ROS News and Events

The Q2 for 2018 has been published, and is in the mail with first reports of delivery in the USA on October 31, 2018. 

The 2019 Gathering of the Reed Organ Society will take place at the Conklin Reed Organ Museum, in Hanover, Michigan, on October 18-20.  The theme is based on restoring and playing reed organs.  See first hand how to tune, or how to recover bellows with new rubber cloth.  More information coming soon!

New Website coming soon!  The ROS website and database has been completely rebuilt from scratch, so that it can be used on multiple platforms (such as smart phones), and contains new, powerful database search tools. 

Articles Wanted!  Do you have a reed organ related story to share?  Contact our editor Bob at for publishing in the Q!

Last update to this page has been made on November 01, 2018