usual location for a harmonium. In 1885 a further patent reversed the arrangement with pressure bellows at the top. These instruments, called the Bristol organ, had separate sets of pedals for each bellows system and were available with one or two manuals. Still in business in 1896. ..Fluke
JONES, JOSEPH L.   went to work for his brother Samuel H. Jones in Winchester, NH about 1844. When Samuel sold out in 1850, Joseph stayed with the firm, which eventually became J. Estey & Co., until his death in 1901. During his service with Estey he made keys and keyboards, spent thirtyone years making bellows, and finally worked on pedals. ..
JONES, SAMUEL H.   went to work for Foster & Thayer in Winchester, NH in 1842 at age 20 making melodeons. When that firm dissolved in 1844, Jones made melodeons under his own name in Winchester until 1846 when he moved to Brattleboro, VT, locating in the Smith & Woodcock grist mill in Centerville. He took in John Woodbury and Riley Burditt as partners, calling the firm S.H. Jones & Co. Woodbury left in 1847 and the firm was renamed Jones & Burditt. In 1850 Jones sold his interest to E.B. Carpenter and left Brattleboro, (see E.B. Carpenter). Jones returned to Brattleboro in 1853 and organized a new firm called Jones, Carpenter & Woods with E.B. Carpenter and George Woods, (the order of names depends on who is telling the story). In 1856 Jones and Woods sold out to Estey & Green and went to Boston. ..Cabot
JONES, WOODBURY, & BURDITT   Brattleboro, VT 184647; see Samuel H. Jones. ..
JONG & ZN., D. DE   Veenestraat 7, Zwolle, Netherlands. Piano and organ tuners. Made a reed organ in 1952 for Goldschmeding, Amsterdam, Netherlands. ..deFrel
JONKOPINGS (JÖNKÖPINGS) ORGELFABRIK   Kålgårdsgatan 15, Jönköping, Sweden. ..Edqvist, Ruuth
JONSSON ABERG (JÖNSSON ÅBERG), ANDREAS   Sweden. Pipe and reed organ maker, patented the ASymphonon@ in 1866. ..Klaverens
JORDAN'S Transposing Harmonium   see J. Baynton & Co. ..
JORDAN, W.C.   Hamilton, MO. (No other information available.) ..Rollenhagen
JORIO, FRATELLI AMADEO E AUGUSTO   Giuliano di Roma, Italy. Listed in directories in 1903 and 1909. ..deWit 1903, OH
JORIS, FRANÇOIS, & FILS   179 rue de la Nouvelle Eglise, Renaix, Belgium 19271932; at 21 rue de l'Eglise in 1936. Manufacturer of pipe organs, pianos and harmoniums. François and his brother Joseph worked at Anneessens until they began their own business about 1900. Joseph Joris is listed separately at 31 Grande Place, Sichem, Belgium in 1903. Later François worked with his sons Edmond and Georges. ..deWit 1903, Fluke
JORIS, LEO   Averbode, Belgium. Born 1906, a nephew of François Joris. Still active as a harmonium maker in 1955. ..Olthof
JOSEFSON, ADOLF   Gullspång, Sweden, 1903. ..deWit 1903
JUBAL organ (Orgel)   Reed organs with this stencil are sold (not manufactured) by Hees & Co., Delft, Netherlands. Some reed organs with this stencil are manufactured by Emil Müller, another reed organ by Mason & Hamlin. ..deFrel
JUD, AUGUST   Metzingen, Germany. Reed organ known, possible a dealer. ..deFrel
JUJIYA GAKKI-TEN   Ginza, Tokyo. Shigetaro Kurata exhibited an organette at the 3rd Domestic Industrial Exhibition, Tokyo, 1890. ..
JULIUS & MARCH   22 S. George St., York, PA, 1884-99. John P. Julius was a music dealer, and Oliver L. March was a travel agent working for Julius. Organs with this name were undoubtedly made by others with the Julius & March stencil. ..Eyman, York Dir.
JUMANOW, E.A.   PermscheStr., Perm, Russia, 1903; established 1886. ..deWit 1903
KACIN, J.V.   Nova Gorica, Slovenia or Gorizia, Italy. Harmonium maker. ..Malagoli
KAHN, LEOPOLD   see Stuttgart Harmonium Co. ..
KAIHO, M.   Tokyo. Sold by Sanseido, Kanda, Tokyo. A 39 key baby organ is in the Meiji-mura Museum, Aichi prefecture. ..Akai
KAILASH HARMONIUM WORKS   Egerton Road, Delhi, India, 1930. ..OH
KAIM & SOHN   Fabrikstr. 30, Wellingstr. 21, Alleenstr 3, Kirchheim u. Teck, Germany. Other firm names: F. Kaim (1819-1845); Kaim & Günther (1846-1883); F. Kaim & Sohn (1883-1922); Kaim Pianoforte AG (1922-1933); Harmoniumbau Gebr. Kaim & Fritsche; Erste Deutsche Meister-Harmoniumfabrik; Ritz-Kaim. Established in 1819 as a piano maker, began making harmoniums in 1900. Made pressure and suction instruments and mechanical harmoniums. ..Ahrens
KAKEGAWA KOGYO   near Hamamatsu, Japan. Reed manufacturer; machinery broken up in 1989. ..Thompson
KALAND, EINAR, ORGELHARMONIUMFABRIK   Olaf Kyrres Gade 16, Bergen, Norway in 1909; 31 Vaskerelvsgade, Bergen in 1930. Established in 1897 as a music dealer and publisher, started making harmoniums in 1908. From 1915 to about 1925 he produced a total of 1500 instruments. Reorganized in 1974 as Petterson & Gjellesvik. ..Cappelens, deWit 1903, Kolnes, OH, Södal
KALBE, J.F.   Gipstrasse 13, Berlin, Germany in 1890. Established in 1840, manufactured accordions, concertinas, mouth organs and harmoniums. ..OH, Ahrens
KALISKA   Monroe, LA.
KALLMANN (KÄLLMANN), A.   Lapua, Finland. Established 1897. ..OH
KALMAR ORGELFABRIK P.A.   Lindahl, Sweden, fl. 1896. ..Klaverens
KALTSCHMIDT, FRIEDRICH WILHELM   Stettin, Germany. Established 1840; pipe organs, street organs and physharmonicas. ..Ahrens
KAMPMANN, W.   see Kanpmann. ..deFrel
KAMSTRUP, K.   see Holstebro OrgelHarmoniumsfabrik K. Kamstrup. ..
KANGASALAN URKUTEHDAS   Kangasala, Finland. Established in 1843 by A. Thulé who had come to Finland from Sweden. He was succeeded in the business by his son B.A. Thulé, his grandson M. Tulenheimo and his greatgrandson P. Tulenheimo. The firm continued in business until 1984. Approximately 10,000 harmoniums were made by the firm. ..Cappelens, Sohlmans, Tampere, OMT
KANNEGIESSER, E.   Grosse Plauensche Str. 18 in 1876, Hahnebergstr. 3 in 1877, Sternplatz 1 in 1881, Güterbahnhofstr. 5 in 1884, Steinplatz 1 in 1886, Johannisplatz 5f in 1888-90, Palaststr. 2 in 1891, Katechetenstr. 2 in 1892, also Katherinenstrasse 2, all in Dresden, Germany. Founded by Eduard Gotthard Kannegiesser in 1830. Listed as G. Kannegiessert in Paris. Absorbed J. Jahnert & Sohn in 1876. ..deWit 1883, cat., GHS, Fluke, Ahrens
KANPMANN, A.W.   Neue Friedrichsstr. 34 in 1886 and 1890, Carnapstr. 50 in 1903, Carnapstr. 48a, Wuppertal-Elberfelde, Germany. Piano dealer, organ and harmonium maker. Established in 1850. By 1903 the firm name was Heinrich Emil Kanpmann. Also shown as W. Kampmann. ..deWit 1883, 1903, Rieche
KANSALA (KÄNSÄLÄ), ALEKSI   (18681939), Kaustinen, Finland. Instruments located in Kaustinen Folk Art Centre. ..Tampere, Ala-Konni, Järvelä.
KANSAS ORGAN CO.   Main and Shawnee Streets, Leavenworth, KS, established in 1882 by Carl Hoffman, president, A.C. Emmons, superintendent and Fred Holl, treasurer. Made church and parlor organs, employing sixty men in 1886. In business through about 1887. ..DMKT 1885, KS State Hist Soc.
KANTNER, DR. FRANKLIN J.   Reading, PA; active 18821887. Son of Joel Kantner, who had made pipe and reed organs in the 1860s. See Reading Organ Manufactory. ..Owen, Michel, Fox
KAPS, ERNST   Seminarstr. 20, Dresden, Germany. Established 1858. Piano, harmonium and American organ manufacturer, although the reed organs may have been made by others with the Kaps stencil. The following serial numbers may include both reed organs and pianos:

1868 - 500 1895 - 18000 1930 - 37500
1879 - 6000 1901 - 24000
1889 - 14000 1908 - 30000

KARCHER (KÄRCHER), KARL FRIEDRICH   Augustenstr. 92, Stuttgart, Germany. Harmonium maker, established 1868. Associated with (Ludwig) Emil Krauss (qv) in 1871. ..Ahrens
KARGELERT   harmonium named for Siegfried KargElert, 18771933, composer who wrote extensively for the harmonium; see Johannes Titz. ..
KARLOFF, J.C.   19 James St., Syracuse, NY 1861. Melodeon manufacturer. ..Hutchinson
KARLSAUNET, KRISTIAN   Å, Norway. Made six harmoniums from 1894 to 1915. May have produced a few later. ..Kolnes
KARLSSON, HENRIK   see E.A. Andersson. ..
KARLSSON, OLOF   (1834-1912), Lugnet, Lycksele, Västerbotten, Sweden. Made harmoniums and pipe organs with his son Oskar Olofsson (1874-1928). ..Edqvist, Mackie
KARLSTADS ORGELFABRIK   Sweden, 1889-1940. ..Edqvist, Klaverens
KARLSTROM (KARLSTRÖM), O.   Genneved, Sweden. ..Klaverens
KARMAN, G.A.   Västerhejde, Visby, Sweden. Reed Organ patent 1867. ..Klaverens
KARN, D.W., CO., LTD.   532 Dundas St., Woodstock, Ontario. Established in 1867 when Dennis W. Karn joined John M. Miller, forming Miller & Karn, also known as the Woodstock Organ Factory. Karn bought out Miller in 1870 but retained the Miller & Karn name for several years before changing it to D.W. Karn Co. Exhibited in Barcelona, Spain in 1888. Acquired the S.R. Warren & Son organ factory of Toronto in 1896, and in 1909 became the Karn Morris Piano & Organ Co. In the early 1920s the company went through several changes of ownership ending in bankruptcy. The assets were acquired by SherlockManning in 1924. Officers in 1906: D.W. Karn, president; T. Drew Smith, secretarytreasurer; Serial numbers: 1886 - 15887, 1890 - 24098, 1890 - 25367, 1891 - 28025, 1900 - 46154. ..Friberg, POPG, Kallmann, Fluke, Huivenaar, Ebay,
KARTAR MUSIC HOUSE   portable hand-pumped organ, apparently an Indian table harmonium. No further information available. ..Leslie Hoffman, email:
KAS (KÁŠ), ADALBERT   Neugasse 8, Brünn, AustriaHungary, 1903; established in 1898. Later shown at Neugasse 25, Brünn, Hungary. ..deWit 1903, OH
KASRIEL, MAURICE   established in 1839, 20 passage Vaucouleurs, Paris in 1883, 92 rue d'Angouleme in 1895, 9 passage de Ménilmontant in 1903. Succeeded by Les Petitsfils de Mce. Kasriel, 6 rue Tolain, Paris; still operating in 1951. Awarded a silver medal at Toulouse in 1863, a gold at the Paris Exhibition of 1878 for portable harmoniums and harmoniflûtes of good value and ingenious work, and a silver medal at Paris in 1900. In 1951 Kasriel was producing two and three octave guidechant and harmoniums from a four octave portable to a five octave instrument with 42 sets of reeds and a transposing keyboard. ..deWit 1883, 1903; Fluke; Olthof
KATHOLNIG, HEINRICH   SigmundHaffnerGasse 16, Salzburg, Austria, 1940. ..OH
KATZ, GEBRÜDER   Langestr. 143 in 1912-25, Langestr. 42 in 1930, Völksen, Germany. Established in 1905 by Heinrich and Conrad Katz. Made church organs and harmoniums. Operating in 1930 as Heinrich Katz. ..deWit 1912, 1930, Ahrens
KATZER, FRANZ   Bahnhofstr. 11, Unicov, (MährischNeustadt), Czechoslovakia in 1930; located at Olmützer Str. 57, MährischNeustadt, Sudetenland, Germany in 1940. Formerly W. Brauner & Co. ..deWit 1930, OH
KAUFFMANN, JOHANN MARCEL   Robert HamerlingGasse 30, Vienna, Austria in 1912; by 1930 shown as Johann Josef Kauffmann. Established 1877. ..deWit 1930, OH
KAUFMAN, F., & SOHN   Ostra-Allee 19 in 1886-90, Dresden, Germany; mechanical and street pianos and harmoniums. Made physharmonicas in 1855. ..Riesche
KAWAI GAKKI SEISAKUSHO CO., LTD.   current address 200 Terashimacho, Hamamatsushi, Shizuoka, Japan 430. Kawai Gakki Kenkyusho (Kawai Musical Instrument Laboratory) was founded in 1927 by Koichi Kawai, formerly chief engineer of Yamaha; renamed Kawai Gakki Seisakusho in 1929, then Kawai Gakki Seisakusho Co. Ltd. from 1951 to the present. At one time Kawai manufactured its own reeds. Shigeru Kawai is now Chairman and President. Currently makes seven electricallyblown and four footpumped reed organ models. The following serial numbers may include both pianos and organs:

1925 - 4200 1955 - 29590 1975 - 791000
1930 - 6000 1960 - 42776 1976 - 878000
1940 - 9600 1972 - 603325 1977 - 968000
1950 - 14200 1974 - 718000

..[Cat., Herzog, Akai
KECSKES, F.   IV. Str. Bolintineanu 16, Timisoara, Romania. ..deFrel
KELLER, GEORGE F.   Scranton, PA. ..
KELLER, HEINRICH   Staatestrasse, Oberhofen bei Thun, Switzerland. Acquired the reed organ business of H. Otzinger in 1925; in operation as a manufacturer through 1970; continued as a repair service through 1977. Founded by Heinrich Keller Senior, (1880-1945), who was succeeded by his son Heinrich Junior, (1912-1991) in 1945. "A reliable company for a good Swiss reed organ." Production quantities:

1925-1944: 180
1945-1970: 720

KELLER, KONRAD   Tannheim, Germany. No further information. ..deFrel
KELLMER, PETER   1883, 1885, 1889; later Kellmer Organ Co. and Kellmer Piano & Organ Works, Hazleton, PA. ..DMT 1889, Michel
KELLY ORGAN CO.   Worcester, MA. Organ actions with this name were made in Worcester, Mass., ca 1880s, and apparently exported to England where cases were added by Charles Kelly & Co. in London. ..Tyler, McTammany
KELLY, CHARLES, & CO.   1011 Charles St., also 11 Cavendish St., Cavendish Square, and 1416 Mortimer St., W. London in 1897. "Makers of harmoniums to H.M. the Imperial family of France." In business at least from ca 1855 to 1906. Some Kelly harmoniums were made by Constant Laurent. ..deWit 1883, MTD 1897, Fluke
KELSON, P. ERN.   France. Harmonium maker 1845-1873. Exhibited a barrel-operated orgue expressif in the Paris Exhibition of 1855. ..Pierre, Fluke
KEMMLER, C., & CO.   26 Wigmore St. & 23 Barrett St., London. C. Kemmler and E. Benard, proprietors in 1903; established 1884. ..deWit 1903
KEMP, ROBERT ALEXANDER   50 New Bond Street, London. Patented a combination reed organ and piano in 1885. Author of "Tuning and Regulating the Alexandre Harmonium." ..OH, Fluke
KENNEDY   see Vrom & Kennedy. ..
KENNEDY & MORSE   Washington, NJ. Melodeon makers. ..RFG
KENNEDY BROTHERS   instrument restored by Pro Musica. Probably the same as Kennedy & Morse and Vroom & Kennedy. ..Hopwood
KENT ORGAN CO.   Niagara and Virginia Streets, Buffalo, NY, 1885. William J. Kent probably worked for Prince prior to establishing his own business. ..DMT 1885, Fox, trade card
KENT, WILLIAM BARKER   Earl Soham, Wickham Market, England; harmonium with pipes, 1883. ..deWit 1883
KENWOOD   The Cash Buyers Union First National Co-operative Society, Chicago, IL, sold Kenwood organs through its mail order catalog of 1905/6. Some of these organs appear to have been made by the Adler Organ Co. and by Lyon & Healy with the Kenwood stencil. ..Issinghoff, Heiss
KENYON, R.B.   West Killingly, CT. Melodeon maker, ca. 1860. ..Boadway
KEPSZELY, JOHANN   Neusohl, AustriaHungary, 1903. ..deWit 1903
KERCHER, FRIEDRICH   Obere Jägerstr. 143 in 1869, Rosenbergstr. 35 in 1871, Stuttgart, Germany. Harmonium maker. ..Ahrens
KERKHOFF, JEANEMILE   (18591921), 7 rue de la Pepiniere, 155 Avenue de la Reine, 11 place Masui, Brussels, Belgium. Shown at 17 place Masui 19301949. This location was later a private mansion and workshop and is now an annex of the Musée Instrumentale in Brussels. Manufacturer of pipe organs and harmoniums with 15 to 20 workers in the factory, established 1905. Kerkoff had many inventions for harmoniums. Van den Kerkhoven is shown as a harmonium maker at rue de la Pepiniere in 1883. ..deWit 1883, Fluke, OH, Olthof
KEROPHONE   Germany. Roll-playing reed organ. ..Chaney
KESNER & TURNER   172 Seymour Street, Euston Road, London NW, 1906. ..Fluke
KESSELS, MATHIEU J.H.     (Koninklijke Nederlandsche Fabriek Van Muziekinstrumenten); factory located at Tilburg, Netherlands from 1898. Manufacturer of pianos, player-pianos, harmoniums and organs from 1886 until about 1940. Founded by Mathieu J.H. Kessels. Made the Eola Orgel Harmonium. ..deFrel
KESTEREN   see van Kesteren. ..
KETTERMAN ORGAN CO., INC.   214 North Walnut St., Muncie, IN 194550. Formerly with Gulbransen, (qv). Manufactured a single manual reed organ with electrically operated stops, a new valve action and an electric suction unit. Also manufacturer of the Orgavac, an electric suction unit for reed organs. ..Ketterman, cat.
KETTNER   Amsterdam, Netherlands. Reed organ and piano dealer. ..deFrel
KEWITSCH, JOHANNES   Wilhelmstrasse 2 in 1883-86, Potsdammer Str. 27b in 1901-03 and 1930, Berlin. Established 1836. Piano and harmonium maker, also made an enharmonic organ. ..deWit 1883, 1903, 1930; OH, Ahrens
KEYSTONE ORGAN CO.   Pittsburg, PA. Mellor, Hoene & Henricks,a musical instrument dealer. Instruments with this name were made by others with the Keystone or Mellor, Hoene & Henricks label. ..Eyman
KHIMJI, MISTRI MEGHJI, & CO.   Para Station Road, R?jkot, India. Harmonium makers and repairers. ..Fluke
KIESSLING, NICHOLAS, & SON   (William J.); 416 Western Ave., Blue Island, IL 1909, 1913; school and folding organs. ..PBG 1913, Fox
KILGOUR, J. & R.   Hamilton, Ontario. Began as a dealer in 1872, then manufactured pianos and reed organs 18881899. Also Kilgour Piano & Organ Co. ..Kallmann
KILNER, FRANK, & SONS   Camberwell, Melbourne, Australia. Made the Austral Electronic Organ, a reed organ with electronic amplification. ..O$X$Loughlin
KIMBALL, W.W., CO.   S.W. corner of Wabash Ave. and Jackson Blvd., Chicago, IL; factory at Rockwell and 26th Streets. Founded by William Wallace Kimball. Started in 1857 as an organ and piano retailer in Chicago, built up an immense business as a jobber under the leadership of Edwin Stapleton Conway. Began manufacturing organs in 1881 and later pianos. Discontinued reed organ production in 1922. Also made organs for others such as Bentley, Goggin, Thiery, J.V. Watson, Pacific Queen, Great Western and probably Lundell Olson. Still survives as Kimball International, located in Jasper, Indiana. Serial numbers:

1881 - 26472 1895 - 167405 1907 - 304615
1882 - 31804 1896 - 178347 1908 - 318285
1883 - 43212 1896 - 184571 1909 - 328547
1884 - 57540 1897 - 189465 1910 - 339343
1885 - 67872 1898 - 200971 1911 - 350269
1886 - 77960 1899 - 211932 1912 - 359765
1887 - 88028 1900 - 222575 1913 - 369971
1888 - 97252 1901 - 235452 1914 - 376775
1889 - 107765 1901 - 237358 1915 - 380870
1890 - 118463 1902 - 248105 1916 - 385979
1891 - 130001 1903 - 258899 1917 - 391656
1892 - 142237 1904 - 268599 1918 - 396270
1893 - 149130 1905 - 279119 1919 - 401448
1894 - 157473 1906 - 291979 1922 - 403690
1895 - 160028 1907 - 304615

KIMMERLING   Geneva, Switzerland; maker of music boxes with free reeds ca 186070. ..
KINDO (KIND?) TODA   see Toda, Kind?. ..
KINNARD, DREHER & CO.   Cleveland, OH; started in 1857 as Kinnard Melodeons by William J. Kinnard; he also used the name W.J. Kinnard. He associated with B. Dreher and formed Kinnard & Dreher, which operated from 1859 to 1869. See Dreher. Serial numbers:

1858 - 1500 1862 - 3060 1867 - 4240
1859 - 1807 1863 - 3280 1869 - 5010
1860 - 2500 1865 - 4100

