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To determine the age of an instrument you need to have access to the old records of the reed organ manufacturers. However, these records no longer exist, so you need to use other sources of information. These sources can be information found in the instrument, the brand name on the instrument, or old catalogs. Most old reed organs also have a serial number, somewhere written or stamped in the organ. This serial number can often be found by opening the back of the organ.

The Reed Organ Society has set up a database with serial numbers and estimated year of make. To determine the age of your reed organ, or find information about missing stop names of your organ, you can use this database. This database has been setup with the help of several ROS-members, who have sent us reed organ information to register it in the database.

You can help us to extend the information in this database by registering your reed organ with the ROS, it is a free service and you help many other reed organ owners and enthusiasts.  To do that, either use our online registration form and email pictures to the ROS Database Manager or download and print our registration form and send it by standard mail to Don Swett, 595 S Alton Way Apt 3D, Denver, CO 80247, USA.

Almost 6000 instruments have been registered!

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