Reed Organ Registration Form

Use this form to register a reed organ. Once it is validated by the Registration Manager, this information will be added to the ROS Database, and can be used by others for reference.

No personal information, like name, address, etc. will be published or given to others.

Please include the following minimum information with your initial submission:

1. At least one photo showing the front of the overall organ with the keyslip (keyboard cover) open. Use the best lighting and photo clarity possible.

2. Serial number. This is typically located on the backside or inside the back cover (for American-style reed organs). Contact the database manager if you need assistance with locating the serial number.

3. Stop names. For stops with missing labels, just leave those entries blank. The stops are the knobs typically located above or beside the keyboard.

Additional photos and information is welcome and can be of great benefit to other database users!

Personal Information

Organ Information


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Please list complete stop names.

Note: Submitting the organ will take you to the image uploader next.

Thank you for registering your reed organ. Any unusual features should be described. You'll receive a Registration Label which can be affixed to the instrument.
Your organ will be included in an historical account of extant reed organs. If you have a large collection, we can arrange to assist you.
Your address and telephone number will NOT be displayed in the Internet accessible database files.
Send additional information to:
Dan Modderman - reedsocwebsite(at)
Calgary, Alberta