KIRKMAN & WHITE   67 Frith Street, Soho, London in 1822; 3 Soho Sq. in 1831; 9 Dean St. in 1846. Made a seraphine in 1836. Joseph Kirkman and Thomas White, principals. Kirkman died 18 October 1877, aged 87 years. ..Fluke, Olthof
KIRKWOOD WAGON CO., THE   Elmira, NY; piano and organ wagon manufacturer. ..Ad.
KIRSCHEISEN, E. BRUNO   Fürstenplatz 1 in 1890, Zöllnerstr. 10 in 1930, Dresden, Germany. Established 1880. Organ and harmonium maker. ..OH, Ahrens
KIRSCHHOUSEN, J.C.   Arnhem, Netherlands. Reed organ dealer. ..deFrel
KIRSCHNIK   a Danish organ builder who used free reeds in pipe organs in the late eighteenth century. ..
KITLY & CO.   1416 Mortimer St., London, 1883. ..deWit 1883
KLAIS, JOHANNES   Kölnstr. 148, Bonn, Germany. Established 1882. Harmoniums with this name may have been made by Mannborg, Lindholm and Teck-Harmoniumfabrik. ..Ahrens
KLASSMEYER, FRIEDRICH   Pappenstr. 22, Lemgo, Germany. Factory located at Kirchstr. 38, Kircheide b. Lemgo. Established in 1872, in operation at least through 1930. ..deWit 1930, Ahrens
KLAUS, MAX   Gera, Reuss, Germany. Possible a dealer. Reed organ with accord keyboard known, made by Emil Müller. ..deFrel
KLEIJN, J.F.   Middelburg, Netherlands. Reed organ dealer. ..deFrel
KLEIJWEGT, v/h   Vlaardingen, Netherlands. Reed organ and piano dealer. ..deFrel
KLEIN   see Weygandt & Klein, also see Chabin. ..
KLEIN, ALPHONSE, & CIE.   Rouen, France. Made harmoniums with transposing keyboards as well as a combined piano and harmonium. Succeeded by Elilien Ledru, a music dealer located at 20 rue Jeanne d'Arc, Rouen by 1909. ..OH, Fluke
KLEIN, GEORG   Sennefelderstr. 36, Stuttgart, Germany. Established in 1867, operated at least through 1883. ..Ahrens
KLEIN, JOH.   Mariahilferstr. 86, Vienna, Austria, 1883. Harmonium maker. Also listed as an accordion and clock case maker in 1850. Awarded a Medal at Vienna in 1873. ..deWit 1883, Artner
KLEINERT, ROBERT   Quakenbrück, Germany. Made a combination piano and harmonium now in the Leipzig Museum. ..Leipzig
KLEINJASPER, CHARLES   23 rue Caumartin, Paris, 1883. Later located at 47 rue NotreDame de Lorette, Paris 9e. ..deWit 1883, OH
KLINE, T.S.   Jackson, MI 1889. ..Fox, MI Dir
KLINGENTHALER HARMONIKAWERKE,   Klingenthal, Saxony, Germany. Also doing business as Deutches Tonzungenwerke, Gera, Germany. Manufacturing the "Jubilate" and "Harmola" reeds in 1961. ..Alemana
KLINGSTEDT, ERIK   (1846-1937), Medle, Skellefteå, Sweden. Made pipe organs and 326 harmoniums. ..Edqvist, Mackie
KLOCK   see Stevens & Klock. ..
KLOCKAR, NILS, ORGELFABRIK   Orsa, Sweden, ca 1950. ..Klaverens
KLOTZSCH, WILHELM   Jessnitz, Germany; harmonium with pipes. Shown as a dealer in 1890. ..Ahrens
KNAUER, CHRISTOPHER   618 Broadway, New York, NY 1861. Triolodeon maker for M. Ducker. Also shown in Philadelphia, PA. ..Hutchinson, Fox
KNIGHT   see Small & Knight, Levi K. Fuller. ..
KNIGHT, C.S.   Monroe, MI. Pipe and reed organ rebuilders. ..MI Dir
KNIGHT, JOHN   3637 Dean Street, Birmingham, England. Piano, harmonium and American organ maker. Working until 1878. ..Fluke
KNIGHT, W.H.   Bishops Hall, Taunton, Somerset, England; also W.H. Knight & Son. In business at least from 1892 through 1908. ..deWit 1903, OH
KNOTT, H., & SON   111 Pentonville Road, London. Piano and harmonium manufacturer, 1883. ..deWit 1883
KNOTT, J.C.   Witton Street, Northwich, Cheshire, England. Piano and harmonium manufacturer 18791882. In 1883 moved to 20 Castle Street, Northwich, Cheshire. Stopped making harmoniums in 1887. ..Fluke
KNUDSEN, JACOB   Bergen, Norway. With a background in furniture building, Knudsen learned piano and organ making in Germany and returned to Norway to start his own business in 1896. He built his factory in Bergen in 1917, expanded it in 1928, had a maximum of 60 employees. Made reed organs from 1919 until the 1950s, eventually producing a total of 4000 organs, 9500 upright pianos and a significant number of grand pianos. The firm also maintained sales stores in Oslo and Stavanger. Stopped production of pianos in 1975 and has since been dedicated to service and repair. Jacob Knudsen died in 1928 and the business was continued by his brother Wilhelm Knudsen until 1946 when his soninlaw Christen Faye took over. In 1977 Faye's son Fredrik succeeded him. Serial number: 1925 - 3200. ..Cappelens, Kolnes, Lee, Ringve, Kjeldsberg
KOCH, BERNHARD   Wuppertal-Barmen, Germany. The Koch family build organs, pianos and harmoniums and was a dealer in Gotha, Tonn and Wuppertal-Barmen, Wuppertal-Ronsdorf in Germany and Apedoorn, Netherlands,1848-1995. ..Koch
KOCH, GUSTAAF   See Koch, J.G. ..deFrel
KOCH, J.G.   Hillevliet 142a (1931) and 134b (from 1932), Rotterdam, Netherlands. In 1936: Terborgscheweg 16, Doetinchem, Netherlands. Manufacturer (qv) of reed organs with label Gustaaf Koch. Later repair, tuning and cleaning reed organs and piano’s. ..deFrel
KOEFOEDS, H.P., EFTF.   Torvegade 10, Randers, Denmark; established 1876. By 1909 shown as J.P. Koefoed. ..Friberg, OH
KOELLERVANDENAKKER, ERNEST   24 rue VieilleHalleauxBles, Brussels, Belgium in 1880; 105 rue du Midi in 1895; showroom and workshop at 9 rue du Midi in 1905; showroom and workshop at 9 rue des Moineaux. Harmonium and piano maker. Exhibited at the Brussels Exhibition of 1880. ..Fluke
KOESTLER   West Germany. Made the Mini Organ, a portable electrically blown instrument and the Harmophon, a suitcase organ.. ..Tamir, Huivenaar
KOHLER & CHASE   San Francisco, CA. ..Grazier
KOHLER (KÖHLER), HARMONIUMFABRIK   Eisenbahnstr. 98 in 1920-24, Leipzig-Volkmarsdorf, Germany. Established 1921. Moved to Schloss (castle) Pretzsch in Pretzsch, Germany in 1923, occuping the east wing. The rest of the castle was used as an orphanage. In 1933 the Nazi SS took over the castle as a training school, and the harmonium factory moved to the Mädchen house (girl's dormitory) on the castle grounds. Moved to Bahnhofstr. 29a about at the end of World War II, and the castle returned to use as an orphanage. Edward Fritz Köhler, proprietor. Made both pressure and suction instruments. Still in business in 1990 as VEB Holzverarbeitung Pretzsch, a furniture maker. See also Angelus, Bachwelt and Welt=Orgel.
1923 – 1180, 1924 – 1414(1320*), 1924 – 1610(1505*), 1925 – 2109(4951*/2055*), 1925(4 Apr) – 1080*(?), 1926 – 3801(6897*/3391*), 1927 – 4182, 1929(27 Aug) – 4060(8159*), 1931 – 8959*/4473*/4477*,1931(19 Dec) – 8999*, 1931(19 Dec) – 10000*, 1963(2 Apr) – 11163*, 1963(7 May) – 11264*, 1963(27 Nov) – 11284*, 1963(19 Dec) – 12285*, 1972(Nov) – 12347*
* case numbers
..deWit 1930, Ahrens, Einert, deFrel
KOHN & CIE, B.   Prag & Stuttgart, Germany. Harmoniumfabrik, pressure harmonium known. ..deFrel
KOLAR (KOLA?), BOHUMIL   Stiftgasse 12, Brünn, Mähren, Hungary, 1909. ..OH
KOLB, FRANZ, SÖHNE   Puste Zibridovice, (Wustseibersdorf), Czechoslovakia 1930. ..
KOLB, HEINRICH   see Woerner & Kolb. ..
KOLLER, LUKAS   Nasterzeile 53, Gmund, AustriaHungary, 1903; established 1880. ..deWit 1903
KOLSETH, PETER   see Colseth. ..
KONIECZNY, ALOJZY   Wegierska 32, P?zemysl, AustroHungary, 1909. Established 1888. ..OH
KOOIJ, W.   Tollenstraat 59, Rotterdam, Netherlands. Reed organ dealer. ..deFrel
KORNER   see Meinhardt & Korner. ..
KORTENBACK   No further information ..Duga
KOSSLING (KÖSSLING), JOHANN GOTTLOB   Grimmaesche Str. 5, Leipzig, Germany. Piano and physharmonica maker, 1834. ..Ahrens
KOST   see Paul & Kost. ..
KOTYKIEWICZ, TEOFIL   Margarethenstrasse 61 in 1883; Straussengasse 18 1892-1930, Vienna, Austria. Originally founded in 1852 by Peter Titz (18231873), renamed and continued by his soninlaw Teofil Kotykiewicz (18491920), who was in turn succeeded by his son Teofil Kotykiewicz (18801971). ..deWit 1883, 1930; Friberg, Fluke
KRANZER, JOHANN   Ober Donaulange 41, Linz, Austria,1940. ..OH
KRATOCHWIL, OTTO   Baumschulenallee 2a, Bonn, Germany, 1925-1930. Organ and harmonium maker ..OH, Ahrens
KRAUS   see C.B. Hunt & Co. ..
KRAUSE, H.   Karlstr. 17, Berlin; Wilmersdorfer Str. 22 in 1912, Berlin-Charlottenburg. Harmonium maker and repairman, at least from 1903 to 1909. ..OH, Ahrens
KRAUSE, THEODORE   Handelstr. 19, Berlin, Germany. Designer of reed organs, ca. 1903. ..OH
KRAUSS, EMIL   Marienstr. in 1870, Augustenstr. 92 in 1886-90, Stuttgart, Germany. Established 1870 as a piano maker. Began making harmoniums in 1871. Exhibited at the Vienna Fair in 1873. In business as late as 1929. ..deWit 1883, OH, Ahrens
KREUTZBACH, JULIUS URBAN   Thomasiusstr. 22 in 1912, Leipzig, Germany. Piano maker, also made combination piano-harmoniums. ..Ahrens
KRISTINEHAMNS ORGELFABRIK   Kristinehamn, Sweden. Carl G. Nyström, proprietor. Made the Alptona organ. ..Friberg, Klaverens
KRÖGER, J.P.H.   Schultzestrasse 20, Elmshorn, Germany about 1928. Pianos and reed organs. ..deFrel
KROLL   Paris. Reed maker, 1867. ..Fluke
KROM, ANDR. L.     Oude Gracht bij de Viebrug, Utrecht, Netherlands. Made pedal actions for reed organs. ..Cat., deFrel
KRONIG, FRANZ, & CO.   Leipzig, Germany. 1922-3. ..Rieche
KROON ORGEL   Amersfoort, Netherlands. Reed organs manufactured in the USA, possible Crown Organ (?) ..deFrel
KRUGER   instrument dated 1898, located in Argentina.
KRÜGER   Germany, made K.O.K. Pedal Organ. ..deFrel
KRUMBHOLZ, PAUL   Lasurstr. 6 in 1938-40, Lange Str. 39 in 1963, Gera-Zwötzen, Germany. Established in 1928, closed 1974. ..Alemana, Fluke, OH, cat., Ahrens
KRUSE, L. ED.   Steindamm 35 in 1886, Lüneburger Str. 3, Hamburg, Germany. Established in 1871. Piano, organ and harmonium maker. ..Ahrens
KRZEMINSKI (KRZEMI?SKI), JOSEF   ul. Dabrowska, Bendzin, Russia, 1909. ..OH
KUHN, THEODOR   Männedorf, Switzerland. Pipe organ maker, also sold harmoniums made by others with the Kuhn stencil. In operation at least from 1910 through 1925. ..Graf-Engel.
KUNKEL, WILHELM   Markplatz A21, Oettingen, Germany. Listed as a dealer in 1923, harmonium maker in 1940. ..OH, Ahrens
KUNST HARMONIUM   Groningen, Netherlands. Organ retailer, active in 1921. Serial number: 1921 - 11272. ..deFrel, Huivenaar
KUNST, E.D.   Groningen, Netherlands. Organ retailer, active in 1921. Serial number: 1921 – 11272. ..deFrel
KUNZ, FRZ.   Trautenau, AustriaHungary, 1883. Organ and harmonium maker. ..deWit 1883
KUPER, ADOLF   Schkeuditzer Str. 16 in 1921, Breitenfelder Str. 9195 in 1924-30, Leipziger Str. 91-95 in 1927, Leipzig-Gohlis, Germany. Established in 1918, made both pressure and suction instruments. Closed 1954. ..deWit 1930, Ahrens
KURZ, KARL FRIEDRICH   Wilchingen, Switzerland. Cabinet maker, also made reed organs beginning in 1915. ..Graf-Engel
KUSTER, LOUIS   Paris. Harmonium reed maker, 1921. ..Fluke
KUVA   harmonium maker, location unknown. ..
KVARME, NIELS PEDERSEN   Voss, Norway. Pipe organ and harmonium maker, started building harmoniums in the 1860s. ..Kolnes
LABROUSSE, J.   41 rue du Temple and 16 rue de Rivoli, Paris in 1903. By 1930 shown as G. Labrousse, 51 rue de Rivoli, Paris. ..deWit 1903, OH
LACAPE, J.   29 boulev. St.-Martin, Paris. Piano and harmonium maker 1883. ..deWit 1883
LACKEN   see Van Bever-Lacken. ..
LADD, SENECA AUGUSTUS   Meredith, NH. Born 29 April 1819 in Louden, NH. He left school at age 13 and went with his older brother, Albert Warren Ladd, to learn the carriage, sleigh and painting business with a relative in Raymond, NH. In 1838 the Ladd brothers went to Boston where they worked in the piano factory of Timothy Gilbert. In 1839 Seneca went to Meredith to establish a carriage factory, which he operated until it was destroyed by fire in 1850. He then leased the building of a former cotton mill in Meredith and established a piano and melodeon factory, operating it until 1868. At that time he and others founded the Meredith Village Savings Bank, of which he became the first treasurer and secretary. A.W. Ladd remained with Timothy Gilbert until 1848, when he established his own piano factory. ..Yeager, Pierce, census, IGI, Ladd
LAGERQUIST & CO.   Norrgatan 22, Örebro, Sweden in 1903; Gustav Lagerquist, proprietor; established 1901. ..deWit 1903
LAHORE MUSIC HOUSE   Delhi, India. ..
LAKESIDE ORGAN CO.   246256 West Lake St., Chicago IL; successors to Tryber & Sweetland about 1899; W.F. Tryber, president in 1903. Sold to F.S. Cable about 1904 and renamed the Fayette S. Cable Piano Co.; later renamed the CableNelson Co. Serial numbers: 1902 - 35629, 1903 - 36897, 1905 - 40250. ..POPG, Huivenaar
LAMARTINE & CIE.   rue Lafitte, Paris. Organ and harmonium maker, active about 1880. ..Fluke
LAMBERF, VVE.   79 rue de Bagnolet, Paris, 1930. ..OH
LAMMBRECHT, WILHELM   Berlin. Harmonica maker. Patented a table harmonium in 1842. ..Ahrens
LAMMLE (LÄMMLE, LAEMMLE), ALBRECHT   Stuttgart, Germany; made suction instruments ca 1928. ..ROPSA
LAMOUCHE, AUGUSTE-JOSEPH   reed maker, rue du Petit Musc, Paris. Established 1862. Lamouche originally worked for Bruni. In 1867 he and six other specialists formed "l'Association des Ouvriers Facteurs d'Anches Libres pour Orgues." The business was named Société Lamouche et Cie. and located at 45 rue Basfroid, Paris. Lamouche was the manager. ..Fluke, Dieterlen
LANDAHL, LARS JOHAN   Stockholm, fl. 1888. ..Klaverens
LANDFEAR (LANDFEUR), MERVIN T   Manchester, CT 1861. Melodeon manufacturer. On May 2, 1854 he received U.S. Patent No. 10848 for a "reed box." ..Hutchinson
LANDI, DESIDERIO   Corso Magenta, Brescia, Italy, 1903. ..deWit 1903
LANDRIEN, ALPHONSE J.   workshop at 156 rue de Cologne, Brussels, Belgium; showroom at 39 rue du Cirque in 1870; showroom at 3 Place de l'Universite in 1873. Piano and harmonium maker 18681875. ..Fluke
LANG & ROBINSON   Meredith, NH; melodeon cases 1861. ..Hutchinson
LANGDORF ET FILS   Geneva, Switzerland; music boxes with reeds. ..
LANGELIER   Montreal, Quebec. Two-manual and pedal organ.
LANGHAMMER, M.   Leipzig, Germany; maker of harmonium actions, 1930. ..deWit 1930
LANZANI, GIOVANNI   Seveso, Milan, Italy. Established in 1926, manufactured pianos beginning in 1936 when Cesare Lanzani joined the firm. Now operating as Cesare Lanzani Pianoforti under the management of Sergio Lanzani, a son of Cesare. Made portable harmoniums and later pianos. ..Orrego
LAPUAN HARMONITEHDAS   Hirvensalmi, Finland. ..OMT
LARCHE, E.   place SaintSauveur, Dinan, France in 1920; 27 rue Carnot, Dinan in 1930. ..OH
LARSON & BOWMAN   Chicago IL. Established in 1875 and still doing business under this name in 1880. By 1883 the name had changed to Howland & Boman, (qv). At that time the factory was located at 320 Clinton St., Chicago. Made the Garden City organ. ..MTJ 5/4/1880, De Young ROSB Winter 94/95
LARSSEN, OLE   Ofoten, Norway. Built a few pipe organs and harmoniums. ..Kolnes
LARSSON, B.   Uddevalla, Sweden. Baker and self-taught reed organ maker, fl. 1874. ..Klaverens
LARSSON, L.F.   see Herrljunga Orgelfabrik. ..
LATHAM, P.   48a Stoke Road, Stoke on Trent, Staffs., England. Piano, pipe and reed organ builder, 1912-13. ..
LAUKHUFF, AUGUSTUS   Weikersheim, Germany in 1930; reed maker, established 1823. Still manufacturing organ parts and many parts for harmoniums including stop faces to specification. ..deWit 1930, OH, Fluke
LAURENCE   see Lawrence, F. ..
LAURENT, CONSTANT   showrooms at 85 High St., Marylebone; factory at 7 Paradise Place, London. Established 1859, in business until 1887 when it was taken over by F. Mesnage, who advertised as the successor to Laurent until 1891. ..deWit 1883, Fluke
LAVAUD, VVE. P.D.   5 rue Lecourbe, Paris. Piano and harmonium maker 1883. ..deWit 1883
LAWRENCE ORGAN MFG. CO.   320322 S. 10th St. near Washington, Easton, PA; established 1886 as Phillip J. Lawrence. Also called Lawrence Bros. in association with F.W. Lawrence. In 1899 made the Beatty, Bowlby and Lawrence organs. Succeeded by Bowlby's Sons Piano & Organ Co., Easton, PA in 1905. ..DMT 1889, POPG, Warshaw, Michel, Fox, catalog
LAWRENCE, F., & CO.   20 St. James Street, Islington, London. American organ maker 18921894. ..Fluke
LAWSON & BOWMAN   320 Clinton St., Chicago, IL. Established 1875. Succeeded by Howland & Bowman, (qv). Made the Garden City organ. ..De Young
LAWSON & CO.   31 Fowler St., South Shields, Durham, England. Established before 1880, in business at least through 1909. ..deWit 1903, OH
LAYLAND, C., & CO.   268 Oxford St., London in 1868. In 1878 at 48 Alexander Road, Kilburn, NW London until 1879. ..Fluke
LAYTON, EDWARD   12 Upper Street, Islington, London. Harmonium maker. ..Fluke
LE FAUCHEUR & CIE.   Ivry, France. Reed maker. ..Beveridge
LEA & SON   20 Newbold Rd., Chesterfield, England, 1883. Possibly the same as Wm. Lea, Liverpool, England, a reed organ dealer who sold organs made by others with the Lea stencil. ..
LEBANON ORGAN CO.   see Geo. S. Shepard. ..
LECOMTE, A., & CIE.   12 rue St.-Gilles, Paris. Manufacturer of salon organs and harmoniums, 1883. ..deWit 1883
LEDERER, GEORG   Oettingen, Germany. Reed maker, 1883. ..deWit 1883
LEE MUSIC MFG. CO.   1986 address PO Box 308, Culver, OR 97734; manufacturer of electric suction units for reed organs. ..Cat.
LEE ORGAN CO.   Boston, MA. ..Toby
LEFERME, LOUISCAMILLE   Paris 1847. Made the Mélosymphonium. ..Mustel
LEGRIS, ALEXANDRE   Paris. Made an organino, a small orgue-expressif, in 1840. ..Mustel, Fluke
LEHMANN & CO, ADOLF   Berlin, Germany. Hoflieferant ..deFrel
LEHNBERG, ERIC   Hedemora, Dalarna, Sweden, 1885-1891. ..Edqvist, Klaverens
LEHNBERGS ORGEL- & PIANOFABRIK   Leksand, Sweden, after 1950. ..Edqvist, Klaverens
LEHR, H., & CO.   13th & Butler Streets, Easton, PA. Established in 1890 by Horace Lehr, his son Horace A. Lehr later joined the company. Partners in 1897: Horace Lehr, Jacob Diehl (factory superintendent) and Walter Lehr. Claimed to be the first company to make a pianocased reed organ. Factory capacity in 1899: 1200 organs per year. The factory burned in 1906, but production continued. Made both pianos and organs until 1942. By 1944 the company had converted to furniture making. ..Friberg, POPG, Warshaw, ROSB 8/87
LEICHEL & ZONEN, EHRENFRIED   Arnhem, Netherlands. Manufacturer of church organs, reed organs and piano’s. ..deFrel
LEIDERITZ   Leipzig, Germany. Maker of orgues expressifs about 1851. ..Fluke, Ahrens
LEIDY, E.C.   Telford, PA. Manufacturer of the Excelsior parlor organ. See M.L. Cope, F.S. Fieman. ..Trade card
LEIGHTON, WM. E.   Pembroke, ME. Organs with this name were probably assembled from actions made by E.P. Carpenter of Brattleboro, VT and cases made in Canada. ..Morningstar
LEIPZIGER MUSIKWERKE   Leipzig, Germany, successor to Paul Ehrlich (qv). See Fabrik Leipziger Musikwerke. ..deWit 1903
LEIPZIGER PIANOFORTEFABRIK A.G.   Leipzig-Mölkau, Germany. Piano maker. Also made a combination piano-harmonium with organ action by Lindholm. ..Ahrens
LEIPZIGER PIANOFORTEFABRIK BOHLITZ (BÖHLITZ)EHRENBERG, VEB   Leipzig, Germany, established in 1948 by the German Democratic Republic as the state-owned musical instrument making consortium. In 1968 it became VEB Deutsche PianoUnion BöhlitzEhrenberg, Julius Bluthner-Haessler, director. Successor to Mannborg, Lindholm, and many other musical instrument and component manufacturers. ..GHS
LEISTNER   see Sachsische Draht und MetallwarenFabrik Leistner & Co. ..
LELAND, S.R., & CO.   Worcester, MA, 1868, 1875. ..Traggor
LELIEVRE (LELIÈVRE)   see Dumont & Lelièvre. ..
LEMAIRE   Paris. Reed maker. Reeds seen on an organ made by Bertheaux Frères. ..Fluke
LEMERCINIER, LOUIS   Chausee de Liege 9, Jambes, near Namur, Belgium in 1940. Maker of pipe organs, harmoniums and pianos from about 1916 to about 1965. ..Fluke
LEMPEREUR   France. Harmonium maker. Advertised as sold by Thomas Dawkins, London between 1883 and 1889. ..Fluke
LENARCIC, JOS., & CO.   Oberlaibach, AustriaHungary, 1903. ..deWit 1903
LENK, E.   Berlin. Harmonium maker, established in 1874. Operated in 1893 by his widow as a street organ maker. ..Ahrens
LEONHARDT, MAX, & CO.   Kuhturmstr. 8 in 1921, SebastianBach Str. 28 in 1922-30, Leipzig-Lindenau, Germany; Paul Haase, Max Leonhardt and Rudolf Oppitz, proprietors in 1930. Harmonium maker, established in 1920, in business at least through 1940. Also made instruments stencilled for the music dealer Max Bannicke. ..deWit 1930, cat.
LEPICIER   Paris. Harmonium maker. ..Andre Lefrere
LEROUX, ALEX., FILS   2 Galerie VéroDodat, Paris, 1883. Manufacturer of harmoniflûtes and accordions. ..deWit 1883
LESIEUR, AUG.   56 rue Basse-du-Rempart, Paris. Piano and harmonium maker 1883. ..
LESLIE organ   see Chicago Music Co. ..
LETERME, C.   192 rue du Temple, Paris in 1850. In 1883 listed as C. Leterme Fils, 2527 rue de la FolieMéricourt, Paris. Organ and harmonium maker, made the Mélophonorgue with two ranks of reeds in 1837, also made a footpumped harmoniflûte called the Organoflûte, as well as a number of unusual reed instruments such as the AccordéonGuitare and a harmonium du violiniste called the HarpeÉolienne. ..deWit 1883, Mustel, Fluke, adv., Dieterlen
LETTON, RAPHAEL E.   Quincy, IL. Active 1873-1883. Had numerous patents for reed organ improvements. ..
LEUTKE, HERBERT   Waldstr. 84 in 1921, Wilhelmstrasse 8-18 in 1922-25, Leipzig, Germany. Piano and harmonium manufacturer. Closed 1930. ..Ahrens
LEWY   see Friedrich Wimmer. ..QHW, deWit 1883, Fox
LHOTA, AL. HUGO   Pragerthorstr. 231, Königgratz, Czechoslovakia; Karl Pich and Marie Julio, proprietors, 1903; established 1875. ..deWit 1903
LIBERTY organ   see A.L. White Mfg. Co. ..
LICENCE   London UK ..deFrel
LIDDIATT, THOMAS   Stanley Marsh, Gloucester, England. In 1879 shown as a carpenter located in Leonard Stanley; in 1885 listed as Liddiatt & Son, located in Kings Stanley. Maker of the Gothic and Stanley harmoniums. Extant at least through 1889. ..Fluke
LIDEN (LIDÉN) & OLSSON   Vara, Sweden. ..OH, Hjalmars
LÍDL & VELÍK   Vilova ctvrt 38, Jos. Velík, (MoravskýKrumlov), Czechoslovakia; established 1921, still in business in 1930. ..deWit 1930
LIEBERS, MAX   Freiburg in Breisgau, Germany. Possible a dealer. ..deFrel
LIEBIG, GUSTAV   Schiessgrabenstr. 24, Bismarckstr 159b, Schützenplatz 17-19 in 1920, Zeitz, Germany. Established 1882. Piano re-builder and later piano manufacturer. Began making harmoniums in 1912. Fritz Gustav & Karl Liebig, proprietors in 1930. Indiana Organ was the name of their reed organs in the WW1. Still in business in 1958. Also was Ideal a brand name of Liebig. Johannes de Heer (Rotterdam) use also Liebig reed organs, sold with the name “Angelus Orgel” after about 1925. Serial numbers: 1915 - 559, 1919 - 2268, 1926 - 6280, 1926 - 6455, 1927 - 8100, 1929 - 10038. ..Friberg, deWit 1930, OH, cat., Ahrens, Huivenaar, deFrel
LIEBMANN, ARMIN   Neuestr. 14, Gera, Germany; Armin Liebmann and Richard Pfotenbauer, proprietors, 1903; organettes. Serial numbers: 1915 - 10204, 1917 - 12481. ..deWit 1903, Huivenaar
LIEBMANN, ERNST ERICH   Nestmannstr. 5 in 1903; Hainstr. 10 in 1912-30, Gera, Germany; established 1871. Manufacturer and dealer in harmoniums, melodeons, melotons, street organs and organettes. Made the "Liebmanista" harmonium player and the Kalliston organette from 1912. Emil Beyer and Richard Richter, proprietors 1905-1930. Closed 1947. ..deWit 1903, 1930, Ahrens
LILJEQVIST, NILS MÅNSSON   Helsingborg, and Raus, Sweden. ..Klaverens
LILJERG, G.M.   O. Wittusgatan 14, Karlskrona, Sweden, 1903. ..deWit 1903
LIMONAIRE FRÈRES   166 Ave. Daumesnil, Paris, 1903; manufacturer of fair organs (band organs), some of which used reeds rather than pipes, as well as harmoniums and harmoniflûtes. Established 1840. ..deWit 1903
LINARD, DR.   Vienna, Austria. Made a combination piano and reed organ called the Linardian, 18901894. ..OH
LIND, ERIK   Gummark, Skellefteå, Sweden. Made about twenty harmoniums. ..Edqvist, Mackie
LINDAHL, KARL, ORGEL- & PIANOFABRIK   Herrljunga, Sweden. Karl Lindahl (1877-1947) worked in organ factories in Gothenburg and for C.B. Pettersson, (qv) and started his own factory in 1933. Produced two organ models and one piano model. After Karl died his son Bertil Lindahl continued production. In later years production was discontinued and Bertil continued in business as a tuner and repaiman of organs and pianos. The company was sold in 1974. ..Edqvist, Jansson
LINDERMAN organs   sold by Northwestern Music House, Minneapolis, MN about 1905. ..Cat.
LINDGREN, J.P., ORGEL- OCH PIANOFOURNITURER   Stockholm, 1886-1897. ..Klaverens .
LINDGREN, JOSEF ORGELFABRIK   Uppsala, Sweden, ca 1925. ..Klaverens
LINDHOLM, OLOF, HARMONIUMFABRIK   Breite Str. 511, Borna, Germany. Founded in 1894 by Olof Lindholm, a Swede who had come to Germany with Theodor Mannborg and Lars Magnus Hofberg. Lindholm worked for Mannborg until establishing his own factory. He retired in 1911 and sold the factory to Gustav Weischet, who operated a successful reed organ retail business in Wuppertal-Elberfeld. Gustav Weischet was succeeded by his son Hermann, who in turn was succeeded by his son Joachim Weischet in 1952. Lindholm made ammunition boxes during World War II and manufactured furniture for a few years after the war. By the late 1940s the reed organ business revived. Lindholm acquired Hofberg in 1930, Mannborg in 1961, and the reed-making machinery of Deutsch Harmonium-Zungen-Fabrik in 1969. Lindholm managed to operate as a privately-owned business until 1972 when it was taken over by the German Democratic Republic and became a part of the state musical instrument making consortium VEB Leipziger Pianofortefabrik Böhlitz-Ehrenberg, (qv). Restored to private ownership in 1993, manufacturing historical keyboard instruments, also a harmonium museum. Gustav Weischet, proprietor. Serial numbers:

1896 - 9969 1950 - 22700 1962 - 56460
1905 - 4000 1952 - 23150 1963 - 56830
1910 - 595 1954 - 23800 1964 - 57090
1910 - 7200 1955 - 53650 1965 - 57450
1920 - 12900 1956 - 54121 1966 - 57730
1925 - 16300 1957 - 54550 1972 - 59400
1930 - 20500 1959 - 55400 1974 - 60100
1940 - 22150 1961 - 56250 1976 - 60870

