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Price: $25.00 USD
This extensive history of the Fort Wayne Organ Company (later The Packard Piano Company) is 250 pages and includes many catalogs, advertising items, photos of pianos, and other important segments of the company's history. It is a companion volume to Volume 1. The book is also spiral bound for ease of use (Size 9 inches x 11 inches). Volume 2 covers primarily the years of piano and organ production from 1895–1913, and the continuing piano production until 1932 when the company finally went out of business as another victim of the great depression. It reveals the important changes that occurred in 1912 and 1913, as well as what the company did to survive the war years of WWI. Serial numbers and production figures are also included. The development of the Industrial Democracy policy that became an industry model is discussed in detail. From the policy came the company's slogan, --If there is no harmony in the factory, there will be none in the piano.--
Price: $15.00 USD
Worcester Massachusetts Organ Manufacturers by Milton Bacheller Jr., 100 pages
Price: $8.00 USD
(12 pieces for reed organ)
Price: $8.00 USD
Charlie Robison has written and compiled a new work: Supplement to Dr. David Knowles The History of the Story & Clark Organ Company. This new publication contains two Story & Clark music compositions, previously unpublished catalogues, information on the connection with the Packard Company, the evolution of the Story & Clark Mozart, as well as other information. This 32-page color publication has been bound with a coil binding matching the original work. You may order your copy by sending $10 + shipping/handling ($3 for US orders; $4 for Canadian orders, or $9 for overseas orders) to: Reed Organ Society PO Box 47 Independence MO 64051-0047 Special combined shipping offer! If you have not yet purchased the original 300+ page work, you may purchase both by simply adding $10 to the price of the original book plus shipping as listed in the Directory. (For example, to purchase both shipped to the US, total price would be $50.) If you have questions or for further information, contact Beverly Pease, Publications Secretary, or email <span class="obfuscated-link-text">reedorgansociety(at)</span>.
Price: $8.00 USD
Price: $16.00 USD
by Milton Bacheller Jr., 138 pages
Price: $12.00 USD
Reprint of c. 1883; 300+ pages, suitable for use w/any reed organ.
Estey Organ Company Trade Cards, SALE - they are free! (Request number desired)
Price: $1.60 USD
by Gustav Hagg
Price: $4.00 USD
by Pamela Robison; Original suite written specifically for Trails West Gathering; 5 arrangements of popular songs sung on various trails west
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