LINDMARK & JONSSON   Mellerud, Sweden, 1909. In 1930 Shown as Lindmark & Johnson, Dals Rostock, Sweden. ..OH Klaverens
LINDSAY, ADAM   100 Renfrew Street, Glasgow, Scotland. Harmonium maker 18791881. ..Fluke
LINÉ   see Couty & Liné. ..
LING & BORGMAN   67 Monroe Ave., Detroit, MI 1870-72. Conrad Ling and Charles H. Borgman. Borgman apparently left the firm in 1872 when he became city clerk. See Conrad Ling, Ling & Borgman. ..Detroit Dir
LING & CHANDLER   17 Campus Martius, Detroit, MI, 1864-69, 67 Monroe Ave. in 1872. Conrad Ling and George S. Chandler, melodeon makers. See Conrad Ling, G.S. Chandler. Granted US Patent 71314 in 1867. ..Duga, Conklin, Fox, MI Dir, Detroit Dir, Heiss,Teal
LING, CONRAD   67 Monroe Ave., Detroit, MI, 1875-81. Music dealer and melodeon maker. ..MI Dir, Kzoo Dir
LINSLEY   see Treat & Linsley. ..
LINSTEAD, G.   297 Upper Street, Islington, London N. Piano, American organ and harmonium maker 18911895. ..Fluke
LISCOM, DEARBORN & CO.   Concord, NH, Levi Liscom and David M. Dearborn, melodeon makers, 185659. ..ARO
LISCOM, LEVI   Concord, NH. Melodeon maker. ..ARO
LISTER   see West London Piano & Organ Co. ..
LITTLE GEM   no other information available. ..Sehnert
LITTLE SONIC   Lightweight Table Organ, 32 octaves, 1957. Used Swedish steel reeds. ..MOMTR
LITTLE, ALFRED   worked for Charles Austin as a reed tuner and voicer about 1845-50. May have been the originator of reed voicing. ..ROSB Spring 93, Jewell
LITTLE, FREELAND   Adeline, IL. Granted US Patent 369725 in 1887 for a reed organ. ..Fox
LIUKKONEN, EINO   Hirvensalmi, Finland. ..OMT
LIVINGSTON   York, PA. Serial No.: 1898 - 12839 ..Bowman, ROS #0297
LIVINGSTONE, J.A.   Toronto, Ontario, 1877. ..Angus
LJUNGQVIST, S.   Vänersborg, later in Landvetter, Sweden, 1899-1934. ..OH, Klaverens
LOCKE & SON   Mendelssohn House, 3436 Great Ducie St., Manchester, England, 1883. Established 1842. Piano, harmonium and American organ maker and dealer. ..deWit 1883, Fluke, Henderson
LODUCA BROTHERS   Milwaukee, WI; portable organs. Founded in 1941 by Tom and Guy LoDuca. Still in business as a music dealer. ..Scheperle, LoDuca
LOFFLER (LÖFFLER) & CO.   Breitestr. 431b in 1903, Breitestr. 9 in 1929, Rittersgrün i. Erzgebirge, Germany. Established in 1919, closed 1945. Max & Fritz Löffler, proprietors 1930. Also known as Sächsische Harmonium-Werkstäten, Löffler & Co. Made the "Tannhäuser" harmoniums. Max Löffler had previously worked for Hofberg and Hörügel. ..deWit, Ahrens
LOIR, HEINRICH   Vienna, Austria. Established in 1830. ..deFrel
LONDON & PROVINCIAL PIANO & AMERICAN ORGAN CO.   55 Cleethorpe Road, New Clee, Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England 18851888. ..Fluke
LONDON PIANOFORTE COMPANY LIMITED   Castle Road, Kentish Town, London, 1883. ..deWit 1883
LONG, JOHN H.   244 South 5th St., Lebanon, PA 1899, 1913. ..POPG, Rhoads
LOOG, HERMANN   London, 1883-1895. ..
LOOS, JOSEF   Seestadtl, Czechoslovakia, 1930. ..OH
LOPEZ, EUSEBIO   2 calle Hurtado, Jaen, Spain, 1930. ..OH
LORD   see Dodge & Lord. ..
LORENZ SUPPLY CO.   Dayton, OH. Sold the "Regal Parlor and Chapel organs," almost certainly made by others with the Regal stencil, 1899. ..Boadway
LORET, JOSEPH LAEKEN   Brussels, Belgium. Showed two harmoniums at the Brussels Exhibition of 1847. Also shown in St. Nicolas, Belgium in 1835. ..Fluke, Olthof
LORETO organ   see Adler, Smyth. ..
LORING, BLAKE & CO.   Worcester, MA, located at 64 Southbridge St. in 1868, then Hammond St., then to the Adams Block between Main and Southbridge St., in 1889 located at 19 Union St.; later moved to Toledo, OH. The name changed to Loring & Blake Organ Co. before 1881; made Palace Organs. Partners: J.W. Loring and Rufus W. Blake, formerly with Taylor & Farley, and A.M. Pelton. Blake left the company in 1873 to become Secretary and General Manager of the Sterling Organ Co.. (qv). In 1881 the president was W.W. Whitney, the music publisher, the vicepresident was W.H. Currier, and J.B. Woodford was secretarytreasurer and general manager. In 1899, Loring & Blake organs were being made in the Taber Organ Co. factory. Serial number: 1886 - 42379. ..Washburn, Cummings, POPG, Warshaw, Cowing
LOTUS organ   instrument of recent manufacture owned by Cal Rosenberg. ..
LOUISVILLE organ   probably of Louisville, Kentucky. ..Duga
LOVE, MALCOLM, & CO.   Waterloo, NY 1885 and 1889; see Waterloo Organ Co. ..
LOVELY ORGAN   toy organ made in Japan. ..eBay
LOW, JOHN, & CO.   Aylmer, Ontario. Made the Elgin organ. Serial number: 1891 - 1366. (Is this John T. Rowe?) ..Braun
LOYELUXT ARMONIUMS   Azpeitia (Guipúzcoa), Spain. ..Fluke, Lalor
LUCAS, M., & CO.   90 Tremont St., Boston, MA. Church and parlor organ maker. ..Adv., Warshaw
LUCHART   no additional information available. ..Yeager
LUCILLA & CIA.   Via Condotti 22, Rome, Italy. Piano and harmonium maker, 1883. ..deWit 1883
LUCK, WALTER VILLIERS, & CO.   Apollo House, Broadway, Stratford, England and 2 Stratford Grove, London, 1883. Piano, harmonium and American organ manufacturer. ..deWit 1883
LUDDEN & BATES   140 Bull St., Savannah, GA. Ludden & Bates Southern Music House, a music dealership, was established in 1869 by William Ludden and Julius A. Bates. Publishers of the Southern Musical Journal, 1871-82. Both Ludden and Bates left the company in 1901, but it continued under different ownership for many years. Organs with this name were undoubtedly made by others with the Ludden & Bates stencil. ..Fulton, ROSB 11/85, Bent, Sav. Dir.
LUDUCA BROSS   No further information ..deFrel
LUFF, GEORGE, & SON   103 Great Russell St., Bloomsbury, London 1851, then 7 Caroline Mews, Bedford Sq., London 1861. Exhibited a harmonium and the Albert Cottage pianoharmonium at the London Exhibition in 1851. Also agents for Debain. ..Trade Dir. 1896, Nations, Fluke
LUMLEY, W.H.   in 1892 at Cleveland Road, Northampton, England; in 1895 at 32 Kettering Road, Northampton; in 1896 at 27 Abingdon Square, Northampton. Piano and American organ maker. ..Fluke
LUND   see Akermans & Lunds Orgelfabrik Aktiebolaget. ..
LUNDAHL, ANDERS VIKTOR   (1846-1903), Stockholm, Sweden. Made harmoniums at least in 1896-98. ..Edqvist, Klaverens
LUNDBERG BRASK & CO. PIANOFABRIK   Årjäng, Sweden, 1902-06. ..Edqvist, Klaverens
LUNDBERG, BRASK & CO.   Årjäng, Sweden. Piano and reed organ maker, 1902-06. ..Klaverens
LUNDBERG, JOHAN   (1868-1953), Latikberg, Vilhelmina, Sweden. Furniture maker and bookbinder. Also made five harmoniums. ..Edqvist, Mackie
LUNDBERG, KARL ARVID   see Karl Ander Söderberg. ..
LUNDELL, OLSON & CO.   Chicago, IL. Probably made by Kimball. ..Don Swett
LUNDHOLM, C.A.VICTOR   Hamnagatan 28 in 1897, Jacobsbergsgatan 39 in 1903, Stockholm, Sweden; established in 1870 by Carl Adam Victor Lundholm (18461935) initially as a piano store, later manufactured harmoniums, including a disc-operated instrument dated 1905. ..SMS-Musikmuseet; deWit 1883, 1903; MTD, Knief, Klaverens
LUNDIN, ERIK   (1835-1902), Holmön, Umeå, Sweden. ..Edqvist, Mackie
LUTZ, J.A.   Churchville, Augusta County, VA. ..
LYON & HEALY   156164 State St., factory at Randolph St. & Union Park 1864, Randolph St. and Ogden Ave. in 1897.. Patrick J. Healy and George W. Lyon, former employees of Oliver Ditson in Boston, started a retail music business in Chicago in 1864 with the backing of Ditson, and in 1887 began manufacturing reed organs. Sold 217,249 reed organs by 1880. Patrick J. Healy died in 1905, aged 65. Discontinued organ production in 1907. In 1919 Lyon & Healy was the distributor for Estey in the Chicago area. Sold a suitcase-style portable organ with the Lyon & Healy stencil manufactured by Estey and also a two-manual and pedal stencil organ made by Clough & Warren. See Kenwood. Serial number: 1888B25299 ..Warshaw, POPG, Mann, Boadway, Linnstaedt
LYON, L.G.   England. Harmonium maker, still working in 1906. Probably the same as Louis George Lyon, 122 Camberwell Rd., London. ..Fluke
MACCHITELLA, TERIGI   2 via Pergola, Brindisi, Italy, 1930. ..OH
MACILIUS, ANT.   42 Vytauto gve, Marijampol, Latvia, 1930. ..OH
MACKIE & CO.   82 State St., Rochester, NY; the "City Music Store" (retail) founded 1840. W.S. Mackie became sole proprietor in 1858 and in 1864 he took his son, H.S. Mackie, into partnership. W.S. died in 1865 and H.S. ran the business as a sole proprietorship until 1872 when H.S. Mackie & Co. was formed. Their building at 82 State Street was erected in 1884. Sold organs ca 187880 with the name "Bell Treble," probably built by others with Mackie's stencil. ..Cat.
MACNUTT, A.   115 N. Sixth St., Philadelphia, PA 1861, 1863. Melodeon manufacturer. In 1869 shown as MacNutt Organ Co., maker of a desk organ. Also MacNutt & Prior. ..Hutchinson, Duga, ROSB 8/85
MADER, F.   84 Boulevard de la Madeleine, Marseille, France, 1883. Piano and harmonium maker. ..deWit 1883
MADER, JOSEF, & SÖHNE   Petrovice (Petersdorf), Czechoslovakia; Josef Mader, proprietor in 1930; established 1880. ..deWit 1930
MAEKAWA   19 Minami Kyuhoji machi Higashiku, Osaka, Japan, 1902 and 1909. Also shown as Mayekawa. Maekawa is a publisher and formerly a music dealer representing T?Y? Gakki Seizo, which made organs under the names Ikeuchi Fukin, T?Y? Gakki Seizo and Maekawa. ..OH, ROSB 2/91 p7, Akai
MAELZEL, JOHANN NEPOMUK   (also Mälzel); German musician and inventor. He exhibited his Panharmonicon, which used free reed pipes, in Paris in 1807. A Panharmonicon was brought to the United States in 1811 and exhibited in New York and other cities under the supervision of Boston organ builder William Goodrich. ..OH, Enc. Brit., Ochse
MAESTRO CO.   Eldridge, NY; selfplaying attachment for organs, invented by Louis B. Doman ca 1899. ..Fox
MAFFEI, CARLO   Via Cappellari 3, Milan, Italy. ..
MAGEN   3 rue des Augustins, Agen, France, 1920. ..OH
MAGER, SIEGFRIED, & CO.   Hacklandweg 9, Wuppertal-Elberfeld, Germany. Made the MagerStraube Kleinorgel, a combination reed and electronic organ, ca. 1960. Closed 1975. ..Olthof, Ahrens
MAGNUS HARMONICA CORP.   also International Plastic Harmonica Corp., 439 Frelinghuysen Ave., Newark, NJ. Founded by Finn Haakon Magnus during World War II to make harmonicas with plastic reeds, brass reeds then being unavailable. Later produced small electrically blown reed chord organs, a rolloperated organette, and numerous toy instruments, all with plastic reeds. ..Fitch
MAGNUSSON, OLOF   Quincy, IL. 1883. ..QHW, deWit 1883
MAIER, ALOYS   Friedrichstr. 26 in 1890, Friedrichstr. 16 and Rittergasse 4 in 1930, Fulda, Germany. Established 1846, in business in 1930 as Fuldaer Orgel, Harmonium, und Pianofortefabrik Maier & Co., (qv). ..Friberg, OH
MAILLARD & CIE.   275 rue de Paris, Belleville, Paris; factory at 5 rue de Parc, Belleville, Paris, showrooms at 14 rue de la Douane. Jean-Baptiste Maillard, proprietor. Established in 1852. In 1854 made "l'Orgue-Piano." Manufacturer of OrgueMelodiums and pianos, inventor of the Orgue Compositeur. Honorable Mention at the Paris Exposition of 1855. ..Pierre, Fluke
MAINGUET   Paris. Reed maker, found on Rodolphe harmoniums. ..Fluke
MAIOLO, GIOVANNI   Borgosesia, Italy, 1930. ..OH
MAISON COUTY   see Couty. ..
MAISON DU PARFAIT CLAVIER   30 rue du FaubourgPoissonnière, Paris; M. Arencibia, director; pianoharmoniums, 1903. ..deWit 1903
MAKINEN (MÄKINEN)TEHDASLIIKE   Sortavala, Finland (now in Russian territory); formerly Eero Mäkinen, Lauri Mäkinen proprietor in 1903; established in 1881 by Eero Mäkinen, who was also dean of the seminary. ..Tampere, OMT, deWit 1903
MALCOLM   see Malcolm Love & Co. and Waterloo Organ Co. ..
MALCOLM, JOHN, & CO.   Regents Park Road; Erskine Rd. 1897 and 1903, London. Established 1891; made American organs (suction) and the Phoneon player organ. Merged with Alfred Maxfield in 1918, doing business as late as 1921. Serial number: 1930 - 17905. ..MTD 1897, deWit 1903, ROPSA, Fluke, eBay
MALHOIT & CO.   Simcoe, Ontario 1875. ..Kallmann
MALKIN, E.   34 Spencer Hill, Wimbledon, London; later at 6 Malcolm Road, Wimbledon. Manufactured harmoniums and a patent pedal attachment for pianos. ..RFG, OH
MALLEVILLE   142 avenue de Versailles, Paris, 1930. ..OH
MALMSJO   Sweden. ..Jarvela
MALVESTIO, DOMENICO, E FIGLIO   4 via Dietro Duomo, Padova, Italy, 1930. ..OH
MAMONTOW, A.P.   Wologda, Russia 1903, 1909. ..deWit 1903, OH
MANCHESTER PIANO & ORGAN WORKS   (T. Goodwin), Brookside, Longsight, Manchester, England 1903. ..deWit 1903
MANGER   see Mojon, Manger & Co. ..
MANN & CO., TH.   Bielefeld, Germany. Reed organ known. ..deFrel
MANN, F.   New Briggate, Leeds, Yorkshire, England. Harmonium maker from 1878 (or before) until 1880. ..Fluke
MANNBORG, THEODOR   Grimmaische Strasse 410, Borna, Germany in 1889; Kornerplatz 3 & 4 in 1903, Angerstrasse 38 in 1904, 1930, both in LeipzigLindenau, Germany. Mannborg was born in Karlstad, Sweden in 1861. He was apprenticed to J.P. Nyström in Sweden, emigrated to Germany in 1886 where he took additional training with the pipe-organ builder Urban Kreutzbach in Borna. He established his factory in 1889 in Borna, building the first suction organs produced in Germany. In 1894 he moved the factory to Leipzig and in 1904 opened a new factory at Angerstrasse 38 in the Lindenau district of Leipzig. Mannborg was instrumental in founding the Association of German Harmonium Manufacturers (Verein Deutscher Harmonium Fabrikanten.) When Theodor Mannborg died in 1930 the business was operated by his son Karl until his death in 1941. The firm was taken over by the state-owned piano manufacturer Rönisch & Hupfeld in 1948, operating as a part of VEB Leipziger Pianofortefabrik Böhlitz-Ehrenberg. Acquired by Lindholm in 1961. See Deutsch HarmoniumZungenFabrik, Lindholm, Hofberg. Serial numbers:

1890 - 50 1930 - 49451 1958 - 65000
1900 - 5600 1935 - 52262 1961 - 66340
1905 - 11500 1940 - 58013 1962 - 66510
1910 - 20893 1945 - 59333 1963 - 66750
1920 - 34704 1950 - 60140 1964 - 67000
1925 - 41721 1952 - 61000 1965 - 67250
1928 - 45286 1955 - 63300 1966 - 67400

MANNING   see SherlockManning Organ Co. ..
MANNING & NICHOLS   Salem, MA 1861. Melodeon manufacturers. ..Hutchinson
MANNING ORGAN CO.   Rockport, MA; Henry Dennis Jr., president; Joseph Manning, treasurer; William H. Manning, superintendent; William A. Dennis, secretary. W.H. Manning obtained a patent in 1872 on a method for building parlor organs so that they could be taken apart in less than a minute without unscrewing a single screw, the price to be half the usual amount. He began manufacturing in 1873 in the rented upper stories of the Hide Seat Co. building. The business failed in 1875 and in 1876 the remaining stock was auctioned off and the patents sold to Rust & Marshall of Bristol, CT. ..Swan, Warshaw
MANNING, ERNEST   Barnstaple, Devon, England.
MANSONS, G.S.   melodeon Model 2500, May 19, 1857. ..Pillager
MARCH   see Julius & March. ..
MARCHAL & SMITH   8 W. 11th St., 225 E. 21st St., 235 E. 21st St., 453 W. 36th St., New York, NY 1880 until after 1887; sold the University Organ. Established in 1859 as a piano manufacturer. Did not make reed organs, but represented a reed organ manufacturer and sold organs with the Marchal & Smith name directly to the public. Some of the organs were made by Beethoven. Serial number: 1892 - 13912. ..Cat.
MARCO POLO   portable organ probably made by Kawai, (qv). ..
MARETKA, FRANZ   Elisabethstr. 35 in 1903, Vodni ul. 20 in 1930, Olomouc (Olmütz), Czechoslovakia. ..deWit 1903, 1930
MARIANI, ANTONIO   Corso Garibaldi 77, Milan, Italy, 1909. ..OH
MARION   Marion, Ohio. Parlor organ. ..Winsett
MARISTANY, RÓMULO   12-14 Fontanella, Barcelona, Spain in 1883. Later shown as Hijos de Rómulo Maristany at 18 Plaza Cataluña, Barcelona. Established in 1870. ..deWit 1883, OH
MARIX, LÉON   Grande Galerie at Passage des Panoramas, atelier at 131 rue Montmartre, Paris in 1842. Made harmoniums with up to 22 stops. By 1857 shown as L. MayerMarix at the same address, (qv). ..Fluke
MARKLOVE   see Alvinza Andrews. ..
MARKS   made a portable harmonium called the Marks-Celestine, 1870. (possibly from Lynn, MA?) ..Mustel, Fox
MARSH, C.H.   Temple St., Bristol, England; harmonium maker. Working in 1890. ..Fluke
MARSHALL   see Manning Organ Co. ..
MARSHALL BROS. LTD.   2425 Paternoster Row, Keswick House, London EC. Makers of Keswick Portable Organ and Universal Folding Organ. ..Fluke
MARSHALL, J.   89 Great College Street, London. Maker and decorator of false front pipes for American organs, 1900. ..Fluke
MARSHALL, J.H.   Regent House, Regent Street, London. American organ manufacturer 1906. ..Fluke
MARSTON, A.B.   Campello, MA; also shown as Marston & Co., bought out Caleb H. Packard in 1855, made reed organs in the same location until the building burned in 1859; built a new building on Depot St. in 1859. Shown in N. Bridgewater, MA in 1861. Later became Marston & Chandler when A.C. Chandler became a partner. ..Hutchinson, Michel, Kingman, Sellers, catalog
MARTELLA, FLORENTIN   1 rue Delpozzo, Nice, France 1903. ..deWit 1903
MARTIN, ALBERT   38 rue des EclusesSt.Martin, Paris 1878, 1883. Awarded a Bronze medal at the Paris Exhibition of 1878 for wellmade harmoniums. Also awarded a Third Prize at Sydney, Australia in 1878. ..deWit 1883, Fluke
MARTIN, CH.   Paris. Harmonium maker, 1913. ..Fluke
MARTIN, F., & CIE.   MagnyCours, France, 1883. ..deWit 1883
MARTIN, LOUISPIERRE ALEXANDRE   of Sourdun, Provins, France. In 1851 located at 13 rue la Fontaine au Roi, Paris. Known as Martin de Provins or Martin de Sourdun, he was the inventor of the percussion device for harmoniums ca 1841; awarded a bronze medal at the Paris Exhibition of 1844. Alexandre bought the rights. Martin exhibited a percussion reed harmonium with expression at the Paris Exhibition of 1851. Succeeded by Bourlet. ..Pierre, Fluke, Dieterlen
MARTIN, W.   see Conrad, Martin & Torste, Cook & Martin. ..
MARTINELLI   No further information. ..Stiftelsen
MARTY   see Boyer & Marty. ..
MASON & HAMLIN   Cambridge St., then 277 Washington St., then 134 Tremont St., Boston, MA 18541888. Renamed Mason & Hamlin Organ & Piano Co. in 1888. Founded by Henry Mason and Emmons Hamlin with funds provided by Oliver Ditson and Henry's father, Lowell Mason. Built about 450 organs per year from 18551861. Factory capacity 10,000 organs per year in 1902. In 1905 Mason & Hamlin made a contract with Alphonse Mustel in which he would make his home in Boston and supervise the manufacture of Mustel Harmoniums by Mason & Hamlin. While it is uncertain that Mustel ever went to Boston, twenty-five years earlier Mason & Hamlin had produced their "Orchestral" organ which had pressure bellows, expression, percussion action and the same specifications as a Mustel harmonium. Mason & Hamlin was acquired by The Cable Co. in 1911, which which was acquired by American Piano Co. in 1924. Reed organ production ended in 1927. Serial numbers (probably a combination of case and action numbers):

1856 - 596 1874 - 24001 1890 - 103200
1859 - 1946 1876 - 34435 1892 - 112000
1861 - 2600 1876 - 80204 1894 - 117000
1863 - 3503 1880 - 45927 1899 - 212377
1865 - 5050 1881 - 50000 1900 - 214191
1866 - 6810 1883 - 58900 1903 - 223506
1867 - 8541 1885 - 73000 1904 - 225174
1870 - 10000 1886 - 77027 1906 - 229269
1871 - 11110 1887 - 81000 1916 - 239552
1872 - 12219 1888 - 86000 1918 - 240093
1873 - 17000 1890 - 103200

Out of sequence: 1859 - 3431, 1863 - 10933, 1867 - 15971, 1869 - 17493, 1872 - 63058, 1875 - 80607, 1875 - 83947, 1876 - 86732, 1877 - 94767, 1880 - 117936, 1881 - 118300, 1884 - 25163, 1886 - 160920, 1887 - 170987, 1893 - 194980, 1894 - 240043

Catalogs and other sources give the following cumulative production quantities:

1873 - 100000 1878 - 100000 1884 - 150000
1875 - 80000 1880 - 102817 1889 - 175000

MASON & RISCH LTD.   32 King St., Toronto, Ontario; established 1871. Acquired the manufacturing rights to the Vocalion in 1890 from the New York Church Organ Co., and manufactured them at 5 to 15 Summer St., Worcester, MA. M.S. Wright, Superintendent, A.J. Mason, General Business Manager. Sold the Vocalion rights to Aeolian in 1903. See Vocalion for serial numbers. ..Fluke, Bratton, Inland
MASONS, F.S.   melodeon maker. ..Besteman
MASSABO   Paris. Reed maker, 1867. ..Fluke
MASSACHUSETTS ORGAN CO.   43 Wash. St., 57 Wash. St., Boston, MA; factory in Chelsea, MA 18791885. Makers of the Mignonnette, Chesterfield organettes, the Imperial Cabinet Organ and the Gem and Phonographic Pianos. Affiliated with the American Automatic Organ Co., (qv). ..deWit 1883, Bowers, Courier 1880, Michel, letter
MASSANUTTEN ORGAN CO.   McGaheysville, VA, A.S. Bader, proprietor. Organized in 1880. The organ actions were made by The Carpenter Co., (qv). ..Wayland, Linnstaedt
MATCHLESS ORGAN CO.   no other information available. ..ROS #1449
MATHEWS, MASON J.   an English mechanic who wrote extensively about reed organs in amateur scientific journals. After moving to the US in 1870 he patented mechanical devices which he then sold to Mason & Hamlin, George Woods, Mechanical Orguinette Co. and others. See Mechanical Orguinette Co. ..Fluke
MATHIAS ORGAN CO   see Mathias W. Schulz. ..
MATSCHKE, TRAUGOTT   Münchhausen bei Sonnewalde, Germany. Harmonium maker, 1913. ..Hartmann
MATSUMOTO GAKKI GOSHI KAISHA   5 Tsukishama, Nishinakadori 9-chome, Kyobashiku, Tokyo in 1902 and 1930. Also shown at 4 Chome, Bingo-Machi, Osaka, Japan in 1896, and at Hirano-cho-kado, Shinsaibashi-douri, Osaka in 1911, both probably show rooms. Shinkichi Matsumoto (1865-1941) started his career as a carpenter, then in 1887 was apprenticed to the reed organ builder Nishikawa. In 1893 he started making reed organs under his own name at Tsukiji, Tokyo. Made organettes (shik?-kin in Japanese) and American organs. In 1900 he studied piano making at the Bradbury Piano Co. in New York and in 1907 formed Matsumoto & Co. Ltd. In 1923 it became Matsumoto Piano Co. Ltd., then H. Matsumoto until 1945, and is still in business making pianos as S. Matsumoto (Matsumoto & Sons), Chiba Prefecture, Japan. Also made reed organs with the Yamano stencil for Yamano Music (qv). ..OH, Akai
MATTIKA, E.H.   St. Dunstan's Buildings, St. Dunstan's Hill, EC London. Organette manufacturer 18871896. ..Fluke
MATTO, M.   Petersburger Str. 117, Dorpat (Jurjew), Finland. Established in 1891. ..OH
MAUGE (MAUGÉ), J.   rue des Tournelles 15, rue des Maraichers in 1867, Paris. Harmonium and reed maker..Successor to Francesco Bruni, (qv). ..Fluke,
MAULTZ   unusual lyre-shaped harmonium. ..
MAUPRETY, V.   20 rue des Martyrs, Paris.
MAURER, H.   Karlsruhe i. B., Germany. Manufacturer (?) or dealer of piano’s and reed organs. ..deFrel
MAVER, ROB.   11 Renfield Street, Glasgow, Scotland. Harmonium maker 18791889. Also located at 27 rue de L'Empereur, Brussels, Belgium. Maker and retailer of pianos and harmoniums, 1905. ..Fluke
MAXFIELD, ALFRED   326 Liverpool Rd., London; player reed organ 1898. Merged with John Malcolm & Co. in 1918. ..Fluke
MAYEKAWA ZENBEI   see Maekawa. ..
MAYER & TRUCHSESS   Jesingerstr. 22, Kircheim u. Teck, Germany. Established in 1920 by Rudolf Mayer and Th. Truchsess. Bought out by Teck Harmoniumfabrik (qv) in 1938. ..Ahrens
MAYER, ALOIS   see Maier, Aloys. ..
MAYERMARIX, L.   48 passage des Panoramas, Paris in 1867. Established 1834. Made a portable harmonium in 1856, also made harmoniums, harmoniflûtes and barrel harmoniums. Succeeded by A. Morhange before 1883. See Léon Marix. ..deWit 1883, Fluke
MAZET, VICTOR, & CIE.   rue du Gentilhomme 25 in 1893; 19 rue du Gentilhomme, 18991903; rue Royale 170 in 1910, Brussels, Belgium. Invented an organharmonium with prepared combination registers. ..deWit 1903, Fluke
MCCLURE, DR. A.R.   a physician in Edinburgh, Scotland who became interested in a madrigal singing group. He found the equaltempered scale unsuitable and tuned a piano to a 19 note per octave scale, then built a prototype reed organ and finally a pipe organ with the 19 note scale. This organ is now located at Edinburgh University, Scotland. His prototype was a single manual Carpenter organ now in the Victorian Reed Organ and Harmonium Museum, Saltaire Village, Shipley, W. Yorks., England. The notes per octave are: C, C?, D?, D, D?, E?, E, E?, F, F?, G?, G, G?, A?, A, A?, B?, B, C?. ..Fluke
MCKILLIPS, ALEX   130 N. Arch St. in 1877, 320 N. Queen St. Lancaster, PA in 1879-82; later in Harrisburg, PA. Active 1877-1902. Also listed as Lancaster Organ Manufactory. ..Eyman, Fox, Lancaster Dir.
MCLEOD, WOOD & CO.   Guelph, Ontario; Merged with Bell Bros. as Bell, Wood & Co in 1867. McLeod later operated as R. McLeod & Co., London, Ontario, 18745. ..Kallmann, Guelph Evening Mercury
MCNUTT   see MacNutt. ..
MCTAMMANY JR., JOHN   511 Main St., Cambridgeport, MA 1886; also McTammany Organette Co., Worcester, MA; selfproclaimed "greatest musical inventor of any age," and "the original inventor of the player piano," held numerous patents on mechanical musical devices, designed and sold organettes. The musical instrument industry was less impressed with his qualifications and never gave him the acclaim he sought. ..McTammany
MEAD, A.C., LTD.   15 Foregate Street, Worcester, England, 1930. ..OH
MEANDLER   see Schram & Meandler. ..
MEANER   no other information available. ..Duga
MECHANICAL ORGUINETTE CO., THE   11 E. 14th St.; moved in 1880 to 1831 Broadway, New York and to Greenpoint, Long Island, NY in 1883; founded by William Barnes Tremaine in 1878. The organette was invented in 1878 by Mason J. Mathews, an Englishman who came to the U.S. in 1870, (qv). It was made by the Munroe Organ Reed Co. C.H. Ditson, son of Oliver Ditson, became Treasurer in 1881. Tremaine later formed The Æolian Co. and acquired the Munroe Organ Reed Co., setting the stage for the massive expansion carried out by his son H.B. Tremaine. The mechanically operated reed organ reached its highest development with the Æolian Orchestrelle, and it was Æolian which made the name Pianola a household word. The original Pianola was a pushup piano player. For an extensive history see the Encyclopedia of Automatic Musical Instruments by Q. David Bowers. Serial number for Aeolian player organ: 1896 - 14164. Serial numbers of the Æolian Orchestrelle:

1898 - 1788 1903 - 8121 1911 - 8899
1898 - 1801 1904 - 7718 1912 - 5952
1901 - 2644 1905 - 8776 1912 - 8952
1902 - 2910 1906 - 7445 1914 - 8892
1903 - 4217 1907 - 7902 1914 - 8988
1903 - 7445 1909 - 8243

MECHANICAL SYSTEMS, INC.   P.O. Box 1094, Lubbock, TX 79408; manufacturer of EquaVac electric suction unit for reed organs; Noble Stidham, proprietor. ..RFG
MEE, CHARLES   Kingston, Ontario 1870; melodeons. ..Kallmann
MEIDINGER, G., & CIE.   Mariengasse 12-20, Basel, Switzerland. Made reed organ blowers. Extant 1932. ..
MEIG   Madrid, Spain. Reed organ maker, 1825. ..
MEININGER, Wm.   Rotterdam, Netherlands ..deFrel
MEINL, ERNST   124 Richard Wagnerstr., Graslitz, Czechoslovakia, 1930. ..OH
MEINVERE, VVE.   10 rue de la Tour, Vanves (Seine), France in 1883; in 1909 shown at 10 rue de la Tour, Malakoff. Organ and harmonium manufacturer, 1883. ..deWIt 1883, OH
MEISSNER CO., THE   110-120 Reed St., Milwaukee, WI. In the 1930s Meissner made a combination piano and reed organ with a built-in AM radio and record player. (B.F. Meissner?) ..Hopwood, Pierce
MEISSNER, BENJAMIN F.   inventor of the Orgatron, (qv). ..
MELLERUDS ORGELFABRIK   Sweden, harmonium maker, fl. 1890s. August Ryrfeldt, proprietor. ..Klaverens
MELLOR, HOENE & HENRICKS   see Keystone Organ Co. ..
MELODIA   No further information.
MELODIAN, see Gilbert.
MELODY ORGAN CO., LTD., THE   78 King St., Manchester, England; Samuel Howard, manager in 1903; made the "Melody Solo" American organ. ..deWit 1903
MELOPEAN CO.   Akron, OH, see Horton, Blodget, Scott. ..
MELZER, JOSEF   Rudni ul, Kutná Hora, Czechoslovakia, 1930. ..OH
MENARD FILS   Flers, France, 1883. Piano and harmonium maker. ..deWit 1883
MENDOTA COTTAGE ORGAN & PIANO CO.   see Western Cottage Organ Co. ..
MENEELY & CO.   West Troy, NY. Operated a church bell foundry, and also sold church, chapel and school reed organs made for them by Wilcox & White. ..Cat.
MENTASTI, PAOLO, & FIGLIO   Via Torino, Casale Monferrato, Italy. In business at least from 1900 through 1909. ..deWit 1903, OH
MENZENHAUER & SCHMIDT   Rungestrasse 17 in 1908, Rungestr. 18 in 1912, Berlin; Sedanstr. 47-48 in Berlin-Weissensee, 1925-30. Maker of the "Accordharmonium," with a twooctave manual and chord buttons for bass. ..Strengers, Ahrens
MERCIK, E.L.   41 Great Pulteney Street, Golden Square, W London. Piano and harmonium manufacturer 18791882. ..Fluke
MERHAUT, ALFRED   Rosstr. 6 in 1890, Peterssteinweg 18 in 1900-13, Leipzig, Germany. Made the Sonorium harmonium. Working 1895-1910. ..Friberg, Ahrens
MERITAN & CIE.   see Léon Abeille. ..
MERKLIN, JOS., & SCHUTZE   rue du Duc de Brabant 196, Ixelles, Brussels, Belgium. Established in Brussels as a pipe organ maker in 1843 by Joseph Merklin (18191905), also made harmoniums, mélodiums, orchestrions and pianos, probably only in Belgium. In 1847 his brotherinlaw François Schutze joined him. At that time there were 20 to 25 workers in the factory. Renamed MerklinSchutze et Cie. in 1853 when they had 200 workers in their factory, then located in Namur. Awarded a First Class Medal at the Paris Exposition of 1855. In the same year they bought out Ducroquet, a pipe organ builder in Paris, and moved that factory to boulevard Montparnasse, Paris. In 1858 styled "Société Anonyme pour la Fabrication des Orgues  Etablissement MerklinSchutze." Awarded a Gold Medal at the Paris Exhibition of 1867 and in the same year Schutze was awarded the Légion d'Honneur. Awarded another Gold Medal in Paris in 1878. Succeeded by Pierre Schyven & Co. (qv) in 1875, but both names were retained in use. Pierre Schyven previously had been a foreman with the company. Joseph Merklin retired in 1889 and in 1894 the Société was dissolved. Merklin's soninlaw Charles Michel took over the business at Lyon, which was then called Charles MichelMerklin. The firm was still operating as Michel-Merklin et Kuhn at 11 rue Vendôme, Lyon as late as 1939. ..Pierre, Le Menestrel, deWit 1883, Fluke, Dieterlen
MERLO, SIMONE   Corso Palestro, Vercelli, Italy, 1903. ..deWit 1903
MERRIAM, E.N., & CO.   East Poultney, VT. Established 1865 by two former employees of Ross & Moore: E.N. Merriam (18301908) and A.D. Ripley (18321900). Built the Union organ until about 1869. ..
MERRILL PIANO MFG. CO.   Boston MA; successor to SmithAmerican Organ Co. ..
MERTEL, HANS   59 Neuhauserstr., Salzburg, Austria, 1930. ..OH
MESNAGE, F.   85 High Street, Marylebone, London. Harmonium and American organ manufacturer. Successor to Constant Laurent in 1887. Working until 1891. ..Fluke
METIUS, K.   Leipzig, Germany; maker of rubberized cloth for harmoniums, 1930. ..
METZLER, GEORGE   105 Wardour St., Soho, London in 1830; 37 Great Marlborough Street, Soho in 1842; 35 Great Marlborough St. in 1857; 38 Great Marlborough Street in 1858; also at 16 Great Marlborough Street in 1863; 36 Great Marlborough Street in 1864; 2629 Great Marlborough Street in 1869. Established in 1781 as a piano maker, later made seraphines and finally operated only as a dealer. Metzler was the main dealer in the UK for Alexandre and Mason & Hamlin. ..OH, Fluke
METZNER, RICHARD, ORGELHARMONIUMFABRIK   Mühlenstrasse 38-42 in 1903-10, and Lauchstädter Strasse 38-42 in 1911-19, LeipzigPlagwitz, Germany. Also listed as DeutschAmerikanische OrgelHarmoniumFabrik R. Metzner; Frohberg, Germany, 1930. Established 1902. Maker of suction harmoniums. ..deWit 1903, 1930; Friberg, cat.
MEYER   see Eisenwerke L. Meyer jun. & Co. ..
MEYER & WEBER   1902 instrument seen on eBay. ..Rodenburg
MICADO CO.   name on an organ imported by Joseph Riley & Sons, (qv). ..Marlatte
MIDMER, REUBEN   Brooklyn, NY, 1860-1895. Pipe organ builder, also made reed organs. ..Hopwood
MIGLIA, GIUSEPPE   Caselle Torinse, Italy, 1930. ..OH
MIHARA, CHIKASUKE   Hongo, Tokyo, Japan. Honorable mention at 3rd Domestic Industrial Exhibition in Tokyo, 1890. ..Akai
MIKI, S., & CO.   Kita-Kyuhoji-Machi, Shinsaibashi, Osaka, Japan in 1905. Sasuke Miki, proprietor. Dealer for Yamaha organs in western Japan. A reed organ with this name was made by Yamaha with the Miki stencil. ..Akai
MILES, L.   Waterloo, NY., see Roth, Holleran & Miles. ..Paris
MILHAM, JOSEPH   35 Landsdowne Place, Lewes, Sussex, England. Harmonium builder 18701890, made a combined reed and pipe organ. ..Fluke
MILLER & KARN   Dundas St., Woodstock, Ontario; established 1867; see John M. Miller, D.W. Karn. ..
MILLER AND SON   208-210 Main St., Danville, IL. John M. Miller and his son Frield are listed in the Danville directories for 1876 and 1883 as proprietors of the Beethoven Organ Factory. By 1889 Frield Miller is listed alone as a piano tuner. The factory building is no longer in existence. ..DMT 1885, 1889
MILLER ORGAN CO.   retail store at 738 Cumberland St., Lebanon, PA; established ca 1873 by Adam B. Miller (1848-); twostory factory built 1874, increased to four stories in 1883 Abraham H. Miller (1845-1911), no relation, joined ca 1887. Factory capacity 1800 organs per year in 1899. Also built pipe organs beginning in 1886. Renamed Miller Organ & Piano Co. in 1904, then located at Eighth and Maple Streets. Made organs at least through 1922. Serial Numbers:

1892 - 13303 1895 - 17637 1903 - 27908
1892 - 13561 1899 - 22184 1905 - 31353
1893 - 15011 1900 - 23240 1914 - 39893
1895 - 16868 1902 - 25830

MILLER, JOHN M.   also Miller Bros., Dundas St., Woodstock, Ontario. Made about one organ per week until 1867 when he was joined by D.W. Karn, forming Miller & Karn. ..Kallmann
MILLET ORGAN   four octave organ without stops. ..Grimmius
MILSOM & SON   Bath, England. ..
MILWAUKEE   see Thiery Milwaukee Reed Organ Co. ..
MINAMI   Japan. The Minami organ was named for Yoshie Minami, an engineer for T?y? Gakki Seizo Co. (qv), also a song writer and former professor at Tokyo School of Music. The organs were built by Ikeuchi and by T?y? Gakki Seizo Co. ..Akai
MINASI, C.   3 St. James Terrace, Kentish Town Road, London, 1862. ..OH
MINDEN, R. VON   New York. Maker of "The Pearl" reed organs; ..deFrel
MINNS, J.E.   32 North Street, Taunton, Devon, England. Factory at Bishops Hull. Pipe organs and pedal reed organs 1886. No mention of reed organs in 1889 listing. ..Fluke
MINSHALL ORGAN INC.   Brattleboro, VT. Made a reed organ with electronic amplification. Later worked with the Estey Organ Co. as MinshallEstey Inc. Minshall-Estey was sold to Baldwin in the late 1950s. ..Beveridge, Fluke, Hopwood
MINSTER   See Arthur James Spencer. ..deFrel
MITCHELL, C.C.   Concord, NH; melodeons. ..Richards
MITROPOLSKY, D.A.   Novgorod, Russia, 1903. ..deWit 1903, OH
MIWA ORGAN MANUFACTURING COMPANY   Nagoya, Japan, 1902 and 1909. (Miwa Gakkiten). Hakuya Miwa, proprietor. Exhibitor at 3rd Domestic Industrial Exhibition, Tokyo, 1890. ..OH, Akai
MIXCELL   a combination two manual square grand piano with a Carpenter reed organ incorporated in it. ..Hawkins
MIZUMA, TOYOSHINE   Shiogama, Miyagi, Japan. Exhibitor at the 3rd Domestic Industrial Exhibition, Tokyo, 1890. ..Akai
MODEL MELODEON CO.   Syracuse, NY. Made a melodeon which looked like a square grand piano.
MOELLER, FRIEDR.   Sondershausen, Germany, 1883. Established in 1857. Listed as Frz. Moeller at Friedrichstr. 18, Sondershausen in 1890 and 1903. Piano and harmonium maker. ..deWit 1883, 1903
MOGYOROSSY GUALA   Royal Hungarian Registered Instrument Factory; Rakosczistreet 71, Budapest VIII, Hungary. Instrument located in Nagygoros, Hungary. ..Rodenberg
MOHN BROS.   3 Lower Citpore Road, Calcutta, India, 1930. ..OH
MOJON, MANGER & CO.   Bartletts Buildings, London; manufacturer of music boxes and mechanical harmoniums. ..
MOLA, CAV. GIUSEPPE   Via Nizza 82, Turin, Italy; established 1862. Awarded a Medal of Merit at the Vienna Fair of 1873, a Bronze medal at the Paris Exhibition of 1878 and a Third Order of Merit at the 1881 Exhibition in Melbourne. ..deWit 1883, 1903; Fluke
MOLGAARDJENSEN, N.P.   Jernbanegade 24, Haslev, Denmark; see Haslev Orgelfabr. ..
MOLINARI, G., & SON   wareroom at 153 Elizabeth St., New York, 1901. Made hand-cranked street organs with pinned cylinders, mostly with pipes but some models had reeds. ..Eduards, Bowers, Hopwood
MOLINE CABINET ORGAN CO.   started as Peter Colseth & Co. (also Kolseth) in Moline, IL from 187781, located at 630 Railroad Ave.; then Moline Cabinet Organ Co. 188188, corner of Illinois & Division 188285, then 4th Ave. & 7th St. in 1885; the name changed to Moline Organ Co., also known as Peterson, Thulin & Co. 188894; then Moline Organ & Piano Co. 189499; then J. Peterson & Co. 1899 until at least 1920; often referred to as the Swedish Organ Co. because of its orientation toward the SwedishAmerican market. ..Wood
MOLLER (MÖLLER, MOELLER), FRANZ   Friedrichstrasse 1 in 1890, Friedrichstr. 18 in 1912, Sondershausen, Germany. Established in 1857. Piano and harmonium maker and dealer. ..Ahrens
MOLLER (MÖLLER, MOELLER), M.P.   Greencastle, PA, 18751880; 37 South Potomac St., Hagerstown, MD, 1880 to 1992. Founded by Mathias Peter Möller, made reed organs from 1875 until about 1909, although known principally as a pipe organ builder. Serial number: 1909 - 408 ..Cat.; DMT 1885, 1889; POPG; Friberg
MOLLINGER (MÖLLINGER, MOELLINGER), CHRISTIAN   Berlin. Made a free reed keyboard instrument in 1814. ..Ahrens
MONARCH ORGAN   see D.H. Baldwin, Hamilton Organ Co. ..
MONKHOUSE, S.I.   Camden, NJ 1861. Melodeon manufacturer. ..Hutchinson
MONONGAHELA ORGAN CO.   Monongahela City, PA. Instrument owned by Chris Scott. No other data available. ..Scott
MONTGOMERY WARD & CO.   Chicago, IL; Windsor organs, 1873. Serial numbers: 1904 - 27845, 1905 - 29571. ..Cat., Bratton, Donathan
MONTI, CH.   Champigny-sur-Marne, France. In 1872 listed as Monti & Fils, 127 rue Oberkampf, Paris. Keyboards for harmoniums: 15 francs for a small harmonium keyboard in 1878. Awarded a Silver medal at the Paris Exposition of 1878. In 1905 listed as Ferdinand Monti. ..Fluke
MONTREE, J. & R.   Pentonville Road, King's Cross, London, 1900. ..
MOONEN, L.   Paris. Awarded First Prize for a harmonium at Sydney, Australia, 1880. ..OH
MOORE & MOORE & CO.   104105 Bishopsgate, London, 1880, 1911. Factory at 28 Scrutton Street, London. Operated by J.H. and H.K. Moore. Built and sold the Harmonical, an enharmonic organ invented by A. Ellis. Exhibited at the 1885 Inventors' Exhibition in London. In 1911 Henry Keatley Moore invented an Indian scale harmonium with 23 tones per octave. ..Fluke
MOORE ORGAN CO., THE   4547 Jackson St., Chicago, IL 18923; 46 Jackson Place in 1899. Made the "Moore" d "Peerless" and AVocoella@ organs. Controlled by Foley & Williams Mfg. Co. in 1899. Last listed in 1920. ..Cat., POPG, Fox
MOORE, W.H.   King Street, Wellington, Shropshire, England. Harmonium maker in 1878. ..Fluke
MORANDI, JOS.   6 Kingsland Road, E London. Harmonium maker 18791883. ..Fluke
MOREL, E.   51 rue Franklin, Lyon, France, 1930. ..OH
MORES, E.P.   melodeon in the possession of David R. Zahn. No other information available. ..Zahn
MORGAN, WILLIAM   Great Barrington, MA 1861. Melodeon manufacturer. ..Hutchinson
MORHANGE, A.   38 rue Vivienne, Paris, 1920. Also shown as L. Morhange. See MayerMarix. ..OH
MORRILL, BENJAMIN   Boscawen, NH, melodeon and seraphine maker, ca 1840. ..Lathrop
MORRISON & COURSER   Concord, NH. ..Hutchinson
MORRISS, H.M.   728 Market St., Philadelphia, 1861. Melodeon manufacturer and agent for Carhart & Needham. ..Hutchinson, Albers
MORSE   see Ross, West & Morse; Kennedy & Morse. ..
MORSE BROTHERS   Union, ME. Shown as dealers in 1861 at Union and Rockland, ME. ..Hutchinson
MORSE, E.P.   Union, ME. Melodeon maker ca 1850. Probably a brother of Milton M. Morse. ..Zahn
MORSE, MILTON M.   Concord, NH, Worcester, MA 1847; later Farley & Pearson. ..Washburn
MORTON, A., & CO.   357 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, London SW in 1896. ..Trade Dir. 1896
MOSCHEL, LOUIS C.   see Hinners & Albertsen. ..
MOSSOUX, AD.   32 rue du Pont, Andenna, Belgium, 1903. ..deWit 1903
MOTT, ISAAC HENRY ROBERT   (1790-1855), ,95 (later 92) Pall Mall, London, 1817-1842; 76 Strand, London, 1843-1861. Made a combination harmonium and piano. Patented a Seraphine 1845-46. Exhibited a pianoharmonium at the Paris Exhibition of 1851. Died 1868. ..Fluke, Allan
MOUCHE & CIE.   France; reed maker. ..
MOUTRIE, G.   22 Werrington Street, Oakley Square, London. Harmonium maker, 1866. Joined with Collard to form Collard & Moutrie, (qv). ..Fluke
MOUTRIE, J.   16 Henry Street, Pentonville, London. Harmonium manufacturer 18781884. Advertised as J. & R. Moutrie, American organ manufacturers at 13 Garnault Mews, Clerkenwell, London 18901894. ..Fluke
MOZART organs   see Bruce & Chard. ..
MUDGE & YARWOOD MANUFACTURING CO.   Whitby, Ontario; established 1873. Alexander F. Yarwood was granted a reed organ patent in 1874. ..Kallmann, Fox
MUDROCH, JAN.   Tisnov, (Tischnowitz), Czechoslovakia, 1930. Established 1909. ..deWit 1930
MUELLER   see Schmuller & Mueller. ..
MUES, F.A.   Lenne, Germany. Organ and harmonium maker. Established in 1910, active at least through 1929. ..Ahrens
MULLER (MÜLLER, MUELLER)   Feigengasse 8 in 1864, Palmstr. 32 in 1865, Dresden, Germany. Harmonium maker. ..Ahrens
MULLER (MÜLLER, MUELLER), EMIL   Friedhofstr. 40 in 1903; Pestalozzistr. 4050 in 1930; Pestalozzistr. 4246 in 1951; Industrieverwaltung 36 in 1947, all in Werdau, Germany. Succeeded Gotthilf Bärmig in 1887 and built only harmoniums. Kurt Müller & Arwed Brandner, proprietors 1930; made the "Cæcilia" harmonium and the "TransponierHarmonista" harmonium player. Total production by 1930: 20,000 harmoniums. In 1951 shown as Werdauer Möbel und Harmoniumfabrik. Discontinued reed organ production in 1952 and sold all remaining harmonium stock and materials to Lindholm. The factory continued in operation as a furniture builder until the early 1990s. The building was still standing in 1998. ..deWit 1903, 1930; Friberg, Olthof, Weischet, Ahrens, Averesch
MULLER (MÜLLER, MUELLER), J.T.   Bärensteiner Str. 5, DresdenLeuben, Germany in 1909-16; Fabrikstr. 115 in 1921-27; Werkstr. 59 in 1929. Established 1891. Made both pressure and suction harmoniums. ..Friberg, OH, Hartmann, Ahrens, deFrel
MULLER (MÜLLER, MUELLER), SEBASTIAN   Augsburg, Germany. Made the Äoline. ..Ahrens
MULLER (MÜLLER, MUELLER), THÉODOREACHILLE   42 rue de la Ville l'Evêque, Paris. A student of Grenié, he made harmoniums and a combination orgue-expressif and piano in 1834. Received medals at the Paris Exposition of 1834 and at the Valencia Exposition of 1835. In 1834 he made and patented a portable orgue-expressif, now in the Musée de la Vie Romantique, Paris. Awarded an Honorable Mention for two portable melodions at the London Exhibition of 1851. In 1892 patented the "Harmoniton" with Kebelac. ..Pierre, HGS, Fluke, OH, Dieterlen
MUNCH   London. Made the Aeolophone in 1830, a six octave physharmonica. ..Olthof
MUNDUL & CO.   3 Bow Road Bazar Street, Calcutta, India, 1930. ..OH
MUNK AF ROSENSCHOLD (ROSENSCHÖLD), PETER SAMUEL   Lund, Sweden. Inventor of a nineteen tone enharmonic organ, ca 1850. The instrument was made by O.B. Ekström, (qv). ..Musikmuseet, Rosén
MUNROE ORGANREED COMPANY   Worcester, MA; established in 1860, incorporated Jan. 1, 1869 by William Munroe. Located at Hermon St. in 1869, 25 Union St. from 1879 to at least 1889. Reed and component manufacturer, made organettes for Mechanical Orguinette, McTammany, Gally and others; annual production reached 4,000,000 reeds in 1881, equivalent to 32,000 organs or about onethird of the total production in the U.S. Purchased by Æolian in 1892, but continued to operate under the Munroe name at least through 1900. ..Washburn, Cummings, Fluke
MUNSTER ORGELBEDRIJF, M. VAN   Enschedé, Netherlands. Reed organ dealer. ..deFrel
MURAKAMI, YASABURO   Matsuzaka, Mie, Japan. Exhibitor at the 3rd Domestic Industrial Exhibition, Tokyo, 1890. ..Akai
MURCH & WHITE   5th Ave. between Main and Sycamore, Cincinnati, OH. Chauncey M. Murch and Joseph M. White, melodeon makers, 1849-50. Piano and melodeon dealers from 1851 to 1856. Shown only as Chauncey M. Murch from 1857-60. ..ROSB 2/91 p7, ROS #0965, Dir.
MURDOCH, JOHN G.   58 Georgetown, Edinburgh, Scotland. Player organ in the possession of Jan Newsome. Probably made by Malcolm. ..Newsome, Fluke
MUSICAL PRODUCTS CORP.   St. Louis 8, MO. Made the Harmochord, an electrically-blown chord organ with steel reeds, forty chord buttons, 34 keys. ..Ad.
MUSILLON, E.   61 rue Hermite, Nancy, France, 1920. ..OH
MUSTEL, VICTOR   also Mustel et Cie., 80 rue de Bondy in 1853, at 42 rue de Malte in 1855, still at that location as Mustel & Fils in 1883, at 34 and 42 rue de Malte in 1889, at 46 rue de Douai, Paris from 1897 to 1914; Mustel Père et Fils, 4 rue Huntziger, Clichy, France in 1903; at 16 Ave. de Wagram, Paris after 1914. He also had a factory at 14 rue Marie Anne Columbier, Bagnolet, (Seine). The Mustel company was still in operation as late as 1938. Victor Mustel (18151890) made his first harmonium in 1840, worked for a few years as a reed maker for Jaulin of Paris, then founded his harmonium factory in 1853. First exhibited at the Paris Exposition of 1855, where he won a silver medal. He became known for art harmoniums of the highest quality, and is credited with many inventions of improvements to the harmonium. In 1889 won the Grand Prize at the Paris Exhibition and in the same year was created a Chevalier of the Légion d'Honneur. His sons Charles (18401893) and Auguste and grandson Alphonse also worked in the firm. Alphonse was the author of "L'Orgue-Expressif ou Harmonium". See Mason & Hamlin. Serial numbers:

1867 - 104 1888 - 470 1908 - 1924/1057
1875 - 223 1894 - 806/607 1912 - 1924/1052
1876 - 255 1895 - 826/627 1913 - 2370/1233
1880 - 311 1896 - 857 1922 - 2748/1337
1881 - 345 1897 - 851/650 1925 - 3195/1455
1882 - 349 1897 - 883/679 1926 - 3206/1461
1883 - 384 1898 - 887/682 1927 - 3244/1492
1884 - 395 1901 - 1100/832 1928 - 3417/1602
1882 - 359 1902 - 1179/892
1885 - 416 1904 - 1266/962

MUTIN   see CavailléColl. ..
MYERS   see Day & Myers. ..
MYERS & STORER   London; established 1837 by John Myers and Joseph Storer. ..
MYERS, S.   York, PA. Possibly a stencil organ. ..Kennedy
NAGAO, YOSHIZO   Matsuzaka, Mie., Japan. Exhibitor at the 3rd Domestic Industrial Exhibition in Tokyo, 1890. ..Akai
NAGY, JOSEF   Strada Sfintilor 42, Bucharest, Rumania. Established 1867. Piano and harmonium maker. ..OH
NAISH, E.V.   Wilton, England. Supplier of piano and organ felts to the trade. ..
NAKAJIMA, YUKINOSUKE   Asakusa, Tokyo. Exhibitor at the 3rd Domestic Industrial Exhibition in Tokyo, 1890. ..Akai
NATIONAL ORGAN   address unknown, probably a stencil organ. ..Kuhn
NAUTA, DIRK   Groningen, Netherlands. Patented a combination pipe organ and suction reed organ in 1934. ..Cat.
NEAL & PRATT   71 E. Genesee St., Syracuse, NY 1861. Melodeon manufacturers. ..Hutchinson
NEDERLANDSCHE ORGELFABRIEK WORCESTER, NV     Den Haag, Netherlands (in 1890), Appelweg 36 (in 1913), Arnhemsche Weg 185 (in 1925), Amersfoort, Netherlands, 1890 at least through 1957. Also known as Worcester Reed Organ Company. Won a gold medal at the Rotterdam exposition in 1909. Jacobus Johannes Vellekoop (b. 1861) and Carel Kruis (b. 1865), managers in 1915. Made also 2 manual + pedal reed organs until 1957. ..deFrel
NEDERLANDSE ELECTRISCHE ORGELFABRIEK   Bloklandstraat 140 (1922), H. de Grootstraat 142a (1923), Achterklooster 87-89 (1924) Rotterdam, Netherlands. Reed organ manufacturer, closed in 1940. Also: Firma Arends De Jong & Co. The same reed organ actions as J. van der Tak. ..deFrel
NEEDHAM PIANO & ORGAN CO.   offices at 292 Broadway, New York, NY; factory in Washington, NJ 1891; made the Beethoven Organ; successor to E.P. Needham & Son. Officers in 1897: Charles H. Parsons, president; E.A. Cole, secretary. Factory capacity 17,000 organs per year in 1897. Also operated as Beethoven Organ Co. and Beethoven PianoOrgan Co. See Carhart & Needham. Serial number: 1877 - 21904, 1905 - 219258. ..Friberg, POPG, Hendron, Huivenaar
NEEDHAM, ELIAS PARKMAN   see Carhart & Needham. ..
NEEF, G.   Feuerthalen, Schaffhausen, Switzerland, 1862. Awarded an honorable mention for a church harmonium at the London Exhibition of 1862. Also shown as Gebrüder Neef. ..deWit 1883, OH, Fluke
NEEREMOLA organ   table harmonium made in India. ..
NEFF   see Hill & Neff. ..
NEIS   Viehweg Mühle 90, Schlesien, Germany, 1886. ..OH
NELSON, JOSEPH   52 Cumberland Market, Regent's Park, London NW in 1883; 113 Cowley Rd., Oxford, England in 1903. Harmonium manufacturer, established 1866. ..deWit 1883, 1903; Fluke
NEPAL MUSICAL INSTRUMENT INDUSTRIES, (PVT) LTD.   21-1-359 Khichapokhari, Kathmandu, Nepal. Prameswar Rajtandukar, proprietor. Currently a manufacturer of musical instruments including a several models of Indian table harmoniums with two or three sets of reeds. ..Fluke
NESCHUTA, JOSEF   Burggasse 86, Vienna, Austria, 1883, 1903. Maker of orchestrions, physharmoniums and melodions (mouth organs). Shown as a pipe organ maker in 1903. ..deWit 1883, 1903
NESS, JOHANNES L.   Kvinnherad, Norway. Built a few pipe organs and harmoniums after 1895. ..Kolnes
NETZOW, CHARLES F., MANUFACTURING CO.   Milwaukee, WI. Made the Bristol, Netzow and Milwaukee organs. Charles F. Netzow came to Milwaukee from Germany in 1883 as a gardener. He began selling organs, sewing machines and wagons in 1885 and later began manufacturing organs in a factory building on Second Street. This building burned about 1914 and he built a new 3 story building on Palmer Street; discontinued organ production about this time. Milwaukee brand organs apparently were made by Sears for Netzow. The business still exists (1994) as Netzow Pianos & Organs, a retail dealer, at 8837 W. North Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53226, although the company is no longer owned by the Netzow family. Serial number: 1905 - 70944. ..ROSB 8/85, Bettinger, ROS #0240, Hilliard, Netzow, Kimbrell, eBay
NEUE LEIPZIGER MUSIKWERKE A. BUFFHEDINGER   Leipzig, Germany. Successor to Leipziger Musikwerke and Paul Ehrlich.. ..
NEUFEIND, R.   Friedrichstr. 215, Berlin, 1925-30. Established in 1888. ..Riesche
NEUFELD, DR. VERNON   Fresno, CA. Made 11 replicas of the Mason & Hamlin Style 110 organ ca 1983. ..W. Lewis, Neufeld
NEUGEBAUER NACHF. C. BELL & CO.   27 Andreasstr. 32, Aufg 3, Berlin, Germany. Established 1878. German branch of the Bell Organ & Piano Co. of Canada, which had been bought by a British group. ..OH
NEUMANN   see Weiser & Neumann. ..
NEUMANN, E.   Berlin. Physharmonica maker, active from 1843 to about 1878. ..Ahrens
NEUSSER, JOHANN   60 Mühlgasse, Neutitschein, Czechoslovakia. Active in 1930; probably the successor to Karl Neusser. ..OH
NEUSSER, KARL   Oberthorstr. 62, Neutitschein, AustriaHungary. Established in 1827 and active at least through 1909. ..deWit 1903, OH
NEW AMERICAN ORGAN   unusual instrument bearing the name of F.D. Dexter, West Winfield, NY, although probably not made by him. This organ has 17 sets of reeds on a single manual and three sets for the pedal. It is in the possession of Carl Shannon of Upper Black Eddy, PA. See Freeman Dirk Dexter. ..ROSB 8/87
NEW DOMINION ORGAN CO.   Saint John, New Brunswick 1875. ..Kallmann
NEW ENGLAND ORGAN CO.   Marble Building, 12979 Washington St., Boston, MA 18711880; 632 Harrison St. in 1881; 57 Washington St. in 1883; 32 George St., Roxbury until 1904; formerly Boston Organ Co., later New England Piano Co.; acquired SmithAmerican Organ Co. after 1900 and was succeeded by Merrill Piano Mfg. Co. George B. Loring, Pres., Daniel Needham, Sec'y in 1880; George F. McLaughlin and Thomas F. Scanlon were proprietors in 1881 when the business was reorganized. McLaughlin continued the business and Scanlon left to go into piano manufacturing. Awarded a Second Prize at Sydney, Australia in 1878. Serial numbers: 1870 - 16143, 1881 - 57579, 1882 - 62360, 1887 - 98537, 1888 - 103909. ..Courier 1881, Warshaw, POPG, deWit 1883, Michel, Cat., Cowing, Hacker
NEW ERA ORGAN CO.   North East, PA. Founded in the spring of 1873 by John A. Smith, who was superintendent and director, A.W. Blaine, president and director, and others. Organ Street in North East was named for the New Era Organ Co. Joseph H. Reed later joined the company, and the name was changed to J.H. Reed in 1880. It was seized by the Sheriff in 1889. See John A. Smith. ..Michel, Fox, Loop, Breeze
NEW HAVEN MELODEON CO.   New Haven, CT. Established before 1860. Later renamed New Haven Organ Co. and active under this name 1881, 1883. Made the Jubilee organ. ..deWit 1883, OH, Schleicher
NEW HOME   Reed organ known with this stencil, possible Lakeside reed organ. ..deFrel
NEW WESTERN organ   instrument auctioned in Concordia, KS in 1992. ..Thomas
NEW YORK   Reed organ known with this stencil. ..deFrel
NEW YORK CHURCH ORGAN CO.   Worcester, MA. Bought out HamiltonVocalion Co., operated it for a few years and sold it to Mason & Risch in 1890; see James BaillieHamilton. ..Fluke
NEWELL, AUGUSTUS, & CO.   42 Mich. Ave. in 1880, 93-113 Racine Ave. in 1885, Chicago, IL. Reed maker. Learned melodeon making in his native New Hampshire, then moved to Toronto, Canada about 1864 where he made reeds and reedboards. He moved his business to Chicago about 1870 and was caught in the great fire of 1871. He reestablished his Chicago business in 1874. The Racine Avenue factory, on the corner of Garfield Avenue, was built in 1882-83, after which he added the manufacture of celluloid piano and organ keys. ..Bill, Fox, Chi. Dir. 1880-86
NEWELL, FREEMAN   Lewiston Falls, Maine (now Auburn). Melodeon builder, ca 1850. ..Hartz, Morningstar
NEWMAN BROTHERS ORGAN CO.   63-65 West Washington St. in 1883, 3840 South Canal St. in 1889, West Chicago Ave. & Dix St. in 1899, Chicago, IL. Established in 1881 by John, Gustav R. and Charles W. Newman, incorporated 1892. Capacity in 1902: 4,000 organs per year. In business at least through 1920. Probably made some of the Harwood organs. Serial numbers: 1887 - 58955, 1905 - 53385, 1920 - 76165/36345 ..Cat., Columbian, POPG, Fox, de Viet. Robison, Tyler
NICHOLLS, EDWARD, & CO.   118 Mile End Rd., E London. Successor to Dunn & Nicholls. Harmonium manufacturer 18791882. In 1883 became Nicholls and Nicholls, working at least until 1896. ..deWit 1883, Fluke
NICHOLS   see Manning & Nichols. ..
NICHOLS WILLIAMS CO.   Barre, VT. Lap organ maker, 1845. (Is this G.H. Nichols?) ..Rice
NICHOLS, ALGERON P.   Haverhill, MA. Reed and pipe organ maker, active in 1861. ..Owen
NICHOLS, G.H.   Montpelier, VT. Melodeon maker ca 1845-55, possibly as Nichols Williams Co., (qv). George H. Nichols later moved to Wisconsin where he taught piano. In 1881 he is listed at 420 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis, MN as a cabinet organ maker, with the factory at 110-112 Hennepin Avenue. ..Prince Cat., Mpls Dir, Gausman, P. Carnahan
NICHOLS, M.O.   Clyde, Scotland, maker of Dynamicon, 1881. ..Fluke
NICHOLS, M.O.   Syracuse, NY, estab. ca 1850. Located at 293 Washington St., Boston, MA in 1850 and at 166 Washington St. in 1853. Claimed to be the "Original Inventor and Maker of the REED ORGAN." Became Nichols & Woods in 1852, later Phelps & Chase. Moses O. Nichols was granted US Patent 144409 on a reed organ reed in 1873. ..Boston Music Makers, Fox, Boadway
NICOLAUS & PAPPE   see Förster & Nicolaus, also Straube & Co. ..
NICOLAUS, RUDOLF   Grossfahner; Germany; estab. 1840; components. ..
NICOLE FRÈRES   rue Kleberg 17, Geneva, Switzerland; François and Raymond Nicole, proprietors, made music boxes with reeds; established 1839. Also made harmoniums at rue Vivienne, Paris. ..Fluke
NICOLE, GEO. H.   Prescott, WI. ..Hart
NIEDERMAYER   Germany 1876. ..
NIEHLE, EMIL   Weissenfels, Germany. Possible a dealer. ..deFrel
NIHON FUKINSHA   3-1 Nishikicho, Kanda, Tokyo. A mail order organ business, advertising in 1890. ..Akai
NIJBOER, B.H.   Eikstraat 30, Hengelo, Netherlands. A former employee of Frieborgh Harmonium- en Orgelbouw, he made the Frieborgh Kofferorgel after the death of Hermann Borger. He also made electrically blown reed organs with the name Organola I and II. ..Olthof
NILSEN, AUGUST   Norway. Pipe organ builder, also made a few harmoniums. ..Kolnes
NILSSON BOND, ANDERS   Övermo, Gagnef, Sweden, fl. 1866. ..Klaverens
NIPPON GAKKI CO., LTD.   P.O. Box 1, Hamamatsu, Japan. Successor to Yamaha Gakki Seizosho, 18971987; now called Yamaha Corp. (qv). ..Cat., Thompson, Akai
NISARD, TH.   Paris. Made a harmonium called the Clavier Grégorien, also made instruments with transposing keyboards. Exhibited at the Paris Exposition of 1855. ..Olthof, Fluke
NISHIKAWA & SON   30-Banchi, 2-Chome, Hinode-cho, Yokohama, Japan. Established 1885 by Torakichi Nishikawa (1846-1920). 3rd Prize at the 3rd Domestic Industrial Exhibit in Tokyo, 1890. Nishikawa organs were among the highest quality made in Japan. Used Harmola reeds from Germany and Soprani reeds from the US. Instruments sold by Hakubun-sha, Ginza, Tokyo and by Jujiya. Absorbed by Yamaha in 1921, becoming Yamaha's Yokohama factory. The Nishikawa name continued to be used at least as late as 1928. Serial numbers: 1895 - 1835 1919 - 21216 ..Cat., OH, Akai
NOBLE, DON, & CO.   316 S. Wabash Ave., Chicago, IL. Made a foot-pumped four octave C-scale folding organ, model 348, as well as electrically-blown models. ..Ad.
NORD   see Wikstrom ach Nord. ..
NORDDEUTSCHES METALLWERK WILLY SCHUMANN   Parkstr. 1, Finsterwalde, Germany; harmonium components; established 1896. ..deWit 1930
NORDENSTAM, ANDERS FREDRIK   Nordmaling, Västerbotten, Sweden. ..Edqvist, Mackie
NORDHEIMER ORGAN CO.   Toronto, Ontario. ..Michel, Duga
NORDISKA ORGELFABRIKEN YNGVE SAVENBY (SÄVENBY)   Virserum, Sweden, 1960. ..Edqvist, Klaverens
NORLINGS, AUGUST, ORGEL- OCH PIANOFABRIK   Trädgårdsgatan 15, Sala, Sweden. Established 1898. Flourishing 1930-35. ..OH, Edqvist, Klaverens
NORMANN, RUDOLPH   Neugasse, Reval, (now Tallinn), Estonia, 1903. Established 1845. ..deWit 1903
NORMANS, P.A.   16 Albert Road, Morice Town, Devonport, England. ..Rob Allan
NORSK ORGELHARMONIUMFABRIKK   Snertingdal, Norway. Founded in 1870 or 1873 by Bernt Myrengen. He began building pipe organs on his farm in Vardal, eventually producing 63 instruments there. His son, Petter Berntzen, eventually took over the firm. Petter's son Bernhard continued the business, opening a piano store in nearby Gjøvik in 1916, and began making harmoniums in 1919. In 1928 Bernhard inherited a farm in Snertingdal from his mother's brother and moved the workshops there. Pipe organ production was resumed in 1937, by which time Bernhard's son Klaus had joined the firm. After World War II a new factory was built which continues in operation today, run by Klaus' son Hans and daughter Lilian Berntzen. Harmonium production was discontinued in 1976. Currently Norway's largest pipe organ manufacturer, located at 2826 Snertingdal, Norway. Serial numbers: 1951 - 3000, 1976 - 5456 ..Cappelens, Lee, Ringve, Berntzen
NORTHWESTERN MUSIC HOUSE   see Carl Raugland. ..
NOTHIG   invented the Harmonophone in 1895. ..Mustel
NUNNS, R., & CLARK   New York, NY. Maker of orgue expressif, 1851. Also made a combination piano and reed organ using the Coleman attachment. ..Fluke, Hopwood
NUTTING, RUFUS   Hudson, OH, Romeo, MI; made the Aeolodeon, a combination piano and reed organ, patented in 1848; also inventor of the Aeolicon, made by Hovey & Bachelder and also by Grovesteen & Truslow. Rufus Nutting was originally from Randolph, VT, and was a brother of William Nutting, jr., (1815-69), a pipe organ builder. ..Fox, Boadway
NYA ORGELFABRIKEN   Karlstad, Sweden. O. Berggren Co., fl. 1900. ..Klaverens
NYE, E.D. & G.G.   North Montpelier, VT. Makers of "seraphines, piano and cylinder key melodeons." ..Boadway
NYGREN, JOHANNES   Söråker, Nordmaling, Sweden. ..Edqvist, Mackie
NYSTROM (NYSTRÖM), CARL G.   Spelmansgatan 17, Kristinehamn, Sweden, 1903. Established 1875. See Kristinehamns Orgelfabrik. ..deWit 1903, Klaverens
NYSTROM (NYSTRÖM), JOHAN PETTER   Karlstad, Sweden 1865 to at least 1903. Also known as J.P. Nyström's Orgel & Pianofabrik. In 1891 made and patented his ReformOrgan, a selfplaying instrument with suction bellows which used a cardboard disk. ..Lindwall & Forsell; deWit 1883, 1903, Klaverens
OAKES   see Stimson, Oakes & Co. ..
OAKES ORGAN CO.   Clinton, Ontario, Canada. Established in 1889. In 1890 the name was changed to Clinton Organ Co. ..Draper
ODELIUS, JOH. AUG.   Vångaby, Sweden, fl. 1882-97. ..Klaverens
ODENBRETT, ABLER & CO.   Milwaukee, WI 18711888. Philip Odenbrett and Franz (Frank) Abler, pipe and reed organ makers. ..Michel, Fox
OECKELEN   see Van Oeckelen. ..
OESTREICH & BROTHER ORGAN & MELODIAN MANUFACTORY   Pottsville, PA. Max Oestreich, proprietor. ..Trade card
OETTINGEN, ARTHUR VON   Leipzig, Germany. Designed and patented the Orthotonophonium in 1914, an enharmonic organ in which each octave contained 53 notes. The instrument was manufactured by Schiedmayer. ..OH
OETZMANN, THOMAS   27 Baker St., London. Harmonium maker. ..eBay, Thompson
OHLSSON, C.G., ORGEL- OCH PIANOFABRIK   Falköping, Sweden, 1925. ..Edqvist, Klaverens
OHLSSONS, A.L., ORGELFABRIK   Vara, Sweden, fl. 1907. ..Klaverens
OKADA, YONEZO   Nishiku, Osaka, Japan. Exhibited at the 3rd Domestic Industrial Exhibition, Tokyo, 1890. ..Akai
OKENFUSS, ANTON   Triester Str. 47, Vienna, Austria, 1909. Made handcranked street barrel organs with reeds. ..OH, Yates
OLBREI, J.   Jurjewstr. 461, Reval, Estonia, Russia in 1903; 6 Suur Tariu M, Tallin, Estonia in 1930. Established 1890. ..deWit 1903, OH
OLIVER organ   sold by Northwestern Music House, Minneapolis, MN about 1905. Probably made by Adler. ..Cat.
OLOFSSON, OSKAR   see Olof Karlsson. ..
OLSSON, EMANUEL   Uddevalla & Köperöd, Sweden, fl. 1874. ..Klaverens
ONO GAKKI-TEN   3 Kita-Jinbo-cho, Kanda, Tokyo in 1929; 1 Tokiwa-cho, Kyobashi-ku, Tokyo in 1930. Harp maker. Made reed organs until the beginning of World War II. ..Akai
ONTARIO ORGAN CO.   Toronto, Ontario 1884. ..Kallmann
OOR, J.   30 rue d'Arenberg, Brussels, Belgium. Established 1850. In 1930 doing business as George Oor. ..OH
ORA   instrument in the possession of Martin Kemkemer. No other information available. Made by M. Hörügel, Germany. ..deFrel, Kemkemer
ORANETTO   Made by M. Hörügel, Germany. ..deFrel
ORBEY   No further information. ..deFrel
ORCHESTRA SPOL SRO   26 Jungmannova tr., Prague, Czechoslovakia 1930. ..OH
ORCHESTRELLE CO. LTD., THE   headquarters and sales rooms at Æolian Hall, 13567 New Bond St., London; factory at Hayes, Middlesex, England 1911; subsidiary of The Æolian Co., made the Orchestrelle and Gregorian Organs. The Gregorian organ is the same instrument sold under the Vocalion name in the United States. See The Mechanical Orguinette Co. ..Cat., Friberg
ORCOA   see The Organ Co. of Canada. ..
OREAN Y CIA. (CÍA.)   40 Ponzano, Madrid, Spain, 1930. ..OH
ORGAN CO. OF CANADA, THE   343 Richmond St., London, Ontario, Canada. AOrcoa Concert Reed Organ, by Excelsior, made by the Organ Co. of Canada, made in Italy.@ An electrically-blown chord reed organ. ..Reamer
ORGANETTE   child's organ, three octave, with or without decorative pipe top. ..Denham, Ebay
ORGANETTE   also orguinette, a small handcranked mechanical music box using reeds and a recording medium such as perforated paper rolls. In the earliest models, the perforations in the paper roll operated as valves, allowing air to flow directly to the reeds. Later models used pneumatic valves, permitting smaller perforations and consequently narrower rolls. ..
ORGANOLA   See B.H. Nijboer and Frieborgh. ..deFrel
ORGANOR   See Rippen ..deFrel
ORGATRON   an early electronic organ. Frederick Albert Hoschke worked on early versions, eventually patented by Benjamin F. Meissner and manufactured by The Everett Piano Co. It used conventional pallet valves to control airblown vibrating reeds which acted as variable capacitors. The voltage across this capacitance was amplified and fed to a loudspeaker. Wurlitzer later bought the rights and produced a redesigned model in which the reeds vibrated continuously. ..Ketterman, Fox
ORGAVAC   see Ketterman. ..
ORGELBAUANSTALT E.F. WALCKER & CO.   see Walcker, E.F., & Co. ..
ORGELFABRIKEN MUSIKALISKA VERKSTADEN   Tarsled and Herrljunga, Sweden. Established by Albert Andreasson and Otto Gustafsson about 1906. Production continued only until about 1908. Albert Andreasson is remembered for his composition of a wedding tune, Herrljunga brudmarsch. ..Edqvist, Jansson, Klaverens
ORGELFABRIKEN PNEUMON   see Oscar Ericson. ..
ORGUINETTE   see organette. ..
ORIENT ORGAN   brand name of Ikeuchi Fukin (qv) after 1906. ..Akai
ORLEON   Reed organ known. ..deFrel
ORNTLICH, HANS   Postr. 89, Reval, Estonia. Piano and harmonium maker, 1896. ..OH
ORRVILLE ORGAN CO.   Orrville, OH. Jacob & Samuel Brenneman, H.,W. Chaffin, J.B. Taylor, principals. Possibly operated by A.J. Tschantz (Schantz).Made the New Beauty organ, which is identical to the Ohio Beauty made by Tschantz. ..Ebie
ORSZAGH (ORSZÁGH), SANDOR, & SÖHNE   Rákospalota PazmanyStr. 33, Budapest, Hungary. Established 1861. Also shown as Alexander Országh & Sohn. Emerich and Ladislaus Országh, managers in 1909. ..deWit 1903, OH
ORTHOTONOPHONIUM   See J.& P. Schiedmayer. ..deFrel
OSCHATZ, PAUL   Körnerstr. 49, Leipzig, Germany; Parkplatz 3, Zwickau, Germany in 1925. Harmonium maker. ..Ahrens
OSHAWA ORGAN AND MELODEON MANUFACTURING CO.   Canada 18713; later Dominion Organ & Piano Co. ..Kallmann
OSTLIND (ÖSTLIND) & ALMQUIST   Esplanadgatan 1256, Arvika, Sweden, established 1888 as a piano and harmonium manufacturer, fl. 1928. Located at Vestra Hamngatan 18, Gothenburg, Sweden in 1903; Anders N. Östlind and Anton Almquist, proprietors. See L. Eriksen. ..Cappelens, deWit 1903, Friberg, Klaverens
OSTROROG, COMTE DE   108 rue de Rivoli, Paris in 1860. Made a folding instrument for salon or portable use called the Mélodina, for which he was awarded a gold medal. ..Fluke
OTTO, F.G., & SONS   Jersey City, NJ. Made the Olympia organs. ..Pierce
OTTOSSON, JARI   see Otto Johansson. ..
OTZINGER, H.   Oberhofen bei Thun, Switzerland. Succeeded by Heinrich Keller in 1925. ..
OVERGAAUW (& WESTERHOF)   Jan Sonjéstraat 36a (before 1913), Kipstraat 84 a-b (after 1913), Rotterdam, Netherlands. Founded by W. Overgaauw. Organ manufacturer in1902, Piano and organ manufacturer in 1909. Reed organ and piano manufacturer and repairs in 1912. Also reed organ and piano dealer (1914-1935). One reed organ known. ..deFrel
OXBRIDGE CABINET ORGAN CO.   no other information available. ..Ebie
OXFORD MANUFACTURING CO., INC.   505 State St., Chicago, IL. Made the Oxford sewing machines, pianos and organs. ..Michel, Leverett, Pierce, Cat.
PACIFIC QUEEN organ   San Francisco, CA. Probably made by Kimball for a San Francisco dealer, Philip Werlein, 1212 Market St. (qv). Used "PipeTone Action". Serial number: 1902 - 256700 ..Irwin, Vincent, West
PACKARD BROS.   Bridgewater, MA. Isaac T. and Edmund Packard. Melodeons were made under the Packard Bros. name as well as under each brother's name. For a time Isaac was in business as Packard & Foss and as Packard, Foss & Co. in North Bridgewater in 1850, then in Campello. In 1852 Isaac is shown at Campello, MA. In 1862 Edmund Packard sold his business to Philip Reynolds. Isaac moved to Chicago and formed Packard, Keith & Talbot, but the business failed at the time of the Chicago fire in 1871. Isaac then moved to Fort Wayne, IN where he formed the Fort Wayne Organ Co. (qv) with the backing of S.B. Bond, a banker. In 1900 the name was changed to The Packard Organ Co. At that time the factory had a capacity of 4,000 organs per year. The site of the former Packard factory in Fort Wayne is now Packard Park. ..Michel, Cat., POPG, OH, Sellers, Kingman, Martin
PACKARD, CALEB H.   Bridgewater, MA 1839 to about 1855. A melodeon maker, he was a cousin of Isaac and Edmund Packard. Sold out to A.B. Marston in 1855. ..OH
PAGE & VAN BENSCHOTEN   Ansonia, CT. Melodeon maker.Successor to J.J. Pratt, (qv). See Page, Potter & Co. and Pratt & Page. ..Rodenburg, Stanhope
PAGE, POTTER & CO.   Ansonia, CT. Melodeon maker. ..Eyman
PAIN, ROBERT W.   368 Second Ave., New York, NY 1861. Melodeon maker. Later associated with Aeolian Organ and Music Co. ..Hutchinson, Fox
PAJKR, RUDOLF, & CO.   NeuKöniggratzer Str., Hradec Kralové (Königgratz), Czechoslovakia 1930; Franz & Rudolf Pajkr, props. in 1903; M. Pajkr, prop. in 1930, estab. 1894. ..deWit 1903, 1930
PAKRASHI & CO.   82A Rash Behari Ave., Calcutta, India. Indian harmonium maker. ..
PALACE ORGAN CO.   Palace organs, see Loring & Blake Organ Co. ..
PALMER   Toronto, Ontario. ..Beveridge
PANDHARPURKAR BROS., A.M.   Dandia Bazaar, Baroda, India, 1930. ..OH
PANHUBER, JOSEF   Ledererstr. 58, Ottensheim bei Linz, Austria, 1930; established 1920. ..deWit 1930
PAPE, CHR.   8 rue Denis Papin, Asnières (Seine), France, 1883. ..deWit 1883
PAQUOT, S.   46 rue Pioul, Huy, Belgium. Maker of pianos and harmoniums, 1914. ..Fluke
PARIS   Dijon, France. Made the Harmoniphon in 1836. ..Olthof
PARKER & SECOMB   Concord, NH 1866, 1867; Caleb Parker and Daniel F. Secomb, melodeon makers. ..
PARKER & TRACY   Concord, NH 1850; Samuel F. Parker and Luther Tracy. ..
PARKS, JAMES S.   Boston, MA 1855; melodeons. ..Michel
PARTRIDGE & TABER   Worcester, MA; made reed organ cases for Farley & Pearson in 1847, see Taber Organ Co. ..Washburn
PASDELOUP & VIET   16 rue Dauphine, Paris, 1883. Also shown as Pas de Loupe & Cie. Harmonium maker. ..deWit 1883, Fluke
PASQUALE & CO.   5 Phoenix Pl., Mount Pleasant, London, 1903, 1921. Piano and reed organ maker. ..deWit 1903, Fluke
PATHE (PATHÉ)   chord organ with Italian steel reeds. ..ROSB 1995-2, p33
PATRIOT EXCELSIOR PIANO, ORGAN & HARMONIUM CO.   High Street, Chesham, Bucks., England, 18801885. Manager: Thomas Leadbetter. ..Fluke
PATSCHKE, J.W.   Hannover, Germany. Piano and harmonium maker, 1879. ..Ahrens
PATTERSON, JAMES T.   Bridgeport, CT. Sold organs directly to the public and through clergymen, to whom he gave a 20% commission. Appears under this name in 1883 and 1889. Also shown as Corwall & Patterson in 1881 and as Bridgeport Organ Co. from 1877 at least through 1899. ..deWit 1883, DMT 1889, trade card
PAUL & CO.   probably Germany. Maker of the Rigoletto harmonium and portable harmoniums, 1951. ..Olthof
PAUL & SONS   2 Lower Chitpore Road, Calcutta, India, 1930. ..OH
PAULL & HAMILTON   335-345 Church St., Lancaster, PA. Manufacturer of Lancaster organs. Listed in 1884 as church organ builders. ..Leverett, Lancaster Dir.
PAYNE, GEO., & CO.   Chicago IL. ..Duga
PAYNE, W.T.   208 Hoe St., Walthamston, London, 1906; 101 & 103 Approach Rd., London 1896. Harmonium and American organ manufacturers. By 1921 they were making pianos only. ..Trade Dir. 1896, Fluke
PEACHEY, GEORGE   7273 Bishopsgate Street Within, E London, established 1828. Making and advertising seraphines in 1836. Piano and harmonium manufacturers to the Queen 18791884. ..deWit 1883, Fluke
PEAR, THOMAS   Carlton St., Cheltenham, England. Maker of a two manual and pedal reed organ sold by Hickie & Hickie of Reading. ..
PEARL RIVER   folding portable organs; China. ..ROSB 8/83, Morningstar
PEARL, THE   See Minden, R. Von. ..deFrel
PEARPONT, E.A.   Derby (Ansonia), CT 1861. Manufacturer of melodeon keys, legs and cases. ..Hutchinson
PEARSON & LORING CO.   Worcester, MA; successors to Farley & Pearson, 18521867; Pearson sold out in 1867 and firm became Loring & Blake. ..Washburn
PEARSON, JOHN G.   203 Main St., Worcester, MA; established 1867; seraphines, melophines, Aeolians. Also Farley & Pearson (qv), Pearson & Loring. ..
PEASE, N.B., CO.   current address: 43 Foundry St., Palmer, MA, 01069; replacement reeds and parts for reed organs. ..Pease
PEASELEY, AARON MERRILL   Middle St., Boston, MA. Peaseley received a patent on Nov. 11, 1818 for a reed organ using either a suction or pressure bellows. This is the earliest reed organ patent in the United States and predates many of the early European developments. The patent document was destroyed in the Patent Office fire of 1836.It was not until 1884 that a copy appeared in the possession of the Mason & Hamlin Company, which sent it to Levi K. Fuller of the Estey Organ Co. Fuller in turn sent it on to the Patent Office, but it has since disappeared again. ..Courier
PECCHIONI, REDENTO   Sissa, Italy, 1903, 1909. ..deWit 1903, OH
PEDALION ORGAN WORKS   Amersfoort, Netherlands; see van den Burg. ..
PEDRAZZI, LORENZO   Broni, Pavia, Italy. ..Malagoli
PEDRINI, FERRUCIO & ARTURO   via XX settembre 21, Binanuova (Cremona), Italy. Marco and Carlo Fracassi, grandsons of Arturo Pedrini (1904-1980), are still in business at the same location as pipe organ and harmonium restorers. ..Malagoli
PEERLESS organ   see Foley & Williams. ..
PEIRETTI, MARCELLO   Turin, Italy. ..Malagoli
PELL, JOHN, & CO.   Globe Works, 194 Ashstead Row, Birmingham, England. Organ, piano and harmonium manufacturer, working until 1878. ..Fluke
PELOUBET, LOUIS MICHEL FRANÇOIS CHABRIER   maker of flutes, piccolos and clarinets, moved from New York to Bloomfield, NJ in 1836, located in Pierson's Mill at 3 Myrtle Court 18371841, then at 86 Orange St. 18421869. Began making melodeons about 1842 and cabinet organs in 1849 when his son Jarvis joined him, the company then being known as C. Peloubet & Son. The factory burned 1869 and he erected two buildings across the street; formed the Peloubet and Pelton Standard Organ Co. in partnership with J.M. Pelton in 1873. The partnership broke up about 1882 and Peloubet continued operation as Peloubet Standard Organ Co., Peloubet Columbian Organ Co., and as Peloubet & Son, with offices at 841 Broadway in New York. In 1888 began manufacturing the "Reed Pipe Top Organ." Chabrier died in 1885 and Jarvis continued operations as The Peloubet Co. until 1890 when he sold his business to Lyon & Healy, Chicago, and went to work for that company. See Jeremiah M. Pelton. Serial number: 1866 - 5307. ..Courier 1880, Warshaw, Fluke, Ind. Press
PELOUBET, PELTON & CO.   New York. See Pelton, Jeremiah M., and see Peloubet, Louis M.F.C. ..
PELTON, JEREMIAH M.   28 E. 14th St., New York, NY 1882; Excelsior organ; formerly a partner in Peloubet, Pelton & Co., (qv). ..Warshaw
PELTON, POMEROY & CROSS   Chicago, IL. Probably a music dealer who sold stencil organs with that name. ..Weed, Pelton
PENNSYLVANIA ORGAN CO.   Parlor organ. ..Citarella
PENSO, VICTOR   246 Duke Street, Brushfield Street, Bishopsgate, London. Piano and harmonium maker, advertised in 1898 and 1902. ..OH
PERALA (PERÄLÄ), K.W.   Lapua, Finland. Also shown as J.K. Perälä. Established 1893. ..Tampere, Piuhola
PERCIVAL, J.   New York, NY. Also J.P. Percival, Auburn, NY. Seraphine maker. See Chadwick & Percival. ..Duga, Stephens
PERICHON (PÉRICHON), ALEXANDRE   10 rue de l'Odéon, Paris, 1883. Piano and organ maker. Honorable mention at the Nantes exhibition in 1861. ..deWit 1883, Fluke
PERL, BERNHARD   Dresdner Str. 107-109 in 1912, Dresdner Str. 117-121 in 1929, Waldheimer Str., Hartha i. Sachsen, Germany. Established 1882. Manufacturer of harmonium benches and harmonium players. Produced suction harmoniums from about 1909 to 1914. Serial numbers: 1925 - 1246. ..Friberg, Hartmann, Ahrens, Huivenaar
PERMANAND   Nawad Shahad Sind, Pakistan. Made table harmoniums. ..Fluke
PERRY ORGAN CO.   WilkesBarre, PA., Scranton, PA. Listed in Wilkes-Barre directories from 1870 to 1888. In 1884, Joseph R., Tulbert H. and Lycus B. Perry, organ makers, are shown at 352 N. Main St., Wilkes-Barre. Moved to Scranton, where the factory building burned in 1889. Joseph R. Perry and his brother Samuel R. Perry were granted numerous reed organ patents during the period 1869-1878. ..ROS #0223, Fox, Smith
PERRY, A., & SON   Bishops Stortford, England. ..eBay
PERSSON, SÅG ERIK PIANO- OCH ORGELFABRIK   Björbo, Sweden, ca 1925. ..Klaverens
PETER, ANDREAS   Bahnhofstr., Hotel Neuberger, Eger, Czechoslovakia; established 1877. Still in business in 1957. ..deWit 1930
PETER, XAVER   see Harmoniumbau Peter. ..
PETERKIN, J.A.   91 Union Street, Glasgow, Scotland. Harmonium maker 18791880. ..Fluke
PETERS ORGAN CO.   St. Johns, Canada. ..Schmidt, Michel
PETERSEN & STEENSTRUP   store at Kirkestrade 1, Copenhagen, Denmark, 18391920; 28 Bredgade, Copenhagen in 1930. Hans Axel Gilbert Steenstrup, proprietor, 1903. Harmonium manufacture began in 1884. ..deWit 1903, Friberg, OH
PETERSON, J., CO.   Moline, IL. Made "Moline" organ. Active 1899-1920. See Moline Cabinet Organ Co. ..POPG, Fox
PETERSON, NILS   Visby, Sweden. Pipe and reed organ maker, fl. 1866. ..Klaverens
PETERSON, THULIN & CO.   see Moline Cabinet Organ Co. ..
PETERSSON, FRANS OSKAR   Gärdserum, Småland, Sweden, fl. 1890. ..Klaverens
PETITQUEUXHILLARD, G.   Domaine de Biscaye, Lourdes, also shown at 23 rue des Petits Champs, Bagnolet pres Paris, Fance, 1930. ..OH, internet
PETRELLI, GIOVANNI   Talamona, Italy 1903, 1909, 1930. ..deWit 1903, OH
PETROF, ANTON   Vorstadt Brünn, Königgrätz (Hradec Králové), Czechoslovakia. Harmonium and piano maker, established 1864. Awarded grand prizes at the international expositions in Ghent 1921, Barcelona 1929, Brussels 1935 and Paris 1937. Still in operation (1993) as a piano manufacturer. The following serial numbers may include both reed organs and pianos.

1900 - 13000 1960 - 87100 1967 - 124750
1920 - 33400 1961 - 89200 1968 - 134350
1930 - 46500 1962 - 92200 1969 - 145000
1940 - 58000 1963 - 95900 1970 - 156800
1950 - 67280 1964 - 102500 1971 - 169000
1955 - 75400 1965 - 108300 1972 - 182600
1957 - 80000 1966 - 116150

PETTERSONS ORGEL- & PIANOFABRIK   Herrljunga, Sweden, 1930. ..Klaverens
PETTERSSON, C.B.   Järnvägsgatan 9, Herrljunga, Sweden. Carl Bernhard Pettersson (1869-1927) began building organs in 1889 in his father=s carpenter shop in Skövde, Sweden. Moved to Herrljunga in 1898 and in 1909 founded AB C.B. Petterssons Orgel & Pianofabrik, making reed and pipe organs and upright pianos for homes, schools and churches. In 1917 his company merged with other manufacturers into AB Förenade Piano- & Orgelfabriker (qv). Pettersson was fired in 1920 and two years later bought back his part of the company. In 1924 his company began to have problems, and he died in 1927. The factory building was pulled down the same year. ..Edqvist, Jansson
PETTERSSON, PER ERIK   Valsta, Örebro, Sweden, fl. 1873-1889. ..Klaverens
PETTIS   see Hoggson & Pettis. ..
PEXTON, BARTHOLOMEW   York, England. Harmonium maker, active 1838-50. ..Kershaw
PHELPS & CHASE   Washington Block, 65 South Salina Street, Syracuse, NY; successor to M.O. Nichols in 1852. Founded by Austin C. Chase, a piano dealer, and Henry R. Phelps. The partnership dissolved in 1864, and each one continued to manufacture organs under his own name. In 1866 Phelps went into partnership with H.N. Goodman. ..Sanders
PHELPS & GOODMAN   Syracuse, NY; melodeon makers 186669. Henry R. Phelps and H.N. Goodman. See Phelps & Chase, H.N. Goodman. ..ROSB 11/84
PHELPS, HENRY R.   56 James Street, south side, between Pearl and Lock, Syracuse, NY, melodeon maker 186466. See Phelps & Chase, Phelps & Goodman. ..Sanders
PHILBROOK   see Hastings & Philbrook. ..
PHILIPP, GOTTLOB   Eulerstr. 533 in 1875, Cottbuser Str. 64 in 1899-1930, Forst i. Lausitz, Germany. Made pianos and a combination piano and harmonium. Operated until 1945. ..deWit 1883, Ahrens
PHILLIPS, DELOS   18 N. Rose St., Kalamazoo, MI, 1867-81, 124 W. Main St., 1883-85. Music dealer, jeweler and organ manufacturer, established in 1854. Made the Star organ. Delos Phillips died about 1886 and was succeeded by George H. Phillips at the 124 W. Main St. address, probably retail only. See Blakeman & Phillips, Cady & Phillips, Star Organ Manufactory. ..MI Dir, Kzoo Dir
PHILPOTTCAMP CO.   corner of Broadway and Ohio, Cleveland, OH 18681878. Also Philpott & Camp .Using the name J. Philpott by 1875. Made the Star organ. Serial numbesr: 1868 - 2903, 1875 - 8798. See Camp & Co., Story & Camp. ..J.J. Clark, Heiss, Brown
PHONIX (PHÖNIX) MUSIKWERKE   Leipzig, Germany; organettes, see Schmidt & Co. ..
PIANO & ORGAN SUPPLY CO., THE   Corner Garfield and Racine Avenues, Chicago, IL 1912; reed and reedboard maker. ..
PIANO- OCH ORGELFABRIKEN CRESCENDO   Skövde, Sweden, 1925. ..Edqvist, Klaverens
PIANOLA   originally a pushup piano player with reeds, invented in 1897 and patented in 1900 by Edwin S. Votey; see Farrand & Votey and the Æolian Co. The name has also been reported on the Vesper reed organ, sold in Australia. ..Semmens
PIANO-NISSE   Dalarna, Sweden. Produced 366 harmoniums, mostly in the 1950s in two models, one with an electric blower. Still in business in 1999. ..Edqvist, Mackie
PIATRASRANTA, FIGLI   4 via Sarzanese, Lucca, Italy, 1930. ..OH
PICARD   Paris. Maker of free reed instruments, established 1830. ..Fluke
PICHLER, FRANCIS   162 Great Portland Street, Oxford Street, London. Advertised 1851, 1862, 1863. Harmonium and pedalharmonium manufacturer. Inventor and maker of Prize Medal Instrument of 1851 and of the Cottage Harmonium. Manufacturer to the late W. Wheatstone. Patented rounded black keys. ..OH, Fluke
PICKENS, JAS., & CO.   172 Hampton Street, Birmingham, England. Harmonium maker 18801884. ..Fluke
PIEDMONT MFG. CO.   High Point, NC 1925; in business at least through 1930. Successor to Shipman Organ Co., (qv). ..
PIERCE, LEVI M.   Chicopee, MA 1880; reed maker. ..Courier 1880
PIERCE, WILLIAM   114 North St., Pittsfield, MA 1861, 1864. Established in 1846, possibly as Cox & Pierce. Later shown as Wm. Pierce's Melodeon Factory. Produced over 100 melodeons in 1859. ..Hutchinson, Michel, Pittsfield Dir. 1859, Sellers
PIERCECCHI, VINCENZO   Campli, Italy, 1903. ..deWit 1903
PIERRE & CUTTING   piano style melodeon.
PIETSCHMANN, CH. F., & SONS   Brunnenstrasse 28, Berlin, about 1876-88.. Maker of automatic musical instruments including the Seraphon, a small barrel-operated harmonium. ..Farmer & Goldhoorn, Mech. Music V55 No. 1, p20..
PIGGOTT, BURCH & ALLEN   85 Monroe Ave, Grand Rapids, MI, 1870. Listed as George Piggott in 1873. See Empire Organ Co. ..MI Dir
PILCHER & SOMMERS   Newark, NJ. Melodeon makers. Possibly Henry Pilcher (Sr.), from a well-known family of pipe organ builders in England and America. ..eBay, Fox
PILCHER, W.   19 Stockbridge Terrace, Pimlico, London. ..OH
PILVINEN, YRJÖ T.   (Urkuharmooni ja Pianotehdas Yrjö T. Pilvinen), Tampere, Finland. Piano and harmonium manufacturer. ..OMT
PINAULT   21 rue d'Alsace, Angers, France. ..deWit 1903
PINET, LEON   14 rue Morand, Paris about 1875; factory and warehouse at 6468 Cours de Vincennes 1913; showrooms at 52 rue de Bondy; had a branch in Belgium. Manufacturer of supplies for harmoniums and free reeds. Successor to Esteve (qv), about 1875. ..Nugues, Fluke
PIOLIAN ORGAN   see Chute & Butler. ..
PIONEER ORGAN CO.   High St., Crewe, England. Working until 1906. ..Fluke
PIRON   France. Made the Mélophilon in 1846, an orgue-expressif in the shape of a piano. ..Mustel
PITMAN, WILLIAM   instrument in the Lee Conklin Museum, Hanover, MI. ..Conklin
PITTALUGA E FIGLI   17r via Gioffredo Mameli, Sampierdarena, Italy, 1930. ..OH
PITTSBURG ORGAN & PIANO CO.   Aspinwall, PA in 1901; Shadyside Ave., Pittsburg, PA in 1906. Incorporated March 2, 1901 as the successor to the Hintermeister United Organ Co.; W.F. Parker, president; J.H. Hintermeister, treasurer. Made the "Hintermeister" organ at least through 1912. ..POPG, Michel, stock cert.
PITZSCHLER & CO.   Altenburg, Germany. Harmonium and harmonica retailer. Instruments with this name were made by others. ..deWit 1883, Weischet, Rieche
PIZENHOFFER, ALOIS   Deveeser, AustroHungary, 1909. ..OH
PLAG, LUDWIG   SchiessmauerWeg 6, Knittlingen, Germany, reed maker, 1930; established 1881. ..deWit 1930
PLAYER PIANO CO.   current address 704 East Douglas, Wichita, KS 67202; Durrell Armstrong, proprietor; manufacturer of electric suction and pressure units and replacement parts for reed organs. ..Cat.
PLOTTS ORGANS   Washington, NJ, Ed Plotts, proprietor. See Beatty & Plotts; Alleger, Bowlby & Plotts. ..
PLYMOUTH MELODEON   organ with a rosewood case similar to a square grand piano, with turned or octagonal legs. (Not made in Plymouth, WI. No other information available.) ..Bullock, Albers
POHLMAN & SON   Princess Street and Hall Street, Halifax, Yorkshire, England. Piano and harmonium manufacturer 18781880. ..Fluke
POINCTES   France. Made the Omni-harmoni-orgue in 1882. Alphonse Mustel said it had one name too many. ..Mustel
POIROT FRÈRES   Mirecourt, Vosges, France. Established ca 1845. Maker of mechanical instruments including harmoniums. ..deWit 1883, OH, Fluke
POKORNY, JOSEF   Maria TheresiaPlatz 3, Budapest, Hungary. ..deWit 1903
POLACEK, VACLAV   Rasinova tr., Rychnove nad Kneznou, (Reichenau a.d. Kn??na), Czechoslovakia. Active 1903-1905. ..deWit 1903, 1930
POLYPHON-MUSIKWERKE A.G.   Bahnhofstr. 61, Leipzig-Wahren, Germany. Established about 1890 by Gustav Brachhausen and Paul Riessner. Made the "Polyphon" disc music boxes. Also made a combination piano-harmonium, including an electrically operated model for movie theaters. In operation at least into the 1930s. ..Bowers, Ahrens
POOLE, HENRY WARD   Danvers, MA 18678; made a "Euharmonic Organ" with a special keyboard with 36 keys per octave, capable of playing 26 major and 13 minor scales. Poole received U.S. Patent No. 75753 on Jan. 28, 1868 for the keyboard. The organ itself was built by Joseph Alley of Newburyport, MA. See Joseph Alley, Colin Brown, James Paul White, Enharmonic organ. ..Owen
POPKES, GEBRÜDER   Varel in Oldenburg, Germany. Reed organ known. ..deFrel
POPPER, HUGO, & CO.   factory at Wittenberger Str. 8 in 1908-11, Bitterfelder Str. 14 in 1913, Leipzig-Eutritzsch, Germany; sales rooms at Reichstrasse 3335 in 1900-11, Leipzig, German. Mechanical musical instruments including a player suction reed organ and the "Mystikon", a large player harmonium used in churches. ..Ad., Bowers, OH, Ahrens
PORRO, DIEGO   Via S. Giuseppe, Brescia, Italy, 1903, 1930. Spelling uncertain, possibly Porre. ..deWit 1903, OH
PORTER, GRAHAM, & CO.   165 High Road, Lee, London, SE. American organ and harmonium mfr. 1896, 1900. ..Trade Dir. 1896, Fluke
POSPISIL, JOS.   Pragergasse, Kolin, Hungary, 1903. ..deWit 1903
POTOCNIK, FELICE   via St. Antonio 13, Görz, AustriaHungary, 1903. ..deWit 1903
POTTER   see Page, Potter & Co. ..
POTTER, HERALD J.   (1798-1871), Bristol, CT. Originally a clockmaker, began making melodeons in 1849. Built a factory on Riverside Ave. Melodeon production ended in 1863 when the factory building was purchased by the Bristol Saw Co., later the Penfield Saw Works. ..Peck, Hutchinson, Bates
POTVENIK, PIETRO   Görz, AustriaHungary. Awarded a Silver Medal at Triest in 1882. ..deWit 1883
POUDRA   Reed maker, established 1840. ..Fluke
POULTON, WILLIAM   Great Bridge, No. West Bromwich, England. ..McIntyre
POWELL   see Wood, Powell & Co. ..
POWELL, FRANCIS   in 1880 at 4748 George St., Euston Sq., NW London. After 1906 at 48 George St. American organ and harmonium manufacturer. ..deWit 1883, 1903; Fluke
POWELL, H.   in 1878 at 46 Dollar St., Cirencester, Gloucester, England; in 1880 Powell & Sons; in 1882 at Dollar Street and Coxwell Street; in 1885 Powell W. Crown House, Stratton and Dollar Street; in 1887 at 120 Market Place, Cirencester; in 1894 until 1906 at 46 Dollar Street. ..
POWERS & STORY   Burlington, VT. Piano manufacturer, possibly also made organs. See Story & Clark. ..Lewis
PRANTE, JOSEPH   Chillicothe, OH. Active in 1889, last listed in 1903. ..Fox
PRATT   see Neal & Pratt. ..
PRATT & COLBURN   see Sommers & Colburn. ..
PRATT & PAGE   Ansonia, CT. Melodeon maker. See Page & Van Benschoten. ..Rodenburg
PRATT, J.J.   Derby (Ansonia), CT 1861. Melodeon manufacturer. ..Hutchinson, Michel
PRATT, READ & CO.   Deep River, CT; manufacturer of organ keys and components. Predecessor company: George Read & Co.'s Ivory Comb Factory, established 1806, which became Ezra Williams & Co. in 1816, renamed George Read & Co. in 1829. In 1863 it combined with Pratt Brothers & Co. of Deep River and Julius Pratt & Co. of Meriden, CT to form Pratt, Read & Co. In 1938 it merged with Comstock, Cheney & Co., a piano action manufacturer of Ivoryton, CT and moved part of its operation to that town. George L. Cheney was President in 1925. It is still in existence as a major supplier hand tools. ..
PRATTE PIANO CO.   2461 St. Catherine in 1903, Montreal, Quebec 18891926. Founded by LouisEtienneNapoleon Pratte as a retail store in 1875. His younger brothers Antonio and Evariste were apprenticed to Dominion Organ & Piano Co. from 1882 to 1889 and also studied in New York. They began making pianos in 1889, and in 1895 formed the Pratte Piano Co. and acquired G.W. Cornwall & Co., a reed organ manufacturer. In 1912 they introduced a harmonium with a transposing keyboard. ..deWit 1903, Kallmann
PREGNIARD, M.   Paris. Harmonium maker. ..Fluke
PREMIUM   Chicago. No other information available. ..Tyler
PRESCOTT, ABRAHAM   bass viol maker in Deerfield, NH from 1809 and Concord, NH from 1831; began making lap organs patterned after Bazin's elbow melodeon in 1836, followed by melodeons; changed the firm name to Abraham Prescott & Son when his son Abraham J. came into the business in 1845. About 1849 the name A. Prescott & Sons was used. Abraham retired in 1850, and sons Josiah B. and Joseph W. joined the firm which was renamed Prescott and Brothers, and in 1853 Prescott Brothers, located at No. 3, Merchants' Exchange (upstairs) and later at the South end of Main St. near the railroad. Joseph W. Prescott withdrew from the company in 1853 and went into business for himself as a melodeon maker. Josiah died in 1857 and the youngest brother George D.B. Prescott joined in 1859. The name was changed to Prescott Organ Co. in 1871 and incorporated in 1881. They began manufacturing pianos in 1886 and in 1887 changed the name to Prescott Piano & Organ Co. When organ production ceased in 1891 the name was changed to Prescott Piano Co. In 1890 the office and factory was located at 71 South Main St. and the sales rooms were at 92 North Main St., Concord. The factory burned in 1896, and the company went out of business in 1912, ending the corporate life of one of the pioneers of the American reed organ industry. Serial numbers: 1845 - 515 & 541, 1848 - 1270. ..Warshaw, POPG, Portland, RFG, Frey, Leverett, Jewell
PRESTEL, A.   Elsass. Possibily a dealer. ..deFrel
PRESTO organ   instrument in possession of Charles Rayburn, serial number 90479. Probably made by others with the Presto stencil. ..Rayburn
PRESTON, BENJAMIN   York, England. Harmonium maker ca. 1843. ..Kershaw
PRESTON, J.   Chicago, IL 1880. ..MTJ 5 Apr 1880
PREVOST   Paris. Reed maker, 1867. ..Fluke
PRICE   see Totterdell & Price. ..
PRICE, E., & SONS   165 High Road, Lee, London SE, depots at Yeovil and Bournmouth. Harmonium dealer. An instrument with this name has been seen, indicating that Price was a harmonium maker or at least sold instruments made by others with its stencil. ..Fluke
PRIDHAM, W., & SON   Glaskins Mews, Clapton, London E. Harmonium and American organ manufacturer. ..Fluke
PRINCE & BACON   Buffalo, NY, established 1879; Samuel N. Prince, brother of George A. Prince, and Charles E. Bacon (qv), successors to Prince & Co. ..
PRINCE & CO.   music store at 200 Main St. in 1846, built a three story factory building at 135 Pearl St in 1850, built a new factory at Niagara, Maryland Seventh Sts. in 1855, all in Buffalo, NY. Also shown as Geo A. Prince & Co.; closed about 1879. George A. Prince learned reed organ building at Abraham Prescott's factory. In 1849 Prince had 150 workmen and produced 75 to 80 instruments per week according to contemporary reports. Allowance must be made for nineteenth century puffery, as this volume does not correspond to actual production as revealed by the serial numbers shown below. Serial numbers:

1846 - 3870 1854 - 15200 1866 - 26400
1847 - 4700 1856 - 16432 1868 - 28000
1848 - 5400 1856 - 18070 1869 - 29100
1849 - 6200 1857 - 19604 1870 - 31000
1850 - 8000 1858 - 22068 1871 - 32595
1852 - 8885 1862 - 23900
1852 - 11200 1864 - 25000

Advertisements show the following cumulative production quantities:

1866 - 40000 1874 - 53000
1868 - 40000 1875 - 55000
1869 - 45000 1876 - 56000

PRINCESS ORGAN   Sole Agents, L.H.H., Inc., N.Y. Patent No. 150294. This is a children=s organ, somewhat similar to a Mason & Hamlin Baby organ, made in Japan by Baika Gakkuen. ..eBay.
PRINCESS organs   see Chas. P. Bowlby. ..
PRINSES JULIANA ORGEL   Netherlands. Gedeponeerd handelsmerk (registered trademark). Reed organ known. ..deFrel
PRINZ, E.   Hohenstaufenstrasse 49, Schöneberg, Berlin, Germany. Organs possibly made by others with the Prinz stencil. ..Fluke, Ahrens
PRIOR   see Barnard & Prior, MacNutt & Prior. ..
PRITCHARD   Made a combination piano and harmonium, 1885. ..Mustel
PROCOPE (PROCOPÉ), MARIA   Stockholm, fl. 1872. ..Klaverens
PROCTOR, WILLIAM CHARLES, & SON   Wilson Place, Town Street, Bramley, Leeds, England, 1930. ..OH
PROPER & VAN DER WAL   See Campania ..deFrel
PROSPER & COLES   Paris. Harmonium with transposing keyboard. ..Lalor
PROSS, GSCHWIND & CO.   Stuttgart, Germany, established 1858 by C.H. Pross and Johann Georg Gschwind. Succeeded by J.G. Gschwind Harmonium & Pianofortefabrik before 1883. ..Cat., Ahrens
PROSSER, HENRY J.   20 Market Place, Frome, Somerset, England. Organ and harmonium manufacturer from at least 1883 to 1906. ..deWit 1883, Fluke
PROUDMAN, J.D.   Measham, Derbyshire, England. Seraphine maker. ..Beveridge
PRUDEN & CORDLEY   northeast corner of Maiden St., Adrian, MI, 1859. Moses C. Pruden and Prof. J. Cordley, melodeon makers, also made organ actions for J.R. Smith, (qv). See Prof. J. Cordley. ..
PRZYIEMSKY   BarleDuc, France. Piano and harmonium maker 1883. ..deWit 1883
PUCKLITZSCH, WILLI   AugustPrebelStr. 48, Zeitz, Germany 1930; formerly G. Hohne; harmonium case maker. ..deWit 1930
PUETZ, PETER J.   Milwaukee, WI 186069; melodeons. ..Michel
PULKKILA, VELJEKSET   (Pulkkila Brothers), Kangasala, Finland. ..OMT
PUNTER, JOHN WILLIAM, & CO.   showroom at 2 Old Market St., factory at High Street, Staple Hill, Bristol, England 1898, 1903, 1914. Also Punter & Sons. Made the Bristol organ. ..Cat., deWit 1903, Fluke, ROSB 11/83
PURNELLE, HONOREJOSEPH   (18721931), Noduwez, Belgium. Established in late 1900's, operated until 1931. Harmonium and piano maker. Awarded a Silver Medal at the Brussels Exhibition of 1910. ..Fluke
PUTNAM, W.W., & CO.   sales store at 103 West Main St., factory near C. & O. Railroad tracks in Staunton, VA; started in 1894 by William Wallace Putnam in a back room with two employees. Putnam, a native of Brattleboro, VT, had previously worked for Estey, then spent nine years with Bell Organ & Piano Co. in Guelph, Ontario. Later Herbert E. Fox, also of Brattleboro, became a partner. Fox had also worked for Estey and had been a partner in Bell Organ & Piano Co. - Made conventional parlor organs such as the Ideal, Putnam and Staunton, as well as the Little Giant folding organ. Some Ideal organs have been found with Winston-Salem on the stop board. Later became W. W. Putnam Co., Inc., and between 1920 and 1925 was absorbed by the Basic Furniture Co. of Waynesboro, VA. Serial numbers (* out of sequence):

1895 - 1117 1906 - 28176 1909 - 45251
1895 - 1320 1906 - 34787 1910 - 49152
1902 - 13863 1907 - 30876* 1910 - 54815
1903 - 18956 1907 - 37923 1916 - 67022
1905 - 26206 1907 - 40065

RAAR, G.   Delft, Netherlands. Reed organ dealer. ..deFrel
RACELINA, J.   rue Gallieni, Tananarive, Madagascar. Harmonium maker, 1930. ..OH
RADAREED   an electromechanical reed organ demonstrated in Chicago in the late 1940s. ..Taylor, Barnes
RADICE ET FIGLI, A.    3 via Manzoni, Seveso S. Pietro, also Milano, Italy, 1930. Also known as AREF Harmonium. ..deFrel
RADIUS, M.J.   Keizersgracht 305, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Reed organ dealer. ..deFrel
RAFFIN, JOSEPH   (Orgelbau Raffin), Uberlingen, Germany. Currently a builder of small handcranked street organs, mostly with pipes but some reed instruments. Discontinued reed street organs in 1996. ..MBSI Tech Bull. v31-3, MBSGB v13-5, O$X$Rourke
RAINER   see Reyner. ..
RAITH, GUSTAV   Gleditschstr. 1-1a in 1925, Charlottenburg 5, Fritschestr. 68 in 1940, Berlin, Germany. Piano and harmonium dealer in 1925, harmonium maker in 1940. ..OH, Ahrens
RALIN (RÅLIN), A.G.   Birger Jarlsgatan 22, Stockholm; factory in Ånimskog, Åmål, Sweden, 1903, 1930. ..deWit 1903, Kolnes, OH, Klaverens
RAM SINGH, D.S., & BROS.   344-48 Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Rd., Bombay, India. currently manufacturing Indian table harmoniums. ..Fluke
RAMSDEN, ARCHIBALD   12-13 Park Row, Leeds, England, also 103 New Bond St., London. A large musical instrument retailer, probably had organs made by Schiedmayer in Germany with the Ramsden stencil. ..Fluke, Styles
RAMSPERGER, F.   An exhibitor of harmoniums at the Crystal Palace Exhibition of 1884 in London. ..
RAMSPERGER, JOSEPH   Augustenstr. 92 in 1875, Obere Heusteige 10 in 1879, Stuttgart, Germany. Piano and harmonium maker, 1883. ..deWit 1883, Riesche
RAMSTROM (RAMSTRÖM), F.   Surahammar, Sweden, fl. 1854. ..Klaverens
RAND, JACOB B.   Concord, NH 1856 through at least 1860. In 1857 employed 20 to 30 workers in his shop in Penacook, NH. Shown in Fisherville, NH in 1861. Manufacturer of the Granite State Piano Forte, melodeons, piano stools and pianoforte hardware. ..Hutchinson, Turcotte
RAND, JOHN, & CO.   24a Cardington Street, Hampstead Road, London, 1848, 1855. Piano maker, also made the Aeolian Attachment, a reed organ device to be attached to a piano. ..OH
RANDALL   see Fisk & Randall. ..
RANDALL, R.H.   Chicago, IL. A music publisher, also sold organs ca 1893-4 with the Randall stencil, probably made by Kimball. ..Leverett
RAPPE & CO.   Kingston, Ontario from about 1871 to about 1887. ..Kallmann
RASKA, IGNATZ   Stramberggasse 595, Freiburg, Germany, 1940. ..OH
RATTI, EMILIO   Milan, Italy, 1883. ..deWit 1883
RATZKE, FERDINAND   Lissa, Germany. Organ and, harmonium maker and piano dealer, 1883-90. Cäcilien Orgel. ..deFrel,deWit 1883, Ahrens
RATZKE, PAUL JR.   Lissa, Germany. Harmonium maker and piano dealer, 1883. ..deWit 1883
RATZMANN, FRIEDRICH HEINRICH   Ohrdruf, Germany. Äolodikon maker, active ca. 1829. ..Ahrens
RAUDENBUSH, S.W., & CO.   St. Paul, MN. Sold the Wesley organ, probably made by others. Serial number 1901 - 35977.
RAUGLAND, CARL   Minneapolis, MN, President and founder of Northwestern Music House in 1897, a music dealer. Sold organs under his own name as well as Packard, Oliver, and Linderman (qv). ..Catalog
RAUNER, HUGO   Electric reed organs. ..deFrel
RAYGAERT FRÈRES   27 rue Adam, Grammont, Belgium, 1930. ..OH
RAYMOND, F.L.   131 Windsor Ave., Cleveland, OH, 18891913; manufacturer of the United States Organ. In 1913 it was absorbed by the Janssen Piano Co., discontinued operation in Cleveland and apparently dropped organ production. See Whitney & Raymond. ..POPG, Warshaw
RAYNARD, S.A.   35 calle Talleres, Barcelona, Spain, 1930. ..OH
RAYNER   see Reyner, J. ..
RCA VICTOR   reed organ made in the 1960s, probably in Japan; 2 ranks, electrically winded. In possession of Dr. E.A. Peterson. ..Peterson
READING ORGAN MANUFACTORY.   Reading, PA, 1882-85. Factory located at the corner of Washington and Ash Streets, show room at 517 Penn St. (Ash Street has been renamed Madison St.) Dr. Franklin J. Kantner, proprietor. He was a son of Joel Kantner, a pipe organ builder. ..DMT 1885, Fox, Reading Dir.
RECHNAGEL, LEO   Fredensborg, Denmark, 1930. ..OH
RECKNAGEL, THEO   Haslev, Denmark. Reed organ known. ..deFrel
REDDING & HARRINGTON   Worcester, MA; reed maker; A.H. Hammond bought onethird interest and eventually bought control. The firm then became A.H. Hammond & Co. ..Washburn
REED & SON   47 Dearborn St., Chicago, IL. Alanson Reed, Reed's Temple of Music, 1869. (Is this Alonzo Reed? Alexander Organ Co.? ref. H.L. Story) ..Michel, Bradley, Pierce
REED, J.W. & SONS   Handel Works, 32 Hanover St., Islington, London, estab. 1868. Later made pianos. Listed at 2a Elfort Street, Drayton Park, London in 1914. ..deWit 1903, Fluke, OH
REED, JOSEPH H.   (1846-1923), North East, PA; see New Era Organ Co. ..
REEVES & CO.   131 New Cross Road, 15 Waterloo Bridge Road, London. Piano and harmonium manufacturer, 1883. ..deWit 1883
REGAL organ   see Lorenz Supply Co. ..
REGENT organ   see William Bogg & Sons. ..
REICH   Furth, Germany. Invented the Eolodicon, a six-octave type of physharmonica, about 1821. ..Mustel
REICHELT   Klingental, Germany ..deFrel
REIJNS, S.G.   Slachthuiskade 2 A B C, Rotterdam, Netherlands. Founded by Simon Godefridus Reijns (1881-1977); produced reed organs from about 1923 until 1933. Brandname: American Reeds. The same reed organ actions as J. van der Tak. ..deFrel
REINLEIN, GEORG ANTON   Vienna, Austria. Physharmonica maker (1816-1830). Also musical clocks. ..deFrel
REISER, J.H.   Cologne, Germany. Harmonium ca. 1860. ..Ahrens
REISNER, PROFESSEUR A.   5 Passage Colbert, Paris. Established 1832. Orgue-expressif maker. ..Fluke
REMEK (?EMEK), JOHANN   Poric 1039, Prague, Czechoslovakia, 1903. In 1930 shown as Jan ?emek at 13 Sme?ky, Prague. ..deWit 1903, OH
REMLER, WILHELM, & SOHN   Friedrichstr. 235, Besselstr. 17 in 1886-90, Berlin. Äolodikon maker, about 1853. Pipe organ and harmonium maker, 1883. ..deWit 1883, Ahrens
RENBJOR (RENBJØR)   see Isachsen & Renbjør. ..
RENDALL, W.C.   Adelaide, Australia. Pipe Organ and reed organ maker, 1883. Awarded a First Prize for a harmonium at the Adelaide Fair of 1881. ..deWit 1883
RENES, CORNELIUS   Essen, Germany. Piano neubau, reed organ known. ..deFrel
RENNER, JOSEPH   Regensburg, Germany. Organ dealer who sold organs made by others with his own stencil, 1883, 1885. Wilhelm Renner was listed at Gartenstr. 22, Ludwigsburg in 1940, and Louis Renner is still in business at Fritz Reuter Strasse 18, Stuttgart D7000. ..deWit 1883, OH, Fluke
RENSON, A.J.   16 rue des Guillemins, Liege, Belgium. Piano and harmonium maker, 1883. ..deWit 1883
RESTAGNO, VICENZO   90c Vittorio Emanuele, Turin, Italy, 1930. ..OH
REVERCHON & MERLAVAUD   Saint-Etienne, France. Made the Odestrophedon in 1842. ..Mustel
REYNER, J.   (also Rainer, Raynor) Kingston, Ontario from about 1871 to about 1885; melodeons. Also shown as Raynor, Sweatman & Hazelton in 1875. ..Michel, Kallmann, Duga, Angus
REYNER, JOSEPH   21 Woodhouse Lane, Leeds, England. American organ maker 18791881. ..deWit 1883, Fluke
REYNOLD, J., & CO.   11 Lindsay Street, Calcutta, India, 1930. ..OH
REYNOLDS & DUFFETT   106 King St., Toronto, Ontario. Pianoforte and melodeon manufacturers, 1851. ..Toronto Directory 1851
REYNOLDS & THOMPSON   Centre St., North Bridgewater, MA. ..Duga, Haughton
REYNOLDS ORGAN CO.   Chicago, IL. ..Duga
REYNOLDS, PHILIP   North Bridgewater, MA, successor to Edmund Packard, 1862. See Reynolds & Thompson. ..OH, Haughton
REYNS, S.G.   Slachthuiskade 2, Rotterdam, Netherlands. Founded by S.G. Reyns (1881-1977); produced organs until 1933. ..Tintel
RICH   see Clark & Rich. ..
RICHARD, J., & CIE.   10 St.Gilles, Paris; also Couty & Richard, 18671878, then J. Richard & Cie. from 1878 until at least 1903, when the location is shown as Entrépagny, France. Jean Richard, proprietor. Awarded a Bronze Medal at the Paris Exposition of 1878. Succeeded by R. Gaboriaud. Serial numbers: 1927 - 14170. ..deWit 1883, 1903; Fluke, OH, Huivenaar
RICHARDSON, GEO.   44 Stonegate Street, York, England, 1858. Harmonium maker. ..Fluke
RICHARDSON, JOHN P.   see Treat & Richardson. ..
RICHARTZ, HEINRICH   Hauptstr. 159 in 1912, Kölner Str. 159 in 1930, Kommern bei Euskirchen Germany. Established 1885. Organ and harmonium maker and dealer. Harmonium production ended in 1936. ..OH, Ahrens
RIESENBURGER, P.   80 boulevard du Nord, Brussels, Belgium in 1889; 24 rue du Congres, 18971914. Harmonium and piano maker. ..Fluke
RIETHEIMER, C.   Heusteigstr. 19 in 1866, Heusteigstr. 21a in 1870, Stuttgart, Germany. Harmonium maker, 1883. Medallions: Amsterdam 1869, Graty 1870, Eger 1871, Linz 1871, Ulm 1871, Vienna 1873. Also see TeckHarmoniumfabrik. ..Ahrens
RIGOLETTO   a table harmonium with an electric blower, probably made in Germany. ..Olthof
RIKKI RAM   India. ..ROSQ Winter 99
RILEY, HENRY   instrument manufacturer, importer and dealer, established 1851. 23-25 Constitution Hill, Birmingham, England in 1906. Listed as Henry Riley & Sons Ltd., piano and organ dealers, at the same address in 1921. See Joseph Riley. ..
RILEY, JOSEPH   20B-C Constitution Hill, Birmingham, England in 1880, instrument maker; manufacturer and dealer at Constitution Hill & Hampton St. in 1884; at 25 Constitution Hill in 1890; manufacturer, importer and dealer at 23 and 25 Constitution Hill and 30 Corporation St. in 1896 and 1900. Established in 1851. See Henry Riley, W. Joseph Riley. ..Bettinger, Fluke
RILEY, W. JOSEPH   instrument manufacturer, importer and dealer, 56-58 Corporation St. and Martineau St., Birmingham, England in 1906. ..
RIMMER, JAMES C.   Quincy, MA, later Boston. An Englishman resident in the United States, Rimmer applied for a patent on a three speed organ blowing machine in 1913 which allowed for a certain amount of expression. It was granted in 1916. In 1918 Estey sold a simplified version of this machine with two speeds and no expression to be used with their large two manual and pedal reed organs. Estey apparently bought the rights to this machine and later sold it as the Estey Blowing Machine. Sales were discontinued in 1920. ..Patent, cat.
RINKOWSKI, ALFRED   Weissenfelser Str. 18 in 1920, Weberstrasse 19 in 1930, Zeitz-Aue, Germany. Established in 1920, harmonium production ended in 1932. Harmoniums for church, school, concert and home in all sizes. ..Cat., Ahrens, GLRO v4n4
RIPPEN, D.A.    Piet Heinstraat 2 & 44a and Eilandstraat 17 & 21, Den Haag, Netherlands. Workroom at Bilderdijkstraat 151, Den Haag. Made at least two 2 manual and pedal reed organs in 1917. Made also Organor, a reed organ with four legs, built in blower, tumble stops and optional pedal. ..deFrel, VanderGrijn
RISBERG, F.   Stockholm, 1883. ..deWit 1883
RISBERG, JOHANNES   Linköping 1871, Stockholm 1880, Stampgatan 6, Gothenburg, Sweden 1896, 1909. ..deWit 1903, OH, Klaverens
RISCH   see Mason & Risch. ..
RISSMANN, C.C.   Calenbergerstr. 39 in 1886, Stader Chaussee 32 in 1930, Hannover, Germany. Piano and harmonium maker. Established 1846. ..deWit 1883, OH, Ahrens
RITTLER   Germany. Reed organ known. ..deFrel
RITZ KAIM   See Ritz and/or Kaim ..deFrel
RITZ, LOUIS, & CO.   Neuerwall 29 in 1886-90, Catherinenhof, Holzbrucke 711, Hamburg, Germany, 1930. Factory at Kircheim u. Teck. Established 1875. ..Friberg, OH, Ahrens
RIVOREDA, G.   Via Ormea 34, Turin, Italy, 1903. By 1930 shown at 6 bis via Vittozzi, Turin. ..deWit 1903, OH
ROBERTS, ALFRED G.   Laxon St., Long Lane, Bermondsey, London 1878, 1883. Made pedal harmoniums with 1, 2 or 3 manuals and portable harmoniums. Established 1848. ..deWit 1883, Fluke, OH
ROBERTS, W. T., & SON   Luton, England. Reed organ maker.
ROBERTSON & CO.   69 Essex Road, London N. Advertised as an American organ maker in 1900. ..Fluke
ROBERTSON, R.F.   see T. d'Almaine. ..
ROBERTSON, WILLIAM J.   107 Tottenham Rd., London 1877. Established 1847. William Robertson died in 1883. No advertisements after 1885. ..Fluke
ROBINSON   see Darley & Robinson, Lang & Robinson, and H.A. Ivory & Co. ..
ROBINSON & SONS   Meredith, NH. Flat top and parlor organs, possibly made by G.W. Ingalls. J.S. Robinson active in Meredith 1899-1901. Serial Number: 1881 - 131. ..Meredith, Fox
RODEHEAVER CO., THE   218 South Wabash Ave., Chicago, IL, 1930. Folding reed organs. ..OH
RODOLPHE, ALPHONSE, & FILS   15 rue Chaligny, Faubourg St.-Antoine, Paris 1883; also at 64 rue Amelot, Paris; factory in NogentsurSeine, France. Alphonse Rodolphe worked for Fourneaux before establishing his own business in 1848; Awarded a gold medal at the Paris Exposition of 1878. Advertised harmoniums in the "Franco-American System" in 1889. Some harmoniums carry the name Rodolphe Fils & Debain. Became Rodolphe Fils in 1903, absorbed Debain before 1903, succeeded by A. Chaperon (qv). ..Pierre; Friberg; deWit 1883, 1903; Fluke; Olthof
RODRIGUEZ, RICARDO   3 Ventura de la Vega, Madrid, Spain, 1903; established 1890. ..deWit 1903
ROETHINGER, E.A.   Schiltigheim, Alsace, 1913; 44 rue JacquesKable, Strasbourg, France, 1930. Established in 1893. ..OH, Hartmann, Ahrens
ROGGENBAUCH, Ernst   Stuttgart, Germany. Harmonium maker. ..deFrel
ROLFE, WILLIAM   112 Cheapside, London. Seraphine maker, established 1797. In 1899 shown as William Rolfe & Sons. ..MOMTR, Fluke, Mann
ROOIJ, BENJAMIN DE   Amsterdam, Netherlands. Use German reed organs and fit them with his stencil. ..deFrel
ROSCHE, GEO. F., & CO.   Elmhurst, IL, a music publisher, active at least in the period 1915-28. Organs with this name were undoubtedly made by others with the Rosche stencil. Some of these organs were made by Newman Bros. ..Michel, Duga, Elmhurst Dir.
ROSE, IRA   Akron, OH 185559; successor to H.B. Horton. ..
ROSENGREN, L.   Vallkärra, Sweden, fl. 1891. ..Klaverens
ROSS & WEST   East Poultney, VT. Established in 1849 by Paul M. Ross (18001870) and Elijah West. Chester Brown joined in 1851 and the firm name became Ross, West & Brown. Brown left in 1852 and Joseph Morse (17921876) and his son Joseph Harris Morse (18191856) joined the firm, which became Ross, West & Morse, then Ross, Morse & Co., and soon after Ross & Morse. The original factory building had formerly been a blacksmith shop, and is still in existence, occupied by the Poultney Historical Society. The factory also occupied a part of J.H. Morse's mill on the river. J.H. Morse was killed in an accident at the mill in 1856 and the company declined after that, eventually closing in 1864. L.F. Kellogg then joined Paul Ross to form Ross & Kellogg, which operated until 1875. ..Runge, Sellers
ROSSBERG, E.   Mathidlenstr. 35 in 1877, Munzgasse 11, Neugasse 11 in 1880, Neugasse 48 in 1888-1902, Ziegelstr. 2 in 1909, Neue Gasse 30 in 1930, Dresden, Germany. Instrument maker and tuner in 1877, listed as a harmonium and harmonium reed maker 1886-1912. Also listed as Carl August Rossberg. ..deWit 1883, Friberg, GHS, OH, Hartmann
ROTH & JUNIUS   Hagen i. W., Germany, harmonium maker. ..Xandri, eBay
ROTH, AUGUST   Hagen i. W., Germany ..deFrel
ROTH, HOLLERAN & MILES   Waterloo, NY 1871; established in 1866 as successors to Stilwell & Genung. Also operated as Waterloo Organ Co. ..Becker, Waterloo cat.
ROTHE & SCHONBRODT (SCHÖNBRODT)   Wolfgang Str. 14, Eisenach i. Thur., Germany. American organs a specialty. Established in 1895 by Ernst Rothe and August-Franz Schönbrodt. Closed 1920. ..Friberg, OH, Hartmann, Ahrens
ROUSSEAU, ALEXANDRE   50 rue Notre-Dame des Champs in 1864; 19 rue Schomer in 1883; 113115 rue de Vaugirard in 1919 and 1921, all in Paris. Established in 1855. Won a gold medal at the 1900 Exhibition in Paris. Succeeded by Gilbert, (qv). Serial number: 1885 - 4569. ..deWit 1883, Le Menestrel, Fluke, Huivenaar
ROUSSEAUX, W.C.   Jette, Brussels, Belgium. Piano and harmonium maker and retailer, 1914. ..Fluke
ROUSSELOT   France 1876. ..
ROWE, JOHN T.   Aylmer, Ontario. Active 19021906. (Same as John Low & Co.?) ..POPG, Fox
ROYER   Chateau-Thierry, France. Reed maker.
RUCHE, J., & FILS: 19 rue ClaudiusPernet, LyonMontchat, France, 1930.
RUCK, JOSEPH   Boston, MA in the 1870s. Previously listed as an instrument maker in North Bridgewater, MA in 1861 and later as a music dealer in Roxbury, MA. ..Fox, Hutchinson
RUCK, Y.   melodeon maker. ..Kimbrell
RUCKH, BALTHASAR   Schuhhausgasse 5, Ulm a. Donau, Germany, 1930; established 1904. Listed as a harmonium reed maker in 1954 located at Hampfergasse 24. Harmoniums with this name were possibly made by others. ..deWit 1930, Olthof, Ahrens
RUDD, A., & CO.   74 Dean St., London W., established 1837. Piano and harmonium manufacturer 18781896. An advertisement appeared in 1906 for Rudd & Debain. ..Trade Dir. 1896, Fluke
RUDERT, G.   GrossZschocher, Schleussiger Weg, Leipzig, Germany; Gustav Rudert, proprietor, established 1898. also listed as Rudert & Kunze. Closed about 1914. ..deWit 1903, Ahrens
RUDOLPH, WILHELM   Giessen, Germany. ..eBay
RUDOLPHE, H.   Boulevard de Montparnasse, Paris. ..
RUDOLPHE, MAX, & SOHN   15 Warwick Court, London, 1903, 1906. ..deWit 1903, Fluke
RUIJF, JOH. TH.   Langewijk C 156, Dedemsvaart, Netherlands. From about 1939 conversion of existing reed organs to electrical blown church reed organs, with or without foot pedals. ..deFrel, Olthof
RUSHWORTH & DREAPER   Great George St., 1117 Islington (in 1938), Liverpool, England; manufactured the Apollo reed organ (qv) from about 1911 to 1940. Altogether they made about 336 reed instruments. Still in operation as Rushworth's Music House, Ltd., Whitechapel, Liverpool 1, England. Its pipe organ works is in St. Anne St., Liverpool 3. Serial numbers:

Year Case No. Serial No. No. Produced
1910 first year 1000 26
1911 3189 1026 35
1912 - - 0
1913 - - 0
1914 3340 1061 7
1915 3384 1068 21
1916 3474 1089 12
1917 3521 1101 5
1918 3547 1106 12
1919 3595 1118 18
1920 3641 1136 2
1921 3651 1138 19
1922 3695 1118 18
1923 3746 1175 2
1924 3770 1177 26
1925 3857 1203 13
1926 3908 1216 4
1927 3930 1220 24
1928 4015 1244 10
1929 4054 1254 21
1930 4097 1265 13
1931 4159 1278 12
1932 4190 1290 12
1933 4223 1302 8
1934 4259 1310 9
1935 4307 1319 1
1936 4316 1320 17
4364 1332
4353 1334
1937 4389 1337 8
1938 4396 1345 5
4410 1354
1939 4427 1360 7

RUST   see Manning Organ Co. ..
RUTLEY, GEORGE   15 Panton St., Haymarket, W. London 1878, printer of name tablets for harmoniums. ..Adv.
RUTT & COWING   London, ca. 1900. Founded by Robert Spurden Rutt and Bertram Cowing. Went out of business before 1909, when Rutt is listed as a pipe organ builder. ..OH
RUX, PAUL   Harksheide, Germany. Harmoniumbau ..deFrel
RYMAN, K.W.   Gemla, Sweden, reed organ components, ca 1925. ..Klaverens
RYRFELDT, C.J.   Mellerud, Sweden, 1892 until at least 1930. See Melleruds Orgelfabrik. ..OH, Edqvist, Klaveren
SAARIMAA, JUHO   Lapua, Finland. Lapua was the largest harmonium making center in Finland in the late 1800's, with six factories. Juho Saarimaa and Elias Sillanpää (qv) made the first harmonium in Lapua. ..Piuhola
SACHSISCHE (SÄCHSISCHE) DRAHT UND METALLWARENFABRIK LEISTNER & CO.   Wurzer Str. 2628, Leipzig, Germany; Alex. Claassen & Bruno Moding, proprietors, established 1890, in business at least through 1930; metal components for harmoniums. ..deWit 1930
SAGE   no other information available. ..ROSQ Winter 99
SAHA, C.C.   Moti Sil St. & 170 Dharamtala St., Calcutta, India. Harmonium maker. ..eBay
SAITA, MITSUNORI   Japan. Made the first reed organ built in Japan from components of a Mason & Hamlin organ in 1881. This instrument is now in the museum of the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. ..Akai
SAKAI GAKKITEN   6 Monzencho, Nakaku, Nagoya, Japan, 1930. ..Akai
SAKES, J.   Amsterdam, Netherlands. Reed organ dealer. ..deFrel
SAKS, I.   2 I. Toe tan, Parnu, Estonia, 1930. ..OH
SALAT, K.   Rijeka (Fiume), Croatia. Harmonium maker. ..Malagoli
SALAUN (SALAÜN), SCHWAAB ET CIE.   Paris. Awarded medal of honor at the Paris Exposition of 1867 for a 5 2 rank harmonium. ..Pierre, Fluke
SALEM BROS.   flat top organ. ..ROS #1531
SALVATIONIST PUBLISHING AND DISTRIBUTION LTD.   Judd St., King's Cross, London. Sold the Triumph DeLuxe folding organ, probably made by others with their stencil. ..Stephenson
SAMES, JACOB   Birmingham, England, established 1855. Advertised as an accordion maker at 8 Suffolk St. in 1858; then as an accordion and harmonium maker at 6 Suffolk St. in 1861. In 1871 he is shown as a harmonium maker at 5 & 6 Suffolk St. and in 1878 as an American organ and piano maker at 5 & 6 Suffolk St. and at 6 Windmill St. By 1883 the firm name had changed to J. Sames & Sons and they were manufacturing American organs and harmoniums "by improved steam machinery" at 14 & 16 Holloway Head, Birmingham, and had a London showroom at 16 Long Lane, Aldergate St. In 1888 and '89 shown as Wm. Sames at 331 Euston Road, London, steam factories in Birmingham making 3000 instruments per year. In 1890 the the address is 141618 Holloway Head; in 1900 it is Wm. Sames Ltd., piano and organ manufacturer, 1 Holloway Head and 21 Ombersley Rd., Birmingham. In 1903 a sales room was established at 155157 Corporation St., Birmingham, which remained in use through 1940. From 1910 through 1930 the Ombersley Rd. address was also shown for Wm. Sames Ltd., piano manufacturer. ..Fluke; deWit 1883, 1903
SAMICK MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS MANUFACTURING CO., LTD.   31648 Hyosungdong, Bukku, Inchon, Korea. Established 1958. Currently a maker of pianos, guitars, violins and reed organs. Hyo Ick Lee, President 1983. ..KTB 10/1985, ROSB 11/1985
SANCHEZ, ALFREDO   Albox, Almería, Spain, 1903. ..deWit 1903
SANDAHL & JANSSON   Stockholm, Sweden. ..Edqvist, Klaverens
SANDER, GUSTAV   Kreuzstr. 15a in 1884, Reichenstr. 22 in 1885-1908, Hildesheimer Str. 15b in 1909-16, Hildesheimer Str. 67 in 1917-39, Saarstr. 75 in 1940-62, Braunschweig, Germany; established in 1860. Later listed as Gebruder Sander, Hugo and Hans Sander, proprietors. Organ and harmonium makers. ..deWit 1903, Ahrens
SANDOR, BORI   Szentes, Hungary, harmonium maker. ..Malagoli
SANSEIDO   7,8 Jinbocho, Kanda, Tokyo. Factory at 22 Nishi-Edogawacho, Koishikawa, Tokyo; Mr. Kaiho, engineer. Received a Gold Prize at the Japan and Great Britain Exhibition in Tokyo, 1910. Still in business as a book publisher. ..Akai
SANWA   no other information available. ..ROSQ Winter 99
SARDARFLUTE   Chaitsingh, Gurbaksingh & Bros., 292 Sardar Vallabhbhai, Bombay, India. Table top organ. ..Leverett
SATO, T., & CO.   360 Shimoyamate 7chome, Kobe, Japan, 1930. ..
SAUNDERS   at E. Lachenal's Concertina Manufactory, 4 Little James St., Bedford Row, London WC. Harmonium maker ca 1875. ..Fluke
SAUTTER, CHRISTIAN   Osterwiese 14 in 1910, Markgröninger Str. 11 in 1931 and 1951, Marbacher Str. 62 in 1949, Ludwigsburg-Eglosheim in Württemburg, Germany. Located in Spaichingen, Germany in 1883. Founded 1819. The following serial numbers may include both pianos and reed organs. Note the renumbering after World War I.

1825 - 401 1954 - 14800 1968 - 41450
1840 - 900 1958 - 19200 1969 - 43800
1870 - 2500 1960 - 23200 1970 - 46200
1880 - 3300 1961 - 23900 1971 - 48700
1900 - 5000 1962 - 26200 1972 - 51400
1910 - 6002 1963 - 28300 1973 - 54300
1914 - 6500 1964 - 32500 1974 - 57000
1919 - 100 1965 - 34800 1975 - 59600
1939 - 4500 1966 - 37000 1976 - 62300
1952 - 13200 1967 - 39200 1977 - 65000

SAWYER, J.W.   established 1885. Located at 141 Town St., Leeds 19001952; 21 Barton View, Beeston Hill, Leeds, England 1903; Ideal organ, see Beeston Organ Works. John William Sawyer died 1907; his brother Percy Alfred Sawyer operated the company until his death in 1952. Built organs of all sizes up to a four manual & pedal with 86 stops and 4,444 reeds and a three manual and pedal with 92 stops and 5000 reeds. ..Fluke, deWit 1903
SAWYER, T. & E.   corner of Main and Water Streets, Nashua, NH., 1857-8. Edmund Sawyer was shown as a principal in B.F. Tobin & Co. (qv) in 1853 at the same address. Listed in Nashua directory 1857-8 as T. & E. Sawyer, Tristam Sawyer, Jr. and Edmund Sawyer, proprietors. Probably successors to B.F. Tobin. Employed ten hands, made about four melodeons per week. Later moved to Vermont. ..Warshaw, Nashua, Nashua Dir. 1857, Sellers
SAX, ADOLPHE   Brussels, Belgium. In 1841 made a kind of reed organ driven by steam under five atmospheres of pressure. ..Olthof
SAXONIA ORGAN   Reed organ known. Possible made by Emil Müller. ..deFrel
SCHAAF, ADAM   Chicago. Piano maker 1873-1926. Organs with this name were probably made by others for sale by Schaaf. ..Pierce, Evans
SCHAEFER, AUGUST MAX   Creglingen, Germany. Organ and harmonium maker, established 1909, closed 1929. ..Ahrens
SCHAEFER, FRED   Pekin, IL, 1880. "Manufacturer of Parlor and Chapel Organs and Dealer in Pianos, Organs, Musical Merchandise, Books, Stationery, Toys, Notions, Fancy Goods." Succeeded by Koch Brothers, Inc. in 1881. ..letterhead, Hinners
SCHAEFFER, C.   397 Kingsland Road, entrance on Derby Road, London NE, 1899. Advertised in 1900 as a reed organ maker. ..OH, Fluke
SCHAFFNER, JACOB   128 E. 27th St., New York, NY 1861. Melodeon maker. ..Hutchinson
SCHAKE, H.D.   Hannover, Germany. Piano and harmonium maker, 1879. ..Ahrens
SCHANTZ ORGAN CO.   Orrville, OH; formerly Tschantz Organ Co., wellknown pipe organ builder, founded by Abraham J. Schantz in Kidron, OH. Made reed organs from 1873 to 1877. A.J. Schantz was the inventor of the Zephyr organ blower See Orrville Organ Co.. ..Schantz, Fox, Ebie
SCHATZEL, JOSEPH   Vienna. Physharmonica maker. ..Steeves
SCHAUFELE (SCHÄUFELE), FERDINAND   Martinstr., Webergasse 3 in 1892, Esslingen, Germany. Established 1879. Harmonium and furniture maker to 1930. ..Friberg, OH, Riesche
SCHEFFEL & STOLPE   Allentown, PA, 1869, 1875. ..L.B. Green
SCHEMBERGER, GEBR.   Ulm, Germany ..deFrel
SCHEYTT, C.G.   Ensinger Str. 208, IllingenStuttgart, Germany; established 1878. Awarded an Honorable Mention at the Stuttgart Exposition in 1881. In business at least until 1930. ..deWit 1883, 1903; Hartmann, Ahrens
SCHIEDMAYER & SÖHNE   Neckarstrasse 1416 and Urbanstr. 27, Stuttgart, Germany; established 1809, operating in 1930. Associated with J. & P. Schiedmayer. The following serial numbers include both pianos and reed organs.

1880 - 11068 1935 - 46017 1968 - 54797
1890 - 15157 1938 - 47200 1969 - 124593
1900 - 20011 1950 - 53100 1970 - 124866
1910 - 28611 1952 - 53180 1971 - 125163
1920 - 35321 1961 - 54132 1972 - 125457
1925 - 40130 1962 - 54293 1975 - 126131
1928 - 43372 1966 - 54600 1977 - 126375
1930 - 45037 1967 - 54700

SCHIEDMAYER, J. & P.   Neckarstrasse 12, Ulrichstr. 1-5, Stuttgart, and Königgrazerstrasse 81, Berlin, Germany. Julius and Paul Schiedmayer were the younger sons of Johann Lorenz Schiedmayer, himself the son and successor of Balthasar Schiedmayer, the founder of the piano manufacturing firm Schiedmayer & Söhne. After studying harmonium making in London and then in Paris with Debain and Alexandre, they began building harmoniums in 1853 as J. & P. Schiedmayer. In 1903 listed as Schiedmayer Pianofortefabrik, Paul & Max Schiedmayer, proprietors. Max was Paul's son. Made harmoniums as late as 1950. Made both pressure and suction harmoniums as well as players. Also made the "Orthotonophonium", an enharmonic harmonium designed by Arthur von Oettingen. Associated with Schiedmayer & Söhne. The following serial numbers include both pianos and reed organs.

1853 - 1 1925 - 55600 1955 - 65550
1880 - 14300 1930 - 60200 1958 - 54132
1899 - 30628/15791 1935 - 62100 1960 - 67000
1900 - 31000 1940 - 63400 1961 - 67200
1910 - 43000 1950 - 64200 1966 - 68900
1920 - 51800 1952 - 64800 1969 - 69618

SCHIERKS, EGON   Nürnberg, Germany. ..Fluke
SCHIMMEL, R.M.   Berlin, Germany. Possible a dealer. Reed organ known. ..deFrel
SCHINDLER, HARMONIUMBAU   Am Neuen Markt 26, Bremen, Germany, 1925-30. E. Schindler, proprietor. Organ and harmonium maker. ..deWit 1930, Ahrens
SCHIRCKS, EGON     Nürnberg, Germany. ..deFrel
SCHIRLING, JOHANN A.   Kleinzschocher, Germany in 1921; Sophienstr. 7, Leipzig-Körner in 1924. Harmonium maker and dealer. ..Ahrens, deFrel
SCHLEICHER, J., & HOCHSTUHL   55 Bristol St., Boston, MA; established ca 1881, maker of combination reed and pipe organs, Boston. ..Ayars, Michel
SCHLESINGER   see Grunzweig & Schlesinger. ..
SCHLIMBACH, BALTHASAR   Wurzburg, Germany. Built an Aoline, 1854. Listed as Schlimbach & Sohn, organ builders in 1883. ..Fluke, deWit 1883
SCHLIMBACH, JOHANNCASPAR   Königshofen, Germany; also shown at Ohrdruff, Germany in 1816. Piano and organ builder, 18101840. Worked with Bernard Eschenbach, (qv). Made combination reed organ and giraffe pianos and the Aeoline. ..Fluke, OH, RFG, Ahrens
SCHLIMBACH, MARTIN   Königshofen, Germany, ca. 1825-30. Son of Johann-Caspar Schlimbach. ..Fluke
SCHLOSSER, LUDWIG   Mittelgasse 2, NiederOhmen, Germany, 1930; established 1926. ..deWit 1930
SCHLUNZIG, WILHELM, SEN. & JUN.   Untermhaus, Gera, Germany; reed maker, 1930. ..deWit 1903
SCHMID, G.   Germany. Äolodikon in the Deutsches Museum, Munich, Germany. ..
SCHMIDT   see Menzenhauer & Schmidt. ..
SCHMIDT & CO.   Leipzig, Germany; organette maker. ..Bowers
SCHMIDT, EDUARD   Lüdenscheid, Germany. ..Atlas
SCHMIDT, EDWARD M.   current address 5010 Elsmere Pl., Bethesda, MD 20814; maker of organette rolls. ..
SCHMIDT, M.   31 rue de ChampdeMars, 18581860; 9 rue de ChampdeMars, 1868; 188 rue de la Poste, 1895, Brussels, Belgium. M. Schmidt Fils listed as a maker of apparatus for photography and harmoniums. M.A. Schmidt, showrooms at 137 rue de la Poste and workrooms at 125 chausee de Haecht in 1899; 97 rue du Midi & rue de la Gouttiere in 1903; 16 rue de la Gouttiere in 1905; 84 rue d'Anderlecht in 1909, all in Brussels. Awarded a Silver Medal at the Brussels Exhibition of 1897. ..deWit 1903, Fluke
SCHMIDT, W.   Wettinstr. 2, Borna, Germany, 1940. ..OH, Ahrens
SCHMOLLER & MUELLER   1514-16-18 Dodge Street, Omaha, NE. Identical instruments with the Kenwood, Beckwith, Schulz and Lyon & Healy names have been reported. ..ROS #1, Conklin, Heiss
SCHNEIDER & CO.   Magdeburg, Germany; later Zweigwerk Marterbüschel, Germany. Established 1834 by Traugott Schneider. Active through the 1890s. ..Ahrens
SCHOFIELD, J.   52 Bridges St., Ramsbottom, Lancs., England, 1903. ..deWit 1903
SCHOIER (SCHÓIER), L.C.   Norregade 37, Odense, Denmark, 1904. ..OH
SCHOLEFIELD, J.F.   Park Works, Greenhead Road, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England. Harmonium manufacturer 18861888. ..Fluke
SCHONBRODT   see Roth & Schonbrodt. ..
SCHONE & BOCCHESE   13 p. Aspromonte, Milan, Italy, 1930. ..OH
SCHONSTEIN (SCHÖNSTEIN), GUSTAV   Rathenaustr. 20, Villingen, Germany; reed maker, estab. 1896; Gustav Schönstein & Wilhelm Maiers Erben, proprietors, 1930. ..deWit 1930
SCHORTMANN   Buttstedt, Germany. Made an Aeoline. ..Ahrens
SCHOTT   see Grucker & Schott. ..
SCHPIKIN, N.N.   Kirotschnaja 42, St. Petersburg, Russia, 1903. ..deWit 1903
SCHRAM & MEANDLER   melodeon and harpsichord maker. ..Michel, Pierce
SCHRAMM, M.J.   Rosenstr. 10 in 1886, Rosenstr. 5 in 1930, Munich, Germany. Pianoforte and harmonium maker, 1913. Made a combination harmonium and piano in 1871. ..Hartmann, Ahrens
SCHREURS, G.   Elburg, Netherlands. Reed organ dealer. ..deFrel
SCHREYER, MULLER (MÜLLER) & CO.   Unterwiesenthal, Germany. Suction harmonium in the Heimatmuseum, Werdau, Germany. ..Ahrens
SCHULTE   Breda, Netherlands. Reed organ dealer. ..deFrel
SCHULZ, GUSTAV   Wiesenstr. 9b in 1912, later at Wiesenstr. 34, Frankfurt a. d. Oder, Germany. Established 1898, doing business at least through 1930. ..deWit 1930, Ahrens
SCHULZ, MATHIAS W.   711 Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL 18761899; factory at Morgan, Superior and Sangamon Streets. Started as a cabinet maker in 1869 with two partners, later made reed organs as the Mathias Organ Co., bought out his partners in 1876; incorporated in 1889 as M. Schulz & Co. with his son Otto as vicepresident. Capacity in 1898: 14,000 organs per year. Built a total of 120,000 organs. Made organs for Beckwith, Windsor, Schmoler & Muller and others. Made organs at least through 1914. ..POPG, MTD
SCHULZE   see Friedrich & Schulze. ..
SCHULZE, G.H.   Zwickau in Sachsen, Germany. The same reed organs as Richard Zimmermann, Gera, Germany. ..deFrel
SCHUMANN   see Norddeutsches Metallwerk Willy Schumann. ..
SCHUMANN & CO.   KarlHeineStr. 8993, Leipzig, Germany; harmonium components, 1930. ..deWit 1930
SCHURER (SCHÜRER), ALBERT   Raunerstrasse 4, KirchheimTeck, Germany. Harmonium maker, established 1947. Succeeded by Teck-Harmoniumfabrik in 1967. Made a total of about 2,000 harmoniums. ..Fluke, Olthof, Ahrens
SCHUSTER   Vienna, Austria. Made a freereed instrument called the Adiaphon in 1819. ..Olthof
SCHUTTE (SCHUTTÉ), H.   2 rue de la Plante, Namur, Belgium. Piano and harmonium maker, 1883. ..deWit 1883
SCHUTZ, M.   no other information available. ..Yeager
SCHUTZE   see Jos. Merklin & Schutze. ..
SCHWAAB   see Salaun, Schwaab & Co. ..
SCHWAM, GUNTER   Germany. ..Vosloo
SCHWAN   Nürnberg, Germany. Orgel und Harmoniumbau. ..deFrel
SCHWANKOUSKY, H.J.   Detroit, MI, probably a dealer. Peninsular organs. ..Robison
SCHWARZBAUR, JULIUS   Bahnhofstr. 102-107, Mindelheim, Germany. Organ, piano and harmonium maker, Established in 1896, operated through 1925. ..Hartmann, Ahrens
SCHWARZKOPF, CARL   Trossingen, Württemberg, Germany, 1909; Crailsheim, Germany in 1925; Friedrich-Hermann-Strasse 4, Ilshofen in 1930. Patent for harmonium in 1909. Made suction and pressure harmoniums. ..deWit 1930, Ahrens
SCHWECHLEN, G.   Berlin. Harmonium and piano maker. Exhibited in Melbourne in 1880. ..Fluke
SCHWENKEDEL, GEORGE   Strassburg-Königshofen, Elsass, Germany. Active in 1941. ..deFrel
SCHYVEN, PIERRE, & CO.   25 rue Francart a Ixelles, Brussels, Belgium. Pierre Schyven was apprenticed to Merklin & Schutze in 1843 and eight years later was the foreman. The firm of Pierre Schyven & Co. was registered in 1875 with Schyven and Armand Verreyt as administrators, both from Merklin & Schutze. This firm was the successor to Jos. Merklin & Schutze, but both firm names continued to be used. ..deWit 1883, Fluke
SCOTCHER, C., & SON   37 Bull St., Birmingham, England, 1883. ..deWit 1883
SCOTT   see Carpenter, Scott & Wise. ..
SCOTT, J.   145 Church Road, Brighton, Sussex, England. Started making American organs in 1891, working until at least 1921 as a piano dealer. Also had premises at 1011 George Street, Brighton. ..Fluke
SCOTT, JOHN M.   Cadiz, OH; see Henry B. Horton. ..
SCRIBNER   see Smith & Scribner. ..
SCRIBNER, J.W.   inventor and maker of qualifying tubes used in Bell, Dominion, and Clough & Warren organs. U.S. Patent No. 104653, June 21, 1870. ..Cat.
SEAGER, GEORGE   66 Worship St., Finsbury, London, 1883. ..deWit 1883
SEALS   Birmingham, AL. Music dealer, sold organs with the Seals stencil, 1903. ..Kimbrell
SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO.   offices in Chicago. Sold the Beckwith organ, at first made by others with the Beckwith stencil; also sold the Bilhorn Telescope folding organ in 1902 and the Crown organ. Started its own organ production by establishing the Adler Organ Co. in 1903 at the site of the former Bennett Furniture Works on Chestnut St. between 28th & 29th Streets, Louisville, KY. Sears also had a factory in St. Paul, MN, 1907. See Adler Organ Co. ..Caron; cat. 1902, 1907
SEBRIGHT, T.   2 Harold Street, Malden Road, Kentish Town, London NW. Pianoforte, organ and harmonium key maker, doing business at least from 1878 through the end of the century. By 1887 the firm was known as Sebright & Clark. At that time they advertised special keys for India and the tropics, made of mahogany instead of lime, with the ivories riveted and using black screws. Succeeded by R.W. Clark. ..Fluke
SECOMB, DANIEL F.   Concord, NH; established 1849; see Parker & Secomb. ..
SEMPLE, J.W.   parlor organ manufacturer. ..Pierce
SERGEANT   see Stein & Sergeant. ..
SEVERANCE, A.F.   see Dearborn & Severance. ..
SEWELL & SEWELL   8, 10, 16 Worship Street, Finsbury Square, London EC from 1896 to at least 1906. ..Fluke
SEYBOLD REEDPIPE ORGAN CO.   Peoria, IL; established by William Seybold in 1902, sold to Strohber Piano Co. in 1903 and moved to Elgin, IL. William Seybold died in 1904 and the company which bore his name was then operated by William Grote, president, and William F. Bieltmann, factory superintendent, who had learned organ building in Germany. Production began in Elgin with eleven employees; cases and some other parts were purchased from others. By 1905 Seybold, by then staffed with fifty employees, was producing ten instruments per day including cases. Renamed Seybold Piano & Organ Co. in 1908, capacity was ten organs and five pianos per day. In 1910 the work force was up to 80 and a total of 10,000 organs had been produced. In 1913 Seybold merged with F. Engelhart & Sons Company, owners of the Peerless Player Piano Company and the National Music Roll Company, to form the EngelhartSeybold Piano Co., with offices in Chicago, but the new enterprise went bankrupt 18 months later. The former Seybold plant was acquired by the E.P. Johnson Piano Co. in 1916 and used for piano production. ..Friberg, POPG, Crandall, Fox
SEYDEL, FRANZ FRED   Spandauer Strasse, Berlin, Germany. Chord organ. ..Fluke
SEYDLER, RUDOLPH   Dresdner Str. 21 in 1925-30, Berlin. Established 1900, active at least through 1928. Piano and harmonium maker. Renamed reed organs manufactured by Emil Müller. ..Ahrens, deFrel
SEZERIE   Paris. Reed maker, 1867. Renames reed organs manufactured by Emil Müller. ..Fluke, deFrel
SHACKELL   see Thompson & Shackell, Ltd. ..
SHAEFER, C.   27 Baxter Road, Essex Road, London, 1898. American and portable harmoniums. ..OH
SHAFER & LAUTENHEISER   Manchester, IN. Made the White Cottage Organ. ..eBay
SHANGHAI DANFENG MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS   See Shanghai Organ & Piano Co. ..deFrel
SHANGHAI ORGAN & PIANO CO.   Qixian Town, Fengxian District, Shanghai Industrial Park, Shanghai, Shanghai, China. Established in 1999. Factory director: Mr. Zhu Jiping. Manufacturer of foot pumped reed organs (folding organs), at least two models: 98-1 and 99-1, with two sets of reeds. ..Presley/deFrel
SHAW, M.L.   51 Dharamtala Street, Calcutta, India, 1930. ..OH
SHEFFIELDS ORGAN BUILDERS   Olton, Birmingham, England. Made the Britannic organ. ..Rudolph
SHEIB, W.B., & CO.   New York, NY. ..Duga
SHENSTONE & CO.   Steamworks, Grange Road, Leyton, London. Key makers, 1896. Still working in 1921. ..Trade Dir. 1896, Fluke
SHEPARD, GEORGE S.   Lebanon, NH. established 1863, made organs at least through 1912. Also did business as the Lebanon Organ Co.Serial number: 1876 - 3200. ..POPG, Fox, Sarsony, Bratton
SHEPHARD, LUKE JAMES   Canton, MA. Seraphine, melodeon and (probably) piano manufacturer, active at least from 1856 through 1863. ..Hutchinson, Sellers
SHEPHERD, A.W.   Elmira, New York. Melodian maker, ca 1858. ..Rob Hoffman
SHERLOCK-MANNING ORGAN CO.   London, Ontario, Clinton, Ontario; started in 1902 by John Frank Sherlock and Wilbur N. Manning, former employees of Wm. Doherty & Co. Renamed SherlockManning Piano & Organ Co. in 1910 and SherlockManning Pianos Ltd. in 1930. They acquired the Doherty company's assets in 1920 and the assets of the former D.W. Karn & Co. in 1924 and continued making reed organs until about 1960. Produced 100 organs per month in 1904, capacity in 1906: 2,000 organs per year. Serial numbers, probably mostly pianos:

1905 - 5,000 1925 - 97,000 1945 - 110,000
1910 - 10,000 1930 - 101,000 1950 - 114,000
1915 - 14,000 1935 - 105,000 1955 - 117,000
1920 - 90,000 1940 - 108,000 1960 - 120,000

SHIMADA GAKKI CO., LTD.   current address 22054 Yokoi Shimadashi, Shizuoka, Japan 427. Originally a furniture maker, began making reed organs after World War II and presently makes five electricallyblown and two footpumped reed organs. Shimada Gakki organs are sold by Zen-on in Tokyo. Shimada also made the Sister organ for the Yaesu Piano Co. (qv). ..Akai
SHIMAZAKI, KUMAJIRO   2 Shinminatomachi, Kyobashi, Tokyo. Exhibitor at the 3rd Domestic Industrial Exhibition, Tokyo, 1890. ..
SHIMER & HULSHIZER   Phillipsburg, NJ 1861. Melodeon and harmonium manufacturer. ..Hutchinson
SHINSEISHA   1-14 Motomachi, Hongo, Tokyo. Advertised in 1888 as a maker of school organs. Dealer was Kinkodo, Nihonbashi, Tokyo. ..Akai
SHIPMAN ORGAN CO.   South Hamilton and East Green Streets, High Point, NC. William Gatewood Shipman and H.C. Barckhoff, owners, founded 1905. J.K. Link, Shipman's brother-in-law, was President from 1905 until his death in 1908. At that time E.A. Snow became President. Factory capacity 700 organs per month in 1915. Operated as the High Point Piano & Organ Co. from 1905 until a fire in 1911 destroyed the factory. A new 50,000 square foot factory was built on the same site and the business continued as the Shipman Organ Company. Made organs under this name through 1924, when it was succeeded by the Piedmont Mfg. Co. The Gatewood Organ Co. was another name used by Shipman. ..Cat., Leverett, Fox, Parks
SHIPMAN, E.   30 Prince of Wales Road, London NW, factory located at Poynungs Road, Junction Road. Harmonium manufacturer 18771896. In 1890 listed as Shipman & Shipman, harmonium and piano maker. Serial numbers: 1914 - 13643. ..MTD 1897, Fluke, OH, Huivenaar
SHIRAI, KIKURO   a relative of Ren-Ichi Shirai and editor of the instruction book for the Dobunkan organ. ..Akai
SHIRAI, REN-ICHI   a principal in the music dealership Kyoeki Shosha and a major stockholder in Yamaha Hukin Seizo Sho. ..Akai
SHIRLEY, G.   17 Ellesmere St., North St., Poplar, London, 1883. ..deWit 1883
SHIVCHARAN MUSIC HOUSE   95 1st Floor, Mohan Singh Place, New Delhi 110001, India. Currently manufacturing Indian table harmoniums. ..Fluke
SHOEMAKER, W.H.   11 S. Third St., Harrisburg, PA. ..Trade card, Leverett
SHONINGER, B., & CO.   original factory at Woodbridge, CT 18501865, burned in 1865 and Shoninger bought Treat & Linsley's factory near the corner of Chapel and Chestnut Streets in New Haven, CT, later expanded to 97123 Chestnut St.; sales rooms on Church St. in New Haven 18501857, then 801 Chapel St. Bernard Shoninger was born in Bavaria and emigrated to the U.S. in 1847. In 1887 Bernard was still President and his son Simon B. was Secretary; later renamed B. Shoninger Organ & Piano Co. Bernard Shoninger died in 1910. Serial numbers:

1874 - 33954 1882 - 57000 1885 - 77000
1876 - 45000 1883 - 65000 1890 - 79413
1881 - 55388 1884 - 76000

SIEBER, J.P.   melodeons, no further information available. ..Michel
SIEBER, PHIL.   Holzkirchen, Germany; J. & R. Sieber, proprietors, 1930. Organ and harmonium maker, established 1826, closed 1943. ..deWit 1930, Ahrens
SIEGELAAR, MATLA   Den Haag, Leiden and Baarn, Netherlands. Reed organ dealer. ..deFrel
SILBERHORN, ERNST   Böblinger Str. 195197, Stuttgart 6, Germany. Specialized in reeds and components for harmoniums; Wilh. Silberhorn, proprietor. Established 1877, in business at least through 1930. In 1883 listed as Hinkel & Silberhorn. ..deWit 1883, 1930; OH, Ahrens
SILLANPAA (SILLANPÄÄ), ELIAS   (18491909), harmonium maker in Lapua, Finland. Established 1875. Succeeded in 1894 by his son Vihtoripoika Sillanpää, (18711928). As a boy, Vihtoripoika began helping his father, and by age eleven built his own harmonium without help. He continued in business at least until 1916. ..Kansanmusiikki, Piuhola
SILVER ORGAN   Potsdam, NY. ..Cowing
SIMMONS & VAN DINTER   Kalamazoo, MI, 1875. This identity of Simmons is not certain. See Van Dinter. ..Heiss
SIMMONS, A.A.   see Clough & Warren. ..
SIMON   France; orgue-expressif 1846. ..Fluke
SIMON, A.   8 avenue de Hannut in 1906; 59 rue Delimoy in 1913, Namur, Belgium. Maker, retailer, tuner and repairer of pianos and harmoniums. In business until 1940. ..
SIMPSON   see Brown & Simpson. ..
SIMPSON, JAS.   in 1879 at 141 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, Scotland; in 1882 at 559 Sauchiehall Street; in 1889 until 1890 at 284 Sauchiehall Street. Harmonium maker. ..Fluke
SIMS, H.C.   in 1882 at 23 Onslow Road, Southampton, England; in 1886 and 1903 organ works at Bellevue Terrace, Southampton; in 1906 South of England Organ Works, Bellevue Terrace. Organ builder, harmonium manufacturer and tuner. ..deWit 1883, Fluke, MTD
SINDEL, HEINRICH   Crailsheim, Germany; established in 1873, in business at least through 1913. Harmonium maker and dealer. ..deWit 1903, Hartmann, Ahrens
SINGER ORGAN CO.   Chicago, IL, 1887. In 1894 became Singer Piano Co. at 235 Wabash Ave., Chicago. ..OH, Dolge
SINGER, PATER   Salzburg, Austria. A Franciscan monk, he made the Pansymphonicum, a combined piano and harmonium, and the Polyharmonium, a combination organ, harmonium and physharmonica for use in a monastery in 1839. ..OH, Fluke, Averesch
SINGH, ANAND   Delhi, India. Table organ maker. ..
SINGH, BABA KISHAN, & SONS   Bawian di Hatti, Clock Tower, Amritsar, India. "Makers of World Famous Harmoniums." ..Fluke
SISTER organ   made by Shimada Gakki (qv), sold by Yaesu Piano Co. (qv). ..Akai
SITNIKOW, E.P.   Sarjadji, Hans Starkow, Moscow, 1903. ..deWit 1903
SKALA HARMONIUMGESELLSCHAFT   Hamburg, Germany. Successor to Berliner HarmoniumFabrik in 1903 (qv). ..GHS
SKANDINAVISKA ORGELFABRIKEN   41 Mästersamuelsg., Stockholm, Sweden. In 1930 shown as Skandinaviska Orgeloch Pianofabriken. ..Cappelens, OH
SKEWES, H.   Trelowren St., Camborne, Cornwall, England, 1903. ..deWit 1903
SKOGSAAS, JOH.   Vefsn, Norway, 1876. Harmonium maker. ..Kolnes
SKOPEK, VINCENZ   Wilsonstr. 723, Tabor, Czechoslovakia, 1930. ..deWit 1930
SKRABL (ŠKRABL), ANTON   3250 Rogaška Slatina, Brestovec, Slovenia. Formerly located in Ljubljana. Pipe organ builder and harmonium restorer. Web site: ..Malagoli
SLACK, EDWARD   12 Packersrow, Chesterfield, England. Piano and harmonium maker, 1883. ..deWit 1883
SLATER, ROBERT, & SON   Forest Gate Organ Works, Odessa Road, Forest Gate, London. Between 1920 and 1929 made 484 small portable harmoniums for Morgan & Scott, supply house for the Congregational Church. The son was Sidney Slater. ..Fluke
SLAVIK, VACLAV   Ho?ovice, Bohemia. Accordion maker. Also made small street barrel organs (monkey organs) with reeds. ..Ingalls
SLAYTON   see Whitney & Raymond. ..
SLESSKIN, J.W.   Pekrowka, NishnyNovgorod, Russia, 1903. ..deWit 1903
SLIWINSKI, JOHANN   Kopernikusgasse 16, Lemberg, AustriaHungary, 1903; established 1876. ..deWit 1903
SLOAN & CO.   melodeons, also shown as A.L. Sloan. ..Michel, ROSB 11/87
SLOAN, J.E., & SON   Corunna, MI. Listed in 1875 and 1879. In 1883 shown as J.E. Sloan. ..Heiss, MI Dir
SLOAN, JOHN   Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada. Melodeon maker, 1871-89. ..Kallmann, Eyman, Denton
SLOOTMAECKERS FRÈRES   155 rue Masui, Brussels, Belgium from 1905 to 1932; 218219 avenue des Volontaires, WolnweSaintLambert, Belgium until 1945. Served an apprenticeship with Kerkhoff, then established a workshop about 1900. ..Fluke, OH
SMALL & KNIGHT   Stevens' Plains, Portland, ME. William Small and Franklin Knight, cabinet makers and organ repairmen from 1822, acquired the reed organ business of J.D. Cheney prior to 1866. Still in business in 1883 as dealers. ..Neal, deWit 1883, Fox
SMALL, CHARLES W.   Worcester, MA. Granted reed organ patents 1870, 1871. ..Michel, Duga, Fox
SMART   see Avill & Smart. ..
SMEETZ, J.   129 quai de l'Industrie in 1878; 129 rue de l'Intendent in 1880; 10 Place de la Concordat from 1881 to 1900, Brussels, Belgium. Maker and retailer of organs, harmoniums and pianos. In 1895 listed as Smeetz van Genechten and in 1900 P. Smeetz is listed. ..Fluke
SMITH   see Marchal & Smith. ..
SMITH & CO.   107 Tottenham Road, Ball's Pond Road, London N. Established in 1850, advertised in 1900 as an American organ maker. ..Fluke
SMITH & GREEN   Townsend, MA. Henry Smith and Oliver M. Green, 1850 to ca 1856. Also possibly Alvin Green. Makers of lap organ number 0165. See Oliver M. Green. ..Cowing
SMITH & HAMLIN reed organ   no other information available. ..Duga
SMITH & SCRIBNER   Chatham, Ontario 18645. ..Kallmann, Fox [George W. Scribner?
SMITH & SMITH   1 Chapel Mews, Chapel Street, Somers Town, London. Harmonium, American organ and bellows manufacturer, 1880. ..OH
SMITH & WHINCUP   89 Cookridge Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. Harmonium makers in 1882. ..Fluke
SMITH AMERICAN ORGAN CO.   see S.D. & H.W. Smith. ..
SMITH, A.   56 Manchester Road, Burnley, Lancashire, England. Piano, harmonium and pipe organ manufacturer 18891890. ..Fluke
SMITH, DAVID W. AND CORNELIUS D., ORGAN CO.   Brome, Quebec established 1875, closed 1879. Also listed as Smith Organ Co. Made the Canadian organ. ..Kallmann, Brome Hist. Soc.
SMITH, H.H., & SONS   London. Portable harmonium makers. ..Fluke
SMITH, HENRY   Townsend, MA. Melodeon at Townsend Historical Society. See Smith & Green. (Is this the H.W. Smith of S.D. & H.W. Smith?) ..Cowing
SMITH, HERBERT HARVEY   Church Street, Eckington, Worcestershire, England. Harmonium manufacturer and tuner, extant in 1872. ..Fluke
SMITH, HERMANN   29 Shaftesbury Road, Hammersmith, London; later 238 Oxford Street. Coinventor with Baillie Hamilton of the Vocalion. Built the Mechanics' harmonium and the Oberon. Published a series of articles on how to build your own harmonium appearing in the English Mechanic (periodical) in 1867. Smith was quoted by Prof. Hermann Helmholtz in his classical study of acoustics, "Sensations of Tone as a Physiological Basis for the Theory of Music." ..Fluke, OH
SMITH, J.C., ORGAN CO.   563 E. King St., York, PA, 1889. ..DMT 1889
SMITH, JOHN A.   Washington, NJ 1850; North East, PA 1873; Erie, PA 1881; 563 E. King St., York, PA 1884-99. Melodeon and reed organ maker. Had numerous reed organ patents. In 1899, Adam Fickes is listed as president, John A. Smith, treasurer and Frank Pl. Smith, secretary. See New Era Organ Co. ..Michel, Fox, Breeze
SMITH, JOHN R.   corner of State and Michigan Streets, Adrian, MI, 1859, 1867. Jonathan Rufus Smith, manufacturer of organs and melodeons. ..Adrian Dir, MI Dir, Heiss
SMITH, NATHAN D.   75 Main St., New London, CT 1853, corner of Williams and Waxler Streets in 1857; also in 1857 shown as having a factory at North Main St. and a sales room at 23 Bank Street. Located at the corner of Williams and Cedar Streets in 1859. Melodeon maker. In 1882 he is shown in partnership with his son Frederick M. as Nathan D. Smith & Son at 21 2 Bank St., probably as a music dealer only at this time. ..Hutchinson, Sellers
SMITH, S.D. & H.W.   Boston, MA. Started as S.D. Smith in 1852, then S.D. & H.W. Smith 18531874 when Henry W. Smith joined the firm, then Smith American Organ Co. in 1883. Succeeded by New England Organ Co. and controlled by Merrill Piano Mfg. Co. of Boston in 1899. First located at 417 Washington Street, moved to 511 Washington St. in 1860. Built a new factory at 531 Tremont Street in 1868. In 1890 the address was 136 Boylston St., Boston. Made organs with the W. Brunt & Sons (qv) stencil. Serial numbers:

1852 - 100 1863 - 4700 1882 - 57500
1853 - 400 1865 - 5200 1883 - 63000
1854 - 800 1866 - 5700 1884 - 68000
1856 - 1500 1867 - 6300 1885 - 73000
1858 - 2100 1868 - 7000 1886 - 77900
1859 - 2600 1869 - 7300 1887 - 88000
1860 - 3100 1870 - 7650 1888 - 97000
1861 - 3640 1872 - 8000 1890 - 118000
1862 - 4300 1881 - 53600
(Out of sequence: 1875 - 70658: Tyler, 1882 - 99464, 1885/6 - 40501)

SMITH, W.F., & CO.   168 St. John St., Clerkenwell, London. American organ and harmonium manufacturer 18901896. ..Trade Dir. 1896, Fluke
SMITH, WILLIAM   222 High Petergate, York, England. Harmonium maker, 1858. ..
SMITHSON, J.B.   Leyburn, England. Possible a dealer. Pressure harmonium known. ..deFrel
SMYTH, JOHN M.   150-166 West Madison St., Chicago, IL General merchandise mail order dealer, sold Loreto organs made by Adler, by Lyon & Healy and possibly others with the Smyth stencil. ..Heiss, Cat.
SNELL, E. & W.   402a Essex Road, Ball's Pond, north London in 1864; King St. North, Camden Town, London in 1883; 3 Colonnade Buildings, Holloway Road, London in 1884; Ledbury Road, Bayswater in 1887. Established in 1864, known as Ed. Snell & Co. at 54 Essex Road, Islington in 1898, and later that year as Snell Bros. at 383 Hornsey Road, London. Also shown at 305 Hornsey Rd., Seven Sister's Road in 1900; at Nightingale Works, Hornsey Road in 1902, at Seven Sister's Rd., London in 1903 and at 100 Bl